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  1. kaileycatface

    Mallow Flower, Honeysuckle, and Vanilla Bean

    SOOOOO much different than i was expecting! i bought two bottles, right off the bat because i, like amoray, saw mallow flower and my brain just read ‘marshmallow’ immediately - i agree that it’s a VERY spring type scent - sweet (not at all sweet in a marshmallow type way though lmao) and very floral. it’s really pretty and i mayyyy hang onto one of the bottles just to try it again in a few months and see how i feel
  2. kaileycatface

    Cranberries, Strawberries, and Sweet Cream

    this smells like a soap you would buy from someone at like a saturday market that makes soaps and they’re like really big bars of soap that you want to eat / smell edible but it still has that soapy smell, you know? it’s not nearly as sweet as i normally go for but i really like it and am glad i got a bottle!
  3. kaileycatface

    Pink & Blue Candy Canes

    STRONKKKKKK mint that throat punched me immediately when i sniffed it, but it dries down and it’s a lot more sweet and i can kind of make out the blueberry if i really try, but it’s mostly just a slightly minty vanilla frosting smell to me tbh and i love it - i agree with the doll heads descriptor! it does give me a doll head vibe. 💕
  4. kaileycatface

    Santa Doesn’t Need Your Help

    very much giving like .. sweet tarts? not necessarily ‘plummy’ to me, at least not at all the same plum in marshmallow and black plum - which was really perfume-y on me. the lavender isn’t super strong on me after dry down, and it’s pretty much just powdery smelling sour-ish candy 🍭
  5. kaileycatface

    Last Day of Summer Froyo

    i’ve let this rest for about a week, because of all the Liliths i got this one is oddly the hardest for me to pick notes out / review - so, i think i smell the gummy bears mainly? i feel like i can smell red - and maybe yellow gummy bears. i don’t smell the cake batter yogurt, it’s more just like … bag of gummy bears, stick your face in it, and that’s pretty much what i’m smelling lol
  6. kaileycatface

    Lavender Lace

    🤨 <((> / \ well this is MUCH different than expected. why do i smell apple? the lavender in this is not astringent to my nose, it’s buttery. i smell buttery lavender and apples. specifically pink apples. okay wait, maybe the tobacco is reading as apple on me? after reading the notes, i can now tell i’m smelling tobacco. i don’t know why my nose thought it was apples. i don’t know if this is a winner for me, but it is really pretty. 🥰
  7. kaileycatface


    okay, this smells like those bubblegum tablets you chew at the dentist, that stain your teeth? you know? like very dental bubblegum - think bubblegum mouthwash, toothpaste. it has that very specific type of bubblegum smell lol i don’t smell any snake oil, at all, surprisingly. especially considering that i usually amp snake oil. no lavender, no gummi worms - just dental bubblegum. 🦷💓
  8. kaileycatface

    We're #1

    seconding the comment of this not being overly sweet - i LOVE all scents sweet and this is much different than i expected. the strawberries smell like they are barely ripe, slightly green still, and the sugar syrup is not adding much sweetness in there. it’s a very fresh and cold strawberry!
  9. kaileycatface

    Spoopy Kid Assaulted by a Sunbeam

    thirding the patchouli forward-ness as the others above me said, this is STRONK on the patchouli. i get tons of patchouli, honeysuckle, and some vague/general sweetness. i hoped all the sweet notes and honeysuckle would be the main notes, but it’s pretty much a slightly sweet !!!!!!!patchouli!!!!!! + honeysuckle for me
  10. kaileycatface

    Cherry Red

    this is lots and lots of musk on my skin - which tends to not work for me, but i wanted to try this one anyways. the cherry that is there, smells bright red and sweet and i LOVE it - if only the musk was not there. 😭 i think this will be a major winner for anyone who loves cherry, and musk. i am not a musk gal 💔
  11. kaileycatface


    this smells a LOT like Gnome Ruckus to me! the cotton candy for some reason is reading as red vines on my skin. the popcorn is prominent, and i do get a little bit of the Coca Cola smell as it dries down. it’s mostly a stale popcorn + red vines(ish) cola on my skin lol
  12. kaileycatface

    Secret Donuts

    MAPLE. so much. maple. if anyone has tried Arcana Wildcrafts - Witches Draw Down The Moon - this is very similar on my skin to that. there is a bit of chocolate i can detect, but it’s very much maple bars galore.
  13. kaileycatface

    Dad! Let Me Do Your Make Up

    this is VERY perfume-y on me - i am assuming the earl grey is the blame for that. i was hoping the marshmallow / cream would be at the forefront, but alas i don’t get them at all. i have seen others say they get more of the other notes, so i think this is just a skin chemistry issue for me amping the earl grey!
  14. kaileycatface

    Peach, Coconut Cream, Marshmallow, and Nougat

    hmmmm. this smells like a vanilla candle on me, with a little bit of warm peach. it’s pretty good, but not for me.
  15. kaileycatface

    Peach Milk

    i didn’t have high hopes for this one, but it’d actually really good! Ghost Milk was AWFUL on me; and this is not at all Ghost Milk-y for me. it’s also not at all Snake Milk-y on me. it’s VERY peachy and candied smelling. i don’t get much of a ‘milk’ smell at all. (~ thank u skin for liking me for once ~ )