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  1. Veronica


    Sharp clear and cold, but something in this makes me a bit nauseous.
  2. Veronica

    Jolly Roger

    Worn leather and astringent salt, slapped over with sweet spiced booze. All notes are very present but a bit of a cacophony.
  3. Veronica


    CINNAMON with just a wee bit of almond.
  4. Veronica


    This dries down to a soft flora with a hint of darkness. You get a hint of something charred but underneath that is velvety vetiver, keeping it from being to smoky. Lemon is in the background keeping it all clean and intentional smelling.
  5. Veronica


    Oh I almost love this! I get a base of copal and myrrh, blended into a lovely creamy almond base, glazed over with a strong dose of cinammon. Without the cinnamon it would be a surrogate hit for me. In the same family as Bengal, strangely reminiscent of Snow White!
  6. Veronica

    Blood Amber

    Hot, warm amber with a deep blood note. Very pretty, with that kind of sweet, fruity note dragons blood tends to have.
  7. Veronica


    Milk chocolate and slightly buttery as always on me. One of the Lab's best chocolate scents on me!
  8. Veronica


    Straight neroli and a hint of frankincense. Orange and amber and spices.
  9. Veronica

    The Triumph of Death

    Dark, smoky patchouli over a deep woodsy base. Exotic, very spiced, not for me.
  10. Veronica

    Golden Priapus

    I was so hopeful for this, but unfortunately the juniper turns a bit off and throws the sweet, musky over notes into discord.
  11. Veronica

    Two, Five & Seven

    A very cloying rose scent, goes a bit soapy and green on me.
  12. Veronica

    Cheshire Cat

    Very fruity and candy like on me. Too much.
  13. Veronica

    Drink Me

    Buttered popcorn. Why, oh why foodie scents!
  14. Veronica


    Ultra sweet lemonade. Not for me, pure sugar and lemon.
  15. Veronica

    Eat Me

    Three white cakes, vanilla, and red and black currants. Overly foody scents always just smell like buttered popcorn to me--this is no exception.