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    Curling up with a good book, watching a good movie, cocktails, barbeques and candlelite, jazzzzz and old school big band especially ella fitzgerald, dinah shore, sara vaughn, frankie, sammy, dean and the like, bpal, philosophy, body shop body butter, lush, travel (and travel books!)
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    Buck Moon, Santo Domingo, Shub/Gingerbread Poppet, Bengal, Hearth 04, Alice, Snake Charmer, Whooperwill


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    Water sign all the way baby! Fish and proud of it! I wish i knew more, but i have no idea how to do it!! I need to figure out how to get my chart read!
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  1. kmasden

    De Vos’ Unicorn

    Pink Sugar put her tushy over the fire lol.First thought, toasty marshmallow. Then the white Musk appears, sweetening the Rose and the peony while the vanilla swirls its warm richness through it all. The lavender is just enough to keep it perfectly grounded. I would love a tiny bit more apricot, it's barely there. But I will say this I generally don't like that marshmallow food type of fragrance and I really don't like roses and peonies but I can't stop sniffing myself and I'm thinking I really do need a bottle of this. It's definitely soft and warm and innocent and maybe a little sexy at the same time. I kind of love it!
  2. kmasden


    Alas, not for me. I love frankincense and clove and was hoping they'd dominate. This is all decaying/wet roses and the orris and myrrh on me. Someone mentioned a gothic type of scent and I'd tend to agree. It's warm and dark and I think rose lovers will find it far different from other rose scents, a good reason tho give it a whirl.
  3. kmasden

    Unicorn Hunt

    I like this! A lot! I apply without reading notes to remind me, and this one was interesting right off the bat. I got a slightly tart smelling cinnamon bark combined with the vetiver. It was dark and really strong. I go back and forth with vetiver the way I do patchouli, I tend to not be able to wear it for long and it really stays true to itself on my skin. I thought that would be the case with this but it wasn't. Instead that nice strong slightly sweet cassis smell remains and slowly the vetiver dies down and i smell the the red wine, the current. I'm left with a strongly spiced, slightly red wine fragrance, that quite frankly is delicious. As much as I love the red wine scents, I've never been able to wear them. I'm not a huge foodie either because as much as I love spice, it can cross the line real quick. This is perfect to me, grounded, spicy, tart and syrupy all together. Love it! Definately ready for fall. I think this one will play well with others too for those that like to layer.
  4. kmasden

    Bestiaire du Moyen Âge

    To me it started as wet tart green apple, so much so that I wondered if it was the right oil! As the musk flowered, it became softer and powdery and I'm left with a soft blue green feeling,the tiniest bit of green and appley bits in the back of it. Maybe the smidgiest smidge of mint keeps it from going too powdery. No pine at all for me. It's sweet and soft and nice, but I was hoping for the pine.If you love that soft skin, slightly aquatic scent, you might live this. Don't fear the pine or mint or grass imho.
  5. kmasden

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    This will sound strange and it's been a long time since i've used Queen Mab - but Ragan always struck me as a similiar feeling oil....not the smell, but the feel....
  6. For summer and hot weather, i tend to like santo domingo, regan, whooperwill, bakeneko, arkham revisited, envy.......i agree with the person who said Josie would be good for summer...i totally agree...i think i tend to either like the sharper gingery bits, or the floral but sweet/fresh smelling (which to me can include lavendar, mint, fougeres, white flowers/night blooming flowers, powdery ambery things, etc.).....tamora is another good one, and i do miss severin...so nice for summer weather (course i'm in LA sans humidity, so....)
  7. kmasden

    Countess Willie

    Wow, one of my dream scents actually....i love having things in a scent that don't really stand out on their own. In this it's the chocolate. I love the way it grounds this scent a bit (at least that's how i think about it) without smelling like chocolate...of course as it's chocolate plum musk, i'm not sure how chocolately it should be anyway... For me this feels like snake oil (i'd assume that's the red musk part and i'm a whore for red musk!) with a darker note and only slightly fruity. I definately "get" the plum/fruits, it's like a hint of what is in midwinters eve, with a little bit of spicy added in from the ginger. This is sex on wheels for me.........mmmmhmmmm GOOD!!
  8. kmasden

