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What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

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Posted 23 December 2014 - 07:16 PM


Anybody here a fan of Welcome to Night Vale? I feel like '51' is great Cecil scent, but not sure about Carlos. Maybe something from Steamworks.

Whoa, nice call on 51, that would be perfect. Carlos is hard. Mostly because I want to have something...jolty/mechanical because science, but also coffee because my headcannon is that he drinks it like water, but also I want to add what a sweet, curious and kind character he is, or was to my last recollection since I'm about 7 episodes behind.

So either Dia De Los Reyes (warm and kind and comfy) or something like Galvanic Goggles would be my guesses, although I'm eager to see what anyone else would think.



I may have developed a minor WTNV obsession since the last time I was hanging around this thread. I HAVE to get my hands on 51. I nearly cried after losing an ebay auction for it yesterday, no lie.


This might be weird, but I thought of Carlos immediately after sniffing Variety of Pleasing Amusements. In my headcanon anyway, he's sweet but with such a subtle undeniable risqué side. The honey is his usual adorable personality, the tobacco is smoke from a science experiment gone wrong, and the leather -- well. On a similar note I'd totally go for Ifrit as a Cecil scent. 


Robotic Scarab is my only Steamworks scent, and it's okay for Carlos, but it just lacks the warmth I associate with him. Maybe Lysander, of all things. It's very soft and gently masculine on me, nothing that evokes Carlos in particular, but the quote/description just kills me: the course of true love never did run smooth.


I've been wearing Anubis to RP (fanon character) Desert Bluffs Carlos, though it doesn't work for regular Carlos, for me -- it's too clinical and too invasive all at once, and where Carlos is warm, this guy is just parched and dry. It goes a little delicate and feminine on me, though.


And I NEED a Kevin scent. I love that fool. I want to douse myself in whatever he smells like and never look back. (...Blood Popsicle?) 

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Posted 15 April 2015 - 12:18 AM

I've seen the recs for characters from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, but what about Inquisition? Anyone played who'd like to take a stab at what each companion (bonus points for the Inquisitor and advisors!) might smell like??

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Posted 16 April 2015 - 12:14 PM

I've seen the recs for characters from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, but what about Inquisition? Anyone played who'd like to take a stab at what each companion (bonus points for the Inquisitor and advisors!) might smell like??


Oh jeez. I'll try to avoid obvious examples like "Mage" or "Warrior" depending on the characters' classes. It's getting late and I'd like to put a ton of thought into this, but off the top of my head:



Playing with Dangerous Toys - Blackwall is my Inquisition OTP! I think this suits him because he's always working on those wooden toys for the kiddos. Like Blackwall, it's tough, woodsy and masculine but with hints of sweetness. And Blackwall does have his dangerous side... 

Captain Cully - He has experience leading others and I see this as "cleaned up" Blackwall. It's a bit cold in feeling but ironically playful. The porter gives it a little bit of gruffness. The softer musk and smack of leather hints at his hidden sense of humor.



White Peacock - His last name means "peacock" in Latin so I've seen him depicted with them a lot in fanart. This blend is one of my faves. It's a little haughty and flaunts its sexiness, but also very beautiful with a gentle core.

Dorian - His namesake! And it suits him. Refined, sweet and a little naughty.


The Iron Bull:

skekUng the Garthim-Master - Someone described this as a big burly individual having just come from fighting a dragon. It's a match made in heaven.

The Soldier - Slight reference to the rigidity of Qunari society... but this solider is all about showing his kinky dominant side with a swirl of cream.



Boadicea - Had to think on this one a bit. I knew I wanted one of the Warrior Queens, but wasn't sure which. Had to settle on this because it has dragon's blood, and the Pentaghast family are famous dragon slayers. It matches her well; rebellious, strong, with a kind heart at the center. 

Rose Cross - Cassandra's gentler side, and speaks to her dedication to the late Divine and love for (certain aspects of) the Chantry.



Dream - With his love of going into the Fade, this would work well. Plus it's an ethereal, sort of mystical blend.

Tristran - Sort of a "nomadic" vibe since Solas travels a lot, and gives hints of the flora and fauna he'd have brushed by on his journey.

Fenris Wolf - Coughcough. No comment.



Crowley - So while Varric is far from being a demon in the literal sense, you could definitely call him a devil. He's got the charm, the swagger. You sense he's just a bit too clever for his own good. And he has more than a passing familiarity with the dirty underside of business.

Protagoras - Our dwarven companion favors a good tale above all else (save for close friends), and I like the interplay of actual "book smell" in this one combined with the waxiness you get from Lights of Men's Lives. It makes me think of him penning a new story about his adventures by candelight, grinning as he delivers a particularly good turn of phrase.



Sugar Cookie - They're kind of Sera's thing.

Avenger - I think this one of ideal for her. She avenges the poor and underrepresented like a hyperactive, foul-mouthed Robin Hood. And that spice in her might mean you end up at the wrong side of an arrow if you refuse to see the injustice of it all... because she's survived that life herself.



A Measurement of the Soul - So much of Cole's story is about deciding how he'll choose between his human-ness versus his true nature as a spirit. This speaks to the balance between the two while giving him a proper ghostly vibe.

The Gladdener of All Hearts - The boy is Compassion, for goodness' sake! I know his methods are a little suspect at times, but at his heart he's pure innocence, and I think this blend conveys that well.



Vain Sorceress - Need I say more? (Couldn't resist the obvious answer to this one.)

The Hierophant and The Empress - I specifically chose this one instead of The Empress alone because of how much Vivienne's husband plays into her side story for a time. Seemed fitting, plus she is very rigid in her beliefs when it comes to the Circle.


Maybe I'll get to the advisors and Inquis later! Though the latter would vary a lot between different players. My PC was a female Qunari mage, so if I had to pick for her...


Eastern Comma - This blend makes me think of a glorious, heavy summer day backed by the rich ruggedness of tobacco. My character distanced herself from her people, an outcast from her own society, so there's a sense of weight/burden despite leaving the shackles of her culture behind. She finds renewed purpose as the Inquisitor and friends along the way brighten her story. The citrus also makes me think of jewel tones, similar to the lights beaming from the spells she casts, or the glowing light that comes from the Mark on her hand...


*edit* Here are the advisors.



Belle Epoque - For the cute, dainty side of Leliana that loves frills, dresses, pretty shoes and parties at court. Full of hope, loyalty and beauty.

The Raven - For the hardcore spy, take no prisoners side that wants revenge and will do whatever it takes for the greater good. Whether it's under the guise of allure or whether you don't see her at all, she gets things done. References her dark little messengers. Mata Hari would also be appropriate. 



Knight in Shiny Armor - Cullen is about as much of a good boy as it gets. He's chivalrous and kind but has a strong will.

Fettered in the Shackles of the Drug - Cullen's one claim to a "dark side" is that he's gotten addicted to lyrium as a Templar. This is something he has to overcome if he hopes to move on from the past.



The Golden Apple of the Sun - A friendly, warm scent, that's made more exotic by the spices and champaca. I feel like Josie would smell like wonderful imported tea and other delicacies, plus I like that the name can reference the golden fabrics she wears and her family's trouble with their wealth/regaining trade rights.

Ysabel - Fitting for Josephine, as she is both a strategist and wise diplomat. Ysabel similarly had a great, tactical mind and was a large proponent of learning and education. Kind of fitting that she's Spanish as well, since Josie is Rivaini and they seem closest to Spain lore-wise.

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