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  1. Lady_Fire

    Cherry Blossoms in a Waterfall

    Smells like linen, musk and just a whiff cherry blossoms. Very fresh smelling, almost cotton-y like laundry. It smells like a fancy bar of soap but it's not soapy. I think it's the combination of muguet and white musk making it very soap-fragrance like. The cherry blossoms fade as it dries and it becomes more dryer sheet like. After an hour or so I get more of the blossoms less dryer sheet. This wears very close and fades fast. It was gone in about 3.5 hours.
  2. Lady_Fire

    The Madam

    Smooth chewy patch when it's wet. The good patchouli, not the stanky, unwashed patchouli. The rose starts to come out with the dry down and then I also get some musk. During the day, this becomes a more rose-sandalwood scent and it's stunning. The rose-sandalwood combo dominates but I still get that musk as well. The patchouli seems to have receeded into the background. I never get the jamine or tonka in this. This seems more like a cool weather rose to me and it's absolutely full bottle worthy.
  3. Lady_Fire

    Rendezvous With Her Lover Behind the Rice Straws

    OK if I hadn't read the notes I would have said this had musk and vanilla. A beautiful musk. This screams fancy oriental perfume me. I don't smell hay or rice, but I do smell more than just musk and vanilla. I just cant put in words what I'm smelling. My nose is not that refined. Something almost smells a bit citrus-y to me when it's wet? As another reviewer noted, it's very creamy and sweet smelling, but I wouldn't call it gourmand. The throw is low and it doesn't stick around too long. It had mostly worn off after about 4 hours for me. This is full bottle worthy.
  4. Lady_Fire

    Treasure Room of Love

    Super soap rose. I am not getting any of the other notes. No vanilla, no resins, no sandalwood. Just fancy pink rose soap. Sad face.
  5. Lady_Fire

    Neko No Koi Hair Gloss

    So I tested this without reading the notes. It smelled like sweet spicy florals (?) to me. I thought maybe it had carnation it in, giving it the spicy vibe, and definitely some vanilla. After reviewing the notes, it's now obvious to me I was misinterpreting the clove for carnation and the honey-dusted amber is the warm, sweet floral note I was getting. The tonka gave me the vanilla vibe. This is a really nice scent. Its scent but not foody and the spicy clove gives it just enough kick to keep it interesting.
  6. Lady_Fire

    στοργή (Storge)

    Sugary snake oil. I ca definitely smell the cotton candy here. If I really focus and huff I can identify the lavender but it's not really noticeable for me if I'm not looking for it. Candied, floral Snake Oil is what I would call this. I am smelling the rosewater more than the lavender. This is OK but I don't think it's full bottle worthy for me as I'm not crazy about cotton candy notes.
  7. Lady_Fire

    Utter Sophistication

    I'm getting saltiness from the popcorn, something woody, vanilla sweetness (but I cant identify it as snake oil). I could smell Dorian in the beginning but that seems to have burned off now. No lavender for me. It's a pleasant scent but it's pretty fresh from the mail so we'll see how it ages. I usually love Dorian/Snake Oil blends.
  8. Lady_Fire

    My Little Pop Star

    This opened with a very strong, almost fruity honey for me, followed closely by the leather. I didnt realize it until I came and read the notes, but I could distinctly smell the sugar after it dried too. It faded after about 4 hours though. I am hoping it gets stronger with some age. Really a lovely honey-leather scent though.
  9. Lady_Fire

    No DNA Test Required

    I blind bought two bottles of this because it sounded like perfection. Unfortunately, it's just not working great on me. I never smelled Slime Queen, but I imagine that is what I'm getting from it mostly because it's like Dorian on sugar steroids. Suuuuuuuuper sweet and sugary. I don't get any Snake Oil from this at all. There is a citrus-y note from the Dorian. I'm hoping the SO comes out more with age but if not, I will destash both bottles. It also faded fast, in about 3 hours on me.
  10. Lady_Fire

    The Dream is Big Enough for Everyone

    This stayed very close to my skin, which really surprised me. Based on the notes I thought it would have a lot more projection. It was straight up fruity patchouli on me. Mostly currants, with a bit of fig. It was sweet from the honey. It was really pretty but because I could only smell it by huffing my wrists, I'll have to pass on a full bottle.
  11. Lady_Fire

    Don’t Tell Me Heaven is Under the Earth

    This starts out with a honeyed patchouli. The patchouli is soft and reminds me of the lab's white patchouli note. It's not funky or strong and doesn't have that "hippie" smell many patchouli notes have. It's inoffensive and slightly woody, tempered by the sweetness of the honey. As it dried, I could smell cinnamon sugar just in the background. Not a spicy cinnamon at all, but just like cinnamon sugar toast but without the toast! As the day went on this just settled to a comforting, sweet patchouli that I really love. It reminds me of Yucca Yucca Giant Skipper, one of my favorite perfumes.
  12. Lady_Fire

    Fair Maiden Side-Eye

    I smell the salty ambergris, a slight vanilla note and stone fruit. Maybe a bit of amber in the background giving the whole scent a sort of golden aura. My SO said it smells like cream and peaches and bubblegum.
  13. Lady_Fire

    Dragon Eating Bees

    Mine is fresh out of the mailbox. I find the dragon's blood to be really simple. Not super complex like some I've smelled before. When it was wet I smelled the honey pretty strong. A sweet, non-floral honey note. As it's dried I am noting more of a beeswax note, similar to Lights of Men's Lives, as Duskinhereyes noted. I am hoping with some aging the dragon's blood becomes a bit more complex.
  14. Lady_Fire

    Cabbage White

    This smells like sweet, powdery violets on me. I am not familiar with orris, so perhaps that is what is going floral. It reminds me of violet candies.
  15. Lady_Fire

    Great Basin Woodnymph

    This has a green, grassy vibe when it's wet. I am getting a bit of sweetness, though I'm not sure if it's the hay or the tonka. I do not smell any cocoa. This is very light on me. I have to put my nose right up to it to smell anything. As it dries, I still get some greenness from the grass, but the hay and tonka are coming out, turning it into a sweet, dry scent. I was hoping for a bit more hay from this, so I probably won't get a full bottle.