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  1. princesstella

    When your favorite GC blends are discontinued

    So, I put off ordering a bottle of Yvaine... for years. And now it's been discontinued! GAH. Anyone have any recommendations for *similar* scents? They don't have to be dupes~ Just scents that remind you of Yvaine... so I can order those instead and cry over Yvaine while sniffing them. I've heard Moon Rose and the Unicorn... what else? (I was also SO heartbroken over Lady on the Grey, Queen Mab, and the Mock Turtle.... so recommendations or commiserating comments of "I feel your pain!!" on any discons are totally totally welcome).
  2. princesstella


    Thanks you two!! Little Bird, I'm now trying to find a decant of Fledgling Raptor Moon (maybe I'll just bite the bullet and buy a whole bottle. WHOOO!). Saralaughs, Spirit of the Komachi Tree sounds like it's right up my alley. Off to order some scents, yay~ Thanks again, guys.
  3. princesstella


    My husband and I visited the Ten Thousand Waves spa in Santa Fe a long time ago(if you haven't been, you HAVE to try it! It was fabulous!). I remember the baths smelling of wood... specifically, hinoki. I've heard it called white cedar, japanese cypress and hinoki wood. Are there any BPAL scents that are similar? I recall it being a sweet, light, wood scent. I'm pretty terrible when it comes to smelling specific notes, so I don't know if it was resiny or not. But I'm looking for lighter, sweet wood scents. (Would sandalwood or rosewood work?) What do you guys think?
  4. princesstella


    If this is what plumeria smells like, count me in!! It's... floral, a bit green, and definitely one of those "laundry detergent" style scents. From the imp to wet on the skin to the dry down, I find that this scent stays rather consistent. It gets lighter and... well, "brighter" is the only word I can think of... but stays pretty true to what's in the imp. (Soon to be bottle. I need a bottle. Yum!) It starts out with a punch of sweet and clean, and fades slowly into a lingering "clean cotton sheets" sort of smell. Is it weird that I just want to eat myself when I have this on?! Augh. Yum!