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    Favorite scents: Honey Single Note is my alltime favorite O Milk Moon Chaste Moon Beaver Moon Honey Moon Buck Moon La Peteit Mort Al-Araaf Red Lantern Enraged Orangutan Musk Smut Venom Snake Oil Sugar Skull 04 Bordello Bathsheba Wanda Dana O'Shee Favorite Notes: anything sweet, cotton-candyish and milk-honey scented. I also love exotic scents that remind me of my favorite commercial scents. Least favourite notes: Patchouli, smoke/incense, heavy florals, lavender/lilac, rose, coffee. Least favorite BPAL scents: Brimstone, Whip, Numb, Djinn, anything with too much patchouli in it... Non-BPAL scents I wear: Dior Poison: Original, Hypnotic and Tendre, Gucci Rush, Escada Magnetism, Dior Addict, The Body Shop Ananya, Opium, Obsession, Shalimar, Demeter Foody Scents like Sugar Cookie and Angel Food, many scents by FeMaledictions especially my signature "Slave1" scent and Hell Scent.

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    BPAL!!!!! Corsets, Purple, music: Front 242, Dep. Mode, New Order, Joy Division, Pet Shop Boys, Leg. Pink Dots, The Cure, INXS, Coil, Skinny Puppy, Front Line Assembly, Edward Ka-Spel, PIL, OMD, Radiohead, James, Cyndi Lauper, Siouxsie, Lena Lovich, Revolting Cocks, Ministry, Erasure, etc., DJing, wigs, shoes, hats, almost anything vintage, dragonflies, The Croc Hunter, Pee Wee Herman, Star Wars, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, forks, Edwardian and Victorian fashion, Bert, Shag art, Vespas and mopeds, anything glittery or shiny, lipstick, animals (especially cats and MinPins!!), bubblewrap, video games, theatre, Evil Dead, silent films, The 20's (especially flappers), London, PT Cruisers, toys, scratch-n-sniff stickers, spines, The Young Ones, zombies, serial killers and murder, Tim Burton, black & white stripes, blue eyes, TLC, cooking, Doom, Midori Sours, Italian food and funny-quirky people.
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  1. slave1

    Single Note: Hag Musk

    I have no idea why I didn’t get this scent it was released... but hey, better late than never. Its gorgeous! Super dark and feral in the bottle. On the skin a dirt note comes to the surface but the base is still that deep, warm brown musk. It softens and loses some of the sharp feral ness. Now it’s more like a warm, fluffy puppy who just came in from a romp outside. I don’t feel anything “haggy “ or witchy about it. Much more beautiful and comforting.
  2. slave1

    Altarpiece - No1 - Group X

    Citrus incense elegance are the words this scent evokes. I feel very elegant and sophisticated when wearing it. Clean, bright and very heavy on the golden amber and mandarin. I smell no plum sadly... and that is always my favorite note. Still I love this scent and will wear it at social events and outings. Would also be a beautiful scent to use in a diffuser to lift your mood.
  3. slave1

    Karmê (Κάρμη)

    In Imp: Sharp veggies On Skin: Wow, this is something I thought I'd never like. But it is gorgeous!! It is very alive and green, springtime to the fullest! I even get some white florals that give it a very "perfumey" quality. I don't smell any of the individual vegetables at all, to me it's more floral than anything. This would be an amazing room scent as well since it's so fresh and clean, it has a bit of a right out of the laundry feel. it has a good throw and lasts quite a while. I wish I could have a bottle!
  4. slave1

    Little Flora

    In bottle: Floral bakery On skin: When I smell this in the bottle and then also on my skin, the last thing I would say it smells like is peonies and cream. It does have a floral note, which eventually does smell of peonies, but it takes a while to morph to that. What I smell when I first put it on is menthol and nuts... and that is not a good thing. I want to wash it off actually. But I decided to be patient and I'm glad I did. The creme note starts to seep through and sweetens the scent. The peonies start to come through giving a beautiful colorful floral that morphs the scent completely. The nutty note subsides and remains a little echo in the background. The menthol also subsides a bit, but doesn't go away completely... it gives a nice cool tone to the scent. All in all it's a pretty scent. It's not exactly what I was looking forward to, I was hoping for a very creamy floral, almost along the lines of Chaste Moon which it was not. If you get this scent, make sure to be patient to wait for it to develop and become it's full bloomed glory. It has a medium throw and average wearlength.
  5. slave1

