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  1. clockworkcrypt

    New Year’s Kitty Tea Party

    I'm joining team jam here, which I'm pretty happy with. There's absolutely a rhubarb note in here, not as strong as I was hoping for, but nice and tart, I can't pick out the apricot but I think that's helping, and I am getting a decent amount of strawberry as well. I think there's a bit of a baked good base, but not as strong as say the labs sufganiyot scents. i want to say I'm getting a tea note as well, but on me this is closer to a jammy linzer tart than a scone or pecan roll note, sweet with something buttery underneath. I don't think I need a full bottle, but i'd say give it a shot if for nothing more than to see what notes pop out for you!
  2. clockworkcrypt

    I'm Close

    I'm extremely impressed with the staying power of this, sometimes fruit notes are fantastic on me but vanish in an hour or so, but this is watermelon for quite some time. Fresh on it's straight up like a watermelon jolly rancher, a touch artificial and syrupy sweet- with a very decent throw. Drying down it's one of the labs sugar notes that amps up, the watermelon gets a bit less sharp and becomes more smooth and rounded into the sweetness, it reminds me a LOT of Beware: Pickpockets! from a few years back, the same sort of sugar note, but watermelon instead of grapefruit. There isn't any mint here but there might be a touch of vanilla perhaps, just something lurking under the sugar and the melon that bolsters it in soft wafts through the day. It doesn't have a long throw after a few hours, but has a surprisingly long wear time. It's absolutely sweet, but the dry down is a little bit more sophisticated than straight up candy store if you're worried about that, and I think it would honestly be a good layering note as well. Def worth checking out if you're at all interested.
  3. clockworkcrypt

    Murderous Frogs

    This is weird on me in that it doesn't really hang on on my skin, it starts out with a very strong blast of a very green apple, almost in a green apple schnapps sort of way, a little artificial but still nice and tart. The patch comes out as well mingling with the apple when wet. However this all changes in dry down, the apple dips out of the picture, and a strong tea note comes out, backed by the oakmoss and perhaps some vetiver. And hour or two later and it's almost gone, there's a shadow of a patch-oakmoss-vetiver combo that hangs on, but it's faint, like I washed my hair with a very nice shampoo that doesn't tend to linger. It's weird, patchouli tends to last on me, as does apple, but this is very light and subtle on me. I'll finish my decant, but sadly this doesn't last enough to warrant needing more. Perhaps aging will make it a little stronger, as what I am getting is really quite nice.
  4. clockworkcrypt

    Bobbing for Dodos

    100% Pink Lady Apple, this is a strong sweet fresh apple vibe, not quite candied, not green, not powdery, but something that I'm not as familiar with. I wouldn't have thought of an apple musk as a way to describe this, but I think the pink musk note is REALLY adding to this impression. If you're a fan of sweeter musks I think you'll like this, and I honestly prefer this to OG Dodo, I think the apple does a lot of heavy lifting for the fruity vibe that isn't as strong on me in the original (which I SWEAR had grapefruit as a note). It's very pink and lovely, and feels like an overly sweetened cup of fruit tea on a summers day.
  5. clockworkcrypt

    Bobbing for Jack O’Lanterns

    Honestly what it says on the tin. It's Jack, but with apples! This variant is more of the baked apples note that the lab does well, if you like it in other scents you'll like it in this. Sadly I have the same issue with this as I have with Jack, it smells amazing, but my skin absolutely eats it, it lasts quite a bit longer with the apple addition while smelling pretty similar, absolutely noting that for my future records. The OG Jack always gave me more of a stewed peaches/peach cobbler vibe more than fresh peach, so I think this is a very nice addition, and if you love Jack absolutely check out this variant.
  6. clockworkcrypt

    Pomegranate Cider

    On me this is eerily similar to the 2018 version of Lamb's Wool, despite the lack of similar notes. It's gotta be the same apple note, this is the cozy soft baked apple note I love from the lab, so if you prefer that to some of the fresher variants I think you'll really like this. There's not any specific spices listed in the notes, but I'm getting a lot of spice in this, and my old friend cinnamon is back again, perhaps amped a bit by the pink pepper. I'm not really getting a ton of blood orange, and what's there is contributing to the general cozy atmosphere, and the pink pepper is playing nice on me for once, which is always a nice surprise. My main thing is I'm really not getting a ton of pomegranate, I get a bit when it's on fresh, and I'm sure it's mulling in here somewhere, but this is far more apple dominant on me than anything else, and pomegranate notes usually tend to stick around on me. Overall would recommend if you really want a cozy cider blend, again the apple in here is superb.
  7. clockworkcrypt

