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    Deadleaves especially 2020’s cannabis accord and sandalwood is good. The Raven, It’s All I Have To Bring Today, Delightful, Black Annis, Bastet, Nephilim, Delirium, Satyr, Artificier, Altarpiece No1 x group, Escape From the Autumn Carnival, Ecstatic Dancing Penises, Marcilla, Uruk Lightening, Druid... I really love resins, florals, herbs, gosh ha. Love Deep, Dark, and Mysterious as well as Bright, White, and Floral. Gimme citrus any day though.

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    I’m very into plants. I grow indoor and out. I love art from creating to admiring. I really like surrealism, wood block/print, sculpture and performance especially. I also love kinetic, practical, and folk art too. I'm remembering more as i type this out. Todros Geller, Mark Rogers, Luna Ana, Hilma af Klint, Evgenii Zhdanov are some faves.
    I need to work on my own but been in a bit of and uninspired block. I love to experiment and try more within the types of art that interest and inspire me.. what i meant by practical art above i mean like... tools, containers, every day objects we use. Really cool when people reimagine and redesign what we have today or make up completely new ones. Cooking, baking, exploring, i have a very vast array of interests and hobbies tbh so...it’d take a while
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  1. Max

    Sustained Boos

    i just wanna say. I’m so glad i got this last year. It’s a holy grail for me. 4th full sized bottle i ever bought. It’s definitely cozy and cool
  2. Max

    Frog Moon 2021

    what an honor to be the first hehe Straight from the mail/warm bottle... I’m confused, intrigued, perplexed. It’s first a fluorescent green sludge. I believe that’s the bamboo, wasabi, tulsi (basil), and wet green musk. There’s an aquatic almost headiness to it. It’s been a few hours later and that’s stepped aside where i can smell the pine and patchouli and now i can pull apart the minty almost anise basil. It’s definitely more pleasant than before hehe. It’s called down on my skin and it’s still refreshing but more clean than when i got my 1st whiff. It has a cool and comforting feel to it🐸💚
  3. Max

    Cacao, Black Pepper, and Khus

    wow i was expecting to find thoughts on the fragrance. I honestly don’t know how i feel about this one. It’s kind a ride of emotions. From underwhelmed to this is definitely a grower and i love it: This will age nicely I believe and definitely comes through when warmed up in the hands. Revelation: It’s grassy. like in a field of hay kind of way but I wouldn’t call it hay like a khus kind of way😂 In the bottle: some peppery and nutty chocolate with what reminds me of sunflower (khus aka vetiver) Wet on the skin: super nutty on me with all those notes coming through. The pepper does start to melt into the vetiver Dry: same fragrance but mellows out into a very moody sweet earthy chocolate I believe I like this but definitely not my first pick when i’m in the mood for cacao pods 2021. In order of favorites it’s cacao, copal & palo santo (1st) followed by cacao, sandalwood, clove & hemp (2nd) then 3rd of course being yours truly whom this review is for.