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    arts and crafts: ATCs, collage/mixed media art, drawing, painting... and also a bit of scrapbooking, stamping, beading<br /><br />sending and receiving mail <3, food/cooking/baking, Asian American and race-related issues, collecting things, taking pictures, thrifty shopping, gardening, singing, dancing, board games, reading, learning


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    fav notes (not necessarily BPAL versions): lychee, passion fruit, mandarin, orange blossom, honeysuckle, pomegranate, apple, cranberry, peppermint, cherry blossom, grapefruit iffy/sometimes ok: vanilla, amber, clove, cinnamon, pear, plumeria, jasmine, opium, peony, peach, apricot, alcohol/boozey notes, aquatic notes, ginger, dragon's blood or dragon's blood resin notes that don't work on me: violet, vetiver or vetivert, civet, pine/fir, star anise, licorice, any kind of nut note, lemon, lemon verbana, chocolate, leather, coffee, tobacco, lotus, pumpkin, bark, buttery notes, rose


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  1. jazlyn

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Does anybody have a picture of the Stardust bottles?
  2. A separate list for non-BPAL/BPTP fragrances because when they were combined, it was too long to scroll through! A few of these were extras in swap packages; the others are scents that I swapped for to try or tried on my own. Alternative Breeding Vital Signs Arcana Soaps Ambrosia Breakfast in Hollywood Pomegranate Atropa's Cottage Aries Ava Luxe Viva Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Ecucalyptus Spearmint Relax soothing pillow mist Japanese Cherry Blossom body mist Bathed & Infused Cherry Blossom perfume Kir Royale body mist The Body Shop Fuzzy Peach perfume oil The Coconut Hut Coconut & Pear tiki roll on Hawaiin Luau tiki roll on Dawn Spencer Hurwitz Feuilles Demeter Pomegranate Fyrinnae Fruit Juicy Melon Mango Lemon Pineapple Ginger Pomegranate Raspberry Swirl Tiki Vanilla Berry Japanese Collection Gothic Aristocrat Rising Sun Sweets Pumpkin Pie Traditional & Holiday Scents All Hallow's Eve Traditional Feminine Scents Layla Heaven & Earth Essentials White Cat Isle of Eden Kiwi Breezer (discontinued scent?) Strawberry Mango Daiquiri (disc.?) Tropical Champagne (disc.?) Possets Lavender Water Les Espices Lavender Water Les Fleurs Silver Roses Ultramarine Blue Victoria's Secret Pure Seduction body mist <3 Zents Citrus (discontinued?) Mandarin Sun Brand Name/Commercial Fragrances Burberry - Tender Touch Women Chanel - Chance (the perfume I wore 'before BPAL') Christian Dior - Miss Dior Cherie Clinique - Happy Dolce & Gabbana: - Feminine - Light Blue - Sicily Estee Lauder - Pleasures Fresh: - Bergamot Citrus - Hesperides - Lemon Sugar - Memoirs of a Geisha - Pink Jasmine - Pomegranate Anise - Sake - Sugar Blossom - Sugar Lychee - Tangerine Lychee Giorgio Armani - Sensi Givenchy: - Ange ou Demon (I think I like!) - Hot Couture Gucci: - Envy Me - Rush 2 (may like this one!) Isabella Rossellini - Manifesto Juicy Couture - Juicy Couture Marc Jacobs - Essence Origins: - Ginger Essence sensuous skin scent - Ginger with a Twist sparkling body cocktail Salvatore Ferragamo - F by Ferragamo
  3. This is here to help me keep track of what I've tried (scented things (of the lotiony and soapy variety), but not fragrances)! Black Phoenix Trading Post Snake Oil soap Arcana Soaps Byzantium soap Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Ylang Rose Sensuality hydrating body cream The Body Shop [body lotion] Strawberry [shower gel/body wash] Aromatherapy - Uplifting (mandarin essential oil) <3 Passion Fruit <3 Cooling Leg Gel (it's peppermint) <3 LUSH [soaps] 17 Cherry Tree Lane Demon in the Dark Figs and Leaves Honey I Washed the Kids Ice Blue Karma Sea Vegetable Victoria's Secret Love Spell skin-moisturizing hand and body cream Strawberries and Champagne skin-moisturizing hand and body cream
  4. jazlyn

    yay, Threadless :)

