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  1. andabri

    The Sea Foams Milk

    Starts as an aquatic men's cologne. An edge of lemony sweetness emerges. Then the milk note shows up, and it's like a super creamy, milky, sudsy white bar of soap. You can literally smell the foamy, white bar, soapy bubbles. I really like showery/soapy scents, so I really like this, but not particularly what I would call a "sea" scent. I don't get any brine or saltiness, just beautiful soap bubbles!
  2. andabri


    This is a very perfumey, sweet rosy scent. A deeper smelling floral, but I wouldn't call it blackened or twisted exactly. I agree with the reviewer above that it has a very old fashioned vibe to it. Stays the same way from beginning to dry down.
  3. andabri

    The Knave of Hearts

    Whenever I wear this (I have an imp) it is either a very sweet rose (same rose note as Zombi) with currants, though mainly rose, and it remains rose. Other times it is solely buttery tart crust with a faint whisper of rose drifting in the back that fades to a very sugary rose jam. I have no clue which I'll get when I wear it. Being a gourmand lover, I do like the buttery tart/rose jam days best!
  4. andabri


    A shot of pure, self-indulgent euphoria! A scent that is very, very wicked in its own way: the serotonin-slathered scent of pure milk chocolate. Smells like real rich, chocolate brownies with melted chocolate chips hot and fresh from the oven. It's literally mouthwatering. I have tried many, many, many chocolate scents, from mainstream to niche to etailer, trying to find a good, authentic chocolate scent. This is one of the best (if not the best) most realistic, chocolate fragrances I have smelled. So ridiculously good!
  5. andabri

    Drink Me

    This smells so amazing in the imp. I can smell buttered toast, and cherry and fruit and what smells exactly like gravy, it's so interesting!! But on my skin, from beginning to end, this smells EXACTLY like a bottle of Flintstone's vitamins, LOL. I guess it makes sense though... that crumbly, dry toast smell mixed with the overtly sweet cherry and the saltiness = crumbly, medicine smell. While I do find the resemblance funny, truthfully, I can't stand it. It makes my stomach roll. If only it smelled like it does in the imp!
  6. andabri


    At first I LOVED this. It was this sweet, intense, sticky, seductive honeyed cherry on my skin. I read the reviews and thought I was so lucky that it wasn't powdery on my skin. A few months later, the same imp now smells like ultra sweet and wet baby powder; gross, cloying, and choking. Not good. Very sad that it changed.
  7. andabri

    Detestable Putrescence

    This is definitely a vanilla that veers toward plastic. It's an odd, old, bitter, vanilla smell. After several hours and it's dried down and been on the skin for a while I do finally get a sort of vanilla ice cream scent. But it's like freezer burned vanilla ice cream that you smell from a carton that's been in the fridge for a long time.
  8. Just a thought, did you call the post office and ask or ask your actual mail carrier. Because sometimes the mail carrier will report they delivered it BUT they were, uhh, a bit lazy and left it in the truck and it shows up in a day or two. Happens quite a bit. Hope that's what happened!!
  9. OMG that really, really sucks. Esp if the post office confirms the delivery. IDK if reporting it to the lab can do anything because it's was on your property already confirmed by USPS. Unless you didn't opt for signature on delivery did you? If you did and they didn't get one you're definitely covered by USPS. What shipping method did you use? Certain USPS boxes come with insurance automatically, and that stolen package would be insured for X amount that you can file with USPS.
  10. andabri

    Glaucous Snow

    Beautiful Calming scent. Opens with a lovely fresh lilac and chamomile. Drydown the cade comes out, and it’s a lot more herbaceous and aromatic. I get absolutely no sandalwood (which is a great thing in my book).
  11. andabri


    So this has the exact same powdery note as Le Serpent Qui Danse, so now I know it's the violet note that goes incredibly powdery on my skin. It is less powdery than it appears in Le Serpent Qui Danse and I can actually smell a bit of sweet blue violet underneath. That definitely dominates, though I can smell the lilac as well and the tuberose is there, but very well-blended (tuberose easily dominates in floral blends IME, but it doesn't here) That creamy scent lilac always has mixes with the powdery violet and it creates a very creamy floral white bar soap kind of vibe.
  12. Yay, thanks everyone I put all these down on my list. I'm waiting for Bread and Butterfly to come back in stock (it's been OOS for a long time, is it one of those scents that is rarely in stock?) and I'll get all the ones I'm able to when I order that.
  13. andabri

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    I have two imps of this. One is paler in color, one is red. The paler one smells like airy, sugary, sweet pea and sandalwood. The second smells like sugary amber and sandalwood. Sandalwood is typically one of my ultimate death notes. But it is VERY well done here. I think this is one of the very, very rare, few fragrances with sandalwood I actually enjoy. If I knew I would get the one where the sweet pea is more present I would order a bottle, but since I can't I'm pretty content to just take my chances with imps rather than have a whole bottle sitting around.
  14. andabri


    This is just lots of spicy carnation on my skin. Then a peppery rose shows up. Very strong spicy florals. Finally a little honey shows up and sweetens it a bit; it's that sweet honey note that smells a bit like cherry, so this makes it almost have a bubblegum like sweetness to it. No bergamot at all. Then when it's fully dry and been on skin a long while, is when what I guess what is supposed to be the milk note shows up. But it smells more like a liquid baby powder note to my nose. It definitely turns the whole thing from spicy, loud floral, into more little girl, innocent, floral. Interesting. I get a very similar vibe to High Strung Daisies when I wear this, except HSD goes wrong on me. Not sure I would have a full bottle, but possibly just an imp on hand to have every time I'm in the mood for it.
  15. andabri

    Venus Verticordia

    Sweet creamy honey in an open field in the sunshine. This is so springy and warm; Green grass and sweetness, beautifully evocative. It's just honeyed sunshine on a warm spring day. From the beginning to dry down, to hours later, this is amazing.