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  1. marared

    Lightning Struck a Flock of Witches

    This one is a bit odd and I've had a hard time putting my finger on it, even after letting it sit for a few weeks. It is definitely cool blue and airy, but I don't really get the ozone or the opoponax. Vanilla is there, yes - this particular vanilla reminds me a bit of Ghosts of Aldershot without the mint. I think "medicinal" is the right description here, but I've never gotten that from benzoin, so maybe it's the tobacco giving that particular impression on my skin? After about 10-15 minutes or so, there's the tobacco - it gets darker and more masculine, but there's still that creepy blue zing underneath.
  2. marared

    The Shadowed Veil

    2022 version: The pomegranate incense is what makes this for me. It's not very strong, but it's there, and it really elevates the blend. The pumpkin and leather are the strongest right off the bat, and the patchouli is an undercurrent, not too loud. After 20-30 minutes, it's mostly patchouli and leather, with a bit of butteriness from the pumpkin and the incense.
  3. marared

    Bobbing for Oblivion

    If you like the original Oblivion, you definitely want this. Apples really elevate this into something beautiful. It's almost like a high end craft cider - smooth, not too sweet, no effervesence, just really good apples. I've been waiting it out to see if the apple turns funky at all, and thankfully so far it does not. The apple has receded after a few minutes and the wood and spices peek out. The whole scent fades quite a bit 10-15 minutes in, but it's still lovely even close to the skin. I gotta run back to the Lab and order a couple more.
  4. marared

    Green Cardamom, Irish Fern, and Hinoki

    I like this one a lot. In the bottle, it's very green and almost swampy with the fern (in a fresh sort of way). On my skin, it's heavy on the cardamom to start, but the wood comes out and the two are in pretty equal balance after half an hour or so, but the fern disappears almost entirely after a few minutes. Medium to low throw - it is not nearly as pungent as Green Cardamom, Oakmoss, and Patchouli, that's for sure (which I also like, but boy you can smell me comin' from across the room).
  5. marared


    Frottle! I normally have trouble with fig, as it turns kinda chewy and nasty on my skin, but it behaves nicely here (after 15 years of aging!) I mostly get olive oil and a somewhat smoky amber, with a hint of honey and a hint of pastry. The fruit has mostly vanished from the scent, so I layered it with Pomegranate Sufganiyot for some extra yum.
  6. marared

    Oda a la Luz Encantada

    This is my favorite of the Liliths this year. It's a bright, happy, and fresh floral, definitely golden as the description says. There was a camphoric aspect to the lavender and chamomile that seems to have settled down in the few days since I got the box. The lavender is there, but the chamomile is definitely the stronger note. The cream, amber, and pear blossoms wash through the whole scent and give it warmth. It's really lovely.
  7. marared

    Read 10:42 PM

    The first time I tried this, I couldn't smell the blackberries at all. I smell them now in the bottle, loud and fruity as they are in the summer BPALs. On my skin, the blackberry vanishes right away and leaves a vaguely nail polish funk that I think is the cade plus the ylang ylang. I am not familiar with cade, but is described as being phenolic. It's not as frightening as oud can sometimes be, but you do have to ride it out for a little while. The patchouli is in there , the vanilla and labdanum not so much. I think this is a blend that will really benefit from aging, give everything a chance to settle and meld for 6-12 months.
  8. marared

    Hearts Are Not Had as a Gift But Hearts Are Earned

    I often amp rose blends, and unfortunately this is one of them. It's a pretty rose - a touch of floral powderiness, but otherwise smells quite natural - it's just so LOUD on my skin that I have a hard time picking out anything else in the blend. If I really inhale and think about it, the pepperberry is there lending a slightly fruity tang way down underneath it all, and there's a tiny bit of labdanum bringing up the back end, but no vanilla, no patchouli, just ROSE.
  9. marared

    This More Than Bloody Deed

    This is a nice, uncomplicated scent. Very definitely wildflower honey - it's got that rich tang to it that isn't in clover, orange blossom, etc. The labdanum does its usual fizzy soda thing, and the vanilla is not particularly noticeable. It's thick and sweet, but not overpoweringly so.
  10. marared


    I was really interested in this and it's not at ALL what I expected. I was hoping for a nice zingy citrus whoosh with the musk, but it's a harsh orange blossom on my skin. I let it sit for a while, hoping that more subtleties would develop, but alas, this is going straight to the NOPE pile.
  11. marared

    A Portrait

    This is, basically, strawberry scented incense. There's no floral aspect that I can detect at all, the patchouli is there but very gentle, the labdanum is not fizzy, and the strawberry is more jammy than fresh, but it doesn't smell artificial and it's not too sweet. I kinda like it.
  12. marared

    Strawberry Moon 2022

    Strawberry has never been one of my favorite BPALs - every one I've ever tried has not worked real well, but they've also been super sweet, either in a desserty or a plasticky way. This is a lot more of a *fresh* sweet. The strawberries are loud on immediate applications, but it turns green very quickly, with the vanilla sugar faint in the background. If this came in a shower gel I would buy multiple bottles. I might wear this more often than I initially thought when I first got it, too.
  13. marared

    Margaret Magdalena Muffinhead

    It's fudgy in the bottle, but the coffee appears immediately on my skin. It takes a little while for the amber to peep out, and the cardamom mostly just holds the scent together rather than being a noticeable ingredient, but this is mostly cocoa-tinged coffee on me - and I am totally okay with this. It's a somewhat dry scent, and it lasts several hours, but it doesn't have a lot of throw. I particularly like dabbing it in my hair and getting a nice whiff when I take it down after work.
  14. marared


    Frottled in an order. Bright, fresh, agree that that's probably rose geranium, might be bergamot too. Not sure what the underlying sweet note is but probably floral. I might dab this on my wool dryer balls, but I don't think I'll wear it for myself.
  15. marared

    Pleasure Abundant

    Starts out as loud powdery orange blossom, but morphs pretty drastically over the course of 10-15 minutes through the amber and into a very frankincense-forward with the orange blossom entwined underneath. Surprisingly, it doesn't end up as powdery as I expected. It's also not nearly as loud as it was at first. Basically, don't let the opening salvo scare you off - let it sit on your skin for a while and see if it's more to your liking.