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  1. gothteacup

    The Wish

    Smokey fruity datura, oud and patchouli start this off. Datura is such a unique note- a soft oudh almost, a little bitter, a smokey unique mysterious floral. I really enjoy The Wish after it’s dried a while, and if I pass my arm in front of my face, the smell is intoxicating. That’s when I can really pick up the vanilla and osmanthus. Many layers to this, and it’s beautiful. I was on the fence about getting a bottle of this, and now I am wishing I had gotten another one. I bet this will age very well.
  2. gothteacup


    I was sent an imp of this in a recent swap. It looks to be an aged imp, which I am glad about-I can get a good measure of what Cleric is all about. I first looked up a few of the notes I am not familiar with: palisander = rosewood canaga = ylang ylang cistus = laudanum I am getting a lot of frankincense and myrrh right away (classic, love it) and rosewood, as well as soft rosy amber. There is bit of an herbal, almost medicinal edge which adds a nice touch to this. The narcissus becomes more prominent as this dries. I don’t get a lot of champaca singled out, but there is an incense vibe floating around it all. The florals get stronger as it dries, which is kinda disappointing-I liked the initial stages of this better. The resins/wood are still there, but the flowers are rather strong, and start to become a little soapy, like others have said. That said, it’s some fancy, fit-for-a-Queen soap.
  3. gothteacup

    Dragon-Smooched Snake Oil

    So I blind-swapped this bottle (among others) primarily for my son, who loves both Snake Oil and dragon’s blood. I usually can’t wear DB, it becomes a powdery mess on my skin, which is disappointing to say the least. However, I love me some Snake Oil, patchouli and honey. And this kiss from a Dragon is just subtle enough that I can handle it, and it smells damn good. This is strong a Snake Oil scent though (duh) with just some touches of the other notes, they make it sweeter and more patchoulied, and the dragon’s blood gives it a softness. It smells good on my skin, but amazing on my teenage son. Happy little accident!
  4. gothteacup

    Mayhem at the Battlefront

    This is funky, and weird, and kinda off putting. I love scents like this, it has a musky, earthy funk to it, must be the mushroom, maybe the honey musk too. There is spice, and sweet patch, too. And it all works very well together. The funkiness does fade a lot after a bit, and what’s left is mostly patchouli, musky honey, and spice with a wave of earthy goodness all over. There is something in here that reminds me of the Witch Bride, but they share no given notes. TWB is one of my all time favorites though, so maybe that’s why I love this so much. My single bottle and small amount in a decant is not gonna be enough. This is a perfect fall scent for me, weird and witchy and creepy.
  5. gothteacup

    Astronomical Twilight

    For SCIENCE, I’m going to review this a few times, because this is incredibly unique. Once right outta the mail, and then in a few months. Fresh from the mail (well, I let the swap package sit for a few hours while I lazed around) I grabbed a pipette for a small drop. But first, a deep inhale from the bottle: Something dark, something fruity, and something funky. Oh my. On my skin, I’m getting an aldehyde type note, reminiscent of flat champagne? What? No but hey whoa jasmine, fresh jasmine, stanky jasmine. But not poo jasmine. This is important. Narcissus is there, barely, as is a spit of lavender. But this is jasmine’s frickin party, and you’d better recognize. I had to let my wrist sit and let Miss Jasmine have their party time, and get plumb tuckered out, in order for the other notes to be able to get a word in edgewise. After about an hour, black plum joins in and brings a welcome mellowing of all this jasmine business. Labdanum also brings a nice backing into the mix. Narcissus is more prominent, lemon is nowhere to be found, and the white moss must have passed out early because I’m not getting any moss, which I usually amp, even if someone had merely suggested to put moss in a perfume but didn’t even include it in the end. At the end of Frog and Toad’s Wild Ride through Astronomical Twilight, I don’t know what to think about this perfume. But there is something that keeps drawing me back to sniffing my wrist. It has an old-fashioned vibe to it, in fact my mom was sitting next to me while I was wearing/reviewing and she said “something smells like an old lady perfume.” But to be fair, every perfume to her is either “old lady,” “men’s cologne,” or “patchouli hippie stink.” TLDR: Astronomical Twilight is a puzzling, jasmine heavy perfume.
  6. gothteacup

