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    Ronin, To Autumn, The Coil, Rose Red, Snow Moon, Harvest Moon 05, Snow glass and apples, geek.goth, rivet.goth, Falling Leaf Moon, Phoenix in Autumn, Green Tree Viper Favorite Notes: Mint, Rose, Pine, Cedar, Honey, Eucalyptus, Chocolate, Apple, Beeswax, White Musk, Skin Musk, Vanilla, white/golden sandalwood, white/golden amber, Honey, Leather What I Avoid:Dark/red/black Musk, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Candied anything, Wine, aquatic notes, patchouli, most florals

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  1. het4377

    Scents for battles in life

    Brom Bones exudes the most strength IMHO - It's assertive, masculine and powerful in a neolithic sort of way. Ronin is a quieter sort of power, though words fail me at the moment for a more astute description. Snake Oil, WBSP1 (the Sarah Pezzini proto), and Samhain also come to mind
  2. het4377

    Scent for Halloween?

    Does wearing Dungeon Crawl while tearing apart/refinishing a bathroom count?
  3. het4377

    A Wonderful Light

    In The Bottle/Imp: citrus honey over white florals. quite pretty. Wet: LOVELY sweet amber and honey (so it's just slightly powdery). Warm vanilla, beeswax and just a touch of floral. I say again, lovely! Drydown: yum, this is almost foody - the amber is taking the forefront over a gooey base of honey. I'm also getting a distinct beeswax note, as well as a touch of citrus to the blend, and definite white florals (but in a very fresh flower kind of way). I almost feel like there's some kind of warm musk at the base to. Changes as Time Elapses: This doesn't morph at all, stays true to the citrusy honey and beeswax stage, and stays pretty strong for a number of hours. Rating: 4/5 Similar to: Hanerot Halalu, Light of Men's Lives, Candles Moon, O, Unveiled, Summer's Last Will and Testament
  4. het4377

    A Companion Of The Same Nature

    In The Bottle/Imp: Fresh cut greenery. Wet: This turns immediately green, similar to Blade of Grass or Nothing Gold can Stay in that it is a very authentic broken stems/cut grass sort of green. A Companion of the Same Nature comes off as slightly more perfumey than either of those though, likely due to the floral nots present in this blend. Drydown: Still remarkable green, a touch of musk and amber, and a mix of the floral notes (nothing is really standing out between the rose, mum or the carnation) which are going slightly soapy-ish. Changes as Time Elapses: eh, a mix of floral notes, a touch of skin musk and powdery amber. It does get better, as the floral notes fade the longer you wear this and it becomes mostly musk and amber. Rating: 2.5/5 Similar to: Blade of Grass, Nothing Gold Can Stay, Flowering Chrysanthemums
  5. het4377

    Lemon, Lemon, Lemony Goodness

    Yellow Snowballs is a gorgeous sweet lemon scent
  6. het4377

    Amiable and Lovely Creatures

    I feel like I can't give a comprehensive review on this blend because the jasmine turned so quickly in it for me to get a feel for the rest of the blend. I suppose the only helpful bit of info I can add is beware those for whom jasmine is a known death note.
  7. het4377


    I'm getting skin Musk, Green Coconut, watery sweet floral, and a touch of kiwi out of this blend. Doesn't change much as it dries down, though it does get more of a suntan feel. I really do like this one. Definitely getting a very tropical feel from this one though it's wonderful to wear in winter too Rating: 3/5
  8. het4377

    Pumpkin Masala Rooibos

    In The Bottle/Imp: getting a very foody and fairly sweet vibe off this one. A touch of citrus too. Wet: I'm not sure the ginger is working out for me, nor the sugar. Not much coconut in there either (which I admit, I was looking forward). The rest of the blend of spices ends up being mostly a mush to my nose - I can't pull anything out of it. Drydown: still very foody, and it keeps making me think I smell baklava - weird, right? Changes as Time Elapses: tea, mellow ginger/pumpkin, faint and perfume-y. This just isn't working out for me. Rating: 2/5 Similar to: Unveiled, Velvet Tiger, Bogle
  9. het4377