    Walking My Daughter to Class

    I don't know how I haven't reviewed this, by fill level this is probably one of my most worn scents, it's easy to throw on and works for almost any occasion. It's dorian adjacent, but on me this has a lot more of an herbal note, with the citrus rolling into that for sort of a hazy green scent with a heavy dash of vanilla, it's a fantastic neutral for that "oh you smell lovely" but not obviously perfumed scent. At least compared to some of the stuff I usually pop on. There's not a ton of throw on me, but it lasts long enough to catch it through the day, would absolutely recommend trying to track a bottle down for anyone who's a fan of dorian, or just for something light and easy, this is well on it's way to being the first bottle I'll have run through from full just for the sheer versatility of it.
  8. clockworkcrypt

    Lavender Buttercream

    I'm gonna be the odd one out here. This is nothing like TKO on me, and for me that's a good thing! TKO hits a point of almost being a bit too medicinal on me, which combined with the sugar just isn't my thing. This however, I'm getting a good pump of buttercream first with a nice swirl of sweet lavender that grows and stays around for quite a while on me, it smells like a nice neutral buttercream in a baked good with a heavy swirl of that fancy lavender syrup you'd get in a London Fog or something?
  9. clockworkcrypt

    We're #1

    A very clear strawberry on me, a little cold with a definite whiff of that little bit near the stem where a fresh berry is slightly under-ripe. There's a bit of sugar backing this up, but not nearly as much as there is in some other fruit blends. Vibe wise this almost feels like what a virtual strawberry would smell like if that makes sense, it's slightly artificial and slightly too cold to feel quite natural, a sweet smelling glitch of sorts. I'm very glad to have a bottle of this
  10. clockworkcrypt

    Marshmallows, Gumdrops, and Peppermint Canes

    I really thought this was Yule 22' not Yule 21', whoops. Shows how egregiously behind on reviews I am. This is very much giving me the scent of those soft peppermint candies, not the little restaurant ones, but the big ones with the red stripes on the outside, it's like huffing into a container of those, the marshmallow combining with the peppermint to really be a dead ringer for this. There's precious little of the gumdrop here, I'm sadly not getting any anise on me, but I am getting the clove. I'm not the biggest on smelling super pepperminty, but if you are this is def one to check out!
  11. clockworkcrypt

    Burnt Sugar & Blackberry

    This honestly feels more like a brown sugar in a way than burnt sugar, to the point that I'd forgotten the scent name, less of a burning flambe, and more of sugar gently heated until it begins to darken. There's a very juicy blackberry that pairs nicely with this, and has a slightly tart heavy throw on me, this is a bold blackberry that demands to be heard, and I rather like it. There's about an equal measure of each note on me, and it ends up like a slightly toasty blackberry jam.
  12. clockworkcrypt

    A Voluptuous Embrace Hair Gloss

    I'm genuinely mad at this, all of these notes *should* work on me, the only wildcard is the cherry blossom, which I think I might be vaguely allergic to? Something in this is going off on me, I can get the pineapple and plum for a minute but there's a murkiness that quickly overtakes.
  13. clockworkcrypt


    I'm unsure if the Jasmine goes to powder on me, or if there's amber in this, but something here dosen't sit right with me. Very glad to have tried, but there are other pumpkin foreward scents I own that I like a lot more!
  14. clockworkcrypt

    Autumn 1990

    I get the bell pepper esque dead leaves note, but weirdly it WORKS in this blend on me. I'm getting the hairspray note (which really is fun) combined with the dead leaves for a shockingly well paired base with a heavy layer of clove cigarette sitting on top, I'm not sure if I'm sold on it as a scent combination, but I love how it feels to wear, it absolutely has the energy of sulking around a cemetery, and there's something powerful about its wear.
  15. Can second this from what I remember about Zonked, I imagine aging has only mellowed and smoothed it out but I honestly have no idea where my decant might be to confirm. Jiaolong dosen't have a cream note, but is a sweet coffee musk which I think might fit the bill, Zorya Utrennyaya I have yet to try but if you're looking for something in stock it might be worth looking at. Miskatonic University on me is also primarily coffee and cream the woody base is a nice supporting level, but I do know some people really amp the polished wood, but it's usually pretty easy to track down a decant of GC's for testing. If you're looking to track down something discontinued, I believe there was a coffee and smoked vanilla duet a couple years back- there might be another note in that.