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  1. clockworkcrypt

    Lucan’s Phoenix

    In the imp.... Herbal Crayon? Something.... weird. On fresh: Lemon! Like a sweet shining lemon smell, quite clean but really quite nice! Within the first half hour/hour it turns into this lemon frankincense lollipop smell, which is far better than it sounds! Update: About an hour in it turns on me, going from a sweet lemon-frankincense to a sharp herbal smell. This fades from lemon lolly, to herbal blast to a nice frakensince dry-down. Frankincense works well on me, so I'm not mad at it, but I'm fine with the decant I have without needing more of it. If it stayed in the lemon frankincense lollipop smell.... well that would be another amazing story.
  2. clockworkcrypt

    Frostbitten Cheshire Cat

    Oh dear. I'm standing in a white field, snow gently drifting down. I inhale. Sweet. Cool. Clean. I look down and I am covered in playing cards, a full suit if you will. In the distance there is a greenhouse, and through the towering walls of glass I can see plants and fruits, towering grapefruit trees, overladen with their crop, bushels upon bushels of currants, just waiting to be picked, purple and blue stalks of flowers, and the gentle sprigs of chamomile. I rush towards it, my paper suit unfit for the cold, and i try the door. Locked. I hear a growling behind me, and I turn, a deep shadowy musky beast rearing up from the snow. I bang on the door, begging, pleading to be let into that herbal paradise, but the beast strikes, and I fall into the snow, drowning and choking on overpowering musky fumes. As my sight fades away I see the grinning smile of a cat, a final brief hint of what might have been..... Yeah some dark musk loves me, some hates me. This is the second, and it overtakes the snowy start and turns into horror. I've gotten no grapefruit, no florals, basically frostbitten black musk.
  3. clockworkcrypt

    Eat Me

    HEAVY cake with a burst of fruity juicy currant. This is a lovely, but heavy vanilla, and I keep applying far too much.
  4. clockworkcrypt

    Schrodinger's Cat

    Clean is the best way to describe this. It's a citrus, but well grounded with the oakmoss on initial application, very earthy and citrus, with the lavender slowly creeping in, until these three combine into one indescribable note, that screams nothing other than cleanly naturey. It transforms on me in a weird way, a little watery, a little citrussy, and honestly just.... odd and hard to pick out notes from but pleasant enough. It dries down after a few hours to a sweet citrus-mint residue, with little throw thought, but it's quite enjoyable. I perhaps get a small touch of cocoa in this stage, but the overall experience is hard to pick out. Like prior reviews have said this is very much not a morpher, and is very soft and clean. I'd wear this on a muggy summer day, as something light and unobtrusive, to smell fresh against the summer heat, or to apply at dusk to create a calm and cool atmosphere. This dosen't have a huge amount of throw on me, but would be perfect for an occasion where anything heavy would only stifle the air. Thinking of it it might end up as an atmosphere in my possession for this very reason. It's clean and non-offensive, if just a touch boring. Overall an interesting scent, but probably not one I'll wear that often. Note: My bottle is quite old, as I bought it from a german seller of unknown date, but based on what else they were selling, and how full the bottle is it's at least 4 years old. This could have mellowed the notes together, softened things, or just overall made it better or worse. I might pass this on, but if I do, I'm likely to keep an imp, for those days where this just fits.
  5. clockworkcrypt


    I agree with tinyopaws, this smells almost exactly like bread-and-butterfly resurrected, it's all brown sugar and breakfasty notes on me. This is a spiced bread-and-butterfly, with extra notes of cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg coming out on me. Interesting, I'm not getting any cream or currant from this, which I was sort-of looking forward too, but if you missed bread-and-butterfly 2018, you might wanna pick this up
  6. clockworkcrypt

    Block Buster

    Ripe fruit, likely apple, but possibly some other sort of baked hard fleshy fruits in here too. This is no fresh apple, it is rich and stewed, and maybe a little mulled. Crowned with spices, and rich and thick. Less of a sweet apple on me, and more of a spicey earthy apple, like an offering to some long-forgotten harvest goddess left out for a day or two. It's a lovely scent, but I have other apple blends that I like and wear more, so this one is off to find a better home. I will say that this blend did help focus, and had very much a calming anxiety relieving effect, but at the end of the day dosen't really scream me.
  7. clockworkcrypt

    Puppet Kitty

    This is more of a general thoughts than an actual review. On me this was very much coconut??? With a musky lavender and some sort of musk, all mixed together with laundry detergent and a touch of dryer sheets. It's not my ideal scent, and was very much different than that I was expecting, but I feel like it's right for some! However, I got ill the day I was testing this, and this scent haunted my fever dreams, so tragically even the thought of retesting this for a proper review has sent me running and screaming.
  8. clockworkcrypt

    Mr. Morse’s Seances

    I'm not sure what's going on here to be honest. I'm in a room, an old study. Green light illuminates the room from the desk, and I go to sit at it. On the polished teakwood table there is an array of glasses and drinks. I reach for the rum, and, knock the bottle over, spilling over the desk, flooding over the teakwood, and extinguishing the gently smoking pipe. More and More glugs out, it's a strega nona bottle of infinite rum, slowly filling the room, rising to my feet and than my ankles, as remain motionless in the lush chair. I look around, but the gentle vase of vetiver grasses has withered and died, and as I watch it falls into the swirling pool of rum. Thick butterscotch clouds of steam waft out, and I begin to choke, reaching for the bottle of absinthe on the desk, but my fingers are slick with rum. My head clouds, and blackness begins to overtake me, and as I pass out I crack my head on the teakwood desk. I expected a lot of this. I love all of these notes, and together I had a certain image in my head. However I'm amping the rum, or maybe that's all that's there. It's very similar to grog, but with a faint polished wood note barely discernable. Maybe I amp rum? It's a lovely scent, and I might prefer it to the more alcoholic grog, but it's still a disappointment, as everything is washed out under a sea of rum.
  9. clockworkcrypt

