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  1. purplegirl


    Oh sweet lord, or should I say, sweet devil....... I'm on my second bottle of Crowley, it's THAT good! Sniffing straight from the bottle, this is all red musk and patchouli, very heady. Once it hits the skin, it starts to warm up on the skin and is instantly similar to Snake Oil, spicy sweet musk and patchouli. I don't get any of the other notes but yet they're in the mix building a lovely foundation for all that musky goodness, you know? Once this beauty dries down, oh goodness, this scent is just sexy but not punch-you-in-face sexy, it's a lean-in-and-get-a-little-closer sexy. It's reads as touchable, cuddly, sexy, warm and inviting, with a mind for sin and debauchery. Sooooo. Gooood. For me, Crowley is in the same scent family as Snake Oil, Snake Charmer, Tombeur and Black Lace. I've been though multiple bottles of all of these. If you like any one of these scents and are waffling on Crowley, give him a try, you won't regret it!
  2. purplegirl

    Pearl Hair Gloss

    I was lucky enough to snag this beauty from the Etsy store, along with a bottle of Mikado Saloon. And while I had an immediate reaction to Mikado upon first sniff, Pearl is an understated beauty. It is bottled love and hugs!!! In the bottle, she is a gossamer soft floral being suspended by threads of vanilla. Not aggressive or cloying, but delicate and utterly unique. In my hair, she is an angelic, soft and cloud like scent, I imagine translucent flowers, and the vanilla is sheer loveliness. I can't believe how gorgeous this scent is..... So imagine how glad I'll be to huff my nephew's head when my sister uses this! As much as I loved it, my hair ate it up, and I couldn't stomach the thought of this glorious scent being undermined by my hair so I gave it to my sister for my little nephew - his bottle of Boo is over half done and I was wondering which HG I should get for this little cuddlebug who makes my life and once I smelled Pearl, I knew this was it...... This scent should shine and sparkle and his hair will be just the ticket. Thank you Puddin' for putting up those precious bottles on Etsy!!
  3. purplegirl

    Mikado Saloon Hair Gloss

    Oh. My. God. I've been getting packages of BPAL, other etailers and then in the last few years, BPTP goodies and this was the first time in 10 years that my eyes involuntarily rolled back in my head when I sniffed a scent. I've swooned, I've sighed - but this was a full-on nosegasm. I die. Fresh out of the box, Mikado Saloon is a leather-y vanilla, musky gem. First spritz and in my hair, she smells like a hot and heavy cross between Haloes and Lyonesse. I love both of those scents, so Mikadi is right up my alley. I am so, so glad I snagged a bottle on Etsy. I will be praying that this bad girl appears again on Etsy, or comes back as a resurrected scent somewhere down the line OR - the ultimate dream - it becomes a GC. It's instant love. And lust. Rawrrr!!!
  4. purplegirl

    Revenant Rhythm Hair Gloss

    Oh wow......... Love love love *insert a million hearts here* For some reason my Post package spent the night in my mailbox (mail delivery must have been after 6pm and I didn't check the mailbox till next morning) I literally RIPPED my package open and used my HG right away before I left the house for power yoga followed by hatha yoga and the scent cloud that enveloped me was gorgeous. This is the lovely Banshee Beat that we love, patchouli made cozy and dreamy when tempered with the vanilla and hemp. Patchouli can be either really screechy or too earthy but BB/RR was the one BPAL patch scent that worked for me!! I am so hopeful this one goes GC because to me, Revenant Rhythm is such a beloved scent and so undeniably BPAL, like Snake Oil and Dorian. Great scent longevity and makes my hair feel so soft and almost renewed!! Thank you so much to everyone for bringing us this amazing hair gloss!
  5. purplegirl

    The Shining Dimple of Love Bath Oil

    I got a bottle of this and I loved the vanilla and tea combination - it was a bath oil with a lighter scent but it was a scent-sibling of Dorian, so I would wear them together and it was a lovely combination. I scarcely used it 3 times before I used it on on nephew after a bath and my sister loved the scent and had been telling me about super-dry skin so I suggested she take it home and try it.... And I never saw my Shining Dimple again!! She pillowed through that bottle like nobody's business!!!! She enjoyed it enough for the both of us and it really helped her through a rough (and dry?) patch:-)
  6. purplegirl

    Snake Oil Bath Oil

    I've got mad love for Snake Oil BO. Aged, slinky Snake Oil in a head-to-toe Bath oil - it's lust that wafts from the skin and beguiles. No one note stands outs, it's so seamlessly blended that it's just a round, voluptuous scent and I swear, sometimes I get a distinct leather impression, a worn-in, soft and buttery scent. I think that I'll always have to have a bottle on hand. It's seriously THAT good.
  7. purplegirl

