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  1. Madonna Lily

    Thirteen: LVB

    This is SO weird lol. It's fun in the same way that re-discovering your middle school jelly bracelets is fun. It's nostalgic, reminds me of being a preteen(fitting considering it's Lilith's favorite things) It's a jumbled up mishmash of blue cotton candied strawberries and lavender mostly. Then the fruity gives way to a salty honey scent. The honey in here really smells like fresh honey sticks! The background is always present but just not as much? The background notes are salty rice, chocolate musk, and a feral animal fur note. Oddly it also kind of reminds me of being at a fair with the smell of candy on your breath and a slight air of human mustiness lingering. It's cute like a young kid playing with puppies.
  2. Madonna Lily

    The Best Ylang Ylang Scents!

    Popped in to add Ylang Ylang, Australian Sandalwood, and Vanilla to the thread. It's a creamy ylang ylang, not at all harsh and is basically a different take on vanilla. Slightly tropical
  3. Madonna Lily

    Pink Lovebird

    Okay so this is very very cardamom forward. I swapped a high value bottle for two bottles of this so I was very hype to receive this not going to lie I thought this would be my signature scent. It's very cardamom and very dusty at first application. This quickly becomes a gooey pink scent extremely similar to Plastic Pink Flamingo. There's also the cake part reminding me of My Little Grotesque. This is almost a perfect mashup of PPF and MLG. Supringly not as sweet as Perfectly Normal Childhood. Perfectly Normal Childhood is a loooot sweeter and has more of a prominent vanilla cake note. Pink Lovebird is nice and I don't regret getting two bottles but I do wish it was stronger. This is very light cake with a lot of cardamom. Update: Now I'm getting the drydown and it smells so similar to Sprinklecake! THAT is the confetti cake! New favorite perfume for sure, the cardamom lasts for a while until it dries down to a spun sugar Sprinklecake! Sort of almond-y and sprinkle-y.
  4. Madonna Lily

    Rapture Pig

    So Rapture Pig is basically Rose Jam by LUSH to a T, however I actually prefer Rose jam. I used to be soooo into Rosejam, at one point in time it was my favorite scent ever. Rapture Pig is like RJ without the aspect that I love so much. Rose jam has a lovely brightness to it, which I assume is the lemon and geranium. Rapture pig is rosey and jammy but it has a deeper undertone of an almost smoky cotton candy and almost none of the brightness from the lemon. It's like linear rose and red fruits with a hint of cotton candy. Nice, but not for me, I prefer Rose jam but I no longer buy from LUSH for personal reasons.
  5. Madonna Lily

    Snake Milk

    Okay so right out of the mail(it was hot today) I'm getting the pungency of the milk more and a skanky patchouli. The milk note is incredibly realistic and supringly not sweet! It's like an animalic benzoin milk. You can tell this stuff is rich. I need to let it sit for a while before I give my updated review. Update: now that the oil has settled, I smell the caramelized milk note. The snake oil smell is still incredibly sharp and strong but it has mellowed into a more caramelized slightly bourbon vanilla scent. It is still not sweet but it is comforting, it reminds me of when you heat milk up in the microwave.
  6. Madonna Lily


    When I first opened this, I got a BLAST of leather and honey. I am clearly imagining the leather note but it seems the "stick" is reading "charred woody leather" and it is strong. The honey and chai note are about as noticeable as the stick. The buttercream icing takes a backseat to the entire thing. Unsure of how I feel about it. It definitely smells like burning sticks.
  7. Madonna Lily

    Cat-Lilith and Cat-Dad

    In the very very beginning, you catch a whiff of the most realistic cream cheese buttercream chocolate red velvet cake EVER. This quickly fades and turns into just honey...and a Tootsie roll note. Kind of sad about it but the beginning is awesome.
  8. Madonna Lily

