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  1. SadariEvenstar

    Virgo Snowball Fight

    Brian: “Our first morning in Salzburg, I wake up to the sound of something thudding against the window. I look outside, and Lilith is out in the snow throwing snowballs at our door. So, I put on all my snow gear – mittens, hat, boots, overcoat, the whole pile of stuff – as fast as I can, and I go outside and I realize this kid is in her just in her long johns and her mom’s snow boots, standing in the snow laughing. Beth comes out yelling for her to put her snow clothes on and to get out of Beth’s boots because she was getting snow in them. She gets changed, and we run around snowball fighting. “There’s another story – an inside joke – that if my feet get cold wherever we are, we have to go home. But I’ll save that for another time.” Lilith: “You can’t tell in the picture, but I’m in my jammies here under my coat and stuff. Me and Unkie had a snowball fight. We tried to build a snowman, but it very much failed. Unkie got me a lot with the snow, but I got him back!” A scent the color of the sun rising over Lake Fuschl: a joyful lemon ginger cologne with a touch of bay leaf and white tea.  This is so bright and refreshing! It really feels like watching my girls pelt each other with snowballs and way to fucking early to be up o'clock in the morning. Bottled youthful energy. It's going to be fabulous to wear in the summer.
  2. SadariEvenstar

    Lilith De Milo

    A lesser-known work of art in vibrant 21st century polychrome: vanilla cream, coconut, fossilized amber, and white sandalwood.  This is absolutely stunning. It reminds me a bit of Obatala, but *fancy*. I wouldn't call this a foodie perfume at all. It's classy and mature.
  3. SadariEvenstar

    Fuck This Heat

    What global warming? Slivers of ice to cool things down, lavender and hops flower to soothe the nerves. Proceeds benefit getting the goddamn AC fixed in the front parlor at BPAL so Teddy and Claire dont sweat to death and we dont roast people alive at Lunacy. Literally everything I never knew I needed in a hot weather perfume. Cold, minty ice, herbal lavender that doesn't go to soap, and a gentle hoppiness. I love it and I'm going to need backups.
  4. SadariEvenstar

    Luke 10:25-37

    On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus. “Teacher,” he asked, “what must I do to inherit eternal life?” “What is written in the Law?” he replied. “How do you read it?” He answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’[c]; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’” “You have answered correctly,” Jesus replied. “Do this and you will live.” But he wanted to justify himself, so he asked Jesus, “And who is my neighbor?” In reply Jesus said: “A man was going down from Jerusalem to Jericho, when he was attacked by robbers. They stripped him of his clothes, beat him and went away, leaving him half dead. A priest happened to be going down the same road, and when he saw the man, he passed by on the other side. So too, a Levite, when he came to the place and saw him, passed by on the other side. But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him. He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him. The next day he took out two denarii[e] and gave them to the innkeeper. ‘Look after him,’ he said, ‘and when I return, I will reimburse you for any extra expense you may have.’ “Which of these three do you think was a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of robbers?” The expert in the law replied, “The one who had mercy on him.” Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise.” Go and do likewise: golden amber and saffron, white sandalwood, and clove. This is gorgeous, warm and spicy, the clove and amber take center stage here. There's something in there that reminds me of Dr. Pepper without it actually smelling like Dr. Pepper, if that makes any sense. It's long lasting and just so wonderful.
  5. SadariEvenstar

    Drag is for Everyone

    I can see why this is meant to be a layering scent. It feels unfinished on its own. It's musky and a bit sharper than I wanted it to be. As with most people, I think some age and some experimentation will be good for this one.
  6. SadariEvenstar

    Blue Unicorn Moon

    I love this! It's the first blueberry bpal that hasn't gone sour on my skin! High five, Lady Lilith!
  7. SadariEvenstar

    Frostbitten Bliss

    Sneezy. Whatever makes me sneeze in Snow White, is present in this too. I'm glad I got to try it, it's pretty, but my allergies can't stand it.
  8. SadariEvenstar

