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    I love sweet foody scents ... really sweet baked goods or sweet fruity scents ... nothing very spicy, floral, aquatic, or earthy

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    Scrapbooking, sweets, photos, music, movies, laughing and making others laugh, comedy, jim carrey, vampires, tattoos, sugar skulls, day of the dead art
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  1. BuxomM

    Minutia of the day

    Random blurbs each day. Updated 11-11 11-11 didnt do anything for Halloween. My birthday was good. Got tattooed. Went to dinner with my sister at grand lux at the palazzo and saw the show KA. Monday I had dinner with my family at my nieces house. Work has been crazy busy as people were sick which meant having to pick up slack. —————————- 10-27 mom is okay. Work is busy. Got a couple new tattoos at a Halloween event. Debating what to do for my birthday. Family will probably barbecue. Wanted to get tattooed, chest piece, but that’s not working out. The month ended fast. I didn’t get into the spirit. ———————— 10-12 Went for a manicure pedicure today. Getting back into the swing of work. It’s getting colder during the days and nights. 10-8 moms doing well. Salem was nice. Very crowded. hair is fixed, better. Was pretty much much blue before (wanted it equally dark blue, light blue, magenta, and purple), now it’s dark and light blue with sone pink on top. Don’t want to go to work tomorrow —————— 9/28 mom is doing ok, resting at home, coping with pain. Too much to do before I go. Got my hair done, didn’t turn out how I wanted. Excited for vacation. 9/24 moms surgery went well. Still not out of the woods but she’s stable. All day training tomorrow.
  2. BuxomM