    [This is mainly for me to keep track of the shirts I own.] If you're interested, Threadless is a clothing site that prints its own t-shirts and also some long-sleeve shirts and hoodies. People submit designs/slogans and users at the site vote on them... and the best ones get printed. Pretty cool, huh? This is my street team link [here]. I absolutely adore my Threadless shirts! They're so unique and they make great gifts!! I Own... 99 Luftballoons Alphabet Zoo Fake Pandas Have More Fun Fish Tank I Like Trees Too Not Your Average Polo Pure Imagination Radios Purchased For Others A Voyage of Discovery (husband) FrequenCity (fiancee) Haikus are easy but... (sister) Living in Harmony (husband) Would Like to Get current ones listed in wishlist
  5. jazlyn

    BPAL and BPTP oils tried

    Here is a list of BPAL and BPTP scents I've tried. Well, to be exact, scents that are listed are ones I either have tried or are pretty sure I have. A ? indicates I'm not sure. This will be edited/added to periodically BPAL General Catalog Bewitching Brews Absinthe Aeval Antique Lace Arachne Arcana Aureus Belle Epoque Bess Bewitched Blood Blood Amber Blood Kiss Blood Pearl Bon Vivant Brimstone Cathode Chimera The Coiled Serpent Dana O’Shee Delirium Eclipse Empyreal Mist Fae Grog The Hesperides Hymn to Proserpine Incantation? Intrigue? The Jersey Devil? La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente La Belle Dame Sans Merci Lampades Leanan Sidhe Lightning Lurid Masquerade Mata Hari Morgause Namaste? Omen? Ouija? Phantasm Poisoned Apple The Raven Scarecrow Scherezade Séance Shattered Swank Tempest Ulalume Ultraviolet Ars Moriendi (Funereal Oils) Embalming Fluid Eternal Midnight The Reaper and the Flowers Twilight Wings of Azrael Dark Elements Sin & Salvation Envy Lust Pride The Bow & Crown of Conquest The Great Sword of War Black Dahlia? De Sade Dirty Dorian Hellfire Hymn Jailbait Laudanum Sea of Glass Sin Vice? Love Potions Ave Maria Gratia Plena Bathsheba Bien Loin D'ici Bordello Brisingamen Carnal Debauchery Delight Depraved Desire Endymion Forbidden Fruit Harlot Hetairae Hunger Jezebel Kabuki La Belle Au Bois Dormant La Petit Mort The Lady of Shalott Le Serpent Qui Danse Les Bijoux Lilium Inter Spinas Lolita Loralei Lucy’s Kiss Maiden Muse Nefertiti O Perversion Psyche Queen of Sheba? Rapture Ravenous Salome Saturnalia Satyr Sed Non Satiata Seraglio Siren Snake Oil Spellbound Succubus The Temptation Suspiro Vixen Wanda Wanton? Whip Diabolus Akuma Baobhan Sith Black Phoenix Blood Countess Catherine Hell’s Belle Hellcat Imp Kistune-Tsuki Kuang Shi Kumiho Maenad Masabakes Phantom Phantom Queen Phobos Szepasszony Wicked The Carousel Bilquis Mad Tea Party Alice Cheshire Cat Croquet The Dormouse? Drink Me Eat Me The Knave of Hearts The Lion March Hare The Mock Turtle’s Lessons Mouse’s Long and Sad Tale Queen Alice The Queen of Hearts The Red Queen Tiger Lily Tweedledee Tweedledum The Unicorn White Rabbit Illyria Cordelia Desdemona Iago Juliet Katharina Ophelia Rosalind Tamora Titania Viola Wanderlust Athens Baghdad Bengal Cairo Danube Delphi Dublin Eden Florence Glasgow Gomorrah The Hamptons The Hanging Gardens Hollywood Babylon Kyoto London Machu Picchu? Madrid? Mag Mell Manhattan Manila Morocco Neo-Tokyo New Orleans Paris Prague