    Gingerbread, White Cedar, and Gunpowder

    The initial blast is heavy on the cedar, and what I can only assume in the tang of gunpowder wafting in and out. I have no Idea where the gingerbread is, maybe it's adding a little bit of sweetness to the cedar? As this wears on the gunpowder flares up, bursting forth in jets that I can't say aren't a little headache inducing, but they calm down, making this a metalish gilded cedar. Or a gunpowder soaked cedar plank. I've never smelled gunpowder, but something is metallic so I assume that's it. The gingerbread has been caught in the crossfire, being shot to bits, and leaving only a faint sweet lingering odor to the wood, more of a sweetened cedar darkened with gunpowder. This is an interesting journey, and I absolutely don't regret getting a decant, but I have other cedar blends I like better, and as of now the gingerbread has yet to really make an appearance. Maybe aging will help, but I will say: if this sounds interesting to you, try it! It's definently unique, and it's a very empowering smell that I could see being great for an event where you want a bit of a harsher edge to your sweetness.
  10. clockworkcrypt

    Gingerbread and Lavender Sugar

    A soft sweet lavender, without much morphing, only softening and smoothing. This reminds me of the Lavender in puppet kitty, but without any of the other notes, leading for a much softer, sweeter lavender experience. The gingerbread is almost non-existant, and to my nose it smells like a lavender cookie, with a faint lemon glaze that melts off over the day, leaving a sugar-sweet lavender finish. It's so good, I don't know if lavender tea is a thing that exists, but if it it it's a cup of that with 3 spoonfulls of sugar in it. The throw is fairly low on me, it occasionally is perceptible, but this one hangs strong close to the skin, and is a wonderfully sweet calming experience! I likely will not need a bottle, but I will treasure this decant, and add it to my collection of comforting scents, or things I can wear when I don't want to be BLAM in your face. I'd recommend it if you are a lavender fan, but not if you were expecting gingerbread spice, as those are barely there and burn off very quickly with the lemony feel. But if a lavender drink with a shortbread cookie besides it sounds like your cup of tea, you might want to give this a try
  11. clockworkcrypt

    I am Tired of Tears and Laughter

    White lavender, oudh, and Siamese benzoin.  I'm... not sure how to properly review this other than one word. Strong. This is very well aged, and seems to have only grown more potent. I am Tired of Tears and Laughter, and this bottle is tired of messing around with delicate little scents. I love herbals. I love lavender. But this on me at least seems like a bowling ball, rather than a walk in a gentle field of lavender. The Oudh and Benzoin are both notes I am unfamiliar with, and they are rolling over this for me, taking the lavender along for the ride and amping it into something that while not unpleasant is too strong on me in all the wrong ways. I'd love this on someone else. I'd love this with half the power. But I am weak, and lost in the storm of resins I succumb to it. May it find a better home, someone stronger than I... TL:DR It's an Oudh party, and I seem to have received someone else's invitation.
  12. clockworkcrypt

    Pomegranate Grove: Dorian

    Lots of pom, espically to start with, but calms down into a fruity dorian, and ends up in a vanilla-tea with a HEAVY dose of pomegranate thrown in. This has gotten better in the two months the decant has been here, and I expect it to be better with age, but it is nothing that I feel I need a whole bottle of, though I do think hardcore fans will love this in the summer.
  13. clockworkcrypt

    Family Resemblance

    I ordered a decant of this and got it sometime in october. I tried it than and it had a bit too much of a red candy vibe, but knowing tombstone I decided to hang onto it and test it in a few months. Today I put it on before work. And 10 hours later y'all are getting a rambling review Fresh on me it's a whiff of cherry and cedar, with the root beer loveliness of tombstone hanging underneath. I'm going to be honest I don't know a lot about red musk, but I'm guessing that's the sweetness I'm getting from the top, like if tombstone was dropped in a candy store. But not just any candy smell, the specific kind you get from being about 5 feet away from a bowl of twizzlers. Nice, sweet, and vaguely fruity, but not enough cherry to overpower or bother those like me who are sensitive to it. On dry-down and long wear it's a cloud of fruity candy musk, not so much fruit, but the smell that comes from artificial fruit flavouring, on top of cedar and vanilla, with the root-beer mixing with the sweet elements and kind of dying out. Overall, it's a lovely scent, all the fun of tombstone, with a candy overlayering. I don't need more than a decant of this, as I like normal tombstone better, but this is really good!
  14. clockworkcrypt

    Happy and Dauntless and Sagacious

    I'm going to apologize for this review But this is one of the worst BPAL's I've ever tried Overly sweet cloying fruit, wet dog/wet animal scent, and a tinge of spoiled milk. Even with generous hand-washing I still reek it's nauseating. My skin chemistry makes this terrible, far too much wet animal, far too much milk, and artificial sickly sweet fruit. This legit makes me want to vomit, and it's surprising for that. I think the lab's cream note works on me but not the milk one. Good luck to those of you who this works for, as for me this decant is going straight to the swaps and sells.
  15. clockworkcrypt


    Snake Oil was at least wearable if not amazing. But I think that I have the skin chemistry that kills that, and O is completely dead. Honey on my skin normally is kind-of powdery, with some blends working alright, and weird with others. However O is by far one of the worst downfalls of my skin chemestry. In the bottle I didn't get a huge amount other than some faint honey, and on my skin it is Play Dough- SN. Like straight up I haven't smelled this in years and I can practically feel it in my hands. Bletch. At least I'm safe from a lot of popular variant LE's but still a disappointment.