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    Pink Moon 07, 13 (April 07), Fairy Market, Hetairae, Alice, The Doormouse, Mictecahuatl Love Notes: carnation, honey, amber, sandalwood, pepper, violet, orchid, jasmine, copal, frankincense, pumpkin, beeswax, heliotrope Do Not Want: cherry, grapefruit, wine, red musk, cedar

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    A few of my favorite things: bees, crows, Faerie, Alice, Gaiman/Stardust, LUSH, the Armana period in Egypt, mermaids, knitting, Harry Potter, painting, BPAL, pomegranates, octopodes, cuttlefish, Charmed, Supernatural, things that are green, handmade things, ee cummings, the story of Angus and Caer, silence, fog, museums, and knitting.
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  1. isisonearth

    All Hallows Chaos: Samhain

    Bottle 67 was a bit of a wild ride. When I opened it it was WHAM honey and floral. You could smell the bottle from a block away. On my skin it started off with that strong honey plus rose and I think another floral with not an autumnal glimpse of Samhain in sight. After a bit it had a soft, warm mixed spice scent with some nice pumpkin that began to give way to fir needles as it dried. Fully dried down that honey came back in. Overall dramatic and beautiful with a huge throw. Everything I want from chaos in a bottle.
  2. isisonearth

    Visions of Autumn VI

    When I first put it on it was a very strong herbal lavender mixed with sage giving it a bit of extra punch. A few hours latter there was a sweet floral overlay to it. Many hours later the lavender is softer but still prominent and there a a more bitter, earthy element. I started out the morning thinking it would be a sleepy blend but really that isn't where it went. Very unisex and very long lasting.
  3. isisonearth

    Chaos Theory Hair Gloss

    I've been trying to get a better sense of what all might be in my Chaos gloss but decided to just share what I think so far as after several wearings I'm not expanding my review any...lol. I have bottle L. It is a very planty one. My overwhelming impression is of tobacco absolute and something green and sap-filled, I think it is dandelion. The combination of smoky and green it very interesting. I can't really connect it to any other scent I've tried. After several hours on my hair I can detect a soft floral component as well, faint and fresh...daisies? dandelions?. Hobbits Smoking on the Lawn:) I love an oddball scent and this fits the bill.
  4. isisonearth

    Autumn - Overlooked My Knitting

    Bottle: Very fruity and red with a fuzzy sort of edge. I know it it is the currant but it almost goes a little citrus like grapefruit or yuzu. Wet: It is similar to the bottle but it instantly smooths out and softens. Almost right away it begins to have a yarny feel. Dry: It is soft, warm, fuzzy, and bright all at the same time. It really does smell like wonderful yarn feels, almost an experience more than a perfume stays very close to the skin. Overall: This for me is a huge hit. Very comforting but also unique. I'm not sure I have had ambergris before. It is lovey in a very close and fresh, a little musky, almost but not quite powdery way. I'm going to have to seek it out in other blends.
  5. isisonearth

    Shiny Furball Hair Gloss

    This is just a gorgeous outdoorsy scent. In my hair it is mainly a slightly sweet and powdery balsam mixed with a natural and not at all tropical coconut. There is a little something herbal from the lavender but it isn't strong. Where the lavender really comes out is on my hands when I run them over my hair to distribute the gloss. Skin is a very cool thing. This is going to be an absolutely perfect work scent for me.
  6. isisonearth

    Lotus Moon 2010

    Very pretty combination of pomegranate and rose otto. It has an ancient feel to me with none of the bubblegummy feeling I usually get from lotus.
  7. isisonearth

    Rosy Maple

    Wow is this strong compared to most of the moths and butterflies. Berry candy to the max! Once I have it on my skin I get strawberry candy and just a hint of cream.
  8. isisonearth

    Great Grey Witch

    Gentle and pretty but so barely there on me. Faintly floral chamomile tea.
  9. isisonearth

    Paper Kite

    Fresh and peppery. Almost a clean linen type scent with pepper on it. I can actually hardly smell it.
  10. isisonearth


    This one is really a musky earth sort of smell. Way too dry on me with none of the sweet to lighten it up.
  11. isisonearth

    Common Jezebel

    In the imp I'm already smelling vetiver and a musky coconut hull sort of smell. Smoky, dirty sort of smell. To overpowering for me. The vetiver is actually making my eyes water.
  12. isisonearth

    Spicebush Swallowtail

    Spicy and sweet. The clove it so heavy it really drowns out the plum for me until it dries for a long time then a sort of juicy note starts to come out. Like Monarch this one is another butterfly cookie to me!
  13. isisonearth


    Very mandarin and pumpkin in the imp. Odd yet very orange combination! Very soft and powdery on. Sort of a citrus cookie sort of smell. It really does evoke the butterfly to me.
  14. isisonearth


    Not overly sweet but wow, holy chocolate. There is something a little nutty about it too. Puts me in mind of Hersey's bars with almonds.
  15. isisonearth

    March Hare

    In the Imp: A cloyingly sweet apricot with a bite. Wet: On my skin some of the sweetness goes away. It seems to be a very simple apricot. Dry: Slowly a sharp dusty clove appears. It is a strange dichotomy with the very fresh and juicy apricot. Eventually it becomes just a spice tea sort of scent.