    Bohun Upas

    wowow, just as someone mentioned above, this is pretty, dark, spicy, green etc...all those things, without exactly being "all those things"....I was in a rush this morning and hadn't tried this - couldn't even remember what familiy this belonged (matter of fact was thinking maybe it was a tal for good fortune or something hahaha) and sniffed the imp - didn't find it too perfumy or offensive (some things i sniff and i just know that maybe i don't want to commit to it for a workday) and slathered it on my wrists and ran! Slightly lemony to me, and barky i'd say...i tend to like things that remind me of bark, wood, etc...and this does...i didn't get much green (not a moss fan and this was great!), more like a slightly citrusyfruitysaltywoodymuskyish without being powdery. Yes, a tad masculine - or unisex maybe is a better word, but i love all things men so whatevah....i really really really love it! eta: i didn't find it too strong or overbearing at all and for me this has normal throw, nothing "too much"...and i tend to get headachy on anything heady or cloying (even when it's my fave like hearth 04 or sin), so this isn't bothering me a bit - still worth a try for those afraid of that.
  9. kmasden

    Raven Moon

    RAVEN MOON The boundaries which divide Life from Death are at best shadowy and vague. Who shall say where the one ends, and where the other begins? Mournful and Never-ending Remembrance: shining, moonlit ebony musk with benzoin, myrrh, smoky vanilla, patchouli, nutmeg, and dried red chili. And i'm first up - this time i don't really want to be - but i know if i don't review know i'll forget to do it! I will start off by saying that i truly think this is one of those scents that everyone should try...it's special. I'm at a little bit of a loss for words with Raven moon. It actually took me quite by surprise. I think in my head i had made this out to be foody with the nutmeg and smoky vanilla....but it isn't foody in that way at all...what i'm getting most are the myrrh, musk and the benzoin...with myrrh and benzoin vying for center stage....i'm not super knowledgeable about benzoin and tend to think of it as "vanilla" but have heard it referred to as resiny and spicy and that's exactly what i'm getting here. Although it's not spicy in the cinnamon type of way, it definately feels a bit spicy at first and i think that's due to the benzoin... When wet it was almost overwhelming in the "wow it smells good, but almost a bit tooo rich" and i couldn't figure out if it would be wearable for me since i get headachy on very strong or perfumey scents...it also smelled just a tad soapy to me....but that spicy bit, which in the wet phase was almost cloveish to my nose, kept me very interested. I should also say, that while it starts out really strong - it really does calm down very quickly and it doesn't fall into the "gonna give me a headache category". I think the drydown is rather lovely, it definately settles down and plays nicely with my chemistry...the overwhelming part has disappeared (within the first 10 minutes or so), the soapy bit seems gone, and it feels grounded....i can't say that i can smell a lot of the patchouli, red chili, nutmeg etc. outright...rather it's superbly blended and i have a feeling that this rich resiny goodness is truly a compilation of all elements working together beautifully. I wouldn't worry if you aren't a huge fan of patchouli, nutmeg, chili, etc...i doubt those will shout at you enough to turn you off - i think they just ground it and help it become one with your own chemistry. After about 30 minutes it becomes just a beautiful, resiny, slightly powdery, meld with your skin so you smell interesting and beautiful...I can see this on both a woman or a man... In short, i think this will be fantastic on some, and i suspect we'll get a lot of varying reviews on this - depending on what notes your skin amps. Hmmm, yeah, i kinda can't keep my nose off myself...i kinda wanna just snuggle up with it and stare out the window and think about life and death.... Well done!! (i should add two things - 1) this smells entirely different in the bottle than it does on the skin and i'd consider it a bit of a morpher, so if you don't like the smell in the bottle, try it anyway! and 2) i did a normal wrist only application - not too light, not too heavy...i'm feeling like it's totally mellow and my teenager came in and went "wooahhh - that's strong!"....just a warning if you have any sensitive peeps (he's a migrainer so definately sensitive!)
  10. kmasden