    Tanuki No Hikifune

    This is my favorite of this years series. In Bottle: Juicy honeydew On Skin: The honeydew is the front runner for sure. It's in your face ripe yummy sticky fruit!!! BPAL's honey note is my favorite note ever and it sweetens this scent even more but gives it a delicious warm depth. The green musk gives it a softness that makes me watch to constantly sniff my wrist. After a few minutes the scent becomes very dry and powdery... not ripe or juicy anymore at all. It still is divine but I wish it didn't become so dry smelling. When scents do that they make my whole body feel dry and parched for some reason... Over all I love it and the sweet green fabulousness that is is. I may try and make a body spray with it too. It's such a pick me up! It has a long staying power and is very strong. People will be coming up to you and asking to lick your wrists.
  6. slave1


    In Bottle: Dark, sweet incense On Skin: At first I am scared... beside the obvious strong incense note from the Frankincense, I get a very dark animalistic feel from the bois de cade and Laotian oud, that is almost overwhelming. But the myrrh tames the beast and grounds it for me. Then the sweet beeswax wins me over as it balances the darkness and bathes me in a warm blanket. Overall this is a decadent, deep and gorgeous resinous scent... not something I would normally wear, but wow, it smells AMAZING on me. My husband has been exclaiming how much he loves it every time I move or walk near him and he gets a whiff of it. I would agree it is in the family of Schwarzer Mond and Midnight Mass (which also actually work on me). It has a very strong throw and wears for quite a long time. Thinking I may need a second bottle. Love it!!
  7. slave1

    A Nocturnal Reverie

    LOVE the label art!!!!! This is super lavender out of the bottle. Sadly that's a note that really hates me. It is very sharp and a but metallic. After about 5 minutes the violet musk sweetens it up some and the scent starts to warm up to me. The musks give it a lovely soft feel, while the other notes darken it and give it a earthy fruity twist. I'm liking it more and more and am happy that the purple feel it portrays amps on me since purple is my favorite color. It has a medium throw and short to average wearlength.
  8. slave1

    Halloween: Las Vegas

    I don't have time to do a full review, but I had to chime in that I LOVE this scent! I wish I had ordered multiples! And wow does my husband love it on me. I wish I could have gotten a picture of his face when he sniffed my wrist. The notes are so well blended and I can't stop smelling my own wrist! Oh yeah, this is a gorgeous scent and I love that it celebrates such a good memory for the King and Queen of BPAL! Happy anniversary you guys!!!
  9. slave1

    Swamp Atmosphere Spray

    This is lovely! I was scared because I thought it would smell dirty and mucky like a swamp... but in reality it is a gorgeous aquatic with clean green notes. There is a bit of a dark dirt note, but it is embedded very deep in the scent as a base, and the other notes swim around it giving it a brighter feel. There is a bit of a floral note that adds to the "clean" feel and adds just the sharpness this scent needs to make it so well balanced. I actually think it has a bit of an elegant feel and I'd love for my living room to smell like this all the time! Wish it was available to purchase!
  10. slave1


    LOLI.GOTH In Bottle: Sweet pink candy On Skin: Nom nom nom... I want to eat my wrist. This is so feminine, pink and mouthwatering sweet!!! This is a candy scent for sure... these notes aren't "fresh fruit" but more their candy equivalent. The strawberry is much stronger than the peach... but they dance beautifully together. The pink musk note gives it depth and a soft velvet feel while the green note cuts through the scent keeping it from being too cutesy or cloying. The wood also gives it more dimension and stability. The iris gives it a very light perfumey quality which again keeps it from being too sweet. This is one of my favorites from the collection and bottle art is drop dead ADORABLE!! Makes me miss making me EGL outfits and head pieces. The scent does fade pretty quick so it looks like I'll be slathering and reapplying often. I will make a small spray of this too. Beth hit it out of the park for this years Bat's Day scents. Thank you Beth!!!! Light to moderate throw, short wear length.
  11. slave1