    Morocco Bath Oil

    Morocco is a love/hate thing for me and the 'hate' part has nothing to do with this exquisite scent, it's purely my skin chemistry:-( My skin devours - like completely gobbles up - this gorgeous scent in all forms and I have to constantly slather and reapply..... But I do lovelovelove Morocco. It is a soft and gauzy veil of musk and a kiss of carnation. The sandalwood note must be a silent, supportive scent but I do love this scent, I just wish she lingered a while on me! When I babysit my nephews I am guilty of plying then with messy foods so I can dunk 'em in the bath, moisturize them with Morocco BO and then sneak in cuddles all afternoon. Morocco LOVES them and they're like adorably rambunctious clouds of scented joy running around my house!
  8. purplegirl

    Glowing Vulva Bath Oil

    I've never reviewed this gem and this is a gross oversight on my part...... I missed out of GV as a perfume oil and I almost missed out of this again when she came back to life as a Bath Oil but thanks to Master Puddin' I was able to try my very first bath oil and fall in love with magic of Glowing Vulva. Creamy, warm, polished - the scent just seems to whisper 'come a little bit closer' though not in an overt way but in a very cozy way. As much as I'm trying to prolong my GV enjoyment, I tend to reach for her on days when I need a little boost or pick me up so and I can feel chin raised just a bit, and my shoulders not hunched as much. Probably because this smells soooooooo bloody amazing and you just can't help but smile when enveloped by this gorgessity! Belated thanks, Puddin' and Beth!
  9. purplegirl

    The Diamond’s Gong

    I got this OLLA on a whim and wouldn't it figure - this is my second favourite, right after the beautiful Ava! On me, Diamond's Gong is an incredibly rich scent that is an almost dead-ringer for Lush's 17 Cherry Tree Lane soap which I loved! Creamy musk with a clean floral undertone..... A beautiful feminine scent and I am so happy I got her!!
  10. purplegirl

    Dorian Hair Gloss

    My second gloss and just beautiful and everything that I love in the perfume version! Lilting and super-fresh, this is going to herald in spring quite nicely with the sweet vanilla and fresh tea.... This is a standout and I am in love
  11. purplegirl

    Silkybat Hair Gloss

    This is my first hair gloss and I can only kick my arse for waiting this long to realize that I didn't WANT to try the Trading Posts hair gloss, I NEEDED to try them!! And SilkyBat was a crazysexycool introduction The patchouli is sex in a bottle with a sweet and tart tang from the sugar and lemon twist. It wafts from the hair in a close cloud and gets better as it goes and I can smell it on my pillow. Soooo gorgeous!!
  12. purplegirl

    The Shining Dimple of Love Bath Oil

    This scent is so beautiful and so delicate! A lovely, graceful vanilla! I only wish it was a little stronger but I will keep the Dimple for the spring and summer and consider a backup bottle
  13. purplegirl


    I was lucky enough to get a bottle of this in a swap with the fabulous Ondine and honestly, I am in serious love, both with my fairy swapmother and this scent! In the bottle, Romanti.Goth has that beautiful tobacco-incense that immediately brings Black Lace to mind. Instant swoon. Wet, on my wrist, she is beeee-yoo-tee-full. Gorgeous! An almost dead wringer for Black Lace on me. Drydown, she's definitely Black Lace's sexy, velvet-y, dark twin sister. My wrist hasn't left my nose for more than 5 minutes
  14. purplegirl


    I didn't buy Boo when it was live, but fter reading all the reviews I was instantly remorseful. Then I got a decant in a swap and I was kicking my own arse for not getting a bottle and letting her slip by so I tracked down a bottle of LJ.... I am so, so glad! Boo is a nice thick, creamy, sugary scent. Wet, I do get a bit of the linen/cotton-y note for the first few minutes but that note disappears fairly quickly, but what's left is more than good enough for me - a creamy note that didn't turn or go plastic! When Boo has dried down, I get lovely wafts of Eagle's Brand condensed milk, which I love so much, I buy a can every few months and eat it with a spoon, like yogurt *facepalm*. Boo is the ultimate cuddly food/skin scent!
  15. purplegirl

    Lust v7

    because edenssixthday is an absolute rockstar, i was able to obtain a testable sniffie of this sex-in-an-imp, errmh, I mean, heady and gorgeous scent. if i thought i loved Snake Oil and Snake Charmer, well, Lust v7 is their superbaby - a perfect combination of the two. sexy vanilla, warm slithery patchouli, a deep musk that gives it major oomph... wow. how amazing is this scent??? thank you so much edenssixthday for the chance to try this.... i can see sniffing this every time i feel a little melancholy (or just want to smell sexy perfection in a vial!!!)