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    Gent, Belgium, Europe
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    Kostnice, Severin 😢, Death Cap, Dirty, White Rabbit, Funnel of Love, Dragon’s Heart, Absinthe, OLLA Eve,

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    I'm addicted to creating: jewelry, stuffed dolls, clothing, nail art, baking and drawn towards the darker side of life. Hoarder of scents.
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  1. The Vampire Lilith

    I want to smell like dirt! Dirt, Earth, Soil recommendations

    And none of you have mentioned what I think the BEST dirtscent ever: The Premature Burial! I'm totally blown away by it: heavy on the earth but with a nice touch of flowers... Too bad it's an LE and hard to find. Graveyard Dirt smelled perfect in the bottle, but sank right into my skin leaving nothing.
  2. The Vampire Lilith

    Nag Champa scent in a BPAL blend?

    Damn. I should get Urd then. And quickly!!!!
  3. The Vampire Lilith


    I am addicted to this scent! To me it smells green and clean on a background of incense. A scent associated with serenity and calmth, although it is rather a cool scent than a warm one. A church, indeed. Kostnice was never on my wishlist, but I wanted to give it a try along with some other scents that were up for swaps... and it turned out to become my first 5 ml-order! I keep reaching for it. I asked my best friend what she thought of when she smelled it, and she said that for some reason it made her think of the flower shown in the beginning tune of the series "six feet under", which is about.... funeral-undertakers!! (and I never even mentioned the word church to her) A keeper, and incomparable with any scent I've ever worn before (makes me curious of what 'cathedral' smells like, as some people make a comparison between the two)