    GEEK.GOTH In Bottle: Sprite On Skin: I feel like I just opened a can of Sprite or Slice. it's that very fresh effervescent lemon lime soda... i can almost feel the little bubbles popping out and hitting my face. It's not a flat soda at all... I am an uber geek, so I had to have this scent on principal alone. It is quite the novelty, but also yummy and bright. I like that it wakes me up with the sweet yet sour citrus notes that are quite playful. It's a nice scent for a warm day since it is cool and refreshing. The effervescent feeling is so extreme and it actually stays that way for a long while.... i thought it would fade but the staying power of this scent is quite impressive! Strong throw and and long wearlength.
  12. slave1


    RIVETGOTH In Bottle: Pure leather On Skin: Drop dead sexy leather. Oiled leather... nice and supple. I remember using a wax on my leather coat to keep it soft and pliable and that's what this reminds me of... caressing the oils into the leather... warm and soft. It also reminds me of my husband because I make him wear almost every leather scent I find. This is very manly and over the top sexy. Whip is one of my least favorite scents because to me it smells like a sweaty, smoky, never been washed leather coat... whereas RivetGoth smells like a man in a nice expensive leather coat in a peacoat style. Sophisticated and clean and uber-man. This is going to become a comfort scent for me for when my husband is out of town and I want to feel like I'm in his arms. It absolutely swaddles me. Very strong throw and long enduring wearlength.
  13. slave1


    VICTORIANGOTH In Bottle: Rose and violet On Skin: The rose jumps out in this, as it always does on me. Not sure why rose has always hated me... but I am hoping the violet will calm it here because I love the Victorian Goth genre and the label art is adorable! But... florals are hard for me to wear... and the rose and lavender continue to amp. The herbal notes are very green and do cut through the florals every once in a while for a nice change of pace. I also smell a bit of the beautiful purple lilac and the soft violet leaf as they weave in and out. All in all though, it's a pretty sharp scent on me and is very powdery. Like most rose scents it feels a little bit like something my mother or grandmother would wear. I prefer to smell scents like this on them, not me. But I wouldn't mind using it as a room scent. Very strong throw and long wear length.
  14. slave1


    Romantigoth In Bottle: Incense On Skin: Wow, this is much smokier than I imagined. It also has a very tart edge to it... I thought the plum would sweeten it, but the plum doesn't really come forward on me sadly. This scent is "Super Resin" and absolutely very "Goth". I actually grew up as a "deathrocker" (we didn't call it goth back then... lol!) and this reminds me of the perfumes and scents I smelled everywhere around me back then. The opium is gorgeous and deep, exotic and hypnotizing. I can see all the velvet, lace and long silver necklaces we wore back then... and especially our infamous bat buckle boots. Gah! the memories! Yes, this one will be in my rotation, especially since I've been feeling sentimental for those days lately. Strong throw and a long wearlength.
  15. slave1


    GOTHABILLY In bottle: Sweet musky cherry On Skin: Egyptian musk is one of my alltime favorite notes so I instantly wanted this scent... but I was a bit worried since cherry amps like crazy on me. It's no exception here but I like it. It's not like fresh cherries or anything potent... it's sweetened by the vanilla and seems very candied. I was reminded instantly of this cherry lip balm I had as a little girl, and sure enough as it develops on my skin, it keeps that semi waxy note and makes me think of dress up. Very young and very innocent... The liquor and musk notes give it depth and a slight tint of darkness. While cherry scents are not normally my thing, I'll keep this one for times I'm feeling girly and cutesy. It's so fun!!! Moderate throw and long wearlength.