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    Lemongrass & Tonka

    Sweet, earthy and purifying
  2. zankoku_zen

    In a Whispering Gallery

    That whisper takes the voice Of a Spirit, speaking to me, Close, but invisible, And throws me under a spell At the kindling vision it brings; And for a moment I rejoice, And believe in transcendent things That would make of this muddy earth A spot for the splendid birth Of everlasting lives, Whereto no night arrives; And this gaunt gray gallery A tabernacle of worth On this drab-aired afternoon, When you can barely see Across its hazed lacune If opposite aught there be Of fleshed humanity Wherewith I may commune; Or if the voice so near Be a soul’s voice floating here. —Thomas Hardy Marbled white iris, white tobacco flower, Italian bergamot, white leather, and Mysore sandalwood. Iris and tobacco flower on wet, but it dries to a white sandalwood with touches of leather. So it goes from a very cold white floral blend to a sort of powdery white leather blend. Low throw but good wear length.
  3. zankoku_zen

    Escape from the Autumn Carnival

    Leather, hay, and a whiff of smoky pumpkins. This is mainly a brown leather and hay blend. Very masculine. And autumnal. Perfect for those haunted hay rides at midnight.
  4. zankoku_zen

    Escape from the Autumn Carnival

    Boot leather, flaming pumpkins, hay bales, and smoke.
  5. zankoku_zen

    Tote Bags

    No description provided.
  6. zankoku_zen


    A golden, sparking surge of raw, wild magic: waves of amber, frankincense, red cacao, blood orange, and lavender touched by demonic incense and dragon’s blood.
  7. zankoku_zen


    A blast of mental energy: electric white mint, eucalyptus leaf, white frankincense, and blue-white musk.
  8. zankoku_zen


    Sandalwood incense, ti leaf, and honeyed saffron.
  9. zankoku_zen


    Thick furs, strips of leather, and a blood-stained axe with crushed poplar bud and juniper.
  10. zankoku_zen


    Supple black leather, poison-tipped daggers, and a garrote soaked in pitch.
  11. zankoku_zen


    Gleaming metal, gear oil, sparking wires, shattered glass, and a blue flicker of arcane power.
  12. zankoku_zen

    Strawberries and Champagne Scrub

    No scent description.
  13. zankoku_zen

    Vigorous Dragon Hug

    Burnt marshmallows, sweet almond, coconut milk, caramelized benzoin, and smoked vanilla.
  14. zankoku_zen

    Dragon Snack

    Sweet aged patchouli, bourbon vanilla, Mysore sandalwood, hay, wild grass, beeswax, and treemoss.
  15. zankoku_zen


    A beam of hope for a happier, safer, kinder future for us all: peach and honeyed amber with frankincense, honeyed rose, white oud, apricot, and sweet musk.
  16. zankoku_zen

    Peach Chypre

    This event exclusive perfume blend serves as a fundraiser benefiting Planned Parenthood, which currently has four health centers operating in the state.
  17. zankoku_zen

    Peach Brandy

    No scent description.
  18. Dried blackberries and blueberries with licorice root, jasmine sambac, black amber, and black musk.
  19. zankoku_zen

    Dragon Squad

    Red amber, frankincense, tonka bean, Madagascar vanilla, Somalian myrrh, and cacao.
  20. zankoku_zen

    Dragon Snugs

    Honey, beeswax, pink peppercorn, and honeybush tea.