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    GOOD NOTES: Vanilla, sandalwood, tea (esp. black tea!), honey, musk, wood, pomegranate, coconut, currant, cream, clean dirt, most fruits, generally anything foody, most boozy notes NOTES OF DEATH: almond, vetiver, violet, any of BPAL's rain/marine/ozone notes, dragon's blood, almost all white florals (turn to soap), lilac FAVORITE BLENDS: The Illustrated Woman, One to Tie Two to Win, Severin, Screeching Parrot, Snow Glass Apples, Whitechapel, Elegba, The Perilous Parlour, Pomegranate II, Strawberry Moon, Alice, Red Lace, Katharina, Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat

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  1. kirsten

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I haven't been into BPAL long enough to know if there was any overlap between the use of the new and old style labels, but one of the blends I have, Severin, was disconned in '09 and has the new-style label, so I'd guess your Eat Me has to be at least two years old. ETA: Your bottle can't be more than 6 years old, though, because the lab was still using Cobalt bottles then.
  2. Is there anything LE or GC that smells like Neil Gaiman's Orange? I am so in love that it hurts.
  3. kirsten

    Looking for a Tea Rose scent

    London is definitely my favorite tea rose out of the ones you've listed.
  4. kirsten

    Rosewood, anyone?

    The Little Wooden Doll: rose- infused amber and soft golden sandalwood. I don't smell any roses or amber, though. Just straight-up rosewood. Also, this isn't rosewood, but The Red Queen (Deep mahogany and rich, velvety woods lacquered with sweet, black-red cherries and currant) is very nice, too. I love the mahogany note!
  5. Alice lasts super long on me, so I can't guarantee this will do you, but you could give Hod Res a try. I find it sweeter than Alice, and it has no bergamot, but the carnation is very pretty.
  6. kirsten

    The Black Apple Of Saturn

    One of the very few BPALs that has legitimately given me a headache.
  7. kirsten

    Autumn Cider

    This is much fruitier than expected! Reminds me quite a lot of 2010 Lamb's Wool (which I love), actually, but heavier on the spices without being candle-y. Some reviews mention a cherry note... I'm thinking it's probably a combination of cinnamon + orange zest---it's definitely not an almond note, or I would be running for the hills!
  8. kirsten

    The Glittering Apple Of The Stars

    Nice enough, but too sweet, and I was really hoping that the bergamot would be prominent.
  9. kirsten

    The Silver Apple Of The Moon

    This smelled fruity and nice at first, but as soon as the lotus root came in, it just smelled like dirty dishwater. So disappointing.
  10. kirsten

    Pumpkin Princess

    Admittedly, this smelled incredibly off-putting to me in the vial. It reminded me a bit of Jack, if Jack were smothered in marshmallow fluff---that same kind of buttery pumpkin. But I'm a trooper and I put it on anyway. It's nowhere near as bad as Jack (can you say out with a migraine for five hours? ) but it smells pretty gross on my skin. Dries down to a weird, soapy floral with the occasional waft of marshmallow.
  11. kirsten

    The Green Apple Of Venus

    Okay, I know that I'm horrible at picking out individual notes, but uh, I don't smell any of the listed notes. I did a side-by-side comparison and this seriously smells almost exactly like Pomegranate II on my skin---pretty much all pink grapefruit with a touch of candied pomegranate. Unlike Pom II, though, Venus seems to have a bubblegum note for the first couple of minutes. Pom II is one of my top ten, so Venus certainly isn't bad, but I will likely end up swapping this away for something different. ETA: Ugh, but unlike Pom II, Venus dries down to wax.
  12. I'm going as an apple (yes, seriously) and I think I may wear either Lamb's Wool or Candy Corn Coated Candy Apple. I haven't decided whether to be a red apple or a green one yet.
  13. kirsten

    Crypt King

    This smelled, oddly enough, like pine pitch in the vial, which I suspect has something to do with how my nose is interpreting the patchouli. If this had smelled on my skin like it had in the imp, I would have been sold---highly unusual, considering my typical reaction to patchouli! Unfortunately, my wrist sucked it all up and left me with only the faintest trace of that smell.
  14. kirsten

    The Golden Apple Of The Sun

    I'm an apple fiend, so I took the plunge and bought a whole bottle, despite already having signed up for a decant of it in someone's circle. I just wanted it that badly! Surprisingly, the apple is not that pronounced on my skin, but I do like the hint of it there. This is a softer, warmer scent than I expected (the apple and ginger had me thinking crisp), but it's very lovely and the amber is perfectly balanced with everything else. I amp amber like woah, so there aren't very many amber blends that I particularly enjoy. This definitely has a clean, comforting sort of feel to it. It's pretty heavily floral at the moment, but I'm hoping that with some aging, the ginger and the tea and the apple will come out a little more. Aside from a light undertone of carnation, I think what I'm smelling mostly is champaca flower, which is very nice. I didn't know what to expect from that one, but I like it!
  15. kirsten

    Valse Finale et Apotheose

    This perfume smells just like my favorite sweet-mint gum. I was a little worried about the honey being overpowering, but it's soft and sweet instead of heavy and cloying like the honey in O. It's not really herbal enough to be a Rappacini's Apiary blend, but it's that same sort of muted honey smell. The apple blossom is just a brief fruity burst before it's overtaken by the mint, but this blend is great at any stage. An unexpected love!