    Cloth of Gold

    In The Bottle/Imp: Snow and gently daffodils - this is definitely a cherry yellow end of winter sort of blend. Reminds me very strongly of Snow Maiden. Wet: Snow, yellow florals but the scent as a whole is coming off as kinda a "dryer sheet" sort of blend. Drydown: About the same. The Boy says it smells fizzy to his nose, but I think he is full of crazy - but then again there are other reviewers above who mention the same thing, so maybe he's just getting something that I'm not? Changes as Time Elapses: pretty mellow flowers - faint and unobtrusive. Definitely loosing that chemically floral clean note that made me think of dryer sheets. Rating: 3.5/5 Similar to: Snow Maiden, Moon of ice
  10. het4377

    Dust of Snow

    In The Bottle/Imp: Very floral, with snow. no hemlock. Wet: one and/or all of the florals in this doesn't like me. beyond that I'm getting a touch of snow too, but that is definitely a secondary to all the stale florals. Drydown: Mostly florals. Not really doing it for me. Changes as Time Elapses: Ug, icky dried florals. I think it's the iris that's making this go all wonky on me; it wouldn't be the first blend that note has ruined on my skin Rating: 1/5 Similar to: Snow Maiden, Cloth of Gold, Klara, Vampire Tarot: The Preistess
  11. het4377


    In The Bottle/Imp: Very similar in feel to Wolf Moon and Snow Moon. Wet: Definitely getting that lovely BPAL snow note! Maybe a touch of juniper and juniper berries in there too? Hard to tell under all the snow note . Drydown: Ok, this has a very masculine musk note coming out (and by masculine musk I mean it's got a BO thing going on) with the underlying base of snow. This is a blend I would like to try on the hubby and see what it does on him. The pine/juniper note and the berries have all but disappeared. Changes as Time Elapses: This ends up being a nice cologne-y and cool blend. While it wasn't "WOW" on me, it's definitely something worth trying on the hubby. Rating: 3/5 Similar to: Snow Moon '05, Wolf Moon, Snow Bunny '08, Jólasveinar 2010 (NOT Skadi - that one had way more woods in it for me)
  12. het4377

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    Dana O'Shee is a lovely sweetened honey that I don't find too strong; Door is a lovely bright blend that doesn't scream honey; Agrat-Bat-Mahlaht is a goody caramel-honey, that while I didn't have a positive reaction to the caramel (it's a death note on me), was quite lovely in the bottle; Elegy IX: The Autumnal is a fairly recent LE that is a GREAT subtle honey scent, with a hint of patchouli that makes it feel very autumny; Giant Vulva is a bit harder to find, but it's a lovely caramel, skin musk and honey blend; Luperci (in any of it's yearly incarnations) has both beeswax and honey listed in its note list, but the honey doesn't come strongly to the front of the blend. I think that should give you plenty to think about Also, while not a subtle honey by any means, I feel like I would be remiss in not mentioning Crib Girls; it's one of my favorite honey blends!
  13. het4377

    Why do scents turn to baby powder on me?!

    Which scents have you tried, specifically? It might be a common note that's killing the blends for you . . .
  14. nothing, NOTHING works better than Brom Bones. On me, on the hubby, on the sheets (hur hur) it inspires naughtiness all around.
  15. While chocolate isn't a note that performs particularly well on my skin, on my fiancee chocolate is DELECTABLE so I've amassed a bit of a collection of chocolate blends! My favorites are: Dark Chocolate and Pepper Smoked Caramel - It's a darker, more bittersweet chocolate note, and paired with the pepper and just the barest hint of smoke, it works very well on both chicks and dudes. IMO it's possibly the sexiest chocolate blend in the collection. Feast of the Greatly Revered Ones - my second favorite chocolate blend on me. I love the agave note - it adds a crisp sweetness to the mix, and again, the chocolate is the deliciously dark variety. Gelt '08 - NOT to be confused with the more recent Gelt '10, which turned to utter foulness on my skin, Gelt '08 is my all-time favorite chocolate blend. It's the most perfect dry bittersweet chocolate. Some others worth mentioning are: Candy Butcher (heavy cream and chocolate - OMNOM), White Chocolate, Marshmallow and Chocolate (light, airy chocolate blend with coconut!), Milk Chocolate and Buttercream (another creamy chocolate blend, but much lighter than Candy Butcher), and Milk Chocolate and Matcha Green Tea Truffle (airy, citrusy and light enough for springtime).