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  1. mineralgirl

    Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow, and Benzoin

    Bottle sniff is a vanilla, I do get the vanilla from Antique Lace vibe off this as others have said. The marshmallow rounds it out. This seems like it will be light and have light throw. It's almost just a sweet skin scent on me. It fades off.
  2. mineralgirl

    Ghosts at Aldershot

    Bottle sniff is weird.. I get that powdery marshmallow note, a little mint, a little lemon. On my skin, I get the same. it's oddly good. The longer it's on, the more the boiled sugar smell comes thru. My nose isn't sure why these notes are together but it likes it.
  3. mineralgirl

    The Shore of the Lollypop Sea

    Bottle sniff is like a blueberry cough syrup.. not medicinal tho.. just that super sweet berry scent. On skin super sweet still, blueberry syrup, I do get the salt note too. It's just super, duper sweet!
  4. mineralgirl

    Like a Girl

    On the bottle sniff, I get a sharpness, which I think is the frankincense. On my skin, the word that comes to mind is medicinal but I'm not sure what note could be doing that. Sadly, not what I was expecting or hoping for. On dry down the vanilla finally shows up but the sharpness is still overbearing on it. I feel like I'm not getting anything like everyone else is.
  5. mineralgirl

    Thirteen (13): May 2022

    Bottle sniff, I get a sweet and smoky scent. On my arm, I get the cacao with sugar. I can't really pick out any specific notes aside from the cacao.. just a nice, sweet cacao.
  6. mineralgirl

    Questions about down dates/end of an LE series

    you should have a couple months.
  7. Sweet snow and a wisp of peppermint. Really disappointed in this. I had no idea 'sweet snow' equaled pine trees... not what I was expecting at all .. so it's pine + peppermint. I'm a foodie... this isn't at all what I wanted. I'm sad... that was wasted cash. Darnit.
  8. mineralgirl

    Creeper Dragon

    well, I love dragon's blood so I was pretty sure thiw would be a winner for me but honestly, I got it for the name.. I mean, come on. Ok.. so it's dragon's blood and something a little edgy.. and headache inducing (I'm looking at you red musk) .. I had hoped it would be a little more mellow. I may ot be able to wear this... might go to the hubby. The red musk just has a shard floral edge that isn't working for my brain. I do get a slight whiff of honey.. it's a musky honey, not a sweet honey or maybe that is the red musk getting all up in the honey's business.. I dunno. Jury is out on this one but I'm leaning toward it ending up with the man.
  9. mineralgirl

    Ivory Vulva

    oh, man ... I'm really glad I got this depsite the name. I really dread having to tell someone I'm wearing a vulva scent. I had resisted all vulvas up to this point. It starts off all nutty (the macadamia) with coconut and then it dries down into this magical sweet cream and marshmallow .. this might be worthy of a back up. edited to add - When I woke up this morning it was a sweet marshmallow. I love the dry down on this
  10. mineralgirl

    Lovers and a Fan

    This is very light on me... I can hardly smell it. It just disappears. It sort of a sweet honey on me but it's so light that I just can't even smell it.
  11. mineralgirl

    Mod post: No wishlist posts in blogs

    wait.. what? We aren't allowed to have the links to wishlist in our profiles/signatures? A lot of people have that.. is this a new rule? I'm confused.
  12. mineralgirl

    Some Strangeness in the Proportion

    This went every which way of wrong on me. I won't post what it ended up smelling like on me because I don't want to ruin this scent for anyone.. let's just say it was not good. Bottle is going up for sale! I'm so disappointed.. it sounded really great. Stoooopid chemistry.
  13. mineralgirl

    Cupcake Spatter Pattern Analysis

    Ok.. this is just weird. At first I got a shot of chocolate ..then it turned into an odd plastic-y scent that reminded me of a doll I had as a kid and that was very unpleasant but then it suddenly reminded me of when i worked in a restaurant... the back area where we had the dish washer and produce prep and walk in fridge.... it just smelled kind of industrial in nature. You know like maybe some guy with faded cologne, wearing rubber soled boots and had just washed his hands with back room sink soap.. I don't dislike it even tho it may sound that way. On me, it just smells like that quiet, nice man that worked in the kitchen.
  14. I can't stand florals ... heady florals give me a headache, lavender sends me straight into hell... but I do ok with light, white florals and it's even better if they are paired with something fruity, woods or sweet ... that said, I couldn't wear most of the ones listed above by everyone else. LOL We are all so different... luckily, with the GC's you can try before buying. These are ones I consider florals in my foody world and they work for me: GC - 51, Pele, Morocco (not really floral tho but everyone should just have it), Vasilissa LE's - Tiki Princess
  15. mineralgirl

    Eastern Comma

    You bad enablers talked me right into this one and Question mark (which is coming in another order). I had zero interest in the Metas this year but you wouldn't shut up about them. LOL Wet, it's more about the hay.. it kinda worried me wet.. I didn't like it very much, but when it's dry.. it gets amazing...... I get a sweet hint of orange but not too tart or too fake ,, it's sweet but not cloying or anything. It's just beautiful.. subtle and sweet enough for this foodie but not so sweet that non-foodies won't like it.. it's tempered well with the tobacco/hay but they don't seem overly strong to me once it dries. I like it dry much better.. thankfully.