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    Blends: Eos, Lust, Grog, Bliss, Jacob's Ladder, Red Devil, Samhain, Glasgow, Languor, Black Opal, Chaste Moon, Khajuraho, Spooky, Pumpkin Patch III (the one with pomegranate)Notes: Ylang Ylang, Red Musk, Dragon's Blood, Sandalwood, Lime, Blood Orange, Heliotrope, Resins, Tonka, Rum, Coconut, BlackberrySeveral notes are off-limits because I'm epileptic; a few (like jasmine and lavender) may have an anti-seizure effect. (More info at http://www.epilepsyontario.org/client/EO/EOWeb.nsf/web/Aromatherapy)

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  1. Gemini noir


    Wet: the lemongrass, jasmine, and rose are strongest... but not overwhelming. It smells so lovely! The next 20 minutes or so, Namaste is gentle, and, again, lovely... I don't notice any of the cedar. The lemongrass is still very prominent, and pleasant. I like Namaste best during its first 20 minutes; if I could just freeze the scent then, it would be perfect. I like it after that, too, but not as much. It grows somewhat less sweet. Either the cedar emerges then, and tones down the sweetness of the floral blend, or the patchouli amps up, and the impact is the same. Unfortunately, I can't make Namaste stay at the first-20-minutes stage. It leaves me with a newfound appreciation for lemongrass.
  2. Gemini noir

    The Mock Turtle's Lessons

    I'm not a big fan of apple, but I am a big fan of lime. I hadn't worn The Mock Turtle's Lesson's since I first bought it, but recently wore it a couple days in a row, once without refreshing my memory about the lab description, once after reading it. Day one: Lime! A light scent -- at first it smelled like a "lime aquatic" scent, then it veered into green, lime cocktail with a big sprig of mint territory (that is too a territory.) Day two: Read the description. Apple? Humorous, *Wah-wah* music plays. Now I might smell apple even if it wasn't included in my imp as part of a really odd practical joke. *Applied The Mock Turtle's Lessons*. Oh, yeah, there's the apple. I still got a big lovely jolt of lime first, but this time with wholesome tart apple stirred in. Well, not entirely wholesome since it smelled like a lime-tart apple alcoholic drink, but more wholesome than it smelled on day one when I didn't think it included the kind of treat suck-ups bring for Teacher. The effect wasn't unpleasant, though. It probably helps that there's a lot more lime scent than apple... as though the apple knows its place as a lesser scent. Good for it! My skin at least, the lime and mint are much stronger than the apple, so I'm left with a lovely lime-mint cocktail scent with the apple adding (I admit it) a nice little touch of tartness. The loveliness, though, is fairly fleeting. It didn't seem like this one lasted very long (nor did I feel like it had loads of throw). This is a good candidate for ye olde scent locket.
  3. Gemini noir

    Creating BPAL Gift Packs with a Theme

    Those are awesome! I made another prostitution pack (BPAL has a lot of scents that would work with this theme Prostitution Party Pack #2: Bordello, Carnal, Smut, Wanton, #20 Love Oil, Dirty. With black garter and stockings (for when she's working) and a t-shirt defending Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton (for when she's not). Dirty is also probably for when she's not working. More, non-idea-copying packs later.
  4. Gemini noir

    The Sun

    It's sad the Tarot Oils are going; this beautiful scent alone is such a loss. Maybe if the oils are resurrected in 5 ml versions with info about the major notes, more people will buy them... They're a bit difficult to review... The Sun is decidedly a warm scent. (See? Rather obvious, that.) It's also a happy, golden scent. It's sweet (more so than Leo) and has a lovely moderately-light feeling to it -- neither heavy nor lighter-than-air. It's not a hot sun, just a warm inviting one. Heliotrope? Oh, yes, I'd say so. It's a heliotrope lover's dream. Oceandessa may well be on to something with honeysuckle. (I think she was the first to mention it.) I don't smell that distinctive BPAL honey scent, but it is sweet. She also mentioned jasmine, and that seems possible. I don't smell any cinnamon at all in The Sun, or detect any overtly spicy or incense-like notes. If there's cinnamon it's just a touch. Any spicy notes are either subtle or hidden when applied to my skin.
  5. Gemini noir

    June Gloom 2004

    Dusky lemonade. I like lemons but I'm probably not so down with the dusky part and that's why June Gloom is not up my lemon-strewn alley. (I hope that was mixed enough.)
  6. Gemini noir

    Flower Moon 2005

    Flower Moon is a very beautiful spring floral. If it wasn't a Lunacy scent it could have been called Spring Fling - like a Spring fling, it's short-lived, but sweet. (There's also that bit about "unrestrained bliss" & energy. *wink, nudge* Plus, there's the reference to "sexy blooms". So there ya go. ) I noticed violets, irises, daffodils, and tulips. The violets don't dominate, but they don't take a backseat either. I like violets a lot, so that's good by me. It feels like a creamy purple or a purple/cream. A wonderful blend!
  7. Gemini noir


