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BPAL Madness!
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Tacky swap 2020

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Do you like skincare, cosmetics, or makeup?  Would you like a little self care bundle?

I usually use  witch hazel in the morning, facial cleanse during night shower, a light moisturizer usually with salicylic acid at night (super oily skin), and sometimes I’ll use an acne sheet mask. Most make up slides off & now will come off on my mask, so I live in bright colored eye liner, love nyx & urban decay liners (love UD’s matte back “perversion” eyeliner).


Is there an author or a series that you have recently fallen in love with or really want to read? 
cherise sinclair, masters of the shadowlands or her other books. I tend to get books at the library, mainly eaudiobooks through their apps these days, but her stuff (erotica) tends not to be there.


Is my (BPAL) wishlist up to date?  

 I kinda gave up on it & try to focus on what I do try & like. My top picks I think are more or less current.


Chocolate and orange? 
Yes! One of my faves


Hand-written decant labels? Sure!


Walnuts or pecans? 
 Love them both 




If I were to knit you something, what colors do you prefer?  (for fingerless mitts or shawlette)  black, gray, crimson, rainbow


Do you appreciate self striping or gradients?  (yeah, most of my yarn is self striping or gradient, I have very few semi-solid anymore and I ditched pretty much all of my variegated because I hate the way it knits up.) yes, very muchly love variation & dimension 


Any yarn preferences?  (merino, acrylic, merino silk, merino cashmere, etc) nope

Knit Headbands. Sure keep my hair out of my Dave 


Christmas colors: not really, I’m partial to red though.


I use both candles & wax. Prefer wax for my burners


Lush and bath & body:

I like the lush scent honey I washed the kids.  l prefer shower gel, but soap is good too.

pbsw: sorbetto is good but not my fave.

I am addicted to sugar spider sugar scrub.

Also like tree hut sugar scrub.

enable me with your fave foodie/chocolate scented sugar scrub. Sugar scrub is my fave shower item.


I haven’t met a fruitcake I like yet. 

im a dog person, though don’t currently have a dog. Want a pug.


favorite Christmas aesthetic: I love decorated trees, Christmas lights, candy cane patterns, ugly & cable knit sweaters, poinsettias, & the grinch.

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