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  1. clockworkcrypt

    Fate's Jester

    I don't know how I haven't reviewed this, as it's been one of my comfort scents for the panoramic we're all in. I tend to oomph current a slight titch, and at the start this is a fruity buttercream schmeared in lemon drops, over a slightly earthy patchouli base. The patch never goes into crazy territory on me, the lemony buttercream keeps this in a twisted merry go round of a scent, perfectly appropriate for the name. I wore this last year and a friend said I smelled "devilishly whimsical", and I've carried that description with me. If you aren't sure on patch, and like sweeter scents, this is a good intro, as it isn't a patch bomb like other scents.
  2. clockworkcrypt

    Mummeries and Straining-to-be-Memorable Passages

    I've been home for 6 weeks around my mother, who is very much not a fan of me bringing anything scented into the house. Ergo, a rotation between two bottles and a few imps when I feel like wearing perfume, this being the primary one. Mummeries has very much grown on me over this time period, on me it is very blackberry at first, settling into a blackberry bergamont pool wafting under sofft clouds of lavender steam. The rosemary is probably oomfing something else up, but its not super prominent to my nose. It's very purpley grey to my nose, and as with anything blackberry forward smells to me like a very fancy hotel in the best possible way. I think this is a blend that would be nice on anyone, for any occasion, but this one gets bonus stars for being more of a stealthy cleaner scent, a scent for the distant future when you can go to the office, or to a house that rags on your patchouli one too many times. I also think this one would be quite nice if you're someone who is into sleep scents, and I do echo puella's comment, this would be a fantastic room spray, or dare I say, a bath oil.
  3. clockworkcrypt


    Oh this is fun! I don't have the sample with me as I usually do when reviewing, but this is bread all the way on me. Fresh on it's like a baked rye rosemary bread, with a hearty dose of yeast, and some heavy caraway for good measure. It goes a lot sweeter on, and is quite strong on me, I absolutely feel the Focaccia vibe torikitty is getting, with a nice dried herb backing. There's also another note mixing in with the sweetness, almost a cornmeal? It's hard to describe but it smells gritty, like the baked cornmeal on the underside of a homemade pizza or the like, it's an unusual scent journey, but absolutely a fun one. It's an oddly sweet bready smell, but one I don't mind, and if you're looking for a signature smell that'll be greeted with a "what is that?" after a hug than this is the one for you!
  4. clockworkcrypt

    Jennie Rogers

    I really thought I'd like this, and in the bottle it's absolutely lovely, a peach forward blend, with some nice florals and bergamot lurking beneath. It's sort of like the love child of Peach Chypre and Ava if I had to compare it, but it's absolutely different enough in the wear to justify trying it if you enjoy either of the prior. I'm tragically not getting much of the Vanilla or the Tobacco on my skin, which is what drove me to it in the first place. As for me, if I want a peach kick, Peach Chypre dosen't go powdery on me as this one tends to do in it's late late stages, but I honestly could see a lot of people with slightly better chemistry really enjoying this, it's subtle, but in a really fun way, and def fits the inspiration. Not for me, but absolutely a lovely blend!
  5. clockworkcrypt

    Snow Scents!

    If you're looking for a room spray, Think Snow For Me is a really nice one that's available year round.
  6. clockworkcrypt

    Sweet Strawberry Gingerbread

    This is a gooey jammy strawberry on me, backed by gingerbread spice faintly in the background. I'm also not getting any mint, but there's some sweet vanilla backing, and its. quite nice, it's a touch artificial, but in a pleasant way!
  7. clockworkcrypt

    The Drum Bridge and Yuhi Hill at Meguro

    This isn't anything I would have picked out for myself, but an imp crossed my path, so I figured I'd try it. It's all ti-leaf on me for the first hour or so, but it becomes more and more cherry blossom dominant as time progresses, with possibly hint of ylang ylang creeping in there. It's snowy and springy, but the cherry blossom and I are not meshing together as friends, it's not me, and it all seems to be going straight to my sinuses. I'm glad I got to try it as it passed through, as it confirmed some of my suspicions about these sort of springy scents, and I look forward to being able to pass it on to another home. If you like cherry blossom, this is a must for you!
  8. clockworkcrypt

    Honey and Beeswax scents

    Unrelated, but when crashing with a friend a bit back I had the opportunity to test some stuff that didn't work for me on them and let me just say.... I see why y'all love honey now, it goes odd on my skin but on them? Pure bliss. Needless to say they got a few imps 😜
  9. clockworkcrypt


    2019 version This is a lovely note, and reminds me of the snow note used in 2018's Knecht Repurget a lot. Fresh on it's sweet snow, more towards the minty side of things than the snow white side of things, but sweetened up, like someone poured the snow note from Cloister Graveyard over a bowl of something sweet and creamy. There's a blast of fir, similar to older versions of Knecht Ruperchet as well, which calms down and fades behind the snow after an hour or so. It's more of a snow scent than a tree one, but I'd rather see the woods through the trees. I'm also picking up a sweeter kick, which reads a little bit like almond to me, and a trace of the birch, but it's all under a lovely creamy snow note. It's absolutely a cousin to Knecht Repurget, and a sister scent to The Country Gets Wilder as We Go, but it reads a little softer and sweeter.
  10. clockworkcrypt