    Switch witch 19 q’s

    Updated 10-27-19 9/18/19 Would you like anything from Future Primitive? (It's fine to mention OOS things) https://futureprimitivesoap.co.uk/ ***Jim nightshade soap Nutcracker bubbling scrub Pumpkin head soap Spiced strudel soap*** Does anyone have a favorite horror movie that they love? Need a copy/DVD of? ***Not really into horror*** Do you like smallish knitted stuff (hats, fingerless mittens, scarves, toys, etc. -- be specific!)? ***All the above. I’d love scarves or a knit bat, skull/skeleton, or unicorn*** Do any of these knitted items appeal to you? Easy Fingerless Mittens Pfeilraupe Asymmetrical Scarf Odyssey Shawl Close to You scarf Rikke Slouch Hat Simple Yet Effective Cowl Knitted Pumpkins Little Bear Stuffy ***Hat, mittens, or scarves*** How do you feel about thrift store finds (assuming they're in good condition and have been thoroughly cleaned before shipping)? ***Love them *** 9/20/19 I may have bought several full size Rituel de Fille makeup items in a frenzy over their whole vibe. If I tested something once or twice (and it can be sanitized), would you be interested? ***My face is super oily but anything mattifying*** Are you interested in trying different skincare products from higher end, clean brands? ***Anything that helps or doesn’t contribute to oil*** Any interest in anything from Torrid, noting their "fangirl" and Halloween collections are updated? *** love torrid, just bought a black winged dress for Halloween. Hogwarts sleep tunic, size 2, hogwarts tote, Batman costume tee, *** What on the following list would you like to receive something related to (or have something donated to in your and Joni's honor?) · animal rescue · pie · dogs · bears · turtles · inappropriate candies (either in shape or in contents—ex., boozy candies, creatively shaped peanut brittle…) ***any of the above pies, bears, or inappropriate candies*** I'll be going to Seattle, London and Paris during this round- anything you'd love to have from any of these locations? ***postcards, tea, chocolate, stickers, stationary *** Is there anything you would particularly like from Japan? Stationary, bento supplies, a particular snack, etc. The fall flavors for kitkats this year are Chestnut, Sweet Potato and Apple Pie. ***ooo stationary, stickers, & kitkats*** 9/22/19 Thinking about really good natural food stores like Natural Grocers or Whole Foods, if you could have ANY bath and beauty or body care items, what would you love? *** foodie soap, sugar scrub, lotion, lip balm, small tubes of hand soap for work*** Also what kind of treats, snacks, foods, condiments, bulk items, teas, housewares from the same natural food stores would you love? *** dried fruit, pistachio & macadamia nuts, terra chips, veggie chips.*** Also, are there any particular sustainable kitchen or household items you would love to receive? *** measuring cups & spoons*** 9/23/19 Did anything catch your eye from the Liliths? *** birthday surprise*** Would you like anything from Lush? *** Honey I washed the kids shower gel, body spray, scrubee scrub *** 9/26/19 Is there anything kind of weird and niche about which you feel this way, fellow witchees? ***Geodes and sugar skulls*** Kickstarter (and similar): Any thoughts, witches? ***havent looked recently*** 9/28/19 Do you have an Etsy/Goodreads/Amazon or anything else wishlist you’d like to share? ***its in my blog and out of date, but still some good ideas*** And what’s your preferred wrist/necklace size? ***On the questionnaire *** Does anything from Bird & Blend take your fancy? **carrot cake tea bags, gingerbread chair teabags, tea infuser sacs*** Knitting questions have have been asked, but how about wash cloths, anyone need any? What colors?? ***Black thin ones*** is there anything from World Market that tickles your fancy? ***Sugar skull/day of the dead, pumpkin cookie, pumpkin cocoa*** There's a special thing happening over at Rituel de Fille this weekend, where some gorgeous makeup items are coming back for just a couple of days. I'll be placing an order Sunday or Monday- anything that might strike your fancy, either from the special sale or from the site in general? (https://ritueldefille.com) ***my face is oily so most things don’t last, I’ll try mattifying things, matte lip stuff or eyeliners.*** How do you feel about tarot or oracle decks? Would you be interested in any (for artwork or for mystical purposes)? New or used? ***Sure. I regret not buying one while in Salem. I have a standard tarot deck, but I don’t read cards. I was gifted a how to book in a previous round, by bard. *** Would pigment samples from companies like M.A.C. or Notoriously Morbid tickle your fancy? If so, what colors catch you eye? ***Sure, not yellow, orange, or green(yes to black, red, pink, purple, white, dark and light shades, matte and glittery.)*** 9/30/19 do you have a favourite quote? ***(I’m blanking) survivor the grass is greener where you water it*** How do you feel about spicy foods, and where on the Scoville scale do you hit your limit? ***I prefer mild, a bit of heat but not enough to linger and kill taste*** How do you feel about coloring books, especially those pertaining to a personal interest or fandom? ***love it*** 10/1/19 A few questions have been asked about knitted items--are crocheted equivalents acceptable? (crocheted fingerless gloves, shawls, etc.) Any fiber issues? ***sure, no fiber issues.