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    Philadelphia, PA
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    Knitting, tea, my adopted lab rats, SuDoku. Watching Mad Men, Dexter, and Bones. Cooking, reading, movies, bad golf, sushi, flannel sheets.


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    Current favorites: Ozymandias, Aglaea, TKO, Cloister Graveyard in the Snow, Black Lace. Notes I like: china musk, white musk, sandalwoods, rose, citrus (esp. lemongrass and lemon verbena), gardenia, orchid, clove, basil Notes that are typically killers: jasmine, lily, violet, rosewood, myrrh, dragon's blood, cherry blossom, wisteria, wine/grapes Notes that I'm not all that into/usually don't work on me: cedar, sugar, milk/cream, most vanilla, honey, leather, vetiver, teas Patchouli and amber both confuse me. I haven't given up.


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    Aries with Cancer moon, Libra ascendant
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  1. maribouquet


    This smells light and musky/powdery to me, reminds me a bit of Ivanushka.
  2. maribouquet


    Sadly, the ylang-ylang and myrrh combo goes alkaline green powder on me.
  3. maribouquet

    The Maltese Cross of Sanctus Germanus

    This goes very sharp on me, sort of an alkaline/lily vibe. I think it might be the agarwood or more likely the ambergris.
  4. maribouquet

    Mead Moon

    Honey and booze = sweet powder on me.
  5. maribouquet

    agent provocateur

    Wanton! Wanton! It's rose/patchouli love. Rakshasa is similar but heavier on the patchouli to my nose.
  6. maribouquet

    Pickled Imp

    I don't have much in the way of new things to say about Pickled Imp, but I LOVE it - it reminds me a bit of Villainess' Ginger Snapped products, and the vanilla doesn't hate me. I will be procuring a bottle.
  7. maribouquet

    Thirteen (13): June 2008

    Chalk it up to a strange combination of misfiring nose and wonky chemistry, but this just smells like chemicals to me. So odd!
  8. maribouquet

    Refreshing *and* relaxing?

    The Coil!
  9. maribouquet

    The Torture Queen

    I love this - it reminds me a bit of Phoenix Steamworks, minus the beeswax. The drydown is superb on me - sort of a sparkling, ginger ale vibe (though obv. there is no ginger here.) Want a bottle!
  10. maribouquet


    I really dislike this when wet - it's nutty in a gross way and alkaline. But then it dries and becomes a gorgeous amber/musk blend, with a soft vanilla emerging after a time. To my nose it's a warmer, feminine companion to Mort de Cesar.
  11. maribouquet


    This would be so good on me if not for that one note. Clearly, it is time for me to accept that I cannot wear lily.
  12. maribouquet


    Soapy jasmine funk hell. I had to try it, but jasmine is a death note for me, and Parthenope is, unfortunately, no exception.
  13. maribouquet


    wet: mmm, spices! dry: everything! The carnation is a bit powdery, but otherwise I'm really digging Clémence. The patchouli is the kind that likes me, and I love the spices. Can't quite pick out the tea note, but that is okay. Really lovely.
  14. maribouquet


    I recognize the lotus root from Silence - neat! This dries down to a very nice red musk and lotus root blend on me. I will test it some more to see if I can coax out some of the other notes.
  15. maribouquet

    Eisheth Zenunim

    This reminds me of Faiza when wet, which seems odd to me since they don't really share any notes - except maybe honey. I love the light, fruity scent of the peach, but something in here becomes acrid when dry. I will try this again to be sure, but I don't think it's a keeper for me. So pretty and light, though!