    Blueberry Pumpkin Muffins Hair Gloss

    This is so good. On my skin both pumpkin and blueberry can go wonky on my skin, but not so with it in my hair! Everyone who smelled it yesterday loved it.
  9. SadariEvenstar

    Dead Leaves and Burnt Marshmallows Hair Gloss

    This is Dead Leaves and...... dead leaves to my nose. I don't smell any marshmallow, burnt or not. The leaf note is lovely, but I was really hoping for the burnt marshmallow to shine.
  10. SadariEvenstar

    Canis Major

    Embracing the brightest fire burning in the canopy of night, Canis Major hunts Lepis eternally as he dances with galactic clusters of his sister stars. Star-speckled brown fur and hay. This smells so good. So freaking good. Minty, musky, super wearable. I love it. Oudh? I think that's oudh, and some pine maybe? There's vanilla in there. I can smell it really well on the dry down. Though some of that might be coming from my hair. I don't know there's a lot going on here, but it comes together to perfection.
  11. SadariEvenstar

    Pumpkin Brownies

    Swirled with caramel and topped with sour cream frosting. A pumpkin I can wear! This is so delicious and not a drop of spices to make it smell like a candle. eta: There is a little bit of something that smells a little spicy as it dries down, but it doesn't really smell like cinnamon. Anyway, I decided to take one for the team and slathered it on my inner elbows directly after a bath. No reaction! I get massive painful welts from cinnamon, especially when I'm fresh from the shower, so I don't think this is cinnamon I'm detecting. I have no idea what it is though.
  12. As far as mint, I really love Anesthesia from the Gaiman section, A scent that slips through the cracks: peppermint, lavender, bergamot, and mandrake. It's gentle and minty and really calming.
  13. SadariEvenstar

