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  1. Suu4LC

    Karmê (Κάρμη)

    A fresh, leafy green scent in the imp. It is definitely reminiscent of the vegetable notes, while still feeling like a wearable perfume and not a salad. On my skin, it smells like a soapy, green, "fresh" scent. Pretty much stayed very soapy on my skin. The imp scent was my favorite. Unfortunately, it went less fresh and green due to my stupid skin turning it to soap. I think this is a great summer scent, and would be amazing on the right person.
  2. Suu4LC

    Melisande, The Puppet Mistress

    Jasmine sambac, dark musk, violet water, vanilla bean and mimosa. In the imp this was straight, strong, heady jasmine. On my skin, the jasmine was still the dominant note, but the violet water note became much more prominent. This is a strong, sweet floral. The jasmine and violet went well together, though this is one I would steer clear of if you are a jasmine hater. Overall, it was a bit too jasmine heavy for me personally. I also found it did not last very long on my skin, and went a bit powdery.
  3. Suu4LC

    Kubla Khan

    Very pretty in the imp. Sweet and musky and smoky. Hard to describe. On my skin, the smoke and leather come out quite a bit more. Definitely still very sweet. The ginger and vanilla are noticeable for sure. I actually quite like this. It's a vanilla that's not too foody. The only problem with this on my skin is that it gets super powdery My skin chemistry is just wonky lately. But this is truly a beautiful sexy smoky floral ginger/vanilla blend. Definitely recommend!
  4. Suu4LC

    Cobra Lily

    In the imp, this was a sweet, green floral. Not as sharp and heady and vicious as I expected. Ok, da fuq? This is a sweet, pleasant, delicate green floral. A lovely sweet lily scent. The only thing that worries me is that this may go super powdery on me. Unfortunately, it did end up being super duper powdery on me. Before that though, it was a shockingly easy to wear light floral. I would recommend giving this a shot if you like light, green florals. Don't be scared by the description!
  5. Suu4LC

    Serpent's Kiss

    This blend really surprised me. Vetiver is generally my doom note, and I am no huge fan of dragon's blood, but the spice notes really went well with the vetiver. 99.9999% of the time I need to scrub off vetiver fast, but it actually works quite well in this blend. When first applied to my skin, this was like a cinnamon-y/black pepper spice darkened by rich dirty vetiver. I barely noticed any dragon's blood. As it dried, the dragon's blood sweetened and softened the blend. This is not work friendly, delicate, won't offend any noses at work blend. This is a vammpy, grungy, prowling out late blend. While not something I would wear, this is one of those great, goth-y bpal blends that Beth really nails.
  6. Suu4LC

    Les Infortunes de la Vertu

    Hmm...leather can be a bit ash-trayish on me, and amber tends to go powdery, but this sounds like it could be a very pretty scent (though maybe not on my skin). In the imp, this is sort of a tangy, sharp leather scent with a touch of sweet florals. Oof, yes, on my skin this is a mixture of black leather, oakmoss, sweet florals, and incense. It's actually rather nice. The leather isn't quite so ashtray-ish on my skin, and it loses that harsh tang it had in the imp. This scent definitely leans on the dark/mysterious/sexy side of things, and wouldn't be a cheerful everyday office scent. I know some find the dichotomy between leather and pretty florals jarring, but I actually think it's quite nice. Up close it's all RAWR leather, from it's sweet florals and incense over light base of leather. Dries down a bit powdery, but not so much so that it becomes unwearable. A sweet powdery floral leather (as odd as that sounds). I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would!
  7. Suu4LC

    Drink Me

    This had been on my list of scents to try forever. In the imp this was like a mix of cherry and buttered popcorn jelly bellys. It's definitely foody, but not just straight fruity or cakey...it has a savoury edge to it. It's similar on my skin-cherry pastry I think is the strongest in this blend. I don't specifically notice the turkey, but I imagine this gives the blend its slightly salty/savoury feel. It's fun and quite strong. A little goes a long way. It doesn't feel like an everyday kind of scent to me because it is so foody (and it is so rare to hear ME say that-maybe it's that buttered popcorn-y scent in there), but it's an enjoyable scent for foody fans. I don't specifically notice the custard, pineapple and toffee, but I think that's what contributes to the sweet cakey fruity pastryness, and the buttered toast definitely gives me the buttered popcorn jelly belly scent. Overall, this is a fun blend I am glad I got a chance to sniff, but I wouldn't need a bottle of it.
  8. Suu4LC

    The Scales of Deprivation

    Eep, not going to lie, I always get a bit nervous where vetiver is involved, because it just so happens to be my note of doom. But if it stays well behaved, this could be an interesting blend. I'm not quite sure what to expect tbh. Mmmm, I really quite like this in the imp. Rich, dark, woody, incense-y, with a blast of citrus and sage. At least on initial sniff, the vetiver plays nicely here, blending with the wood/incense notes to give it some extra depth. I am actually enjoying this quite a surprising amount on my skin, considering this is not what I would normally call a "me" type of blend. It is rich and unisex, woody and dark, but tempered by the lemon peel and sage. To me, this is a sexy and mysterious type scent that would be awesome on a man or a woman. The opposite of the type of blend I would want on a sunny summer day. Unfortunately, something in this blend turned it completely to powder on my skin! Like a sweet, slightly woodsy powder. I lost all of its dark allure! Nuuu! I do have a habit of turning things to powder if they have amber, but I don't see that listed here so I'm not sure exactly what did it. Either way, I think this could be a super awesome sexy blend on some people (don't be scared of the vetiver if you are like me-it didn't bite) but my skin just decided not to go with it!
  9. Suu4LC

    Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds

    In the imp, this is a musky rose and orris blend. Soft and pretty. Not overwhelmingly rose. I tend to amp orris, so I'm hoping it doesn't go overboard on my skin. The imp scent is a good combination of the notes. Oh yes, this is absolutely lovely! A soft, slightly sweet, musky rose with a touch of orris. The musk keeps the rose from being too intense or sour. This is just so soft and pretty. Overall, this is a terrific soft sweet musky rose blend. The orris keeps it grounded. This is well blended and so pretty!
  10. Suu4LC

    Death on a Pale Horse

    In the imp this is mostly a dry woody scent. I really mostly get the sandalwood and patchouli, and maybe a breath of flowers. Vetiver is my doom-note, so I am hoping it stays under the radar on my skin. Honestly, this seems like straight sandalwood on my skin. I love yuzu and lime, but I get none of them. I get a touch of the florals, but just a whisper over the sandalwood. I personally tend to amp wood, so this isn't too surprising. Not noticing the vetiver at all. It's so interesting reading other reviews, because everyone seems to get something different. This is apparently quite the chameleon. This is just sort of a soft, sweet pleasant sandalwood and light florals on my skin. Overall, this was perfectly pleasant, but nothing spectacular. I'm bummed I didn't get any yuzu/lime, but relieved it wasn't a vetiver-doom bomb. Dried down to a sweet sandalwoody powder.
  11. Suu4LC


    In the imp this is almost sickly sweet. Sticky sappy sweet. Very strong. Definitely get some greens in there as well. Yes-this is a very sweet, almost golden, sappy green fruity scent. This is a fun spring-type scent. Quite strong. A bit hard to describe accurately. I am actually enjoying it more than I thought I would. It's super duper sweet, but not candy sweet. Sappy sweet, if that makes any sense. I can also definitely see why herbal is in the description. The herbal note helps cut that sweetness. This really is a very well put together blend. Everything goes together just right. This didn't last too long on me. Not overly short, maybe a few hours or so, before turning to soft sweet powder. Would definitely be one I would need to reapply. While I definitely enjoyed testing this blend and liked it more than I thought I would, I can't see picking up a bottle simply because my wishlist is too long and I need to REALLY love a blend to splurge on a bottle. But this was a fun, unique blend! Really goes to show Beth's neverending creativity and talent.
  12. Suu4LC


    A scent that is both coquettish and sinister. Exotic and lush, brimming with grace and viciousness: almond with star jasmine, oakmoss, red sandalwood and Egyptian musk. Ooh, coquettish and sinister! This sounds lovely! I love lab almond! I worry a little about jasmine (can be overwhelming) and sandalwood (goes woody/powdery on me) but I am looking forward to trying this blend! In the imp this is a fight between the almond and the jasmine. Both want to push to the forefront of this blend! I am hoping that on my skin the almond wins out. I like jasmine...but just in small doses. Oof, yeah, on my skin the jasmine is still quite intense. I definitely get that lovely sweet almond, but the jasmine is really the star of this blend. I get a bit of musk, don't really notice the oakmoss or sandalwood. Eep, this went from a strong jasmine scent with an undertone of almond, to a sweet powdery soapy floral scent very fast. Stupid sandalwood! It's almost an entirely different scent. I imagine this would smell wonderful on the right person, but my skin just devoured it. I will say, jasmine haters beware-I found it to be the strongest note in this blend!
  13. Suu4LC

    Leather Phoenix

    Full disclosure-I am not really a leather fan or patchouli. This just sounded so unique and sexy, I had to give it a shot! In the bottle this is rich leather and woods. Definitely a more masculine/unisex kind of scent. Very rich and earthy. Hmm...this is very hard to describe. A bit sharper on my skin than I'd expect, and I get the florals on my skin that I did not notice in the bottle. Sort of an earthy leather floral blend. Very interesting and unique. There's almost something...citrussy underneath? Unfortunately, this faded pretty fast on me and turned totally powdery :[ My skin sometimes does that with woods. Definitely didn't work on me but I can see this being a totally sexy earthy leather scent for both men and women.
  14. Suu4LC

    Baba Yaga

    In the imp this is an earthy herbal/floral with a generous smattering of warm spices. I am not usually huge on patchouli, but the herbs and spices really even it out. Mmm, yes, on my skin this is a very nice herbal/spicy earthy floral blend. Sort of like the evil witch version of Clemence in a way. This dried down a bit powdery, but not overly so. A sort of herbal/metallic earthy spiced powder scent. This scent was lovely wet on my skin, but the drydown is a bit unexciting. This was nice and I imagine it is truly spectacular on people who have skin that isn't so prone to turning things to powder, but it was just ok on me.
  15. Suu4LC


    Gah, in the imp this is a total dry air scent. Made my eyes water tbh. Uncanny how it captured that feeling of desperately hot, dry air. Yep, same on my skin. Oppressively hot dry air and stone. Sort of dries down to a clean cologne scent actually...very simple and unisex. This dried down SUPER powdery. An ozone-powdery scent. A very interesting scent journey but unfortunately, just didn't work for me. I will say, that wet in the imp scent was pretty insane in how perfectly it captured oppressively hot dry air. Makes my eyes water just thinking about it!