*** About the Weenies: please list what you've bought or are definitely purchasing for yourself *as well as* what you would like to possibly receive from someone else! ***would like samples of Apple sugar, dark pumpkin mead, pistachio pumpkin truffle, *** Dear Witchee, are you at all boozy? Anywhere between hard cider to straight whisk(e)y? And any interest in the "unusual" stuff? (unusual as in non-mainstream, local craft ciders or meads, regional fruit wines, experiments from local distilleries, etc) ***sour beer & cider, moscato, ginger beer, tequila rose, basically anything sweet*** 10/2/19 Nail Polish: Do you need or want some? If so, what colors and brands are you interested in? ***clear top coat, glitter multi/holographic*** Does anyone else do nail wraps? ***dont know what it is, the stickers? No** What about postcards? ***love em*** Is anyone interested in anything from the Nocturne Alchemy Halloween release (or, presumably, anything else from the site)? ***Love NA pumpkin 23 & 25, 26, 27, caramel apple cotton candy, spook show, owloween, candied pumpkin pie, pineapple punch*** How do you feel about salt? I don’t mean, like, salted nuts or potato chips. I mean straight-up salt, like alder-smoked finishing salt or Hana Flake sea salt. ***I don’t think I’ve tried either, I’m a heathen with a simple palate.*** 10/3/19 I am infamous for baking (shortbreads savory and sweet, poundcake, various cookies and bars), butter caramels (flavored or plain), and catnip. Are any of these relevant to you or your household? ***of course, I have a wicked sweet tooth, love caramel, red velvet, white choco macadamia cookies*** Do you like to cook and do you need/want any spices for such pursuits? ***i don’t do much cooking these days, but welcome spices to sprinkle on hot chocolate or finished foods*** Would you wear any of these? Fern , Nuada, Manannan, Duleek Abbey or an infinity scarf or tube cowl tall enough for a hood (like this scarf or this cowl for shape example)? ***sure, they’re all nice but I love the duleek abbey!*** ,Do you have any utilitarian needs for everyday life? Things that would help or that you've been needing or wanting for work or whatever? ***I don’t think so, showercap, wall file organizer*** What kind of vegan snacks do you like? And vegan chocolate...favorites? ***ill try*** 10/4/19 How would you describe your crafting style? Whimsical & Cute? Elegantly modern? Totally Traditional? ***cute and weird*** 10/6/19 So....we are about to process a metric f*ton of green tomato relish, which is basically bread and butter pickles but with sliced green cherry tomatoes. Is this relevant to any witchees? ***sounds yummy*** How do you celebrate Halloween/Samhain? Do you dress up? Would you like something for your costume? And am I the only person left on the planet who wears socks? ***dress up for work, have torrid black winged dress, need a black/dark flower fairy crown. Love passing out candy but we don’t get trick or treaters, maybe fetish and fantasy ball weekend before*** 10/7/19 Are you interested in anything from Art Of Tea or Adagio Teas? ***love adagio, cream black, green*** I make light-weight hairfalls, doll-style, using a variety of fun stuff, like ribbons, lace and soft batting. Would you be interested in receiving a set in the colors of your choosing? ***Sure, black ... so I can wear with different things*** And a quick question here--I'm going to this amazing looking event on Saturday--does my witchee see anything they might be interested in? https://www.facebook.com/events/903999316607440/ (the Oddities Market) ***skull things*** 10/8/19 How do you feel about enamel pins? Love them, hate them, slightly interested, totally indifferent? ***like them, I keep them on my college pennant *** ——————————————— 10/10/19 what is your T-shirt/shirt of choice Size? V neck, 2xl 18/20 (women’s) 10/11/2019 OCTOBER LUNACY! I know turn around time is unlikely, but just saying (JUST SAYING), dear Witchee, did anything catch your eye? https://archaichoney.com/bloodmoonbotanica (Britton used to run Haus of Gloi.) Witchee, are you interested in any kinds of things from the Blood Moon Botanica update? MOON DEW (will have a presale should it sell out) HIGH MOUNTAIN ARNICA OIL SAINT JOHNS WORT OIL CALMING ELIXIR FIRELIGHT TURKEY TAIL TINCTURE YARROW ALDER HEALING SALVE DEEP FOREST OIL PEACH LEAF ELIXIR DRAWING SALVE LINDEN & CALIFORNIA POPPY ELIXIR ENGLISH DAISY FLOWER ESSENCE ***Im not sure how they’d work with my oily skin, but I’m open to being enabled*** also I took some beading classes and have been making bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Would you be interested in any? If so, how big is your wrist or how long would you like your bracelet? Any preferred styles of beads? ideally something mainly black so I can wear it with lots of things ——————- 10-16 10/13/19 If I was to donate to an animal rescue on your behalf as the "lucyboo" component of this swap, is there one in particular that you would choose? No preference 10/15/19 What is your very favorite Halloween candy? If you don't have one/don't do candy, what's a seasonal treat you love? ***Caramel apples, pumpkin reeses, flavored hot chocolate, apple cider*** I just got an email from Lush that their Christmas stuff is now up online! anything you might like? cookie dough scrub snowflake lotion ——————////// 10/18/19 If you were my witchee, would you enjoy home made (canned) preserves? I'm going home to Can All The Things & I'm thinking some bananas foster butter/sauce might be a nifty thing for you. ***ooooo that sounds fantastic, all things canned or pickled or sweet *** 10/19/19 I am in Las Vegas is there anything you would want from here? *** Freeds red velvet cake, a latte from sambalatte are recommended *** Follow0
  3. BuxomM