    Fall 2017 Switch Witch Help

    Amazon wishlist: http://a.co/7W8RSXx 10/3/17 Witchee, would you like anything from the Trading Post Halloween update? https://blackphoenix...y/weenies-2017/ Ummmm, I'm probably going to get a bunch of decants of hair glosses. I'd love to try Desolate Farm House and Forgotten Churchyard. 10/1/17 Awesome farmer's market by my house. They have a local honey stand (which also sells things made from local honey like Propolis tincture!); there's a small apothecary and she additionally makes soaps and hand-made, hand-poured scented candles; plus a guy that makes an array of BBQ and Hot Sauces. Does ny of this appeal? Would you like anything from my local farmer's market? Honey all the things! Smolder Cosmetics. Do any of their products (glitter, eye dusts etc) appeal to you? https://smoldercosmetics.com Anything from Strobe Cosmetics (http://strobecosmetics.com)? How would you feel about getting Hello Kitty stuff? Hello Kitty is cool. Would you like to get some favorite recipes? Recipes are awesome. Would you like anything from my shop? https://www.etsy.com/shop/LisaNut? 9/30/17 Would you like anything from the Haus of Gloi Fall Part II update? https://www.hausofgl...ween-scent-list Apple Milk! Scarecrow! 9/27/17 How do you feel about these little guys? I think they're adorable and kind of want them all, but especially the ghost and pirate ones. https://lovemomiji.c...imited-editions 9/26/17 Witchees, do you want anything specifically from this page? Mitts, hat, shawls, unicorn... http://iceweasel.net/switchwitch/ What are your top three most wanted DC'd or previous LE BPALs? Yvaine, The Macabray, SN Honeysuckle What are some things you do NOT want to receive? Coffee. Live spiders. Ebola. is there anything from here that you might be interested in getting a print (or pillow/make-up case/etc) of? http://www.blackabbeystudios.com/store The Reader Claire's has some super cute Halloween stuff. In the style of Haunted Mansion - black lace collars, lace and sparkle masques and the like. A few items in Dias de los Muertos style. Would you be interested in such things? Would you be interested in anything from Orange Thyme? https://shoporangethyme.com/If so, which products/scents/flavors? 9/25/17 Anyone like/want calendars or dayplanners? I have a 2018 corgi calendar on my amazon wishlist that I need! If you like stationery, do you like plain, colors, images, or specific DON'T LIKES? What about general desk stuff like cool colored paperclips and post it pads? Would anyone be interested in having any of Abigail Larson's artwork (either as a print or on something, like a pillow, blanket, or t-shirt)? https://society6.com/abigaillarson Yes! I love her art work! I mentioned a specific print in my questionnaire (Summer) but it's hard to go wrong. I have the All Hallows Read print. Monster in the Closet is adorable. 9/24/17 do you collect the art cards that BPAL sends out? Any in particular that you are looking for or definitely don't need? Do you like this beautiful art, and she makes stickers and prints...SOOOO gorgeous: https://www.shannatr...om/paperprints/ Favorite animals or wild creatures or mythological creatures? Corgis, capyberas, dragons, horses, foxes, turtles would you like any swag from the Depeche Mode concert? (pins, posters, shirts, program, dunno what they'll have!) No Is anyone interested in the new Resistance scents that the Lab just released (Take a Knee and SN: Flor de Maga)? Take a Knee is right u my alley. Is anyone here into zero waste, plastic free living, urban homesteading, or any simplicity/minimalism-esque lifestyles? If so, could you use any tools or equipment? 9/23/17 Are you interested in anything from Bath & Bodyworks? Which products and scents do you like? www.bathandbodyworks.com/ No, thank you. I am possibly going to a crystal / gem show tomorrow. I can't afford expensive gem stones, but... What kind of crystals would you like? Colorful! Pumpkin or Zucchini bread? Yes What kind of homemade cookies are your favorite? Could you use a muscle rub? (We make ours on the lunar cycle and it has menthol, wintergreen, habanero, cayenne, olive oil, st. john's wort, arnica, beeswax, calendula, and ginger. It tingles. We call it "Thunder Butter". If you have really really super sensitive skin, I would recommend against it. And don't take a hot shower or open all of your pores before using it.) I have super sensitive skin so that's a no. Interested in trying some of our rose petal (rose petals, sugar, everclear) or lavender vanilla bean (lavender, vanilla bean, vodka) liqueur? ooo, yes Want some honey from the bees on our property? Yes Would you like some homemade jam? I have blackberry, rose petal, strawberry rhubarb, peach, and cherry. Rose petal or blackberry would be lovely. How