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  1. Jenesis

    Film Noir Femme Fatale Experiment

    So gutted I can't get on with this. All I get is TUBEROOOOOOSSSSEEEEEE in a very heavy, "Imperial leather soap" cloud, sickly sweet, soapy stink.
  2. Jenesis


    Let's play "wear your random Imps"! Depraved (I think the imp is quite new/fresh) Very dirty and dark patchouli, earthy/muddy. I can get the apricot a little bit but not much. Very heavy patchouli to me, almost SN. I do like it but it's not complex, and is somewhat too 'dirty' for every day.
  3. Jenesis

    Heavy as Honeyed Pulses Beat

    Did someone say 'opoponax main note'?! My money could not leave my wallet fast enough. I LOVE this. The vetiver is basically non-existent, I get woody, dark, resinous opoponax. Once fully dry the honey comes out and lifts it very slightly, giving a gorgeous sweet yet dark musk. Not much throw. Very comfortable, skin-close scent. I'll have to try this layered.
  4. Jenesis

    Asleep in the Deep

    Alas, this opens with "salty sea air" but sadly turns to "National Trust Gift Shop" very quickly (that's soap/artificial potpourri stink, for the uninitiated).
  5. Jenesis

    The Black Rider

    I am so happy this is a GC! Fresh on (my bottle is lab-fresh) I get 'new handbag' leather, rather than 'dirty' leather. That simmers down very quickly to a warm, leather/amber mix with a little dustiness from the tobacco and warmth from the opoponax underneath. All of these things are wonderful and if I do say so myself this does suit me marvellously; I can't wait to see how it ages. I'll definitely hang on to my bottle for when I need to feel strong!
  6. Jenesis

    In Time of Plague

    Blind bought this and I'm SO GLAD I did. This may have to be backupped ASAP. Heavy, heady rose at the top, with a dark 'dirtiness' underneath - not scummy filthy dirt, more like fresh-turned earth dirt. The tobacco lends a dustiness to stop it being too heady. It mingles down to a rich, 'velvet' (to quote from above reviews) rose with a deep undertone. Got the seal of approval from the other half too so must be good!
  7. Jenesis

    Raucous Games Inside a Bathhouse

    This is very light and pretty! My inexperienced nose gets red/summer fruits with a sweet undertone. Not much on the ginger. Clean and light.
  8. Jenesis

    Snake Smut

    Fresh on: Argh, cardamom! Pooh. I'll have to wait for it to rest and age for the curry note to die down.
  9. Jenesis

    As Above

    This is an odd morpher on me. Initially it's reminiscent of the HM signature scent; heavy patchouli with a touch of booze. There's a touch of something.. astringent underneath? Unfortunately it turns into bathroom cleaner on me. However I've only had this one a day, I'll let it age and come back to it after more rest.
  10. Jenesis

    So Below

    All the HM scents morph strangely on me. I do get a bit of patchouli but a rather unpleasant 'curried sink' scent after. I'll have to let it rest more. Edit: 2 days later, still get 'curried bleach' on initial application. I'm willing to give this more resting time but there's a truly unpleasant note in there for me, which is such a shame as coconut and patchouli are very me, but all I get is curry (must be the cardamom!) with the coconut, amber and patchouli waaaay underneath. Let's give it more time...
  11. Jenesis

    My top smells

    In no particular order. Geek In Time of Plague Death Adder The Waltz Snake Charmer Sherlock Holmes Anathema Device Samahin Peacock Queen
  12. Jenesis

    Fuck You, Said the Raven

    Bought this unsniffed on the assumption I would like it - and I do! In fact it may go into my Top 5. I can usually make opopnax work and the violet is perfect, I was really afraid it would be powdery parma violets, but it's not. I can detect the smooth floral note but it isn't an in-your-face violet on me. The dark patchouli blends perfectly too to make a gorgeous, dark, deep scent. I think it'd be suitable for all genders. Yummy!
  13. Jenesis

    John Watson

    Initially, I get Gin and Tonic smell (perhaps the lime), with a metallic tang somewhere. Definite aftershave vibes though. I'll keep the imp for occasional use, but not bottle material.
  14. Jenesis

    Black Moths

    Definite patchouli, a lovely floral underneath with a deep dark base. The woods come out after a while for that 'haunted house' vibe. Gorgeous!
  15. Jenesis

    Notes word clouds!

    I saw one of those 'word cloud' doodads at work and thought, huh, I wonder what would happen if I stuck my smellies collection through there. So here it is. This is all the notes/descriptions of all My Precious, including OCYLs but not things on the For Sale pile, with some curating to remove descriptive copy like 'sensual' or 'sibilant'.