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  1. kaileycatface


    this sadly was not a hit for me, it’s very generic vanilla candle on my skin. 😔 it smells fantastic in the bottle though! skin just seems to not like this one.
  2. kaileycatface

    Lilith's Kwamie Cotton

    this smells *exactly* how Dragons Milk hair gloss smelled on me - i had to do a double take and check the bottle! it’s identical for me, i don’t smell anything else 🐉
  3. kaileycatface

    Edible G-String

    the review above mine is incredibly accurate, i remember the skittles gum and that is very spot on! i don’t get red musk from this, but it’s definitely red and pink. ❤️💗
  4. kaileycatface

    Velvet Unicorn

    i got a bottle of this recently through a swap, and it’s so much different than i was expecting - but i love it! it’s much much .. warmer? than i was imagining it being; i think the meringue comes out on top for me, followed by cherry spun sugar. it’s a really fun sugary scent, and i would gladly eat 75 pounds of it if it were a real life dessert. 🫠
  5. kaileycatface

    Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow, and Benzoin

    ok this is terrifying i am the first review ??? this is going right up there in my top 5 scents, i absolutely love this. on me - it’s very reminiscent of 2017 Antique Lace, it’s almost like Stekk and 2017 Antique Lace had a baby and i’m buying a hundred bottles immediately 🤩
  6. kaileycatface

    Sugar Plum Black Phoenix

    ok this one has me contemplating a full bottle. it smells 100% better on me than Sugar Plum SO, which was just fully Snake Oil on me, no Sugar Plum. i have no idea how to describe how this smells on me, other than it is very sweet, and exactly what i was hoping for from the Sugar Plum blends. 💕
  7. kaileycatface

    Gingerbread Limoncello

    UM? i like this??? i thought i would hate it, but it’s so good! so, it smells a lot like those flower shaped iced lemon cookies on me, + some sweet gingerbread. no cinnamon amping here! really good. probably won’t go for a whole bottle, but glad to have a decant
  8. kaileycatface

    Gingerbread Sticky Buns

    cinnamon broomstick 😓 a lot, lot of cinnamon on me. not surprising though as i very much amp all things cinnamon. smell like the red cinnamon gum on me lol
  9. kaileycatface


    i got an imp of this as i want not sure about the red musk / currant - but i love this! it’s very strawberry forward; (i agree with the strawberry starburst comparison) with a little hint of mango and musk for me. i dont get any red currant which i’m glad for as i don’t enjoy the smell of red currant on me
  10. kaileycatface

    Strawberry Sufganiyot

    ok, i saw someone’s comment that said this smells like a nutrigrain bar, and now i can’t un-smell that. 😂 that’s pretty accurate, i always thought it smelled like a strawberry pop tart, but nutrigrain bar might be more correct!
  11. kaileycatface

    Stale Sugar-Crusted Marshmallow Chick

    definitely echoing the idea of this being Stekk-ish! it’s sweeter, and less strong on me though. but it has that warm deep smell that Stekk has. it’s a little bit cabbage patch head~esque, but i actually am a big fan of that smell.
  12. kaileycatface

    The Misty Marshmallow Sugarbunnies of Niflhel

    hmmm ok, i’ve been wanting this one FOREVER - like forever - and recently got a bottle and idk how i feel about it. it’s absolutely accurate to say it’s not as much marshmallow as it is like a fruity-ish sugar smell, but testing a second time this smells very much like laundry detergent on me. it smells fine, but it pretty headache inducing for me. will retest again but idk if i’ll keep this one. 🥺😞
  13. kaileycatface

    Thirteen: LVB

    this one is sadly a huge no for me - i only get carnations, a little bit of lavender - it’s very strong and perfumey smelling. so bummed! skin chemistry 🙄
  14. kaileycatface

    High-Pitched Shriek

    i absolutely love High Pitched Shriek so much, it’s very much like a plastic doll head / Strawberry Shortcake smell on me, and i LOVE that. it’s a really summery feeling scent for me and it makes me so happy 💛
  15. kaileycatface

    A Very Mütter Holiday

    this smells so much like christmas trees but make them fancy masculine cologne + christmas trees it actually very specifically makes me think of the Soarin Over California ride at Disneyland that has the smells/air blasted at you - the part where you are going through the trees? you know? is this too specific? well it smells a lot like that. 😂