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  1. quikslvr

    Celeste Bath Salts

    I took a bath with Celeste tonight, some two years after receiving her. I'm still inhaling saffron vanilla wafting off all parts of my skin an hour later. I used a good bit of the bag of Celeste, plus spiked it with pink Himalayan salt of my own, which turned into an amazing combination to do some fantastic exfoliating in. Perfect amount of moisture restored thereafter—softness everywhere. Amazing. I'm really glad I hung onto these.
  2. quikslvr

    An Introduction to the Stash Manager

    Second that. Love it so far, though have stumbled over some bugs (misspelled perfumes, the duplicate problem, etc). Do you want us to report those, and if so, what method's best? Amazing feature: I've been desperate for something like it for YEARS. Thank you!
  3. quikslvr

    Villainess and BPAL

    I'm enjoying Jai Mahal and Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge right now. Didn't think it would work, quite, but it does on me.
  4. quikslvr

    Villainess and BPAL

    Jai Mahal and Morocco = love. At least for me.
  5. quikslvr

    What should I expect at Will-Call?

    They're not terribly different. Here are the main points: 1. No Labbies. The salon staff of Nail Polish Etc. is just as amazingly helpful, but nobody directly in the employ of the Lab is there. 2. No pre-ordering and no imps available. You can buy what's in stock, and it's first-come, first-serve. That said, it's rare for something to run out before the night's over. There are also often older LEs available for purchase--basically, the ones left over from previous Will Calls. There are little pads of paper for you to write down what you want, and little baskets for you to carry your purchases in before you check out. Just give a slip of that paper with your list to a staff member, and they'll find you your bottles. BPTP stuff (as well as Villainess and various other pampering materials like nail polishes, of course) is available too. 3. Nail Polish Etc. takes credit cards, cash or Paypal, so you can use any one of those types of payment, at least. 4. Different venue. Since this is the month the new version will host, I can't comment a whole lot on the setup/how crowded it gets, but the old version did get quite crowded near both the Prototype table and near the general catalog shelves. I can, however, say that the paint job is awesome, since I helped out with a teeny bit of it. Very funky/bright. Other than that, very much in common. No food, no swapping inside (generally), but lots and lots of testing, and talking, and making and comparing of notes. This month I'll probably be in the green and white plaid jammies. And pretty much every month you'll find me there in my pseudo-cat's-eye glasses, lugging a great big camera.
  6. quikslvr

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Edit: salixnoir beat me to it.
  7. quikslvr

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    No prob! Happened to take the shot at the last ECWC, so happy to link 'er up for you.
  8. quikslvr

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    New Midway label.
  9. quikslvr

    Looking for scents that smell like chai

    Bumping this for new developments! The first whiff I got of the prototype of Plunder was awfully cassia/cinnamon-y. I didn't get a chance to see how it developed, though. Are there others we're missing here? I thought Bengal was missing, but I see now that it has been mentioned at least once. That one totally has my vote for closest to chai. I have to say, though, that I totally prefer the spice in chai to the tea in chai. Anyone agree/disagree?
  10. quikslvr

    Perversion Soap (by Silk Road Trading Company)

    Ohhh, perfect! I was so hoping that one of these soaps might be the scrubby type. And Perversion delivers, with just the right balance, I'd say. Even folk who aren't huge exfoliator-types might like this one for the occasional scrub-down. Scent's definitely strong, and on me, it did linger, even through another lotion (Villainess Dulces en Fuego Whipped, for those curious: they work together quite well!). It left me squeaky-clean: a bit too squeaky for my tastes, but that's the tiniest gripe ever. I didn't notice it leaving my skin either moisturized or dry, but I've only used it two days in a row. Will report back if I notice a difference after awhile of using it. Overall, thumbs way up! Love the scrubbiness!
  11. quikslvr


    We did a root series last night at yoga, which was more than enough reason to break this out. It is STRONG. Vetiver and dark patchouli. Very deep, very base. I don't know if it's the power of suggestion, but I really do get a tugging, gentle pull from where that chakra is. Also the feel of a pattern, like a heartbeat, and a gradual uncoiling. I think I'd be cautious about using this for meditation: it's powerful, and I frankly am not quite sure I want to evoke the Coiled Snake. Yes, peppery, yes musky. I don't find it so much wet as others do, though. I characterize its color much more like earth than like red, though, as others have. Definitely warming, even a bit of a sting for me where applied (which even turns into a bit of a burn later: but not an allergic burn, I must note: no redness at the application spot). Also reminds me of Brimstone in its depth and smoke, as LiberAmoris mentioned. Very calming, and yes, it does make me quite grounded. And focused, even, which is awesome. My yoga teacher last night mentioned that the root also deals with the things you need for survival, including your job--how you make the money you need for food and such. And this is absolutely putting me in a headspace to do work. So I think I will. Added later: it does soften later on, thankfully, fading into the background--into a low, warm, gentle, grounding hum as it's worn.
  12. Agreed! There are some that I'd look for too, like Arabian Nights, Charisma, Amor, and Block Buster. They seem to have a few similar components, though, which might help. Perhaps I should poke around the Voodoo Blends in more depth.
  13. quikslvr

    Gift Certificates?

    I personally like: Gifttagging ThisNext Both are semi-/pseudo-social as well.
  14. quikslvr

    To everything there is a season

    Thank you for posting about this: it's definitely good news. I used to live semi/sorta in the area (or at least much closer than I do now) and would be keeping a much closer eye on it if I was still there--but even as far away as I am now, I'm still definitely glad to hear this. Now let's see if it trickles down to high schools. The high school I graduated from still has the local famous (long since deceased, of course) chief as a mascot.
  15. quikslvr

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Try 'em now. Much better. Thanks for the assistance on that one.