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  1. clockworkcrypt

    Miskatonic University’s Pumpkin Patch

    Sugary sweet pumpkin, and the glory of Miskatonic U. If you line the original Miskatonic U, than you'll love this. As for me it's a touch too similar to the original to warrant another bottle but it's a fun seasonal variant!
  2. clockworkcrypt


    Alright alright alright. I'm here to join everyone else in agreeing that this is a mint party, on me it's almost pure peppermint with a sugary base. In fact it reminds me very much so of a certain scent from a brand very much like Grath & Corpse Forge, I'd say specifically some sort of knotted holiday treat? Anyhow, it's very that, christmas in a bottle of sorts, with the labs usual sugar note backing it up, I believe the same one used in Gobo and Gingerbread & Lavender sugar. Now I love apple scents, so right away this was a slight disappointment, but it's still fairly nice! Just not in my usual array, I wish it had something to ground the sugared mint a bit more, but if you love sugary mint, this is a great scent for you, that you can buy year round!
  3. clockworkcrypt


    Ok, so I have no idea how to review this. This was a frimp, and I never would have tried it otherwise. Chaotic starts out as a men's old timey barbershop vibe on me. Than it quickly fades to a salty skin musk that's somehow still appealing? Than about half an hour or so after application I get a slightly floral red musk party, before it dies wayyy down on me. Or so I thought. I've been getting compliments on how good I smell ALL DAY. One of my friends walked in the room, walked over to me, and started talking about how good I smelled. I can barely smell anything unless it's pressed directly against my wrists, it's a pleasant whirl of sweetened musks, that seems to not contain black or arabian musks, two notes which usually stomp over everything else on me. But apparently to everyone else, this is a magical sexy wide appeal smell with decent throw? I might layer this with other smells, but just based on the compliments today I think this is going to end up to be an imp scraper.
  4. clockworkcrypt

    Western Small Foot Bat Hair Gloss

    Come on a journey with me. The year is 1936. You're sitting in a restaurant waiting for your food. There are roses on the table. Your date comes, a beautiful starlet. She smells wonderful, so wonderful. You can't quite pick it out, but sweet and intoxicating, and not at all rosy, yet impossibly rosy. You sit there, she smells divine. It's a touch old fashioned, and just a wonderful cloud. You lean in to kiss her. You taste salt. You taste salt? Skin surely. Skin can be salty musk right? You break away, eyes open, and she's melting around your hands. She's soft and.... muted... and doughy. She's made of Play-Dough. You push back your chair to leave. It falls to mush play-dough. You stagger back, knocking over the roses, which flop limply, and collapse into play-dough. You try to run, but it's an ocean of play-dough, and you fall deep down under, to the play-depths bedough. I received Western Small Foot Bat as a lil 5ml decant as a frimp in a swap, and didn't think much of it. Amber NEVER works on me. Patchouli only sometimes works. Roses are heady, and drown out everything. It wasn't until months later I accidentally grabbed this and sprayed it on my sheets, and oh lord. It's DIVINE. Not bad at all, not even individual notes, but a blend making something that smells a little old-fashioned but absolutely lovely and indescribable. It's a shame that my hair and skin do this fun thing where Amber turns to baby powder or Play-Dough on me. This just smells salty in my hair, but honestly? I don't regret owning this, this is FANTASTIC as a linen spray, and I'll gladly use up the tester making my pillow smell like the sweet scent that I wish I could have.
  5. clockworkcrypt


    Does anyone have any idea if the Crew Neck option tees are fitted?
  6. clockworkcrypt

    Sherlock Holmes

    Alright, so this is not the best review, but I refuse to try this out again. Sherlock Holmes starts off surprisingly promising, oddly smelling like one of the greenhouses I went to as a kid. This burns off into a brown leather fairly fast, not the best note on me. It mixes with a clean slightly aftershavey scent. However this burns down to a bit of tobacco and oddly... honey? Granted I've never smelled rosin, but I swear this is honey. Hours later, this is honey, honey, honey, with an underlying whiff of tobacco. Tragically due to a chemical spill at work, I never got the long wear, but I don't think this is worth a retest, I know this isn't my scent.
  7. clockworkcrypt

