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  1. Talk about some post necromancy but I am down to about 1ml of Geek left and bottles are basically unavailable even on eBay now. (Hint Lab for a resurrection. Guaranteed seller!) Earlier in this thread I saw that some consider Nemesis to be an equivalent for Geek. Anyone else have this experience? Any other recommendations?
  2. Jenesis

    Pink Moon 2007

    Found an old decant. First on: An odd vaguely plasticy scent, like those "scented" toys they used to sell. Drying: A smooth, light floral, definitely pink! Very sweet. Dry: The carnation really comes out. Verdict: Not really me but if you like sweet florals, this should be up your alley.
  3. Jenesis


    First on: Boooooozy almonds. If there was such a thing as almond liqueur (is there?) it would smell like this. Drydown: Much better. Pineapple and peach, with a sugary note over the top - brings to mind Xanthe a bit but it's not as bright or citrusy. Dry: I'm usually impressed with the Lab's ability to replicate non-perfume scents and this time they've managed to make a cocktail smell! A pretty, sweet, fruity scent with a boozy undertone, much like a Sex on the Beach. While I do like the smell it's a bit too "night before" to wear in most situations, questions might be asked of my health if I wore it to work
  4. Jenesis


    Dug up some old Imps. First on: I get a whiff of vetiver but not too strong. I understand why some say menthol as I get a whiff of that as well. Smells like new wood. Drydown: A slight leathery note over the wood. Hardly any throw at all. Dry: Surprisingly complex and hard to classify! A comforting, warm scent, like a wood-backed leather chair. Very little throw though and it's fading already so this one won't last on me, I think. Edit: After a while the leather comes out more.
  5. Jenesis

    Banana Peel in a Graveyard

    Digging up some old Imps, found this decant. Here goes... First on: Dirt with a light hint of bananas. I'm genuinely impressed with how good the Lab's "dirt" note is, it really does smell like soil! Drydown: The soil goes a bit manky, the banana peel is rotting now. Dry: Better balanced, certainly "dirt and banana". An intriguing scent but I don't think it's for me.
  6. Jenesis

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Holy crap. This is AMAZING Thank you!!
  7. Jenesis


    Couldn't make this one work for me (but then if you examine my previous reviews you'll see that light, girly scents rarely do!). Quite a "yummy" scent, if it was a fruit I'd eat it, but too sweet and cloying for my taste. My skin does weird things with lavender and apple blossom so I think it's probably that making it not work.
  8. Jenesis


    Haven't reviewed a scent for ages, so here goes... This is a surprisingly complex blend. I can smell the vetivier in the background but it's just "there" rather than being the overpowering cat-pee smell that it usually is. The sickly sweetness of carnation is beautifully balanced by the earthiness of the fig and the green tea, while a delicate smell in itself, works well here to round the blend off. The opopanax (possibly my favourite note) grounds the whole thing. A gorgeous dark, mysterious scent. A keeper!
  9. Jenesis


    Why can't she see she has a problem? Screaming at someone because they used the wrong roasting tin is not normal behaviour. She is my mother and I hate to see someone turn into a raging screaming maniac for something trivial happening. When pressed she shrugs it off and says "I've always had a bad temper." Hum, yes, an ordinary, everyday short fuse that turns her into a homicidal maniac I'm terrified to be around. I've had enough. I've done my best, I've tried to make her see a doctor, I've tried to remain calm while she's throwing things at me, and I can't take it anymore. I can't even make her get help, as I'd have to go with her, and she would kill me. (Only a very slight exaggeration there. When she goes into a rage I fear for my, and her, safety, she has thrown things at me and struck me before now, and she has severely hurt herself more than once.)
  10. Jenesis

    Velvet Dogs Playing Poker

    This smells exactly like Miskatonic University to me. The Irish Coffee note stands out too much on my skin.
  11. Jenesis

    Velvet Tiger

    Vetiver isn't usually a dealbreaker for me, but it's just too strong in this blend. I don't get anything else.
  12. Jenesis

    Velvet Pink Kitty

    Wet - WAAGH booze! I smell like I should be at an AA meeting. Drydown - Whew, booze has gone! This smells like Schrodinger's Cat's younger sister, prancing about in pink glitter. Sweet and citrusy and light, but sweet. This may be worth a bottle.
  13. Jenesis

    Velvet Panther

    Not sure I like this, which is a shame as it's the first LE I've tried in ages! The anise and vetiver go POW when I first put it on, they stay strong and sharp for about 5 minutes, and then... it goes. Totally gone. Not even a whiff of scent. How strange...
  14. I don't want children. I don't ever want to be pregnant, to give birth, to take care of a baby. The idea of being pregnant and labour and looking after a baby is terrifying to me. I've felt like this ever since I started my periods at 11. When I first started, I asked my mother if I could have my ovaries removed. That was 10 years ago, and my view hasn't changed at all. However, I understand there are people who do want, and deserve, children and can't have them for whatever reason. I wish I could give my fully-functioning ovaries to them. I know there are egg donation programmes, I wish there was an ovary donation one! I can't give my uterus, as although it's in fairly healthy shape I suffered from Oligomenorrhea (highly irregular periods), although I don't think suffered is the right word as it didn't cause me any problems. Apart from wanting to stop ovulating and stop bleeding altogether, of course. I don't hate my own body. I just wish I had more control over it, and perhaps more relevantly, I wish that the NHS wasn't so closed-minded. They actually believe that every woman wants children. No exceptions. They won't even give me a consultation to have my tubes tied because I am OBVIOUSLY too young to understand the implications and I will DEFINITELY change my mind and start a family. I won't, of course, but all that matters to them is that I am young and without children. Therefore, their logic is that I will certainly regret it. Hah...
  15. Jenesis

    Bored of this now.

    Thank you for your kind words. Since I wrote those entries, I have talked it over with him and he seems to be understanding my feelings better now. However, I still value your support - it's possible he'll "be good" for a few weeks then things will go back to how they were. I hope not, but it's always possible.