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    A sad little dying town that in a past life had a beautiful & varied history. If you listen closely & are in the right place at the right time, you can almost feel its weakening pulse & hear the echoing footsteps of those long gone.
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    Black Lace, The Hessian of the Hollow, Plastic Pink Flamingo, Bat, Centzon Totochtin, Morocco, Canis Major, Kubla Khan, The Lion, Little Brown Cat


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  1. sixthsentinel

    A Vision of the Courtesan

    I also came here to say I originally had no interest in this particular scent, but caved due to the rave reviews. And I am so glad I did! I get a lot of nice mellow tobacco, sweet-ish but not cloying. This might be backup worthy.
  2. sixthsentinel

    Butterscotch Latte

    Mostly butterscotch with a little milky coffee. It is Perfect! I struggle with butterscotch scents because sometimes they can smell kind of burnt, more maple than butterscotch, cloyingly sweet, or just not work with my skin but I am nuts for this. I might require a back up bottle. So comforting!!
  3. sixthsentinel

    Blue Ghost Blues

    I ordered this on a whim, and I am glad I did! This reminds me a lot of Possets Sex with the Spirits, but without the cake. It evokes a feeling of warmth, the kind of feeling I get when I’m snuggled with my cats under a blanket with the lights down low and a mug of hot tea by my side. A comforting scent.
  4. sixthsentinel

    Zorya Polunochnaya

    This is very much The Girl without the musk. Lovely and ethereal.
  5. sixthsentinel

    Mouse Circus

    Wow, this is like a stronger Midway Res to me. While I love MR, it never lasts on me. At all. But this-- so glad I got a bottle! It smells very similar to me. I will say, at first I get popcorn, then it turns into a salty Midway Resurrected, then the salt disappears altogether & it's just sweetness. I love this! I know what I am wearing tomorrow. If you love Midway or just wish you had had the chance to try it, get ahold of some of this stuff! Sweet, airy, & sugary. Perfect!
  6. sixthsentinel

    Your Salon Must-Haves!

    Bat! I normally can't do florals, but this is such an airy, beautiful blend. I have gotten so many compliments on it. Peacocks is also lovely.
  7. sixthsentinel

    Bravery, Courage, Confidence, Intimidation, Power

    La Belle Dame Sans Merci
  8. Ravenous, maybe? They seemed kind of similar to me, if I remember correctly.
  9. sixthsentinel


    Wow, I was really not expecting this to work on me, especially considering that about five of the notes are ones I usually try to avoid. However-- this is... it's reminding me of something from my past, & it's going to drive me nuts, because I can't put my finger on it. But already, it's got that nostalgia thing going for it, so I'm a goner. It smells like the sun shining through stained glass to me. This is what I'd imagine that to smell like, especially the greens & whites & blues reflected on the floor or the wall. Or a cold, cold night with those fat cobalt blue Christmas shining on the snow. It smells like... if you were to be so full of happiness that it somehow could lift you off the ground & float you away into the sky... the air around you would smell like Peacocks. I'm absolutely no help whatsoever with notes, and I apologize. I have to hunt down a bottle of this, somehow.
  10. sixthsentinel


    When I first dabbed this on my wrist, I got a sweet vanilla. It is almost a dead-ringer for Sirocco from Cobalt Blends. I nearly ditched it, because although it was okay, I was not in love. Just a bit too sweet for me. It also brought to mind Sticky Pillowcase without all the strawberry pinkness. However, I decided to go ahead & give this scent a full-on fair shot & slathered it on before I went out today. And all day long I kept getting whiffs of the most heavenly vanilla fragrance. At first I was unconvinced that it was Boo, but the scent kept following me around. Oh yeah, this might be the vanilla blend I was looking for. It is a rich vanilla & I agree with whoever said it was toffee-like. It also reminds me of vanilla taffy, & the vanilla syrup you can have put into your Coke. The sweetness really mellowed out after only a little while, and all that is left is absolute heaven! I am in love love love. I'm going to need backups of this one.
  11. sixthsentinel

    Your Best-Bet "Must Try" Enabling Scents

    Morocco Snake Oil Perversion Bordello Antique Lace Tombstone ... just to name a few Oh! I'm going to add Centzon Totochtin to that list, especially if you like foody scents (although I don't consider it foody exactly).
  12. sixthsentinel


    Oh no. Over-ripe peaches sitting in vomit. No likey. eta: The label is super-cute though!
  13. sixthsentinel

    Psychological Horror

    Hmmm... not sure what to make of this one. The first stage is powder & something resembling... what? I almost think "hairspray," but more appropriately, I think it is reminding me strongly of Yog-Sothoth. Both Psychological Horror & Yog-Sothoth give the impression of an unfathomable void, a vacuum. It is at once amazing to me that this feeling can be realized in a perfume, but disconcerting, not completely pleasant as a fragrance. However, somewhere around an hour later, PH is sweet. Very sweet, with just an edge of powder. It's beautiful! I'm actually thinking I need a bottle right as the boundless emptiness begins creeping back in.... I have to say, I am really impressed by PH as a concept. It perfectly embodies the nice, normal guy you exchange niceties with in the hall, never suspecting that the reason he lingers at his door before you walk away is that he doesn't want you to see the 55-gallon drums that line his living room.
  14. Coyote! I get so sensitive to scents in the summer, so many of them make me feel sick for some reason, but not Coyote.
  15. sixthsentinel

    Milk Chocolate Buttercream

    As soon as I opened the bubble mailer containing my decants I was bombarded by this one. Creamy, sugary, sweet. On my skin, the chocolate became evident. It's not long before it morphs on me from cream-filled chocolate into something boozier & very similar to Sugar Cookie 2005 (at least I'm pretty sure it was 2005. Maybe it was 2006 I had ) It's okay, not my fave. Not a big bottle purchase for me.