    Pomegranate IV

    UGH. I fricken love this! If I die. When I die. Toss whatever remains of this into my coffin, because this is one of those scents that was love at first sniff. In the bottle I get deep pomegranate and chocolate, like some outrageously expensive candy you can only dream of having the luxury of having a box full. There's also a bit of chewiness to it, possibly the tobacco. It's a rich deep chocolate, almost a bakers really, not the sickly sweet kind that some perfume takes on but something rich and full and intoxicating. On me it goes a bit odd for a few moments, the cognaic jumping out before being reigned back in. Chocolate and Pomegranate reign over the rest of the blend, lasting well past the 8 hour mark, a surprising win for putting up with a commute, summer heat, and grueling workdays. It's complex and chewy, and one of those scents I keep lifting my wrist to my nose throughout the day. The throw is also surprisingly good on me, it stays close but pleasantly strong, in a way that feels powerful but not overpowering. Tragically, I only have about a decant dregging in the bottle, so I think this will be saved for when I really need that extra vavavoom. It's sexy, it's mysterious, it's an absolute win. Now please, do excuse me while I go back to huffing the bottle.
  8. clockworkcrypt

    Pumpkin Spice Cathedral

    This is a deep woody pumpkin spice that dries into mostly pumpkin spice with a hint of incense. Maybe some Frankincense in there too? It's pumpkinney and woody and quite interesting. However, this gives me a super pumpkin spice barnyard for the first half hour or so on me, to it keeps this blend tied down in decant land.
  9. clockworkcrypt


    Fresh on me this is nice florals, a little misty, a little spicy, lots of carnation. They aren't overpowering and I can smell the frankincense beneath. This mellows down into a carnation heavy scent on me, and over time fades into a blended frankincense carnation duo. It lasts shockingly long on me for a floral, it's made it through 9 hours of work. That being said as much as I love frankincense, I don't think carnation and frankincense is something I'll reach for much, but I'm glad I have the decant, as it's tame enough for the rare occasions when I wish to wear a floral.
  10. clockworkcrypt

    Smug Yale Alchemy Lab

    Green Green grass, not exactly fresh cut but new spring grass being warmed by the first days of summer. It's subtle and green, with a light sweet vanilla lurking in the background, not foody, and not rich, but playful and light. This is what some little forest fae would smell like, and while non-obtrusive and pleasant, isn't quite rich enough for my tastes. If you aren't a foody vanilla fan but still like vanilla, go for this. If you like your vanillas on the thick and goey side, this might not be the blend for you, but I regret nothing about the decant, and will likely finish it, even if it is just to hoard the sweet grass scent for the cold days
  11. clockworkcrypt

    Apple Ice Wine Atmosphere Spray

    This is apples and this is wine! More of a white wine from the smell of it, and all cascaded in a glimmering coolness that takes it from apples straight out of the icebox to a slight bit more air of a booziness. It's over 90 today, and it seemed fitting to put on my sheets given the upcoming week, but I appear to have overdone it slightly and now my room smells of apples: great: and wine: not so great with my strict parents and my own being under legal age. Still, a lovely scent that I'm glad to have a tester, just know this goes a long way y'all!
  12. clockworkcrypt


    Unsure of the age. Starts off a barely there lemon, than cycles into an herbal frankincense lemon before quickly dying down through a stage of powdery herbs to frankincense herb to mostly lemony herbs with a titch of frankincense. It's less than I hoped for and I think I'll be safe with just a decant. It reminds me of altars and cleansing, and I see why it's called arcana, and honestly this might just end up being mixed into some water and used to clean the wood floors in my room, as I think that it would suit some sort of cleansing ritual better than a daily wear.
  13. clockworkcrypt


    Wet on this is a rich deep chocolate, but the longer it's on the drier and sweeter it gets. On wear this is a sweet chocolate with a swirl of vanilla, schmeared over a woody almost sacred feeling layer. It's sweet and comforting, but not overpoweringly foodie, it's calming, like a bit of a hug in a scent, or how churches must smell to the people of candyland. This was a lab frimp, and I never would have tried it on my own, but if you get a chance give it a shot, it's suprisingly nice!
  14. clockworkcrypt

    Dead Leaves and Cement Atmosphere Spray

    Clean and a little gritty, the slightly peppery scent of dead leaves with a cool breeze, like a cologne of the personification of a city sidewalk in fall. It's clean and classy, and a little sharp. It's a good decant, and I think my curtains (blessed curtains at home) enjoy it, but I don't feel a need to track down a big bottle.
  15. clockworkcrypt

    High-Strung Daisies

    This is absolutely the lab's sugar note, the same one from Gobo, Lavender Gingerbread, Beware Pickpockets!, and likely many more. The blend starts on me with a blast of Daisy and Pink Peppercorn, that tones down into a sugared daisy, with a hint of the peppercorn I love. There might be carnation in here too, but I'm unfamilliar with the smell. A few hours later it's sweet and vaguely floral, with the faint remnants of the pink pepper wafting through. It's as if someone has made daisy infused sugar syrup, it's not so overly floral that it knocks me or my sinus's out. Absolute Keeper! Woot Woot!