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I'll give a very tiny "aye" to this one. I'm wearing it today because just a touch, it reminds me of "something" and i was leaning towards buck moon...i'm smelling my wrist now and it is slightly reminiscint of Skin Musk.
  11. kmasden

    Pumpkin V (2009)

    i love pumpkin scents, but i don't find them very wearable for me because i get really tired of the smell, same goes with apple etc...find in the room burner, not so much on my skin all day. However, this scent is FABULOUS! I couldn't stop sniffing!! I smelled the pumpkin, but not uber sweet pumpkin, perhaps tamed by the coffee, which did not overwhelm the scent, perhaps because it was grounded by the chocolate, which was not obvious to my nose at all - the surprise? For me it was like this spicy clovey vanilla snake oilish (unless that's a leftover haha) pumpkin scent. I love, love, love it!!!! First pumpkin scent that is a bottle buy and a keeper for me! I smell HAWT!
  12. kmasden

    Suck It

    I expected this to be like a cherry devils night or something...which i would have loved...as it is i do love this, and am so intrigued by it....but totally in a different way. To start, yes, i do get the ludens cherry cough drop reference, but how could you not with anything cherry - cherry is just so distinct. I might also add that ludens are the coughdrops that aren't medicincal, just soothing, so this isn't the nyquil part someone mentioned....SO yes, this is a nice innocent introduction for me...fond memories of one too many ludens just because they tasted good, flannel nighties, being sick in bed but being pampered by mom with a hot bubble bath while she washed my sheets and set me up with 7-up (a rare treat), toast, magazines and kleenex and ludens and whatever ugghy cough medicine i'd get later. Next up, i do detect the booze, but wouldn't call it boozy, i think it just walks with the cherry for a while....lays its coat over a puddle for her, and takes off, bad boy that he really is (the booze I mean!) - so it changes from ludens to something a bit more gravely....it is ludens with a splash of brandy indeed...and then it starts building and the tiny fire lit by the brandy initially ignites....that's where i think some get the medicinal/nyquil reference, it's ever so mild, and i actually think it is the booze component doing it, but it almost smells like just a hint of anise or absinthe (i prefer to think hahaha) that is a bit licorice-y...it's part of what turns this into a bad boy...it's so subtle though that you just wonder about it...i don't find it a turnoff and i am not a fan of any medicinal, anise, etc. type of scents at all.... And then i get these wonderful wafts the next few hours, the ones where you barely smell something absolutely delicious and then get to take a nice big sniff...and realize it's Suck It......mmmmm.....I love me some Suck it.....take me Suck it, i'm yours...purrrrrrr..... Yep, i luuurrvveee the Suck It...it's way more than I thought it would be ETA: it does fade forever after a couple hours, not a trace left. Forest at the old black broom lab once told me when that happens, rub a bit of oil onto your skin first where you are going to put the scent so your skin is really full of moisture, then apply...i'm going to see if that helps, if not, travel imps!
  13. kmasden

    Mircalla, Countess Karnstein

    Oy, I agree....for me the fear was that it would be "too perfumy" as I tend to amp some notes and when a scent is complex, get the "perfumey" headache going on, especially with something like orchid involved...but not this baby...it's rich and sophisticated, sexy, yet not overpowering....the red musk is grounded beautifully by the balsam and vanilla and patchouli. Mind you that i'm not a patchouli lover and can easily be overwhelmed by the clove...this is so wonderfully blended....I think this is a favorite that will do nothing but get better and better as time goes on. I wish i could keep a zillion bottles of this one, but i'll have to be happy with just one for now...lovers of musk and spices rejoice...and people that dislike or amp clove, patchouli, etc...dont worry...totally worth trying!
  14. Arkham is the sweetest scent ever to my nose (well, i have arkham revisited, but i think it's the same as the arkham in the collection now)...florals and sugar sweet! Also, the devil's nights are sweet without being cakey...and trick or treat, while foody is a sweet that isn't too "cream/bread"...
  15. kmasden

    Are bpal blends all-natural?

    Very good point!