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  1. Irish Sea Mermaid


    So floral, but fresh and aquatic too! It reminds me of a warm garden full of blue flowers surrounding an ornamental pool. Like the Vasca dell’ Isola in the Boboli Gardens in Florence. It’s so fresh and watery for a floral, but without going “cologney” . This is really gorgeous and makes such a change to the usual deep, wet, hothouse florals I usually find myself gravitating towards. It makes me feel light and Willowy, even though I am neither of those things… Thank you labbies for dropping this in for me!
  2. Irish Sea Mermaid

    The Crossed Keys

    So, all I can smell on me so far is Cucumber 🥒… Not exactly what I was hoping for, but interesting?? I can just about make out something resinous, but yep, mostly green cucumbers… ah well.
  3. Irish Sea Mermaid

    Good Ship Venus

    In the bottle - as soon as I smelled this it evoked a deeply emotional reaction. Of something long forgotten from a life far away in time. Wet - It’s the salty, wet deck of a ship mingling with the musk of ropes and barrels full of spices with wood ages by the sun and sea. Dry dow - this is probably one of the most gorgeous scents to come out of this collection. (It’s a tough call between Haul on the Bowline and this one TBH). The patchouli is there singing in the background, without upstaging the other notes. It’s got an “oily” feel to it, like the traditional Oilskins (not the modern ones) worn by fisherman mixed with a musky spicy alluring scent. To me, it is the scent of a selkies skin, hidden between rocks on a beach as they dance in the moonlight... It’s familiar and foreign at the same time. It’s beautiful yet rough, it’s salty yet sweet. It is land and sea and sky. I think if my soul had a smell it would be this. I think I may need all the bottles. All. Of. Them.
  4. Irish Sea Mermaid

    Coy Mermaid with a Vulva-Shaped Head

    In the bottle - hot-house flowers 🌺 with something resinous Wet - Incensey Floral BURST!! Dry down - oooh. Warm and resiny - deep heady rich floral but also classically “perfumey” - like something expensive and chic that would come out of a Parisian Fashion House. This is just stunning! It makes me feel like a glamorous, beautiful movie star ⭐️ I am so glad I got this!! ***edit*** I can really smell the White Patchouli now. God this gorgeous!!! (In fact - if you are a fan of Tom Ford’s White Patchouli perfume - this has a very similar feel to it - but way nicer and much more complex!) ***edit 2*** Oh and here comes the Pink Champa!! OHMYGAWD - I need 6 bottles of this!
  5. Irish Sea Mermaid

    Muddy Armadillo

    Ok - Am I the only one who is getting Fennel??? 🤔 it’s so strange! At first it’s dirt dirt dirt - then bam 💥! FENNEL PLANTS!!?? Whaaat?? As it warms up, something really gorgeous and chewy emerges underneath it - probably the warm sweet tobacco blend. But the Fennel (or whatever it is that smells like that on me) is really going to town. As I write the tobacco is warming up on me... and now it’s just starting to become a bit cocoish a d sweet from the bourbon cream, so it’s a warm, sweet, gloopy , earthy mud pie. Going to leave this for another week (it only arrived here two days ago) and see what happens and report back
  6. Thanks for being a great swapper/buyer! ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  7. Thank you so much for the library 📚 is haunted and the little extras! It’s been a joy to buy from you. 💖

  8. Irish Sea Mermaid


    In the Bottle: something very sweet...like jolly ranchers watermelon candy...not liking that very much... Wet On: Very floral but kind of acrid at the same time...still not convinced After a While:ohhhhhhhhh....its lovely...There is something comforting and familiar about this one...its like a hug from dear friend or a mom. Overall Impressions: Its the smell of pure love. It makes you happy and brings out a warm feeling serenity... I can see why its called Iambe... Think a big bottle might be on the cards!! Am so glad i swapped for it!!