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  1. Jenesis

    John Watson

    Initially, I get Gin and Tonic smell (perhaps the lime), with a metallic tang somewhere. Definite aftershave vibes though. I'll keep the imp for occasional use, but not bottle material.
  2. Jenesis

    Black Moths

    Definite patchouli, a lovely floral underneath with a deep dark base. The woods come out after a while for that 'haunted house' vibe. Gorgeous!
  3. Jenesis

    Notes word clouds!

    I saw one of those 'word cloud' doodads at work and thought, huh, I wonder what would happen if I stuck my smellies collection through there. So here it is. This is all the notes/descriptions of all My Precious, including OCYLs but not things on the For Sale pile, with some curating to remove descriptive copy like 'sensual' or 'sibilant'.
  4. Jenesis


    Bottle: Very vanilla! Luckily that's my jam. Wet on: Slightly fruity, slightly woody vanilla, beautifully blended. Drydown: More woody now, with a tiny whiff of eau-de-shower-gel - from past experience I think that's the lily talking. The ginger comes out after a few moments. Dry: Warm, faintly sweet and 'golden', matches the inspiration art perfectly. The woods stop it being too sweet. Drydown a few hours later: A gorgeous sweet, musky, woody vanilla. The woods prevent the vanilla from being too sweet and icecream-ish. Absolutely love it, just a shame it has little throw! Throw: Very little, I have to huff my arm to smell it. Must try this with a primer or balm underneath.
  5. Jenesis

    April's scents

    April 1: Samhain (my 2007 decant) - not sure why, just fancied it. Delish warmth! April 2: March Hare; I've continually searched for an apricot scent like this since and haven't found it. April 3: Sherlock Holmes! And it works really well in my scent locket as well. April 4: Testing day today, so a cacophany of scent... went for Snake Oil after a while. Mmm, sweet! April 5: Kitty (old roller decant). Bit too sweet and sticky. April 6: Haloes. This is my jam! Nice sweet vanilla but with a woody undertone that stops it being too cloying. April 7: Night's Bridge. April 8: Yuletide at Heathrow (from a decant). Yummy, very like my lost lamented Death of the Gravedigger. May have to hunt for a fullsize of this one. April 9: Black Moths April 10: Please Scream Inside Your Haunted House
  6. Jenesis

    My Precious

    My bottles... BPAL American Gods: Fuck You, Said the Raven Black Rose The Black Swan Cloister Graveyard in the Snow Crimson Peak: Between Your Heart and Mine Crimson Peak: Black Moths Dark Delicacies: Amber Lace Event Horizon Geek Haloes Haute Macabre In Night When Colors All To Black Are Cast Neverwhere: Night's Bridge Peacock Queen (2019) Peacocks Samhain (2020) Snake Charmer: Resurrected Whip Alchemic Muse Ultraviolet Alchemy6 Sapphic Siren Arcana Sea Glass Tristan Darling Clandestine /r/hugofdeath Possets Adagio for Strings (Barber) Femme Fatale Madame X
  7. Jenesis


    First whiff is a woody patchouli; like the shelves in a hippie shop. Drying down I get much more smoke and clove, with deep patchouli underneath. Nice enough, but I probably wouldn't buy a full bottle of it.
  8. Jenesis

    Haute Macabre

    Talk about a wild swing - I took a chance on this (brand new from HM). In the bottle I get boozy almonds, like rum-drenched marzipan-covered cake. Fresh on, the almonds stay but the deep leather and patchouli come out on me (the booze thankfully takes a bit more of a backseat). The vanilla starts to rise to the top. It actually has vibes of 'O', but darker and more complex. Absolutely lovely! Addendum: I love this on skin but not in a scent locket. That heady patchouli note right under my nose, and without the skin chemistry, just gave me a headache. Wear-only!
  9. Talk about some post necromancy but I am down to about 1ml of Geek left and bottles are basically unavailable even on eBay now. (Hint Lab for a resurrection. Guaranteed seller!) Earlier in this thread I saw that some consider Nemesis to be an equivalent for Geek. Anyone else have this experience? Any other recommendations?
  10. Jenesis

    Pink Moon 2007

    Found an old decant. First on: An odd vaguely plasticy scent, like those "scented" toys they used to sell. Drying: A smooth, light floral, definitely pink! Very sweet. Dry: The carnation really comes out. Verdict: Not really me but if you like sweet florals, this should be up your alley.
  11. Jenesis


    First on: Boooooozy almonds. If there was such a thing as almond liqueur (is there?) it would smell like this. Drydown: Much better. Pineapple and peach, with a sugary note over the top - brings to mind Xanthe a bit but it's not as bright or citrusy. Dry: I'm usually impressed with the Lab's ability to replicate non-perfume scents and this time they've managed to make a cocktail smell! A pretty, sweet, fruity scent with a boozy undertone, much like a Sex on the Beach. While I do like the smell it's a bit too "night before" to wear in most situations, questions might be asked of my health if I wore it to work
  12. Jenesis


    Dug up some old Imps. First on: I get a whiff of vetiver but not too strong. I understand why some say menthol as I get a whiff of that as well. Smells like new wood. Drydown: A slight leathery note over the wood. Hardly any throw at all. Dry: Surprisingly complex and hard to classify! A comforting, warm scent, like a wood-backed leather chair. Very little throw though and it's fading already so this one won't last on me, I think. Edit: After a while the leather comes out more.
  13. Jenesis

    Banana Peel in a Graveyard

    Digging up some old Imps, found this decant. Here goes... First on: Dirt with a light hint of bananas. I'm genuinely impressed with how good the Lab's "dirt" note is, it really does smell like soil! Drydown: The soil goes a bit manky, the banana peel is rotting now. Dry: Better balanced, certainly "dirt and banana". An intriguing scent but I don't think it's for me.
  14. Jenesis

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Holy crap. This is AMAZING Thank you!!
  15. Jenesis


    Couldn't make this one work for me (but then if you examine my previous reviews you'll see that light, girly scents rarely do!). Quite a "yummy" scent, if it was a fruit I'd eat it, but too sweet and cloying for my taste. My skin does weird things with lavender and apple blossom so I think it's probably that making it not work.