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  1. Chatrient


    I won't repeat the notes~ if you have gotten this far in the review pages for this blend by now you know the ingredients Inez!! Oh you Grand Glorious Grindhouse Gal! I love Inez. it so very much. I love how it deepens as the day goes by and how it lasts for hours and hours on my skin I love how it's throw is medium and thus I could wear it daily in my office and never fear that it will overpower or offend sensitive noses around me I love it the way I love Snake Charmer and Madame Moriarty and Gypsy Queen I love it the way a fat kid loves a cupcake (no offense to fat kids because I am one!) It's kind of odd...I just noticed that my three, and now, four favorite blends, are all from either Carnival Noir or Carnival Diabolique I must be a side show geek at heart This is a multiple bottle, stock up and hoard blend for me, and IMHO is a 5 out of 5! Chatrient
  2. Chatrient

    The scents that get you the most compliments?

    I have seriously funny experiences with Snake Oil ~~ 1) A man standing in line behind me at the store kept edging closer and closer. Each time he got closer, I could see his nostrils flaring, like he was taking a deep smell. Each time he stepped closer I smiled and he smiled back. Then when he got shoulder to shoulder with me, I turned around and said "Yes?" and he said "Siiiiiiiiiiii!" (He was hispanic) 2) The biggest June Bug I have ever seen, I swear it was the size of a hummingbird, kept buzzing around and landing on me. I kept gently coaxing him onto my finger then fluttering it so he would fly away. He kept coming back. He landed on the exact spots I put the Snake Oil. I felt so sorry for confusing him so badly~~ he obviously was looking to harvest some honey But the one that gets me the most compliments / verbal responses is Snake Charmer. People have been talking to me at work, pause...and I can see thier noses flaring. Mostly they say "You smell good!" or ask what I am wearing. I've worn it in my hair while at LARP and the guy who played my character's husband was leaning over talking to me in character. He paused and said "Gee! Your hair smells terrific" (quoting that old TV commercial) and I said "It's not shampoo its Alchemy" But Smut got me the **funniest** response ever: A woman asked me one time what I was wearing. I said "smut" She said she didn't think she had ever heard of that perfume before. I told her it was made by the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. She said "Alchemy!! Does that mean its made by...**gasp** satanists?" ...... I choked back a laugh and did my best Angry Cat Hiss at her and said "I'm telling Beth on you!" and laughed as I watched away. Poor old gal probably swallowed her partial plate
  3. Chatrient

    Pirate Moon

    PIRATE MOON Avast thar! On Octobree th' 31st, Pirate Moon be hangin' high in th' sky! Mad Bess Moriarty, Scourge o` th' Se`en Seas, an' Captain T.J. Barrial wi' be joinin' the'r spirits in unholy matrimony! This scent be created t' commemorate th' union o' these two scurrilous sea dogs. So, splice th' mainbrace an' get thee loaded t' th' gunwales, me buckos, 'tis a time o' celebration! Red musk, ambergris, coconut palm, red sandalwood, balsam, date, warm leather, tobacco, ebony, lingum vitae wood, pandanus grass, an' a touch o' lime. 20 Dubloons, ya swabbie! Oh dear... could it be that I am the first to review this wonderful Forum Scent?? In the Bottle: so deliciously soft ~~ I can barely smell the individual ingredients~~ I smell the softness of the balsam wood and the hint of citrus. Wet on the skin: much the same as in the bottle, but I do smell some of the ambergris coming out Drydown: It is such a subtle blend! Overall it reminds me of mornings I spent with my family beach combing for shells and coins. It also reminds me of skin that has had suntan oil on it all day~~ after that skin has been scrubbed clean in a shower. I think this would be awesome on a man~~ I bet Beth created this one with hers in mind Overall I think this will be a wonderful day time scent ~~ like to wear on Saturday and Sunday, during the day.