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    I love sweet foody scents ... really sweet baked goods or sweet fruity scents ... nothing very spicy, floral, aquatic, or earthy

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    Scrapbooking, sweets, photos, music, movies, laughing and making others laugh, comedy, jim carrey, vampires, tattoos, sugar skulls, day of the dead art
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  1. BuxomM

    Tacky swap 2020

    11-20 Do you like skincare, cosmetics, or makeup? Would you like a little self care bundle? I usually use witch hazel in the morning, facial cleanse during night shower, a light moisturizer usually with salicylic acid at night (super oily skin), and sometimes I’ll use an acne sheet mask. Most make up slides off & now will come off on my mask, so I live in bright colored eye liner, love nyx & urban decay liners (love UD’s matte back “perversion” eyeliner).  Is there an author or a series that you have recently fallen in love with or really want to read? cherise sinclair, masters of the shadowlands or her other books. I tend to get books at the library, mainly eaudiobooks through their apps these days, but her stuff (erotica) tends not to be there. Is my (BPAL) wishlist up to date? I kinda gave up on it & try to focus on what I do try & like. My top picks I think are more or less current. Chocolate and orange? Yes! One of my faves Hand-written decant labels? Sure! Walnuts or pecans? Love them both —————// 11-17 If I were to knit you something, what colors do you prefer? (for fingerless mitts or shawlette) black, gray, crimson, rainbow Do you appreciate self striping or gradients? (yeah, most of my yarn is self striping or gradient, I have very few semi-solid anymore and I ditched pretty much all of my variegated because I hate the way it knits up.) yes, very muchly love variation & dimension Any yarn preferences? (merino, acrylic, merino silk, merino cashmere, etc) nope Knit Headbands. Sure keep my hair out of my Dave Christmas colors: not really, I’m partial to red though. I use both candles & wax. Prefer wax for my burners Lush and bath & body: I like the lush scent honey I washed the kids. l prefer shower gel, but soap is good too. pbsw: sorbetto is good but not my fave. I am addicted to sugar spider sugar scrub. Also like tree hut sugar scrub. enable me with your fave foodie/chocolate scented sugar scrub. Sugar scrub is my fave shower item. I haven’t met a fruitcake I like yet. im a dog person, though don’t currently have a dog. Want a pug. favorite Christmas aesthetic: I love decorated trees, Christmas lights, candy cane patterns, ugly & cable knit sweaters, poinsettias, & the grinch.
  2. BuxomM

    12 days swap

    11-17 Journals or Sketchpads or Sketchbooks - yay or nay? Love the thought but never end up using them. Silly Post it’s would get more use. Face masks (like the kind that come one to a package? Sure    Anything from Sock Dreams? opaque black tights —— 11-11 Thoughts about lovely bespoke cleansing scrubs a la Sugar Spider (https://sugarspider.shop/) or PBSW sorbets? love love love sugar spider!!!!! Pbsw sorbetto are nice too. How about literary writing gloves? don’t even know what they are, probably not Tokidoki, anyone? Other cute kawaii goodness? Plushies, blind boxes, etc?. love tokidoki, have a tote bag, prefer usable things but blind boxes would be nice too, little figures I could put on my desk. Fun cloth masks? Holiday themed or no? Favorite style? Yes & yes!! Colorful, goth, holiday, unicorn, rainbow, Plague doctor, sugar skull, Santa, elves, trees, lights, love it all ——————- 11/10 10:30pm Would you be interested in trying out anything from Nocturne Alchemy Lab? (http://nocturnealchemy.com ) love their chocolate & raspberry & rice milk notes. Just bought a ton of pumpkin scent samples from Ajevie 2. Would you like a batch of home-made bath salts? (if you have allergies / skin sensitivities, rest assured, I can make them with pure epsom salts and pure essential oils- just tell me what you'd like - or what to avoid) no thank you. 3. Anything catch your eye from Dandelion Chocolate? (https://store.dandelionchocolate.com/pages/home) Not a fan of dark choco 4. What's a thing you always tell yourself you're going to get just for you but haven't yet? Name one thing under $10 and one thing over $10 Fillable tea bags What's your favorite type of chocolate? (milk, white, dark, with nuts, with fruit, flavored chocolate, etc.) white, milk with caramel or pb, peppermint bark, Anything sweet really 2. How do you feel about stationery? (letter sets, stickers, pens, etc.) Love it, cute papers envelopes, & stickers 3. If you had to pick a favorite flavor (sweet, spicy, sour, savory, salty) what would it be? Wicked sweet tooth 4. What's one food/flavor that you absolutely hate or dislike strongly? Plain vinegar, (pickled things are fine but like salt & vinegar trips) New Question -- For the purposes of this swap (not trying to start an international perfume debate), is honey a gourmand note? it falls in gourmand, it’s edible, but I amp it & am not a fan of honey perfumes. ————————————— 11-9 8:28pm PBSW has their Yuletide Winter collection out sans candles (http://paintboxsoapworks.com/new-limited-edition/2020-yuletide-winter-limited-editions/) that are coming soon. Is there anything you'd like? Also any scents you'd like as candles when they come out? Sugar scrub, I can never have enough. Comfort & joy; sozzled; white snow If you like incense what type to you use? Stick/cone/loose? No thank you, bugs my allergies  Do you have a favorite animal? sloth, hedgehog, Would you like gloves/mittens/scarf/winter hat? all of them, black or rainbow, just lost my favorite winter hat. Do you prefer loose leaf tea or bagged? either is fine.
  3. BuxomM

