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  1. calivianya

    The Shining Dimple of Love Bath Oil

    Okay, this is officially the best bath oil I own, and I own quite a few. This is the most delicious perfumey vanilla, and it's light enough that I feel like I may be able to put it on before working without knocking everyone I work with over with my scent. Simply gorgeous. I wish this came in a gallon-sized container. I will be buying backups before it goes down.
  2. calivianya

    Village Legend Lives Long

    I don't know about this one. I love me some resins, but this one is awfully sharp and evil-smelling. Ancient families hiding ancient secrets, indeed! I am very reminded of a dark, ancient wooden home hiding creepy only partially human residents. This perfume is how I'd imagine the scenes in horror movies where you are watching a person walk alone down the road through holes in wood, as if you're sitting right next to the horror waiting to jump out and devour the unsuspecting individual. I am finding this one unsettling for some reason. It's not a keeper for me.
  3. I agree with everyone who said salty/sweet/aquatic. I wasn't really expecting the aquatic part, but as aquatics go, this is pretty nice. It actually gives me a weird mental image - there is a Stephen King book I absolutely LOVE called Duma Key, and in it a man living in the Florida Keys paints a lot of pictures, one titled "Roses Grow from Shells." My idea of what that picture would look like is exactly what this smells like to me. Roses under a wooden house jutting out over the ocean... It's an interesting scent-picture, but I can't see myself wearing it often.
  4. calivianya

    The Visionary

    I got some red musk when I applied, but beyond that I am getting the most perfect clean skin smell. I smell like I just stepped out of the shower after using a very mild herbal-scented soap. I was not at all expecting this. With my skin chemistry, this is the lightest, most unobtrusive scent of all of the Yules I've tried. It is very gender-neutral and really does not smell like perfume at all. I'm going to retest, but I am considering purchasing a bottle for use at work, since I'm not supposed to wear perfumes at all to my job and no one in the world would ever think this is perfume on me. I am definitely surprised!
  5. calivianya

    Death's Second Self

    I am so disappointed! This was the scent I was most expecting to like, in fact I almost blind bought two bottles. I'm really glad I didn't now. I love the Lab's leaf note. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE I seriously can't say LOVE enough. I also really like frankincense and amber. So this was bound to be a win, right? Wrong. I got my beautiful leaves and frankincense right away with just a touch of ash, but after about 10 minutes this became almost single note ash on my skin with just the vaguest hint of other notes in the background. Seriously. I wanted to smell like leaves with a subtle hint of ash, not like ash with a subtle hint of leaves. Oh well, now I know I amp the Lab's ash note...
  6. calivianya

    Picture Books in Winter

    Well - let me just preface this by saying that I had no idea what Scottish Tablet was. I just assumed it was some fancy kind of stone note. Really. That being said, if I'd known it was a foody thing I probably wouldn't have ordered a decant of this one. If this scent had been what I'd imagined - all books and stone with a vague hint of florals - I probably would have LOVED it. As it is, it's got a cloyingly sweet foody note to it that I don't care for. I see and agree with the comparisons to the Antikythera Mechanism - that had a cloying foody note that I didn't care for either. I am disappointed, and I've learned to do my research and find out what notes are if I'm not sure. Educated guesses as to what a certain note really is are bound to fail every once in a while.
  7. calivianya

    Gingerbread Snake

    I am seriously getting all gingerbread from this. There was a hint of a Snake Oil note when I first applied it onto my skin, but that note was quickly sublimated by the gingerbread. This is SN Gingerbread - and it's a little too foody for me.
  8. calivianya

    Go to Sleep, Darlings

    This is the note that turns into playdough in Snow White. I was really hoping that something else was the culprit, because I thought this was positively lovely when wet, but alas, playdough. It's not a keeper.
  9. calivianya

    Temple of Dreams

    Definitely herbal - a lot of lavender, maybe some sage? Rosemary? I'm not sure, but this is pretty delicious. Unfortunately, it is really short-lived on my skin.
  10. calivianya

    Wolf's Heart

    I smell dragon's blood, and that's all I need to know to know this blend isn't a keeper. Dragon's blood turns to nasty floral yuck on my skin. Pass!
  11. calivianya


    I have two imps of this to test: light yellow and light orange. Both smell very similar - sweet and earthy when wet, and lovely. However, when they start to dry down, there is something almost floral that comes out - I'm wondering if it's the cereus? Either way, it's a little sharp. I think this perfume would have been a lot more lovely without that sharp note. I think this one is a pass for me.
  12. calivianya


    Definitely smells like I'd imagine brimstone to smell. It smells like burning dirt and rocks - what I imagine lava would smell like. I definitely agree with the ash comparison - I really don't get much else. I wish I got more myrrh or pepper, because I think I would really like it if I did. As it is, single note ash is boring.
  13. calivianya

    Herbert West

    Quite deliciously citrus upon first application with a hint of aftershave. I like it! It is surprisingly happy considering the subject matter. I'm definitely going to have to try it out on my boyfriend later.
  14. calivianya


    What a gorgeous rose blend! It is very fresh upon first application, then some woods start backing it up. Finally, some of the hazel comes into play. I get all of the notes and they are balanced beautifully. It is very nice, but I have so many other more interesting rose blends that I don't think this one is a keeper. I'm glad to have experienced it.
  15. calivianya


    Whoa, hello warm and sexy! I was not expecting this for some reason. I'm getting myrrh and some very warm pepper and some green notes backing him up - maybe the seaweed and moss? Either way, this is straight-up hot. Well, it was straight-up hot. It's getting greener as it dries down, to the point that the bitter green bite I get behind the myrrh and pepper is straight up unpleasant. It's a real shame - I really liked this at first.