Rome? Shanghai Silk Road Sri Lanka Tenochtitlan Venice Versailles Vinland? Yerevan Ars Draconis Dragon’s Blood Ladon Tanin’iver Rappaccini’s Garden Baneberry Belladonna Black Hellebore? Blood Lotus Blood Rose Moon Rose Shadow Witch Orchid Sundew The Salon Silence A Picnic in Arkham Miskatonic University Shub-Niggurath Excolo Aizen-Myoo Eos Eris Eve Hecate Iambe Kali Kurukulla Lilith Loviatar Nuit Nyx? Osun Oya Peitho Pele Persephone Sacred Whore of Babylon Shango Xiuhtecuhtli Yemaya Calliope Clio Erato Euterpe Melpomene Polyhymnia Terpsichore Thaleia Urania Euphrosyne Thalia Aglaea Verdandi Megaera Tisiphone Utrennyaya Zorya Liber Resh Vel Helios: Khephra Voodoo Blends #20 Love Oil All Night Long? Aunt Caroline’s Joy Mojo? Block Buster Come to Me? Dove’s Heart Fire of Love Follow Me Boy French Love Has No Hanna Love Me Queen Red Devil Van Van Water of Notre Dame Wolf’s Heart Tarot Oils The Tower The Star Sephiroth The Chakras Panacea Seduction Succor Lustration Moxie Detox Safari Somnium Oneiroi Baku Temple of Dreams? BPAL Discontinued Cabaret Glitter (both old version and resurrected version) Spectre <3, but swapped away because I'd never be able to get more BPAL Limited Edition Lunacies Budding Moon Chaste Moon Chrysanthemum Moon Flower Moon Frost Moon Holiday Moon Honey Moon Hungry Ghost Moon Kindly Moon Milk Moon 05? Pink Moon Roux-Ga-Roux 4/07 Schwarzer Mond Strawberry Moon Carnaval Noir Bearded Lady Gypsy Queen Midway Snake Charmer Carnaval Diabolique Arachnina Australian Copperhead Boomslang Cottonmouth Faiza Priala Temple Viper Tiresias Zarita the Doll Girl A Demon in My View Alone Annabel Lee The City in the Sea Dreamland The Evening Star The Haunted Palace Lenore? Spirits of the Dead? Maelstrom Ligeia Montresor Morella? The Premature Burial? The Tell-Tale Heart? Lupercalia Khajuraho Luperci Parlement of Foules sp The Perfumed Garden Smut Spring-ish LEs Et Lux Fuit sp Ides of March Litha Halloweenie Creepy Punkie Night Spooky Yule Jacob's Ladder 05 and 06 Lick It Lick It Again Peacock Queen Rose Red 05? Snow White Horoscope Aries 2007 Black Phoenix Trading Post The Agony of Heartache The Ecstasy of Infatuation The Ecstasy of True Love Hellion La Fee Verte Treat 1 Trick 1 Trick 2 ------------------------------------------- Cut out from my wishlist because I'm not actively seeking these (would create another entry but at the moment I can't figure out how to do that!): More LEs and Unimpables (very low priority) DimV: any but Al-Araaf, Alone, Annabel Lee, The City in the Sea, Dreamland, The Evening Star, The Haunted Palace, Lenore, Spirits of the Dead Maelstrom: any but Ligeia, Montresor, Morella, The Premature Burial, The Tell-Tale Heart Tarot: any except Death, The Devil, The Emperor, The Hanged Man, High Priestess, The Star, The Sun, The Tower, The World Old Version Celestials/Zodiac Signs: these tend not to work on me so I'll be a little reluctant to try others, but if you'd still like to make an offer... any but Luna, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, Virgo Yule 2005: Yuletide Panacea: Quietude, Bitch, TKO, other new ones besides Ugh Chaos Theory: I have tried CT2: XXXVIII (38), CXXXIV (134), CCXCV (295) and do not want to bother with more since there's only one bottle made of each scent
  6. jazlyn

