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    Blends: Tezcatlipoca*, Velvet, Thanatopsis, Langour, , Miskatonic U.*, Snake Oil, Dee, War, Morocco,*Tintagel*, Crowley*, Ghoul Hooligan*, Dawn: Cernunnos*, Bess, The Forest Reverie*, Whoso List to Hunt, The Lion, Fenris Wolf, Gold Phoenix, The Sportive Sun, The Black RiderNotes: Cocoa, plum musk (how do you get musk from a plum?), honey, patchouli, tobacco, leather, fig, juicy fruit, cypress, red musk, wild musk, cream, sandalwood, vanilla (in moderation), lily, ceder, sassafrass, plum, birch, pine, wine, beer, grains, some rose, grape, lilac, some lavender, rose

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    Writing, cooking, reading, trying to make books, elves, fantasy, sci-fi, the moon, mythologies, making up mythologies, character development, RPGs, raising my daughter to be a huge dork, food
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  1. backthatelfup

    Discussion of all things Amber

    I've been wearing BPAL for a few years and have just now realized how amazing amber is. I'm wondering, how could I possible have MISSED THIS AWESOMENESS ALL THIS TIME and wondering if my skin chemistry has just changed or what. It started out with Gold Phoenix, then The Sportive Sun and now The Lion. All just gorgeous, warm scents. Reading through this thread realizing a recent favourite, Fenris Wolf, also has amber in it (though it is very red musk on me and sandalwood. Might have to go back through the catalog again...so in love.
  2. backthatelfup

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    My mom's favorite perfume is an LE from another company. The notes are: Nargarmotha, Geranium Bourbon, Cocoa Powder, Black Clove, Peru Balsam, Mallow Root, Egyptian Vanilla Musk, Egyptian Apricot Anyone know of a BPAL that would be similar?
  3. backthatelfup

    Wine, Beer, Rum, Bourbon... the booze scents

    Tintagel has a nice wine note for me. When I used to work at a wine shop, I loved to wear it
  4. backthatelfup

    Ginger scents & the different types of ginger notes

    WAR, Huh, whoa, What is it good for? Ginger. Seriously, War is very gingery.
  5. backthatelfup

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    I have not tried any of the Dawns beyond Cernunnos which is one of my absolute faves. In my experience I can't do jasmine because I amp it and smells like poop (true story) to me. I was eyeing Dawn: Mother just last night though... I should check out Rose Red and/or The Peacock Queen. I do love rose. So pretty. I can't wait till summer so that my rose bushes will bloom and I can inhale them!
  6. backthatelfup

    Rose Recommendations - which blend is for me?

    *waves* Bringing this thread back. Recently discovered that I really, really love rose. My favorite rose blends thus far are Bess, Whoso List to Hunt and The Forest Reveries. All of these have rose but a little bit of something that makes them all just...*swoon* I miss walking around Portland and just burying my face in roses. So wonderful...
  7. If you like blood musk...I would recommend The Tell-Tale Heart. Blood Musk and Cocoa Tell-Tale Heart: This is a swollen, pulsating, thudding scent, heavy with dread; a steady, unceasing, throbbing harbinger of retribution and doom: blood musk, cocoa, black pepper, allspice, dragon's blood resin and vetiver. Yeah...going to have to try and find it.
  8. Dawn: Cernunnos strikes me as a dark foresty scent, hence why I love it so much
  9. My favorite scent with myrrh in it is Dawn: Cernunnos. Something about all of those cool woods with the warm, sweet myrrh makes it amazing. Seriously love it. Anyone have recs for Myrrh plus red musk or myrrh plus leather?
  10. Oh, I need to try this one!! This sounds perfect Thanks!
  11. I really dig Tezcatlipoca and if you can find it, Ghoul Hooligan (one of my FAVES EVER). Ein Kuss Von Krampus is a nice sweetly spiced scent on me and Velvet is awesome too. Is there a chocolate and red musk scent I am missing out on? Those are two of myf ave BPAL notes.
  12. backthatelfup

    BPAL scents appropriate for very young children?

    Anything foodie is good for my kid. She especially likes Beaver Moon and Tweedle Dee and Dum. Candy Butcher is nicer on her than on me....D:
  13. Um...damn. Should not have read that. *wants*
  14. Corva, I am going to agree, cooking rice is one of the best smells ever! I'll have to check some of these out
  15. backthatelfup

    Ginger scents & the different types of ginger notes

    Poking my head in to mention that 'War' has ginger in it and it's lovely. Spicy and warm and stabbity. At least on me. Nom.