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  1. Indigo78

    We Wear The Mask

    Stunning. It’s not easy to describe in notes, so I’ll talk about what it evokes. I smell hand-woven fabric that’s been impeccably cared for. If kind, wise ghost whispers had a scent, this is how they would smell. It’s unforgettable. There’s in my collection quite like it, and I’ll enjoy every precious drop.
  2. Indigo78

    Mahogany Hall Atmosphere Spray

    Not sure how I haven’t reviewed this yet, since I’ve gone through at least 3 bottles between my home and work space. The scent is very round and full to me with a gorgeous depth from the spices. It smells like anticipation; like a place where anything can happen. I love it past forever♥️
  3. Indigo78

    A Measurement of the Soul

    Found an untested decant and I’m not sure of the year. Based on how long I’ve had it, I’ll guess 2014. 🤔 I didn’t read the description and couldn’t get a read on any of the notes at first, but I could have sworn peach was somehow involved. (I wore a peach scent this morning so my brain wanted to read it as that.) Peach turned out to be fig, which became more recognizable once the cedar dialed it down after 10ish minutes. The sage is soft and binds this together well. Medium throw. I’ll be using this up.
  4. Indigo78

    Crinoline and Lace

    Clean linen, expensive candy floss, and diamonds. Something about this reminds me of the discontinued Black Opal, but I don’t have anything quite like this in my collection. It’s gorgeous.
  5. Indigo78

    Ameles Potamos

    I did not sniff the imp when I cracked it open, since doing that tends to mess with my scent impressions after applying. Straight into the skin it's an uber-clean "YAHSO I SMELL GOOD" . Maybe half the imp was a bit much. It reminds me of Dirty in this stage. Dirty, but with much more to say. After fifteen minutes it's perfect. The whole vibe of this is cold to me, but not in a calm way. It's noisy. Underneath the initial brightness there's a melancholy note that I can't place. Something reminds me of Sage, but I'm not sure if that's in there. This is one of the only aquatics I've found that I really enjoy. It's also much less literal than many aquatics I've tried. Rather than screaming Green-Blue Fresh-a-Roo, this one uses other notes to get the point across. Beautifully done. ❤️
  6. Indigo78

    A Grievous Swarm

    If you missed out on the French Tobacco SN, and you amp-adore it as I do, then this may be a bottle to track down. I have had it for a year or so, lab fresh. It was initially a little sharp, but the notes have coalesced into something magical. It is unquestionably dark, but it has this embracing pipe-y sweetness. Completely unique. In 7 years of BPAL lovedom, I have not experienced anything quite like it.👏💞
  7. Indigo78

    Whoso List To Hunt

    Sensual brown musk, rich amber, English rose, oak bark, and moss. Very rosy on my skin, with a really wet quality to it that's more than plant stemminess. More like earth. Mossy, and not sweet at all. It reads as very "adult" on me, super serious and almost astringent until mid-drydown when the rose and earth subside and the musk peeks through.
  8. Indigo78

    Lilith Victoria

    Not sure how I managed to not review this in the years that I've had the bottle, but here it is. Wet on the skin this actually reminded me of TKO, or even a lighter, airier version of Queen. As soon as the lavender settles, though, it becomes its own huffable animal. Every note in the list is seamlessly present, and the end result is a clean that's nearly edible. Pure, unadulterated, squeaky clean nom. If they ever came out with gourmand laundry soap, I'd want it to smell just like this. Massively, inexplicably addictive. Like that new baby smell.
  9. Indigo78

    French Tobacco

    Oh my stars. Beth's gone and bottled the richest, sweetest parlor room cigar on earth. It's glossy, smooth, complex and gorgeous. The sweet/dry balance makes it wild and refined all at once. I agree that this is a *perfect* layering note, but it's complex enough to wear beautifully on its own. Just, thud. So very glad I didnt pass this up unsniffed, and I'm seeing a backup bottle or 10 in my future. ^edited cuz "unsnoffed" ≠ "unsnoffed".
  10. Indigo78

    Pallas Athene

    This is spicy on my skin when wet, but thankfully not in a red-hots candy way. The rich, golden amber is warmed by the cinnamon bark and cumin. The myrrh, cedar and frankincense rise and fall back as it dries, and the mandarin and osmanthus are subtle but very present, and they don't seem to fade as time passes. I haven't had success with other saffron blends, but I don't really detect it in this one. The throw is very good, which I love, and the scent doesn't seem to morph much after the wet stage-- at least on my skin. To me, Pallas Athene says "I'm sexy, but pretty much out of your league." And for better or worse, that's exactly what you want to communicate sometimes. It smells completely different from anything else that I've tried, and I'm very glad to have a bit in my stash.
  11. Indigo78