about some homemade candied jalapenos with garlic cloves? I have regular and with habanero. Regular sounds yummy. I didn't dry any apples this year but I was thinking of heading over to Green Bluff and seeing if any honeycrisps are left. I have a commercial dehydrator so let me know if you are interested in any "Apple Crips" (as voodoocatwoman calls them!) I wash, peel, core, and slice before dehydrating. My kids would love those. Do you need any kind of dice bag, tote, project bag, cosmetic bag, pencil bag, or whatever? I have lots of bag patterns and fabric. We make bags under the name Twinkle N Twilight. Or how about a couple of pillowcases? Pillowcases would be super fun! 9/22/17 Would my witchee like this to warm up the fall coffee cup?? https://www.truelemo...gory-s/1871.htm do you like to take baths? if so, do you like oils, salts, things that fizz, all of the above, none of the above? What style/make/etc of phone do you have? What about size of tablet? Laptop? Would you like decals, skins, or cases for any of these? I have an ipad that would use some kind of protective covering. 9/21/17 See's Candy. My absolute favorite. They have special Halloween candy..any of these pique your interest?? Cinnamon Apple Scotch Mallows, Pumpkin spice truffles, pumpkinspice lollypops, caramel apple lollypops, or any other of their chocolates, etc? Cinnamon Apple Scotch Mallows sound amazing as do the caramel apple lollypops. I haven't gotten a chance to looking them up, but I love chocolate so it's hard to go wrong there. 9/20/17 Do you like Broadway shows/music? If so what are some of your favorites and/or ones that you hope to see or listen to eventually? Would you like merch from your favorite shows or CDs from shows you want to listen to? I've been loving Hamilton for quite a while now. I'm heading to NYCC in October! Is there anything I can get my Witchee while I'm there? bpal wise, Apples, 3,6,and 7 all caught my eye. I super want to try the apple marshmallow HG. I'm going to Edmonton Expo this weekend (It's Edmonton's version of comic con). Would a witchee like anything from there? Anything catch your eye from this site (globalgirlfriend.com)? Do you have any favorite, lesser-known stores? Especially ones that sell hand-crafted or independently made items. Ten Thousand Villages Imagine you're going to the most gigantic art & craft show imaginable, and money is no object - what kind of things would you gravitate towards and probably spend money on? Include as specific as you want to get! 9/19/17 Are you interested in anything from Think Geek? http://www.thinkgeek.com I really want this wallet: https://www.thinkgeek.com/product/jmko/ Do you have something you wish you put on your original questionnaire/forgot to put/would like to add on to? Any additional misc. information about yourself you want your Witch to know? (I think this was on the survey, but again if there's something that you forgot...) If you could decorate your house (or one room) in any one theme, what would it be? Your answer can be as simple ("Star Wars" or "Baroque" or "Modern"), or complicated or a combination (e.g. Victorian Gothic) as you feel best fits. Clean? Naturey? Aprons: Do you wear them, do you want one? Utility, decorative, cooking or crafting? That could be fun! BTW, would my witchee be interested in something like this? (photo of black and white striped knitted doll) 9/18/17 It seems like there's a question about socks on the questionnaire, but I don't think it got down to this level: Do you wear them? Any particular style (crew length, knee high, anklet, boot, etc.) or fiber (wool, cotton, bamboo anything but wool, etc.) preference? I like socks! I especially love silly or colorful socks. I tend to wear anklet of crew length. Nothing too rough of uncomfortable. Would you be open to previously-loved books? Always fine. What about partial-full bottles of BPAL or BPTP? Totally fine! So what are your favorite fandoms? Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Yuri on Ice, Rupaul's Drag Race... 9/17/17 I'm in France at the moment, is there anything here you might like? I'm in Provence, the land of lavender, so if you like that flower in particular just say so! Sometimes my allergies hate lavender, but more herbally lavender is usually okay. are you into divination? What kind(s) do you currently do? Do you want more books and/or tools for that type (e.g. new tarot cards, new runes)? Is there a new type of #divination you've been meaning to try, and if so, are you looking for the tool, a book on the subject, or both? I like Tarot cards. World my Witchee be interested in a Tarot or Astrology reading done personally? Yes, that would be neat! Does my Witchee need any magical supplies? Would you be interested in any of the seasonal (or regular) soaps from Cellar Door Soap (https://cellardoorbathsupply.com)? 