    The Hamptons

    The Hamptons is pretty similar to the smell of a cosmopolitan: it was tart, cranberryish, and boozey. Initially I was in love with the way it smelled on me... sourish and fruity, but with a hint of alcohol... a cosmopolitan that was mixed with less alcohol and more fruity stuff (I don't like my drinks strong). However, after about two minutes, the alcohol note really came out and it was almost like feeling I had too much to drink! Not a good feeling.
  7. jazlyn

    Litha 2006

    My first impression of Litha on me was spicy/herbal sweet room fragrance. A little later on I got the honey, but it's sadly faded away. Later still it smells a bit citrusy. For me this isn't too much of a floral scent as it is spicy/herbal/sweet and I actually get fall from this rather than summer... maybe that's because of the oak wood and ivy leaf.
  8. jazlyn


    Queen was pretty potent at first and exuded power at first (rawr!), but the pepper made me sneeze (twice). It was a sweet floral with a kick, but within a few minutes it dried down to a amber/resinous/powdery scent, like O... but a little spicey.
  9. jazlyn


    Salome is powerful almond extract and jasmine in the imp. On it's the same, but then the almond quickly starts to fade away, leaving me with a whole lot of jasmine... so much that it's headache inducing.
  10. jazlyn


    Whoa there! In the imp Lurid is reallly potent, kind of like rubbing alcohol. On... this seems sort of masculine and clean; I get the ozone and lavender, but also some pine with a bit of sweetness. Oh geez this reminds me of Snow Bunny and/or Snow Moon. Not for me.
  11. jazlyn

    The Great Sword of War

    In the imp The Great Sword of War was almost overwhelmingly chocolatey and musky with the barest hint of mandarin (mmm, mandarin). At first when it's on I get the same thing, but as it dries the chocolate smell fades and it gets muskier and more orangey! Sweet! Okay, I was thinking "this is for the swaps" initially, but now... this may be a keeper
  12. jazlyn

    Strawberry Moon 2005

    Oh no... Strawberry Moon smells like plasticky/artificial strawberries with a bit of cream (like Scratch 'n' Sniff stickers). There's also a green herbal/mintyish methol-type note that's clearing up my nose a bit as I smell this. Like a few other people have said, this scent is similar to Pink Phoenix, except that this isn't as sickly sweet and doesn't have as many notes, therefore making it less complicated.
  13. jazlyn


    Absinthe is a light green scent on me... buds on trees and yellow green leaves unfurling, the scent of lemon drops and mints in the same container.--->The lemon and mint are most noticeable at first, but a little later I can smell more of the anise and the woody/mossy/herbal somethings. After a bit, all of the notes are kind of jumbled together into one very faint scent. This is kind of nice but, I don't think I'll be wearing it as a perfume.
  14. jazlyn


    Zorya is mostly jasmine, a big bouquet of night-blooming dew-covered flowers, and a very light musk. It's pretty, but it doesn't strike me as being a particularly special scent.
  15. jazlyn


    At first, Kyoto is a pretty nice blend of creamy cherry and bright sandalwood... not so much the star anise. However, after being settled in on my skin it begins to smell a bit more like star anise; also, the creamy cherry has changed to cherry blossoms... which is fine since I'm not a fan of creamy sweet scents. The cherry blossoms and sandalwood together smell beautiful, but I'm not liking the star anise (which is growing stronger).