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    Red Lantern, Bakeneko, Dorian, MB: Closet and Underpants, Tamamo-no-Mae, Eat Me, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, Creepy, Hungry Ghost Moon, Midway, Snake Charmer, Beaver Moon, Marshmallow Poof, Phantom Queen, Miskatonic University, Mitzvah, Snake Oil. I like vanilla, foodie blends, some florals (orchid, apple blossom and plum blossom, gardenia), amber, most musks, some incense. Dislike: patchouli, black musk, strong evergreens


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  1. squirrelmonkey

    Chaste Moon 2010

    Nicely floral -- I'm getting apple blossoms, maybe orchid, and I think dandelion. On dry down, it becomes almost a dead ringer for Phantom Queen -- which is to say, I don't get much creaminess at all. It stays a very pretty floral scent, and lasts all day.
  2. squirrelmonkey

    Mechanical Phoenix

    Ozone and shiny copper! As it dries, the copper becomes more prominent -- on a close sniff I can almost taste it; then again, I do like this sort of thing. After an hour or so, more of a machine oil note develops. I won't wear it daily, but it is perfect for certain moods, and very evocative.
  3. squirrelmonkey

    Hony Mone

    This is the first jasmine blend where jasmine did not take over and murdered every other innocent note. It actually never showed up, so I was left with delicious honesuckle and fig, with apricot becoming stronger on the drydown, and honey prominent but never taking the center stage. It's not as sweet as I expected, but has a heady fragrant scent of middle of July. Verry nice!
  4. squirrelmonkey

    Egg Nog

    Boozey rum! leaps out of the bottle; on skin, it calms down a bit, and sweet custardy goodness comes to the forefront. It's a bit eggy, with sweet nutmeg note on top. Disappears much too quickly, but lovely nonetheless.
  5. squirrelmonkey

    La Befana

    Chocolate-covered violet, is that you? A very unusual combo on me -- initially, I very distinctly smell white chocolate and violet; after an hour or so, the violet fades and the lilies become more prominent, with sugary background. Edible floral -- very lovely, with a nice throw and very distinct character.
  6. squirrelmonkey


    Oh, how lovely! I'm really not a musk person, but this one was named after a childhood fairytale favorite, so had to try it. In the bottle, I smell a very soft musk and not much else. Wet, it sweetens and deepens, and there's a dry leaf note coming out -- a little similar to October, but lighter and without bitterness. It dries to a really gorgeous woody sweet smell -- not quite October, but maybe September? There's still the musky sweetness and dry leaves, but very light and not at all bitter-crumbly... just like freshly fallen birch leaves underfoot. A very evocative smell. Will be keeping the bottle. Oh, and one of the cats really likes it!
  7. squirrelmonkey

    Limited editions equivalents in the general catalog?

    Wulric the Wolfman had the same non-sweet cocoa note; there's some lavender too though. But it's a nice cocoa scent.
  8. squirrelmonkey

    Vampire Tears

    Wow, and another surprise winner! Wet, it's all grapefruit and green tea with a hint of ginger -- it's like a lovechild of Cheshire Cat and Kumiho at first. The grapefruit settles down and gets cold -- I get a distinct sense of coldness from it. In about an hour after drying, it warms up with wisteria and reinvigorated ginger. And at later drydown, only hints of grapefruit remain in the soft florals. A very interesting blend, morphing yet always pleasant. Amazingly, jasmine never visits -- perhaps it learned where it's not welcome.
  9. squirrelmonkey

    Pirate Moon

    Oh, I so didn't expect to like this one -- it's sharp in the bottle, with definite lime. But as it dries, it blends so that it's difficult to pick out individual notes. Woods and leather are most prominent, but it's not brand new squeaky leather but rather well-worn cowhide... saddle leather maybe. And there's sweetness and an almost comforting note there. It's like a plush pirate scent -- very lovely and summery and comforting. A definite keeper, perfect for lazy summer nights.
  10. squirrelmonkey


    Wet it's a very grassy, juicy scent -- reminded me a little of Orpheus because of this grassy crispness. Dry -- ah, now we're talking. Very cold scent, leaves and smoke -- exactly like a night in October should smell. A lovely unisex blend, and I suspect that the better half will help me finish this bottle. Not my usual style, but quite wonderful.
  11. squirrelmonkey

    Midnight Kiss

    Oh, a wine scent that works! Very sweet and juicy; the patchouli/fruit combo reminds me a little of Crypt Queen -- it has that dark-red, slightly sinister quality. As it dries, the booziness of wine disappears and only shining red grapes remain, sweetened by cocoa. Very nice, and contrary to expectations it has a mild throw.
  12. squirrelmonkey

    Beaver Moon 2007

    Oh, yum. I feel like I'm cheating on the previous version, but this one is lovely -- creamy berries, sophisticated vanilla... tes, strawberry cheesecake with a marascino cherry. Not much to add, but this is just wonderful.
  13. squirrelmonkey

    The Perilous Parlor

    Oh, love! In the bottle -- sirupy pear with sweet vanilla. Yum. Wet -- pear and vanilla ice-cream! It has a creamy sweetness, but stays pretty light. Dry -- pear is gone, but vanilla that lingers behind is just divine. It's very delicate and creamy, in Underpants kind of way. It lingers very faintly for a good while. But definitely can be slathered, which is a good thing.
  14. squirrelmonkey

    Pumpkin III (2007)

    And the notes sounded so perfect! It's just caramelly pumpkin on me, with an occasional whiff of pomegranate but not enough to make in interesting.
  15. squirrelmonkey


    For me, the most prominent note was birch sap, both in the vial and wet on skin. A very strong, nostalgic woodsy and sweet smell. As it dries, it backs off a bit and I get more flowers - I swear I smell tulips in there too. A very unusual scent because of the birch sap note, and a keeper.