    It's with Bayou that I've realized I might love moss. I started looking into what other BPAL blends contain it and found one/more moss(es) in more blends than I realized, including some BPALs I like a lot. There should be more moss blends because it's wonderful stuff! My predisposition toward the stuff is now fully disclosed. I've read a few of the Bayou reviews and was surprised it was described as masculine. It isn't "pink-girly" but I found it very green-lush-feminine. The difference in reaction is likely at least partially due to chemistry, as well as scent preferences/differences in what's perceived as feminine. The green-mossy-floral feels happy and relaxing. It impacts me rather like sunshine impacts a cat, causing closed eyes, a smile, and a good stretch.
  8. Gemini noir

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    This is the only voodoo blend I bought a 10 ml bottle of (when they were still available) so that says something right off the bat (other than it sure took me a long time to review it.) Less than an imp's worth is left in the bottle, so that says something too. Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo has a slightly dusky cotton candy scent, mixed with a sort of carmelized sugar, and perhaps a slight hint of berry. It is indeed a cheering little scent, and one of those that inspire much self-sniffage. I also like it as a room scent, in an oil burner. That way you can force an improved mood upon others.
  9. Gemini noir


    Turned fairly quickly from a dark aquatic to heavily perfumey grapefruit to dark, moderately spicy, and slightly citrusy perfume. Stayed quite dark for about half an hour, gave me a bit of a headache. Got less murky, but not really more pleasant. For a while it was "Spicy murkiness" then it became murky and a bit "Hey, did my roommate leave a grapefruit lying around before he went out of town five days ago?" Then... just heavily murky. Like a fog of murk. And... the headache didn't go away. This one is not for me.
  10. Gemini noir

    Lick It

    A perfect peppermint candy cane. A delightful, sweet, delicious smell. Not everyone wants to smell like a candy cane. Lick It was the lotion I've made for my mom that she's rejected; she said it was "too sweet" (I've also made her lotions from BPAL's single note Vanilla, single note Coconut, and Gingerbread Poppet.) I think it's just right. I think magikalcrab was the first person in this thread to mention how well Lick It blends with Bliss, so props are in order, as it does indeed blend beautifully with Bliss. And on its own... it's pretty wonderful too!
  11. Gemini noir


    Glitter, v. 1.0 Sweet. Really sweet. At first it's predominantly heliotrope and grape -- I know that must be the "white wine", but it smells like grape to me. It's very grape-y. It turns too sweet and stays that way. "Sweet" is good, but this is too much of a good thing... Eventually the sweetness is tamed somewhat by a lotus note, and that's welcome but it's just a toddler step in the right direction, and that first stage is too much for me.
  12. Gemini noir

    The Pool of Tears

    A very evocative scent indeed! It's initially a very salty floral, as though, well, yes, a flood of tears has covered a floral perfume. The saltiness tones down moderately after a little while. It's as though the tears aren't gone, not by a longshot, but the crying is no longer nonstop. In general, when someone stops crying after having sobbed for a while, it doesn't necessarily mean things are looking a little rosier. Crying may slow down a bit simply due to physical and/or emotional exhaustion. So, yeah... I think of this as a sad/angsty scent, and a cathartic one. Reached for it last night during an emotionally trying evening. I wanted something simple and pretty and "Pool" fit the bill nicely even though I didn't cry a pool a la Alice (I felt like being distracted by funny things.) Not at all sure what flowers are in Alice's perfume, but it's really pretty! I love the smell of the ocean, so I'm predisposed to like the very salty water poured over that perfume, even if it's "tears". "Pool" lasts a moderate amount of time on me, and I quite like it (even when I'm not stressed out).
  13. Gemini noir


    Euterpe works really well on me; it lasts a long time and smells so pretty and happy the whole while. It's a very white, moderately sparkly scent (not quite sparkly enough to tip it over to "fizzy".) Early on, the iris and lemon notes are apparent. The honeysuckle soon emerges. I never noticed the carnation. Once the scent has settled in, it stays fairly true - and lovely - for hours.
  14. Gemini noir


    A lovely, sweet, creamy, scent. Picture a tear-stained woman holding the back of her wrist to her forehead melodramatically, and frowning, but beautifully. She slowly lifts her other hand, bringing a bouquet of flowers to her nose. The bouquet is over-stuffed with flowers, which are lush, but you wonder for how much longer? The bouquet is tied too tightly with browning lace. It's difficult to discern most of Eternal's notes at first. It's like the rush of flowers you get when walking into a florist's; it takes a moment for the nose to acclimate so you can try to pick out individual flowers from the bunch. (That is, if you wanted to do that at a florist's without actually going over to flowers to smell them.) During the first stage, (my beloved) heliotrope and jasmine were most noticeable. "Creamy" kept coming to mind to describe the scent. After roughly a half hour, a sort of rose/gardenia blend peeked out. I wish it hadn't because I liked Eternal better before those notes emerged, but it was still pretty. All in all, it's a very well-blended, evocative (clearly), and pretty scent. It's definitely not one I'd wear on a date, though. It's way too in-your-face floral for that.
  15. Gemini noir

    Beth's Experimental Blends

    Beth's Experimental Blend #1 (Fruity) Beautiful! It's a red-orange blend that lasts for ages, without using much. On first applying it, I mostly noticed cinnamon and the rather-Snake-Oil-like-patchouli. It's around the time of drydown that a fruity quality emerges. That part reminded me of blackberries. There's a berry/purple quality to it. For a moment "grape" peeked out then went away. It's a spicy, warm, (and to my nose) somewhat berryish take on Snake Oil.