    The Womb, Shabbathai, the Uppermost Feminine in the Godhead, Supernal Mother, Divine Sorrow, Supernal Shekhinah, and the source of the 50 Gates of Understanding. Myrrh, along with something that reminds me of sweet pine (yum) and maybe jasmine. I like this scent. It's right on the cusp of darkness, sort of a starlit scent, and I find it just cozy enough for the fall. It isn't something I wear very often without intent, but I'm glad to have it in my collection for those times when Binah's fierce, sometimes frightening influence calls.
  12. Indigo78


    The final burst of the soul’s light and joy before passing into the depths of the earth, and into the cords of Sheol; Sheol, who is never satisfied, and who makes wide her soul to all. Vibrant gladiola, graceful stargazer lily, triumphant iris and bright heliotrope flare, and is finally made somber by heavy copal, a drop of labdanum, and tonka. I've been meaning to review this one since I received an imp about two years ago. I'm not certain which note caught my attention, but I bottle-listed Sheol the second I smelled it. I didn't realize this was such a floral blend until I read the note list just now. Copal is the star of the show on my skin, and I catch whiffs of smoky labdanum and tonka, but the florals really do seem to be absent for me-- at least in the typical "I SMELL LIKE FLOWERS" way. That's a good thing. I'd describe this as a cozy, slightly vanillic and dusty incense. Like an affectionate death hug? I'm struggling, here. All I can say is that, even if you're not a fan of florals, Sheol is a must try. It's a one of a kind member of the catalog, for sure... Glad I have a bottle, since it seems to be getting richer and more beautiful with age.
  13. Indigo78

    Red Lantern Atmosphere Spray

    Um, this is incredible. I want to smell it all the time. It starts off very sweet and mellows into a rich, smoky, tobacco-y scent that is both relaxing and almost erotic... Naughty, sexy, delicious stuff, here. I used to have a bottle of Red Lantern a couple of years ago that I don't remember being nearly as enamored with, but I wish I still had it so that I could make a comparison. What's interesting is that I don't normally care for caramel *anything*. The note has that "bad taste/smell stuck in the throat & won't go away" olfactory effect on me. But somehow , this is tempered perfectly by the spices, incense, coconut, etc. I really wish I could articulate just how luxurious this... Backup-worthy for sure if you can track it down.
  14. Indigo78

    Inganok Jewelers

    I had this decant for a shamefully long while before finally deciding to give it a test. I wish I'd given it a day in court much sooner, because... Mmmm. But isn't that how it always goes? Wet on the skin it smells like the description-- cold and stony, bordering on dirt-like, but not. It's got a very regal tone to it. After a few minutes on the skin it starts to develop a harder edge. The gilded, metallic tones come through loud and clear, with the jewels sparkling just beneath. On my skin, it dries down to a sweet gardenia mingled with something decidedly masculine. I keep sniffing to get a sense of what that might be, but can't quite grasp it. This definitely strikes me as a "fancy" scent, or at least a semi-formal one. It's also unisex, as far as I'm concerned, and "ageless", meaning anyone could wear it For a little while I expected it to turn into Eau de Geriatric, given the other reviews, but nope. Gorgeous and memorable, I'll be looking for a bottle.
  15. Indigo78

    Zombie Apocalypse

    This started out super candy-sweet on my skin, in an MB Bloody Mary sort of way. Of course they're totally different scents, but the blast of sweetness was the same. After a few minutes it went to smelling a lot like Sugar Skull (I'm not familiar with all of the incarnations of SS, since the one I did try was a glorious failure on me). So... Yeah. Brown Sugar Land. And while I wish that I liked the maple-y, sticky scent of brown sugar, it frankly grosses me out. Hardcore. This phase gives me that squiqqy, yak-a-licious feeling in the back of my throat that usually only comes after eating way too much candy that really didn't taste good enough to warrant an all-out gorge-fest in the first place, and... I'm seriously toying with the idea of prematurely terminating this experiment. After an hour or so, the maple thing eventually went away, and beneath it I started to notice a familiar doughnut-like waft. Yep... I could swear there's some Eat Me in here, too, which I can handle on it's own-- I actually like that scent a lot. But combined with the sickly maple smell, plus a heaping dose of burning plastic, I'm sad to say that Zombie Apocalypse just doesn't work for me. Notta-tall.