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  1. Can second this from what I remember about Zonked, I imagine aging has only mellowed and smoothed it out but I honestly have no idea where my decant might be to confirm. Jiaolong dosen't have a cream note, but is a sweet coffee musk which I think might fit the bill, Zorya Utrennyaya I have yet to try but if you're looking for something in stock it might be worth looking at. Miskatonic University on me is also primarily coffee and cream the woody base is a nice supporting level, but I do know some people really amp the polished wood, but it's usually pretty easy to track down a decant of GC's for testing. If you're looking to track down something discontinued, I believe there was a coffee and smoked vanilla duet a couple years back- there might be another note in that.
  2. clockworkcrypt

    Traveling with BPAL

    Thank you all! (and thank you for the mod who merged me!) I'm going to bring a handful of imps I won't be gone long enough for bottles anyhow.
  3. clockworkcrypt

    Traveling with BPAL

    Apologies I'm sure this is somewhere out there, but I couldn't find a recent thread, so here goes. I'm flying for the first time in years at the end of the week, and I realize I've never tried to fly with BPAL before. Has anyone had any issues with TSA confiscating perfume, or bringing perfume in carry on luggage? I was just going to do a handful of imps in case anything happened, but I realize unlabeled oil might cause some complications haha. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  4. clockworkcrypt

    Mousetrap Nougat Bar

    Alright, I'm not a usual foodie person, but I do tend to make an exception for chocolate notes, and this one is quite fun. When discussing this at release, I was honestly expecting a chocolatey marshmallowy nougat, a la Three Musketeers, but this is instead a heavy blast of almond, which while unexpected, is quite enjoyable. It's less the slightly bigger natural almond, and more the sweetness of almond extract, with a slight hint of an alcoholic burn, all coated in a creamy layer of milky chocolate. It's got perhaps a touch of nuttiness to it too, and something lurking in the background that I can't quite identify. Would highly recommend to anyone searching for a unique sweet scent.
  5. clockworkcrypt

    Frostbite with Polar Bear Attack

    There's got to be some sort of mint in this if it's reminiscent of Cathode, but to me? Straight up Mad Hatter, sans Pennyroyal and some powder. It's honestly just a very smart colougney coolness with musk. I'm not sure how much it helps, given that Mad Hatter seems to be a hidden gem, but the dry down is like a less powdery Mad Hatter here. Might not need more, but am def a fan of this!
  6. Oh I need a bottle of this. It's the perfect blend of pomegranate, the sexy kind of black musk that enhances but dosen't go overpowering or dusty, and the bitter green of geranium leaves. I'm not getting a lot of peach, but I'm sure it's boosting something in there. Like others have said, this feels quite witchy, and quite sexy, it would pair quite well with Fleetwood Mac's Silver Spring imo.
  7. clockworkcrypt

    Peach, Vanilla Pod & Frankincense

    Ugh, this is my all time favourite hair gloss, I wish I'd picked up more. It's dazzlingly sweet and fizzy, with the vanilla pod being a little more earthy and floral than a normal vanilla, which grounds the peach perfectly, causing it to float into a sweet syrupy scent, all wrapped up in a faint hug of frankincense. It's a very warm orange colour in feel, and feels breezy to wear. I'd say pick up a bottle if you get a chance, but I want it all to hoard, muahahaha!
  8. clockworkcrypt

    Red Wig Spray

    Ugh this is stunning, it's very much the smell of greasy makeup, red musk, and cigarette smoke, with a backing of red musk holding the whole thing together. I'm not a smoker, but something about this blend is a little comforting, it's the right amount of dirty, and really does feel like a glammed up night out, with an underlying sweetness from the musk. It's really not an everyday scent, but it does capture a certain vibe, and sticks around for a long time. If you get a chance to try it I'd highly recommend it.
  9. clockworkcrypt

