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    In no particular order and varying levels of love-Mouse Circus, My Sweetest Lesbia, Les Bijoux, Snake Oil, The Light of Men's Lives, Ushi, Dragon's Tears, Wanda, Rumpelstilzchen, Rage, Womb Furie, Golden Priapus, Satyr, Endymion, Dormouse, Katrina Van Tassel, Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat, Death Cap, Bow and Crown of Conquest, Somnus, Tombstone, Morocco, Nosferatu, The Sea Foams Milk, Eau de Ghoul, Yorick, How Doth the Little Crocodile, Tis the Voice of the Lobster, Les Infortunes de la Vertu, Philologus, Neutral, Bard, Gnome, Ranger, Rogue, Druid, Mage, A Shadow in the Elevator, All That I Possess, Indulgence, Alan McMichael, Crimson Peak, Mother Ghost, Midnight Mass, Woods in Winter, The First Encounter, The Nutcracker, Lyonesse, Sherlock Holmes

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  1. madscientistdh

    RPG Combos

    Doing a Pathfinder campaign soon with a Chaotic Neutral Halfling Ranger, so I decided to try a swipe of each of those on my wrists tonight and see how they meld. So far it's very evocative of wildflower fields, soft leather, and warm spiced oatmeal. Perfect!
  2. madscientistdh

    Pop-Out Eyeball Glasses Hair Gloss

    Such a bright fizzy scent! The sparkling quality of the champagne notes is beautifully complimented by the sweetness of the berry fruit and the bright zest of the lemon. I'm loving this! However, I'm very upset by the fact that I decided to try this one after having received a frimp of it, because now I love it, would be sad if I ran out, and I want to try the others in this line now. Oh, BPTP. ETA: the boyfriend is allergic to it, oh no! Guess I'll have to wear it when he's not around...
  3. madscientistdh

    BPTP & BPAL Layering Combos!

    In my recent adventures with Yules, Shiny Furball HG layered with In the Wild North got me some compliments. I also liked A Tight-Fisted Hand at the Grindstone HG layered over The Little Wooden Doll.
  4. madscientistdh

    A Tight-Fisted Hand at the Grindstone Hair Gloss

    This is an herbal reedy wood with a soft brown leather undertone. I do see the resemblance to anise, but to my nose it more closely resembles fennel. Unusual but nice, I'd definitely wear this for a wood nymph or elf/halfling costume.
  5. madscientistdh


    Well, I had to get a decant, of course; my middle name is Aurora. That being said, this scent never stopped reminding me of my grandfather's Barbasol. Not sure how I feel about smelling like him, but it's a clean unisex bordering on masculine scent, for me.
  6. madscientistdh


    Okay. This is the first cinnamon/cassia blend that has actually been painful on my skin. Mostly my chest. That being said, it would be a lovenily gentle room smell when used in moderation. I smell like those cinnamon oil soaked brooms they sell around autumn... the pain is enough to make me want to wash it off though. Be forewarned if you have doubts about having sensitive skin. On the bright side, my co-worker complemented my scent. I think I smell like the old cigar box I have in storage, mixed with cinnamon spice tea and a touch of something creamy. This scent mellowed nicely over time, but my chest is still uncomfortably warm and pink where it was washed off four hours ago
  7. madscientistdh

    Sleepytime BPAL

    Whilst looking for lavender-based relief from cramps, I tested Shiny Furball HG on the backs of my hands, and I find it really soothing. I could definitely sleep to this... and since I usually sleep with my hands near my face, it's perfect.
  8. madscientistdh

    Taurus 2016

    The first time I tried this, it was just as floral-heavy as I was worried it would be. It had great throw and great staying power, as it overwhelmed well into the night and nearly stayed through my shower the next morning. I'd hoped the patchouli, sandalwood, and pepper would have asserted themselves in this blend, but my skin really just kind of projected FLORAL with maybe a touch of woodiness underneath. None of my beloved patchouli stood out. The combination of florals really reminded me of my mother though, with her jasmine hair oil and ylang ylang rollerballs. I blind-bought a bottle with high hopes because I'm a Taurus (and because my birthday was the upcoming Friday the 13th so it felt like a sign to BUY ALL THE SCENTS) but I don't think it's my cup of tea. I think I'd enjoy an earthy/herbal-focused Taurus better, myself. Maybe some mellowing will do it good? I'll be back when I can brave another skin test.
  9. madscientistdh

