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What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

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Posted 23 December 2014 - 07:16 PM


Anybody here a fan of Welcome to Night Vale? I feel like '51' is great Cecil scent, but not sure about Carlos. Maybe something from Steamworks.

Whoa, nice call on 51, that would be perfect. Carlos is hard. Mostly because I want to have something...jolty/mechanical because science, but also coffee because my headcannon is that he drinks it like water, but also I want to add what a sweet, curious and kind character he is, or was to my last recollection since I'm about 7 episodes behind.

So either Dia De Los Reyes (warm and kind and comfy) or something like Galvanic Goggles would be my guesses, although I'm eager to see what anyone else would think.



I may have developed a minor WTNV obsession since the last time I was hanging around this thread. I HAVE to get my hands on 51. I nearly cried after losing an ebay auction for it yesterday, no lie.


This might be weird, but I thought of Carlos immediately after sniffing Variety of Pleasing Amusements. In my headcanon anyway, he's sweet but with such a subtle undeniable risqué side. The honey is his usual adorable personality, the tobacco is smoke from a science experiment gone wrong, and the leather -- well. On a similar note I'd totally go for Ifrit as a Cecil scent. 


Robotic Scarab is my only Steamworks scent, and it's okay for Carlos, but it just lacks the warmth I associate with him. Maybe Lysander, of all things. It's very soft and gently masculine on me, nothing that evokes Carlos in particular, but the quote/description just kills me: the course of true love never did run smooth.


I've been wearing Anubis to RP (fanon character) Desert Bluffs Carlos, though it doesn't work for regular Carlos, for me -- it's too clinical and too invasive all at once, and where Carlos is warm, this guy is just parched and dry. It goes a little delicate and feminine on me, though.


And I NEED a Kevin scent. I love that fool. I want to douse myself in whatever he smells like and never look back. (...Blood Popsicle?) 

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