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  1. kaileycatface

    Blueberry Sufganiyot

    i’ve had this for a while, but never wrote a review, so here goes ~ this smells VERY purple on me. it’s really similar to purple / grape cough syrup, and i mean that in the best way possible. i LOVE it. this is my favorite scent from BPAL i have tried so far, and the throw / longevity is fantastic - especially when i rub it onto my sweater, i can smell it for days. 🫐🫐🫐💙
  2. kaileycatface


    this is very, very light on me! this is mostly chai and honey on my skin. maybe a little bit of the stick? no buttercream or marshmallow, which are the notes i was hoping to get the most of. 🍯
  3. kaileycatface

    Rite of Passage

    this is really weird on my skin - i think i am smelling mostly espresso, a little spice (not pumpkin though?) i would love to had gotten more of the vanilla out of this, but alas my skin hates me lol. i tend to amp spice notes however, so i cant say i’m too surprised 👻
  4. kaileycatface

    The Joy of Fatherhood

    i am surprised to say i also get banana! like doomsday_disco - it’s very much a banana flavored gummy bear on me. while i like this ok, it’s definitely not what i was expecting
  5. kaileycatface

    Fuzzy Peach Sweater and A Mug of London Fog

    This started off VERY bergamot dominant on me - but quickly dries down into a very fancy fabric softener. I agree very much with Estamets ‘ review. It’s peach laundry soap! It smells fantastic considering, but not quite my cup of tea. 😉
  6. kaileycatface

    This is a Perfume About My Dog Eating Peaches

    This smells… almost like black licorice on me. It’s much, much more - dark caramel colored smelling than I expected. I smell peach, but the peaches smell boozy, and I kind of understand the comparison I saw someone make of it being similar to Ghost Milk, which was sadly a tragedy on my skin. 😭 I do not smell marshmallow, or vanilla, sadly. The toasted cream and peach are certainly dominating on my skin.