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  1. Clueit

    Martian Phoenix

    MARTIAN PHOENIX Magnanimous, unconquer’d, boistrous Mars, In darts rejoicing, and in bloody wars Fierce and untam’d, whose mighty pow’r can make The strongest walls from their foundations shake: Mortal destroying king, defil’d with gore, Pleas’d with war’s dreadful and tumultuous roar: Thee, human blood, and swords, and spears delight, And the dire ruin of mad savage fight. Stay, furious contests, and avenging strife, Whose works with woe, embitter human life; To lovely Venus, and to Bacchus yield, To Ceres give the weapons of the field; Encourage peace, to gentle works inclin’d, And give abundance, with benignant mind. A blessing of strength, energy, and courage: dragon’s blood, thistle extract, galangal, opoponax, tobacco absolute, cactus flower, peppermint, black pepper, cumin, white fig, and bloodroot. Can't say for sure which is which in this blend but I'm reminded of some sea salt potpourri I picked up once upon a November. I'd gotten a Mint Mix and some Dragon's blood. I ended up putting them in a little metal sifting canister, made the area smell just like this. It's dragon's blood entwined in mint in a metal canister. Salt, rust, and something else lingers. But that's just my impression.
  2. Clueit

    The Apparition

    When by thy scorne, O murdresse, I am dead, And that thou thinkst thee free From all solicitation from mee, Then shall my ghost come to thy bed, And thee, fain'd vestall, in worse armes shall see; Then thy sicke taper will begin to winke, And he,whose thou art then, being tyr'd before, Will, if thou stirre, or pinch to wake him, thinke Thou call'st for more, And in false sleepe will from thee shrinke, And then poore Aspen wretch, neglected thou Bath'd in a cold quicksilver swear wilt lye A veryer ghost than I; What I will say, I will not tell thee now, Lest that preserve thee; and since my love is spent, I'had rather thou shouldst painfully repent, Than by my threatenings rest still innocent. Quicksilver-cold and heartless: white sandalwood, immortelle, zdravetz, and oudh. I've never been one to pick out the individual notes and from the bottle and fresh on skin I was fretful. In the bottle I get fertilizer after being watered into the soil and some crushed greenery. However since I've smelt this before in a number of things I gave it a chance and tried it on. On my skin, wet, I was hard pressed not to wipe it off and go scrub with a peppermint bar. Dirt, soil, fresh from the bag and still high with nitrogen. Laziness won out however and I left it on. Settled and dry, it smells like my step-father on his way to work. He has a natural musk to him that smells a little dirty. It keeps me between interested and repulsed depending on his last shower. Anyways, it also smells of a somewhat masculine cologne he and I have. Its soft, earthy, and a little sweet. Very close to the skin with the fainest throw (could be due to the small dab i put on however). All in all I like it enough to keep an imp but the bottle may be out the door at some point. As for a gendered use of it I'd suggest masculine moments but given the right chemistry it really could go a number of ways.
  3. Clueit

    For the Birds

    With my ever growing and shrinking collection and personal loved and loathed scents it has come to my realization that there are some things in my life that could use a distinct scent. But I suck at figuring that out until I've sniffed, worn, aged, resniffed, lost and the found a scent. So I turn to you all. Owls, in particular a Great horned owl, is my current curiosity and would like to know if anyone knows what one might smell like or has a suggestion for an oil that could be a good representation of this. As for other birds, turns out parrots have some interesting ones. I shall eventually go a sniffing, but any suggestions for random birds and critters as well?
  4. Clueit

    Juniper Mint Hair Gloss

    As with the other glosses this is wonderful. I can smell both the juniper and mint in it and love both. This goes very well with Woods in Winter, both have a light sweetness to them and I'm pretty sure share the same Juniper note.
  5. Clueit

    L’Essence de la Folie

    Candies. the sweet lingering of SweetHearts in the discount isle after valentines where whiffs of unbought chocolates and other sugary treats are left to languish. I could see some madness here, from the unloved's point of view.
  6. Clueit

    L’Essence du Chagrin

    I'm reminded of Old Scratch when I wear this however it does not have the darkness of the patchouli and is smoothed by soft florals and sweetness. Sadly it fades quickly but I did only put a little on. I think perhaps I will need more if I am to keep wearing this.
  7. Clueit

    Giant Squid

    Bottle;; I'm smelling apple. I love apple. On skin;; Apple, oh god, yes. Drying;; Wait, I smell something a little musty, woody. I'm thinking about Cracker Barrel now. >w< Yay. Later;; Aw, no more apple. I smell fresh and salty though. I like this. Final Thoughts;; I miss the apple phase, but it smells good still, so yay~