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  1. clockworkcrypt


    This started out lovely, vanilla and peach, I sniffed my wrists fondly, "Please, more I beseech" But now it's been hours, and what's this, oh no! This creamy peach scent is all naught but play-dough. Poem aside, amber might do this to me, this is very much like O... vanilla and amber = play-dough, but this one is admittedly lightly peach play-dough. Such a shame the beginning was AMAZING.
  2. [No additional description provided.] Oh boy, I'm the first to review something? For once? Whelp, here we go. Right away this is an incredibly floral honey to me fresh sprayed, and feels powdery with perhaps a touch of beeswax? I'm not the best with discerning honey varieties, but powdery and floral are the best notes for this. It's nice enough in my dorm, but I think this would really shine in a house with a lot of wood and sunshine, it smells of the transition from spring to summer in all the best ways. That being said I'm getting only a touch of clove and really no cinnamon from my decant, but if you're looking for a nice powdery floral honey this may be for ya!
  3. clockworkcrypt

    Erotic Vegetables Hair Gloss

    I wasn't sure about this one, and the lovely doomsdaydisco told me to test it on a paper towel first. I'm so glad she did it saved my life. The first 5 notes are great on me. Amazing. Lovely. Right now the towel has sat for a bit, and is a sickening mixture of smoked clove, the plasticky whiff of leather (AKA the leather scent that makes me feel absolutely ill, not the good leather) and a roll of acrid labdanum. This is probably amazing on someone. But I came into this begging for a mossy tomato clovey woody scent. And what I got was sweetened chemicals and sadness. I'm not a fan, but I do hope that I can pass this off to a loving home who dosen't have such a visceral reaction to this type of leather.
  4. clockworkcrypt

    Sinoatrial Node

    This is an... interesting one on me! It starts out with a fizzy sweet lemon, very lemon drop, sweet tart like on me, with a heavy dose of apple. As someone who'se been a big fan of apple scents this year (who would have thought) I can say that this is a bright sweet apple, very similar if not the same one as in Lamb's Wool, which makes it very much a win on me. It's bright and fizzy and sweet, and overall a good time fresh on! About half an hour-hour in the champagne comes out, I think I'm amping it slightly as I tend to do with a lot of liquor notes. It's still bright, but a bit more boozy, and less of a cuddly apple. I never got any ginger. Now, about 8 hours in it's mostly faded down to a perfumed apple with a hint of lemony alcohol, and is very close to my wrists. Another one that's a great pick-me-up but tends to fade a bit in terms of enjoyable staying power. Still, if this sounds good to you, or if you're a fan of apple scents this is absolutely worth a shot!
  5. clockworkcrypt

    Fizzy Jack O' Lantern

    Oh this is odd on me! In the bottle it's sweet, a little pumpkin, a lotta liquor, a buttery sweet cocktail. However once it goes on me I seem to be getting the... labs dead leaves note? It gets a weird amount of pepper on me, than the alcohol starts to burn off, and I think I'm getting the gin in HEAVY amounts. Overall it goes from fizzy ginger wonder to weirdly pepperish alcoholic cologne? I don't know y'all my skin chemestry is doing something weird to this.
  6. clockworkcrypt

    Dead Leaves and Vanilla Incense

    Aging has done this one well, and while dead leaves still goes all green pepper on me, 6 months on I get more vanilla in the dry-down. It's a little smoky, and very faint, I have to press my nose deep in my wrist to get it, but it's there. It's an odd smoky vanilla meets green pepper, and as I have a friend who loves the dead leaves note, I don't think I'll be keeping this one around.
  7. clockworkcrypt

    Theodosius, The Legerdemain

    On me at least this was a watered down dorian, or on me at the time, a weaker version of Paper Phoenix. Lovely, but in comparison to the other two, just not the same throw or potential. Off to the swapping pile it went, but hey, I figured slapping a review could remind my later self not to try this again.
  8. clockworkcrypt