    Swap Help

    Updates 8-17-20 I tend to lurk more than post. don't want/allergies: cat fur, pollen, base metal earrings, and incense DRINKS big mugs (thick clear glass are my fave and/or soup size) microwaveable* sugar skulls, Halloween, geeky hot chocolate, especially flavored individual packets tea: green, matcha, fruity, chai, flavored black or chamomile, rose, lavender, earl grey, not hibiscus alcohol (anything ridiculously sweet or cordial): tequila rose, patron silver, moscato, cider, baileys FOOD snacks: chewy granola bars, dried fruit, nuts (cashews, pecans, walnuts), beef jerky, pringles, veggie chips, rice chips & cakes candy: airheads, fruit snacks, pear jelly belly jelly beans, lychee candy, tea or coffee flavored candies, ginger candy, chocolate: reeces (or any peanut butter stuffed chocolate), caramel filled, white chocolate. cookie: soft white choco macadamia & pizzelles (waffle cookies) RED VELVET CAKE! SMELLIES if you find a perfect chocolate scent (deep, sweet, cocoa absolute ) send it my way wax tarts/candles/room sprays that smell sweet and like baked goods/foodie. Just got a wax warmer for my office general scents: chocolate, caramel, coffee, sweet & foodie other perfumes I like: nocturne alchemy: bastet's raspberry choco moon. I love a lot of other NAVA scents possets: the girls love vanilla (one of the few that worked) Blooddrop made a pb&J scent way back when that I loved. I'd love to try something reminiscent of that, as I doubt I'll find the exact scent again I've given up on possets, violette market and solstice scents (choco note doesn't play nice and/or my skin tends to eat them) ... foodie scents, not into traditional floral, wood, or spice fragrances BATH AND BODY love soap, shower gel, lotion, bodywash, and sugar scrubs. Anything scented sweet and foodie. lush: honey I washed the kids (shower gel, body spray) good hand cream to use use at work. BEAUTY hair accessories: barrettes, elastics/bands/scrunchies (especially the ones that look like curly phone cord), head bands (metal/plastic) flavored lip balms, love burts bees & wunderbudder haircare: leave in conditioner/ heat protection, dry shampoo. I change vivid hair colors often. It’s Currently natural top roots with pink ends & pink & rainbow underneath waterproof/colored eye liner pencil (love eyeliner), any color, especially glittery ones. My face is too oily to keep eyeshadow or anything else on. I'm fond of nyx eyeliners. I love urban decay perversion (matte black) eyeliner. recommendations/samples for mattifying primers/foundations/products CLOTHING 2x 18/20 not really a tshirt person, unless it's a V neck. love camis & tank tops 2xl/18w Love maxi & comfortable longish dresses Love comfy pajamas socks that have crazy colorful patterns or pictures (especially no show socks) Thick black cable leggings from torrid 2x ENTERTAINMENT I love movies and TV shows. Old favorites are Daria and the pretender. Current favorites are Lucifer and the good witch. I have amazon prime and just started subscribing to Netflix. Also have cable. Comedy is my favorite. Jim carrey is my favorite actor. I am fond of old movies. (Rock Hudson, carry grant, Doris day) Characters I love are Gambit from Xmen and Vincent from Final Fantasy 7 rainbows, unicorns, and geekery are awesome Final Fantasy 7 (PlayStation) is my favorite game. My brother gave our copy away when we were younger *weep* I have a fondness for vampires and tend to enjoy most movies and shows that involve them (that aren’t horror based). I love vampires in all their incarnations, even the sparkly variety. I love the different stories people come up with in their strengths, limitations, how they came to be, and how other are made or born. CRAFTY STUFF I love tooled leather woodburned art/boxes interesting stationary (matching envelopes and paper), fabric:brocade, lace gem/stone:mother of pearl, abalone shell, hematite, tigers eye scrapbooking paper & embellishments stickers, especially 3D, glittery, holographic, or gems patterns: colorful, rainbow, tiedye, sugar skulls, paisley crafty stuff: fabric, ribbon, lace, acrylic paint, modgepodge, glitter, sequins, confetti, rubber stamps and multi colored inkpads felted sugar skull/skeleton animals/characters as ornaments stained glass/ window/wall hangings ART art by Michael Parkes. starry night by van gogh art: erotic, sugar skull/ day of the dead art with texture, mixed media, collage of smaller pictures forming a larger one, name/letter art (glue some big pretty flowers to a canvas, use some rhinestones and ribbon, make a collage from magazine cutout pictures and words ) avatars/icons music Music: top 40, mainly pop, oldies, holiday music, R&b, country, rock, and alternative, Last.fm music link haven’t used in a while favorite musicians (some): michael buble, boys II men, elvis, lone star, linkin park music playlists/mix cds OTHER RANDOM FACTS /LIKES I play Pokémon go & wizarding world stores: itunes, amazon, etsy, torrid, lane bryant colors black and deep red/ burgandy (not orangey reds) earrings, stainless steel or sterling silver, preferably fishhook inserts flowers:peonies, tulips, ranunculus & dahlias colorful day of the dead/ sugar skull/ calavera/skeleton [art/ figurines/ decorations ... anything shaped like or decorated with] I collect geodes and pretty slabs of rock, smooth rounded river rocks are nice too skelanimals (carrie the pony, diego the bat, mary the moth, timmy the spider) refrigerator magnets I have 8 sugar skull/Halloween tattoos ETSY WISHLIST link buxomm https://www.etsy.com/people/buxomm?ref=hdr_user_menu-profile&tab=lists wishlist on amazon link https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/FKBZ1VWX6YIR?ref_=wl_share http://www.sockdreams.com/_users/wishlists/67a4163c8de3f87
  4. BuxomM