    Perfectly Normal Childhood

    Okay this is mostly cardamom. The straight up fresh crushed kind (very realistic) I must say I was shocked by how strong it was. The cardamom is sitting on top of a soft vanilla marshmallow. The marshmallow, cake batter, and spun sugar are really just floating in the background like a cloud with the blast of cardamom. If you really enjoy the smell of spicy realistic cardamom and also soft soun sugar and marshmallows (but not as much) this is the one for you.
  9. To be fair, I've never tried it, but On the Death of His Mistress has notes that reminds me of The Comforter by LUSH. Plum musk, ambergris accord, matcha tea, oakmoss, patchouli, violet leaf, and cypress. can anyone confirm or deny?
  10. Madonna Lily

    Plastic Pink Flamingo

    Okay so...I got a full bottle and a dram from one of my swaps. I personally like overly sweet perfumes. This is one I would describe as overly sweet slightly fake marshmallows. Marshmallow peeps. The sap note is the faintest dandelion stem or grassy note that lingers on the background like a whisper. One of my family members famous for her blunt honesty said "you smell like playdough" ... And well, she is right somewhat. This is marshmallow with a bit of an Elmer's glue or playdough saltiness and grass. It's childish, and cloying but it is sentimental. It is soft and gentle and fluffy. It's simple. I would also relate this to a "flormond" but instead of florals it's grassiness with the food note. This is shamelessly childish and simple but I dig it. My favorite stage it goes through is when it dries down to a faint sugared marshmallow vanilla.
  11. Madonna Lily

    Horn of Benediction

    I am very familiar with vetiver, it is one of my favorite notes in perfume starting way back when I was getting into LUSH perfumes. Breath of God has a nice clean vetivert and this does too. This scent is clean yet smoky. The holy water note is what I believe is making this super clean yet interesting. It has a cologne-like aspect, watery, and aldehydes. Yet, underneath there is a sacred incense smoke and sandalwood. Smooth and smoky. I'm also smelling a white musk... something like NAVA Tibetan Crystalline. I would say this rests halfway between TC and BoG. I like this one more than both however.
  12. Madonna Lily

    Queen of Elphame

    This smells quite syrupy out of the bottle(sweet and floral with a bite from something fruity and even a little wormwood-like note) So I'm definitely going to go with the wormwood note I'm smelling being the yew sap because I have personally never smelled it before and this is strange to me. I am getting a strong plummy note but it's a lighter plum...sheer? The orris is lifting it up so that it kind of hums and tickles your nose but not enough for you to suspect that. Lily of the valley is brightening up the slurry of fruity floral jasmine and plum. This oddly enough reminds me of Halloween. It smells like the air when the leaves are falling and there's candy in all the children's bags but much fruitier. The sweetness here is candy sweet and the woodiness is like a fresh seasonal wood. Overall it's a fruity plum/jasmine with a hint of Halloween air.
  13. Madonna Lily

    Elphame's Feast

    The first impression I get (sniffed right out of the bottle and unrested) is quite syrupy golden vanilla cake. I was kind of scared to put it on because it smelled a bit sour, green, and cake-y. Oh boy, does this change. So I let it sit a few minutes before putting some on my skin and the initial blast is of strong (specifically crusty and golden) creamy cake with some well balanced cardamom.The description really nails what you smell. Then after the first cake blast there is a creeping floral that is turning the cakes a little strange. The cakes reveal a bouquet of...funeral lilies? That's exactly what I'm smelling. If you've ever stuff your head into a big white bushel of funeral lilies and the stagnant and creamy smell hits you in the face...The florals in here are definitely spot on for funeral lilies. I'm very familiar with the smell of real lilies because I have a garden full of them right now and they happen to be one of my favorite flowers. The drydown of this is just beautiful because the lilies start to come to the forefront and the vanilla dries to a whisper that really compliments the creamy spiced lily. Then you smell like a bouquet of big white lilies with vanilla. Edit: the cake in here reminds me of Knave of Hearts(I have both to test) but I prefer this to KoH