    Anathema Device

    I love Good Omens, both the book and show, and this was one of the perfumes I was most interested in trying, Anathema is one of my favorite characters in the book. Straight out of the gate, this is all black current, which is a sweet, but not cloying, dark berry. Although it’s not listed, I am getting some kind of moss as well, but it doesn’t go too crazy (which moss sometimes does for me). Vanilla and amber come out next, and later, the sandalwood. Seems pretty straightforward at first but I really enjoy the dry down a lot, it’s bright from the black currant but cozy from everything else. I see this being an early fall scent. It’s a welcome change to my usual wheelhouse of perfumes.
  7. gothteacup

    I am Tired of Tears and Laughter

    First: the bottle art is so pretty! when first applied, the lavender is strong, it’s a camphor-like lavender, and all I can get at first. A few minutes in, it softens and while the oudh and benzoin aren’t distinguishable from each other, it gives the strong lavender a bit of a backing, making it interesting. I love lavender, but most of mine are softer, more cozy. Sometimes I would like to have a more “fresh picked lavender sprig” which this definitely has. For a springtime, herbal lavender, this is a nice scent.
  8. gothteacup

    They Shut Me Up in Prose

    Sugared vanilla mallow starts this off, followed by delicate sandalwood and bits of frankincense. Soft and pillowy, this is rather straightforward but by no means basic. It’s very pretty. The osmanthus gives it a unique edge. As others have said, it’s like Zorya P, but softer somehow: But does have some throw.
  9. gothteacup

    Iris and Orris scents

    Haha, pimp away! I will take a look, I love swappin. I need to branch out, and the Blue Moons look promising and enchanting. Oh, and I have been wanting to try violet leaf as well, I do love the scent of violet, but my skin just reads it as: violet: must powder and amp to high hell. I don’t mind powdery scents as a whole, but they need to be tempered with something. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions VetchV!
  10. gothteacup

    Iris and Orris scents

    I have both Skyborn and We Wear The Mask on the way, they seem promising for me, with lavender featured in both. I do love those airy florals, but the Lunacies tend to have so many notes they are intimidating. I really need to jump on some decants when I see them available.
  11. gothteacup

    Iris and Orris scents

    How is the steel note in this? I don’t think I’ve tried anything with steel/metal. Is it prominent?
  12. gothteacup


    I am perpetually on the hunt for perfumes containing wisteria, so I’m looking in the general catalog to see what turns up. Seraphim smells dry and mellow in the imp. When first applied I detect a lot of rose, and something slightly powdery, probably the lily. As it dries, the powder fades and more of the frankincense comes through, and there is the precious wisteria, if I mush my nose on my arm and sniff real hard, and it’s lovely, but it’s mostly drowned out by everything else at this point. Later, its much softer than I expected with notes like lily and rose-the frankincense and sandalwood are prominent and provide a nice background to the florals. Overall, this is a soft rose/lily and frankincense/sandalwood backed scent with just a very faint bit of wisteria. It does add a unique touch to it all. Pretty, but not enough wisteria for me. If you’re looking for a gentle rose, this might be one to check out.
  13. gothteacup

    Iris and Orris scents

    Old thread, but hoping to find something in the same family of The Silver Dollar (iris, benzoin, white musk, white tea leaf and bergamot). Everything I find seems to have cursed violet in it, which I amp to high hell, and it turns to powdered old lady garbage. Any iris suggestions? Or maybe I just need to enjoy The Silver Dollar and buy another bottle?
  14. gothteacup

    The Witch/Strega

    This has a few of my “oh no” notes in it. But I have been drawn to it still, and am pleasantly surprised. When first applied it's oude, and not much else. Maybe a touch of leather. Those are two notes I can’t usually hang with. Then on the dry down everything pops out: soft, smooth patchouli, smoke, a whisper of rose, woods, beeswax. They all seem to be balanced well, the oude backs down a lot, as does the leather. It becomes one of those oddball mixes that just works. For me. I can see this being off putting for some people, but if you like weird scents that you get whiffs of and it’s kinda puzzling yet pretty in a creepy way, The Witch/Strega is one to try.
  15. gothteacup

    Poisoned Apple

    I love apple scents, but I am finding I’m particular about them. how this starts: In your face apple, bright, crisp and tart. starting to dry: something herbal and green slowly comes forward, and now it’s becoming interesting once it’s settled: soft apple, with mysterious herbal and floral nuances. Personally, I absolutely love this. It’s light and airy, but with a somewhat dark edge.