    Fate's Jester

    I don't know how I haven't reviewed this, as it's been one of my comfort scents for the panoramic we're all in. I tend to oomph current a slight titch, and at the start this is a fruity buttercream schmeared in lemon drops, over a slightly earthy patchouli base. The patch never goes into crazy territory on me, the lemony buttercream keeps this in a twisted merry go round of a scent, perfectly appropriate for the name. I wore this last year and a friend said I smelled "devilishly whimsical", and I've carried that description with me. If you aren't sure on patch, and like sweeter scents, this is a good intro, as it isn't a patch bomb like other scents.
  10. clockworkcrypt

    Mummeries and Straining-to-be-Memorable Passages

    I've been home for 6 weeks around my mother, who is very much not a fan of me bringing anything scented into the house. Ergo, a rotation between two bottles and a few imps when I feel like wearing perfume, this being the primary one. Mummeries has very much grown on me over this time period, on me it is very blackberry at first, settling into a blackberry bergamont pool wafting under sofft clouds of lavender steam. The rosemary is probably oomfing something else up, but its not super prominent to my nose. It's very purpley grey to my nose, and as with anything blackberry forward smells to me like a very fancy hotel in the best possible way. I think this is a blend that would be nice on anyone, for any occasion, but this one gets bonus stars for being more of a stealthy cleaner scent, a scent for the distant future when you can go to the office, or to a house that rags on your patchouli one too many times. I also think this one would be quite nice if you're someone who is into sleep scents, and I do echo puella's comment, this would be a fantastic room spray, or dare I say, a bath oil.
  11. clockworkcrypt


    Oh this is fun! I don't have the sample with me as I usually do when reviewing, but this is bread all the way on me. Fresh on it's like a baked rye rosemary bread, with a hearty dose of yeast, and some heavy caraway for good measure. It goes a lot sweeter on, and is quite strong on me, I absolutely feel the Focaccia vibe torikitty is getting, with a nice dried herb backing. There's also another note mixing in with the sweetness, almost a cornmeal? It's hard to describe but it smells gritty, like the baked cornmeal on the underside of a homemade pizza or the like, it's an unusual scent journey, but absolutely a fun one. It's an oddly sweet bready smell, but one I don't mind, and if you're looking for a signature smell that'll be greeted with a "what is that?" after a hug than this is the one for you!
  12. clockworkcrypt

    Jennie Rogers

    I really thought I'd like this, and in the bottle it's absolutely lovely, a peach forward blend, with some nice florals and bergamot lurking beneath. It's sort of like the love child of Peach Chypre and Ava if I had to compare it, but it's absolutely different enough in the wear to justify trying it if you enjoy either of the prior. I'm tragically not getting much of the Vanilla or the Tobacco on my skin, which is what drove me to it in the first place. As for me, if I want a peach kick, Peach Chypre dosen't go powdery on me as this one tends to do in it's late late stages, but I honestly could see a lot of people with slightly better chemistry really enjoying this, it's subtle, but in a really fun way, and def fits the inspiration. Not for me, but absolutely a lovely blend!
  13. clockworkcrypt

    Snow Scents!

    If you're looking for a room spray, Think Snow For Me is a really nice one that's available year round.
  14. clockworkcrypt

    Sweet Strawberry Gingerbread

    This is a gooey jammy strawberry on me, backed by gingerbread spice faintly in the background. I'm also not getting any mint, but there's some sweet vanilla backing, and its. quite nice, it's a touch artificial, but in a pleasant way!
  15. clockworkcrypt

    The Drum Bridge and Yuhi Hill at Meguro

    This isn't anything I would have picked out for myself, but an imp crossed my path, so I figured I'd try it. It's all ti-leaf on me for the first hour or so, but it becomes more and more cherry blossom dominant as time progresses, with possibly hint of ylang ylang creeping in there. It's snowy and springy, but the cherry blossom and I are not meshing together as friends, it's not me, and it all seems to be going straight to my sinuses. I'm glad I got to try it as it passed through, as it confirmed some of my suspicions about these sort of springy scents, and I look forward to being able to pass it on to another home. If you like cherry blossom, this is a must for you!