    Recommendations for a single man

    I'm a big fan of mad hatter, but tombstone is also.... nice as hell.
  9. clockworkcrypt

    Smells like a basement or cellar

    The Chilling Cellar. Obvious in name, but it really is an old crumbling basement with vinegars and dryness. Might not be exactly what you're looking for, but I've seen some decants of it around the forums and it seems like worth checking out if you're on a basement tour
  10. clockworkcrypt

    Pumpkin Crème Brulee

    On me this is sweetened creamy pumpkin spice, but heavy on the creamy buttered pumpkin, and light on the spice. Not bad, but I have accidentally ended up with a lot of pumpkin scents, and this one really lacks that little something else that sets it apart from the rest of them. The caramelized sugar intermingles with this nicely, and this is a rather nice pumpkin, and very pie like.
  11. clockworkcrypt

    Travel Buddies

    Refreshing, it smells like a cool fancy lemonade, much like DoomsdayDisco stated. I get a touch of lemony frankincense in here, but its a lot of a cooling lemony eucalyptus blend that dries down to a lemony minty frankincense. It tragically dosen't last very long on me, nor can I detect the rosemary I was so searching for, but it's a lovely pick-me-up and it would absolutely be great for right after a long journey, or a road trip on a summer day. I won't need a bottle of this, but it is quite enjoyable, and if it lasted a little longer would be on the list of possibilities. Travelogue Win again!
  12. clockworkcrypt


    I swear I reviewed this! In the imp it was heaven... baked apples and spices, close to the skin at times, a cloud of beautiful fall wafts in others.... it was perfection.... so I got a bottle. This is the biggest heartbreak. The bottle broke me out into a red burning hive thing all across my throat. I looked like the victim of some garotting gone wrong. But it was post -60 windchill skin. So I waited. And tried again. Nope. On my wrists no reaction. From the imp no reaction. But from the bottle... I smell amazing, but I am in agony. I'm a beautifully fall scented hot mess. To a good home this will go.... to a stronger person. Oh cinnamon. You've never slighted me before..... why now!
  13. clockworkcrypt

    Dead Leaves and Coffee Beans

    I get a bit of that peppery note with dead leaves, so this turned into a sweet coffee and green pepper combo.... not quite as bad as it might sound. Anyhow it ended up going to an oddly nice cologne route on me. Not much my usual taste, but my friend loved it, in their words "I smell like a cool uncle". So not for me, but for the right person... perfection!
  14. clockworkcrypt

    Beware: Pickpockets!

    Oh this is sweet! Fresh on it's almost pure sugar on me, with what really is a neon bright grapefruit, almost like grapefruit candy floss! Drying down the grapefruit takes over the sugar a bit, but it still retains the sugar. It's not too heavy and quite pleasant on me. Even now, 11 hours later it still remains, a candy-grapefruit schmear on my wrists, which is surprising, as my skin can drink up lighter scents. I think I might get a bit of peppermint too, that could be boosting the sugar in quite a nice way on me, that really just blends together into a pleasant smell! (Edit. After comparing to my mint box. It's a creamy mostly sugar peppermint) It's not super "me", but I don't regret the decant at all, and I think this is a perfect pick-me-up scent if you like a bit of sweetness!
  15. clockworkcrypt

    Lucan’s Phoenix

    In the imp.... Herbal Crayon? Something.... weird. On fresh: Lemon! Like a sweet shining lemon smell, quite clean but really quite nice! Within the first half hour/hour it turns into this lemon frankincense lollipop smell, which is far better than it sounds! Update: About an hour in it turns on me, going from a sweet lemon-frankincense to a sharp herbal smell. This fades from lemon lolly, to herbal blast to a nice frakensince dry-down. Frankincense works well on me, so I'm not mad at it, but I'm fine with the decant I have without needing more of it. If it stayed in the lemon frankincense lollipop smell.... well that would be another amazing story.