    Peach Brandy

    I've had this for about a year now, and it's one of those rare scents I bought that I really just *have*. It needed another decant to make an order so I threw it into mine. It's a nice peach, but fermented, like a peach soaked in moonshine rather than a fresh peach off the vine. This immediately reads as boozy, but not necessarily brandy, or at least the cheap brandy I'm used to. Like zankoku said, this reads as an herbal moonshine, rather than a sweet brandy booze. After about an hour the booze burns off, but during that time it's very much like you've splashed a fancy drink on you, so beware if you're headed to a polite society function because you WILL smell like booze. After that it dries down into a soft, close to the skin peach scent, with a slight herbal underneath.
  11. This dosent help at all but I remember it being very similar to paper Phoenix on my skin, so much so at my 3 bottle collection at the time had me swap it away. It's probably not easier to get a hold of more of that either. I know Dorian is sort of a spiritual cousin to it as well.
  12. clockworkcrypt

    Mouse Circus

    I have no idea how old this is, as I got a bit of a bottle from a lovely forumite, and it's absolutely lovely. It starts out very kettle corn, not so much a fresh in your face caramel, but more of a "you're at an outdoor event and you feel it drifting towards you on a hot summers day" That is to say it's absolutely perfect, and has just the right mix of sweet and buttery notes, with a touch of popcorn underneath to really keep you grounded. An hour or two later this dries down and more of the vanilla comes out, miraculously on me with a hint of the labs elusive cotton candy note! . I think the vanilla really helps to boost the sweetness of this, and ground everything together, it keeps the caramel corn note from going off into the deep end, and brings up the perfect amount of cotton candy to really anchor this into a final dry down of a vanilla cotton candy, with a salty buttery scent lurking underneath. The wood dosen't overtake this for me, but wood tends to play nicely on my skin, so I think it's doing it's part grounding the note and staying comfortable in the background, mingling in with the popcorn note. It's something I was intrigued with, but never would have gotten a full bottle on a whim and I am very much glad to be able to have a bit of it, it's fun without being too in your face for daily wear, and brings a whimsical fair vibe to whatever you're doing.
  13. clockworkcrypt

    The Mist was Spreading Home & Linen Spray

    Oh this is not great. This is one of my first experiences with the "bad" oudh, and spritzing this around the room presents a strange combo. Heavy ozone & a dose of heavy oudh, combined with maybe a touch of something else I can't quite identify turn this into straight up choking baby wipes on me. It's chemically, slightly rancid, and terribly strong. Zankoku_zen has the right idea here, DND or halloween, something dreadful coming through the mist that you don't want to stick around long enough to see. It's absolutely not my thing, but if you're into oudh, or enjoy trying interesting scents, this might be the atmo for you!
  14. clockworkcrypt

    Cacao and Patchouli Root Hair Gloss

    Woah. I got this in a mini decant, so usually I give about 2-3 spritzes to equal a normal bottle spray. I misread my label, and used this as a room spray instead of a hair gloss. This stuff is STRONG. Like in a -oh god i might have just hotboxed the house- level. It's glorious, and oddly nostalgic. When I was a kid my brother had this stuffed moose that smelled of chocolate, and this is giving me a little bit of that, almost a weird warmed velvety vibe to an exceptionally dry chocolate, boarding on straight coco. This is a chewy patch, one I'd reserve for special occasions among special groups, or an evening out- the same category I'd put my bottle of Revenant Rhythm perfume. The patch only intensifies as it settles, and I have a feeling It would be even heavier in my hair. It's def something not meant for the casual wearer, and not something I'd classify as a daytime scent. It's teetering on the edge of being too strong for me, and I'd have to try it in a lighter dose, but something's telling me the teensy spray might be more than enough for my personal use, as RR already more than covers my heavy patch needs. If you love Patchouli, this is not to be missed, you will love this, hoard it, what have you. As for me, I'm more of a rounded patchouli sort of person, and that initial glorious phase of the dry cacao is quickly overtaken by the patch for me. I'll be keeping my decant for those occasional ren fair or night out when I need something to pack a punch for hours, but I think a bottle of this would quite literally last a lifetime for me. Update: It's like 2 am and I cracked a window, since a person I'm living with detests strong patchouli and something started SCREAMING outside. I don't know if it was a squirrel or a particularly nocturnal bird but that's your review from the animal kingdom!
  15. clockworkcrypt

    Searching for the Perfect Vanilla?

    Oooo, spinning on graves might just be the trick if the grass isn't too heavy! And the other laces sound lovely as well, it's good to know that there are others in the family Augh, I remember considering this but being worried about the Hay! I have no idea how long the Lupers will be up, but if this is still available by the time I make my next lab order (I'm going through a bit of a testing phase right now), I might have to get a bottle, the reviews seem quite favourable!