9/16/17 Favorite gemstones? If you enjoy jewelry do you like discrete and elegant, flashy and gaudy, small and light, or large and chunky? Any love of pirates or SCA? Is there anything you would like from Disney World? Are you a Potterhead? If so, to which house do you belong? Oh yes. I'm a Hufflepuff! How do you feel about chokers? No thanks. 9/15/17 Here's a few questions from me: Would you like some Halloween or other themed decor in the form of a banner, something like this http://www.etsy.com/...n-decor-vintage?If so, would you prefer a traditional style or a vertical door type? Do you live near a Trader Joe's? If not, are you interested in trying any of the numerous Pumpkin goodies they come out with this time every year? There's one like 40 minutes away, but I never make it there, so sure! Do you like to cook and/or bake? Could you use any specific ingredients (spices, oils, salts, extracts, etc.) or kitchen utensils/gadgets? I do like to cook and bake! I'm always up for interesting spices and things. I always need good vanilla as well. I'm at Ocean City MD for bike week......would a witches want anything from here? Bike or beach related?? What is 1 thing you would love to see in your final box? Can be ANYTHING - your choice. Who would love some USPS eclipse stamps? Me! 9/14/17 Do any of you potential Witchees have any kitties, puppers, or youngling humans you want spoiled in your packages? What treats or toys do they like? My terrier likes balls, my corgi likes eating, and my GSD/Golden likes being an old man. My daughters like sugar, sensory toys, monsters (they have a stuffed cthulhu that they love), and chaos. Is there any interest in any of the fragrance oils from the Nocturne Alchemy Weenies update? Is there anything you want from the trading post (or trading post etsy) that is available to order right now? (Fatherhood, Puppers, normal GC things) My Little Thy....and I can't look up how to spell it right now.... Princess. Probably some puppers once I try my decants. 9/13/17 Are you a gamer? If so, what games are you currently playing and is there any merch for that game you'd love to have?- If you are a gamer do you have a steam/gamestop/amazon wishlist? I am, in theory. Having special needs kids means that I don't get a lot of time for hobbies anymore. I do have an Amazon wishlist that does have some game related stuff on it up above. How do you feel about the following scarf options (assuming you're into scarves)? Simple eyelet scarf Chevron scarf Lacy and fuzzy Skinny rib knit (extra long for lots of wrapping) Leafy! Love the Leafy and I like the eyelet one too! Like beer? What styles most appeal to you? I like dark beer. I do not like IPAs. My favorite beer is Southern Tier's Warlock. Like booze? What kinds? I'm not really a big drinker. Like Wine? What kinds? I don't really care for wine but I do love plum wine and it's been years since I've had any. Would you be interested in a set of hand-made hair falls? It's something I do for fun and I can make any length and do an array of colors! Not for me. 9/12/17 Here's a great local soapmaker I love--y'all see anything you would like? https://littleseedfarm.com/ What are your favorite/preferred Halloween/autumn icons/images? Any to specifically stay away from? I like leaves and harvesty things. Nothing too scary/gross. Target has birds dressed up for Dia de los Muertos that I'm dying to get. Do you eat candy, and if so would Halloween candy be welcome? Specialty candy from local or unusual sources? Chocolate? Yes. Yes to all. I don't like candy corn though. Do you want Fidget spinners, desk toys, or other frivolous things that you look at and decide you don't need enough to spend $ on but would make you happy to have? We are an autism family. These kinds of things are actually quite appreciated. Any zentangle lovers, people who would like to try it, or would you want a piece of someone else's zentangle art? Any love of hair toys, clips, ribbons, fascinators, mini hats, etc? No What local goodies may be of interest? Local Honey, jams,candy? Honey is always a yes. Jam, I'm less into but I do like trying interesting flavors. Candy is a yes. Are you interested in any prescription services like serial magazines, Birch box, ipsy? I just saw this one today and it sounds fun: https://tokyotreat.com/subscribe/ Would you like funky Halloweenie costume makeup like Gothic eyelashes, nail effects, black lipstick, etc.? No How do you like to listen to music? CD, 8 track tape, mix tape, Pandora or Spotify, I-tunes? Do you prefer reading on Kindle or actual book? What kind of books do you like? Would you like to be surprised with a scary, classic, horror book? I don't mind either format of book. I do not like horror at all, in any form. I mostly read fantasy type stuff. Humor is good too. Candles, Incense, or wax tarts? Do you have favorite brands or Weenies scents for the home? Would you like to receive a wax tarts burner, incense burner, essential oils diffuser, or Halloweenie themed candle holders? I'm going to go with no. I have so many candles I never burn and I can't handle incense. Witchee: are you interested in crafting materials? 