    Minutia of the day

    Will update every so often. 9/18 antibody test negative. Have worked the whole time & been around others who later tested positive, so surprised Faint smoke is bothering my allergies Doing talk therapy over video, especially as a group, is a pain. my mom is having neck surgery on Thursday. Wasn’t going to tell us but a friend told her she should. No visitors allowed and she’s not tech savvy but we’ve uploaded some video chat apps —— 8/29 Work has been crazy busy. covid antibody test. Brunch. & getting mani pedi with mom.
  5. BuxomM

    Hollywood Babylon

    It is strong, red, and sweet. there's something powdery and artificial in the background. there is a floral edge. it settles into a pretty sweet red berry scent.
  6. BuxomM

    Chant D'Automne

    sharp bitter. I get whiffs of amber which gives a tiny bit of sweet evry so often. there's a kind of ozone note. I can't pick out the dead leaves or wood, but it is a smokey scent. wet it's so strong but it settles.
  7. BuxomM

    Long Night Moon

    The nights are at their longest, the sky is at its darkest. The air is still with reflective silence. A bouquet of night-blooming flowers, petals dusted with frost. Cereus, moonflower accord, night phlox, honeysuckle, silver thyme, white mint, and blue musk. typical floral, bordering on bugspray. no mint.
  8. BuxomM

    Question Mark

    In the bottle it was like pure orange, on the skin it's pure astringent tobacco. I normally amp spice, but i detect no cinnamon. Every so often I get a waft of sweetness which would probably be from the vanilla. It dries to a mainly soft tobacco.
  9. BuxomM

    A Rosy Colour Paints Her Claws With Honor

    BEAUTIFUL light sweet realistic rose note, like in love. it's got an even sweeter bite which is probably the vanilla. not huge throw or staying power. settles into a soft rose.
  10. BuxomM

    Cacao Pod

    I was super excited, because I love chocolate scents & nervous for this, because of the additional notes. This was a let down. I see no dark sludgy bits, so this probably wont be that true dark cocoa of cocoa absolute. It is a sweet powdery cocoa. It goes mainly to a powdery musk sweetened with Powdery chocolate. It doesnt have much throw either, good for those who dont want to have a cloud of scent around them. I have to put my nose next to my wrist. Sometime I get a huff of something floral & play doughy. Ill let it settle a week and revisit.
  11. BuxomM

    The Queen of Hearts

    Started off like bugspray, sharp. Once it dries it's a floral scent & the bug spray scent leaves. I get no cherries
  12. BuxomM

    Diligent Instruction for the Bridal Night

    I had hoped this would be the best parts of Love, sweet strawberry and marshmallow, without the rose, but it's not. The strawberry is like the soft center of those bulk strawberry hard candies in a strawberry looking wrapper. The mallow blossom is definitely a blossom, floral, and not sweet. Artificial strawberry jelly, with a floral edge. Not a fan.
  13. BuxomM

    Snake Can

    Not like the nut in mouse circus, to me. I don't really even get deep snake oil. It's the weirdest thing, nothing like I expected. I hoped for mouse circus meets snake oil. I get whiffs of crushed peanut, not super creamy, sweet or salty. It doesn't have that deep resinous scent I usually associate with snake oil. Dry, it's like diluted snake oil with a faint crushed raw peanut edge.
  14. BuxomM

    Spiced Rum Buttercream Coffee

    I don't get that blast of alcohol booziness. to me, bpal Rum scents are usually more like dark long barrel aged rum. It has a dark deep slightly wood bite. I get a bit of that in the background but the majority is SPICE!. I don't get coffee or buttercream. I mainly get some clove with that dark rum barrel edge. I'm going to let this one age. The imp will be enough for me. I tend to amp spice but the scent doesn't change from imp to skin.
  15. BuxomM

    Raspberry Sufganiyot

    It starts off realistic tart squished raspberries, but settles into a pure blast of artificial red berry. it reminds of BBW sunripened raspberry. I don't get any bread/cake edge to it. The start is amazing but what it settles into, not so much, but I'll still hold onto my imp.