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  1. RosesAbsolutist

    Mango-Infused Pumpkin Chai Latte

    AMAZING! Definitely my favorite of the first three halloweenies I bought. In the bottle, it's a little similar to Boo with a sugared popcorn scent plus something fruitier. The instant I put it on I got the tea and fruit and spice notes! Absolutely stunning. It stays close to the skin but wow it smells awesome. I may buy another bottle or even two more bottles before this is gone, it's that amazing. It's like, having the spicy sugary slightly fruity tea somehow mixed into a fragrance by some magic. It's an edible fragrance but not...I don't find it foodie. Wow. I honestly cannot describe how fab this is.
  2. RosesAbsolutist


    In the bottle and wet this goes on very buttery and sweet, it reminds me a bit of sugared popcorn, though a bit lighter and warmer. As it dries I pick up some of the linen and like the previous poster there's definitely some trace of a lemony or citrus zing, but I really love the fragrance. It's quite a nice one to wear, and isn't necessarily heavy or autumn per se! A keeper for me.
  3. RosesAbsolutist

    The Perilous Parlor

    2012 version: I am very bad with identifying individual scents ...this to me in the bottle and wet on me smells like a candied floral, very soft and sweet but not cloying, quite sophisticated really. It does not smell as good on me once it dries as it does in the bottle so I may have to invest in some kind of scent locket to wear it. The floral amps up a lot and becomes like... okay this is going to sound dumb but it smells like bathroom air freshener like at a place to eat or a movie theater or somewhere. Industrial air freshener. It's not bad, it's just not the sweet yumminess that it is in the bottle. -sighs-