9/11/17 I'm in Japan, is there anything specific from here you would want? Candy and snacks, hello kitty, studio ghibli related things. How do you feel about nail wraps? Nah, I have tiny barely there nails and I bite them to boot. if you were to receive something hand knit, what type of item would you like? hat, cowl, handwarmers, etc. and what color(s)? - would you use knitted washcloths? a scarf? Are you allergic or sensitive to any fibers? I prefer soft. If you could be ANY character from a film, TV show or book, who would it be and why? If you could hop into a time machine and travel anywhere/anytime, where would it be and why? If you could invite 3 famous people to a BPAL meet and sniff, who would invite? Do you like and/or want anything from Elements and Artifacts? You can be vague like "yes" or "no" or name specific past pieces you coveted or current ones you love, whatever works best. Yes. I can elaborate if you want me to. Would you like something hand sewn by your Witch? A dress, shirt, skirt, infinity scarf, something else? Anyone want any kind of costuming accessories or makeup or odds and ends? 9/10/17 Are there any hobbies or crafts you've been thinking of trying, but haven't had the chance yet? Would you want to receive a custom spell kit or magical tea? If so, what purpose would you want it to be for? Do you like poetry? Yes Anyone like handmade critters, stuffed animals, or custom repaints? Yes Would you enjoy any designer/specialty yarn for your own craftyness? I'm not crafty, sadly. Would anyone like a donation made in their name to a cause or charity? Please provide wishes from the last two updates? 9/9/17 Would you be interested in things from Future Primitive? (http://futureprimitivesoap.co.uk/) Are there any UK things you'd like to get? Are you into podcasts? If so, what are your favorites? Would you like any merch related to any of them? Would you like something from Nui Cobalt Designs (https://nuicobaltdesigns.com/)? Or maybe some of Christina's lovely Halloween candles at Sihaya & Co. (https://www.sihayaan...lection-candles)? ILNP? Who would love one of their awesome holos like MEGA or one of their amazing chromes? http://www.ilnp.com/ 9/8/17 Do you enjoy stationery? I'm thinking cute/quality notebooks, washi tape, stickers, fun pens etc. Are you interested in anything from Cocoa Pink? - Or Haus of Gloi? Would you be interested in a Halloween wreath? Have you seen this: https://www.bustle.c...llection-80733?(Lush Halloween collection.) And what would you like? 9/7/17 Are you interested in anything from the Moonalisa Halloween update? What are your coffee and/or tea preferences? - Coffee: whole beans or ground? - Flavor and roast preferences? - Tea: black, green, herbal, flavors? - Loose leaf or tea bags? - Anything specific you don't like? - Are you in need of any gadgetry? I do not like coffee. I drink a lot of tea. I like black, green, and white. I do not like rooibos or herbal teas. I prefer loose leaf. I am very much in need of more of Adagio's Autumn Mist tea. 9/6/17 How would you feel about receiving a hand-painted container for your bpal and/or other treasures? - would you want a big wood box (~50 bottles), a small wood box (~20 bottles) or a tin for carrying imps around? A big or small box would be great. Who is into K-Beauty (Korean beauty products like sheet masks) - What are your faves if you are? - If you aren't would you like to try something? Not really my thing. What are some NEW things you've gotten interested in this year? Could be anything, from a new hobby, new genre of book, new healthy way of living, new fav brand of whatever... Yuri on Ice 9/5/17 What are your feelings about Scooby Doo? Not really my thing. I mean, I don't hate him, but he's not something that I'm particularly interested in either. How do you feel about indie makeup (read: loose eyeshadow, blush, highlighter)? I don't wear makeup. 9/4/17 Would you like one of the Halloween Teeturtle shirts? https://www.teeturtl...alloween?page=1 Yes! I think women's relaxed fit in 2X would work. I especially like Dia de los Foxes.
  14. SadariEvenstar

    Irish Coffee Buttercream

    I smell like a Tim Hortons and I am happy.
  15. SadariEvenstar

    Buck Moon 2017

    I love this. It reminds me of warm, sweet hay on a summer evening in a way that bpal's actual hay note never seems to capture for me.