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  1. GardenCat

    Mitzvah Goreret Mitzvah

    I LOVE the Lab's honey note, so I HAD to beg Tramp to get me a bottle. It's very fruity and sweet in the bottle, less fruity and sweet on my skin. Kinda sharp - the hyssop and bark must keep it from being overwhelmingly sweet. Very appley upon application, but dries down softer. Reminds me a of a sweeter Sir Hugh Ockram's Winding Sheet (must be the hyssop).
  2. GardenCat

    Bat of Longevity

    Sharp lavendar in the bottle, seems to be more peachy and light on my skin. Dissappears quickly though. But, I've noticed this week my perfumes don't seem to last long. Maybe because it's winter and my skin is so dry?
  3. GardenCat


    Bone-chilling, heart-stopping cold. A close-to-the-skin scent that evokes winter wind and chill. Soft & light, a perfect perfume for cold days and snuggling.
  4. GardenCat

    Cold Moon

    Yup - I agree with the idea of spearmint in the mix, which is semi-evident at first application, but dissappears shortly thereafter. Now it's a soft, light floral, with a bit of soapiness. So far, not a winner.
  5. GardenCat

    Punkie Night

    ooh - a tart appley delight in the bottle, becomes more spicy upon application. So nice & bright! Love it!
  6. GardenCat

    Tiki Princess

    A frothy, cold coconut perfume, pure and sweet, with gentle wafts of plumeria, pikake, and ala ala wai nui. Although it's a "tropicial" kinda scent, it works in the fall too. Very soft like Snow White, but with an edge of coconut. So nice! *huffs wrists*
  7. GardenCat

    All Saints'

    Very rosy on me. Must be I amp rose.
  8. GardenCat

    Huesos De Santo

    I don't get any orange. Just custard cake with some light florals on top.
  9. GardenCat

    Nothing Gold Can Stay

    VERY grassy to me in the imp. Turns dewy & leafy on on skin. Can really smell the rooibos now. Not really my scent, but nice.
  10. GardenCat


    I agree, it was a bit boozy when I got it (2010 version), but today it's smooth and musky. Nicely layered with Lush Potion Lotion today!
  11. GardenCat

    The Infernal Lover

    Kinda sharp & tangy in the imp, soft and creamy on the arm. Seemed to dissappear quickly, but very nice.
  12. GardenCat

    The Madwoman

    This is very floral and strong on me. I was hoping a bit more of the rotten linen would come out (like in Sir Hugh Ockram's Winding Sheet Rotting linen, white sandalwood, hyssop, and dust.) I think I like Sir Hugh better (strange, I thought I was a floral gal & BPAL has made me reconsider that!)
  13. GardenCat

    Thirteen (13): August 2010

    A base of bitter dark chocolate with thirteen baneful and beneficial bits including pimento berry, pink pepper, tolu balsam, bergamot, golden honey, tobacco absolute, champaca flower, and paprika. I don't get much chocolate at all. I think the champaca flower overpowers everything else. So sad, this one doesn't work that well for me.
  14. GardenCat


    I really wanted to love this one. I think the blood musk, antique patchouli & vetiver are just too much together for me. It is RMW, so I'll give it another go another time, but I bet this would smell awesome on my man!
  15. GardenCat


    light and soft, the scent matches wonderfully with the BPTP Oceans/Kisses bath oil. WOW. Why didn't I try this before?