    Looking for any Harry Potter scent recommendations

    Villain for Slytherin not just because of the Death-Eaters and their kind, but because I find it a very regal, refined scent. Like old money, hunger for power. Highwayman and Kataniya the Clockwork Woman also seem appropriate to me. Hufflepuff, something herbaceous (for the herbology aspect), friendly and comforting. Alecto? Baba Yaga? Aureus? The Apothecary? Death Cap? Probably quite a few in the Rappaccini's line. Ravenclaw I think should be a studious scent with parchment and soft book leather. Maybe even candlewax. I'm definitely biased because I'm a Ravenclaw, but The Light of Men's Lives and Philologus are some of my picks. (Luna Lovegood is a Ravenclaw, and I could see her wearing something lavender based like Somnus, or Cheshire Cat or something intriguing like Tis The Voice of the Lobster) Gryffindor would be a golden warm, bold scent, always up for adventure. Maybe Coyote? My Gryffindor friend loves Satyr, if that means anything. I second the recommendation for Lyonesse. I'm sure I'll come back to this thread with ideas, I'm kind of a Potterhead haha
  10. madscientistdh

    Statistically Favorite Scent

    These are the notes that came up more than once among my top 12 favorites. Musks- 8 (red, blood, skin, sexual, egyptian, white) Dragon's Blood-3 Patchouli- 3 Myrrh- 3 Rose/Rosewood- 3 Tea- 3 Myrtle- 2 Leather- 2 Herbs-2 Amber-2 Honey-2 Pear- 2 Vanilla- only one?? What? I'm surprised there aren't more foody-clean ones on this list, to be honest.
  11. madscientistdh

    BPAL for Costume Parties, Halloween Costumes

    I'll be Mad Max on Friday, and a Harry Potter themed character on Saturday for a local event Mad Max seems like Coyote or Miles would fit him, and as for the other character I could probably get away with just about anything... Probably going with Witch's Garden. Thoughts? ETA- Maybe Miles would be too... clean for Max. Probably will go with Fighter, from the RPG line. For my unnamed witch character, Baba Yaga or Crossroads might also be nice...
  12. madscientistdh


    Upon application, I have violet, calla lily and geranium at the forefront. Strange, almost medicinal sweetness, definitely perfumey and softly powdery to my nose, reminds me of what an old woman's purse might smell like. A tad vanillic, too, perhaps even starchy. In the crook of my arm versus my wrist, the tea rose is more prominent and makes it prettier, rounds it out more nicely. I like the smell of it everywhere but my wrists Must just be where my blood flow warms my skin more, that allows the scent to morph in that regard, whereas my wrists are a tad cooler. My chest is quite lovely clean soapy florals. Personally not really digging the medicinal factor, but I'm not sure quite where it's coming from. Muguet? I can definitely sense the sweet wistfulness in this scent though, my impression of an old woman's purse might not be too far off.
  13. madscientistdh

    Self-Portrait With Puffy Stickers

    Not a full review yet, but just wanted to note that when I first traveled to work wearing this, I worried that I smelled too much like a light beer! And that stage continued for most of the morning. Wonderful little scent though, it might be the grassiness combined with the sweetness.
  14. madscientistdh

    Recs for Role-Playing Games (RPG), LARP and Cosplay

    Recommendations for Black Cat of Marvel? One of Spidey's exes, you know.
  15. madscientistdh

    BPAL for Costume Parties, Halloween Costumes

    Hmm, so, upcoming convention this weekend and I need to decide on scents (preferably GC's) that go with my costumes- Marie Mjolnir from Soul Eater: Embodiment of Thor's hammer (for which she's named), somewhat motherly in nature (I thought of Lightning and I also own an imp of Kataniya the Clockwork Woman, and a number of Steamworks scents) Rao (Tsuzurao) from Okami: *spoiler alert* a priestess turned ninetails fox demon (I was thinking perhaps Kumiho or Kitsune-Tsuki) Wufei from Gundam Wing: asian pilot of a giant robot guy, very arrogant and proud. (perhaps Shanghai?)