    Hollywood Babylon

    It is strong, red, and sweet. there's something powdery and artificial in the background. there is a floral edge. it settles into a pretty sweet red berry scent.
  4. BuxomM

    Chant D'Automne

    sharp bitter. I get whiffs of amber which gives a tiny bit of sweet evry so often. there's a kind of ozone note. I can't pick out the dead leaves or wood, but it is a smokey scent. wet it's so strong but it settles.
  5. BuxomM

    Long Night Moon

    The nights are at their longest, the sky is at its darkest. The air is still with reflective silence. A bouquet of night-blooming flowers, petals dusted with frost. Cereus, moonflower accord, night phlox, honeysuckle, silver thyme, white mint, and blue musk. typical floral, bordering on bugspray. no mint.
  6. BuxomM

    Question Mark

    In the bottle it was like pure orange, on the skin it's pure astringent tobacco. I normally amp spice, but i detect no cinnamon. Every so often I get a waft of sweetness which would probably be from the vanilla. It dries to a mainly soft tobacco.
  7. BuxomM

    A Rosy Colour Paints Her Claws With Honor

    BEAUTIFUL light sweet realistic rose note, like in love. it's got an even sweeter bite which is probably the vanilla. not huge throw or staying power. settles into a soft rose.
  8. BuxomM

    Cacao Pod

    I was super excited, because I love chocolate scents & nervous for this, because of the additional notes. This was a let down. I see no dark sludgy bits, so this probably wont be that true dark cocoa of cocoa absolute. It is a sweet powdery cocoa. It goes mainly to a powdery musk sweetened with Powdery chocolate. It doesnt have much throw either, good for those who dont want to have a cloud of scent around them. I have to put my nose next to my wrist. Sometime I get a huff of something floral & play doughy. Ill let it settle a week and revisit.
  9. BuxomM

    The Queen of Hearts

    Started off like bugspray, sharp. Once it dries it's a floral scent & the bug spray scent leaves. I get no cherries
  10. BuxomM

    Diligent Instruction for the Bridal Night

    I had hoped this would be the best parts of Love, sweet strawberry and marshmallow, without the rose, but it's not. The strawberry is like the soft center of those bulk strawberry hard candies in a strawberry looking wrapper. The mallow blossom is definitely a blossom, floral, and not sweet. Artificial strawberry jelly, with a floral edge. Not a fan.
  11. BuxomM

    Snake Can

    Not like the nut in mouse circus, to me. I don't really even get deep snake oil. It's the weirdest thing, nothing like I expected. I hoped for mouse circus meets snake oil. I get whiffs of crushed peanut, not super creamy, sweet or salty. It doesn't have that deep resinous scent I usually associate with snake oil. Dry, it's like diluted snake oil with a faint crushed raw peanut edge.
  12. BuxomM

    Spiced Rum Buttercream Coffee

    I don't get that blast of alcohol booziness. to me, bpal Rum scents are usually more like dark long barrel aged rum. It has a dark deep slightly wood bite. I get a bit of that in the background but the majority is SPICE!. I don't get coffee or buttercream. I mainly get some clove with that dark rum barrel edge. I'm going to let this one age. The imp will be enough for me. I tend to amp spice but the scent doesn't change from imp to skin.
  13. BuxomM

    Raspberry Sufganiyot

    It starts off realistic tart squished raspberries, but settles into a pure blast of artificial red berry. it reminds of BBW sunripened raspberry. I don't get any bread/cake edge to it. The start is amazing but what it settles into, not so much, but I'll still hold onto my imp.
  14. BuxomM

    Rubber Poop

    Caramel is at the front of this.I'm happily surprised it doesn't go cloying or super buttery on me. I see the wee gobs of cacao floating in the imp. Supporting the caramel is sweet decadent chocolate, not powdery or fake, and not super dark either. This needs to be redone as a chocolate truffle. It'[s a keeper for a foodie lover.
  15. BuxomM


    This reminds me of muddy puddles and the other hot chocolate. It smells powdery, chocolatey and a bit sweet, like huffing an envelope of hot chocolate mix. A keeper, but too similar to the others. I'll have to try a side by side test.