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    Favorites: Smut, Velvet, Katharina, the Raven, Haloes, La Befana, Snake Oil, Chimera, Goblin Evil Scents of Death: Sacred Whore of Babylon, Signior Dildo Notes I can't handle: Rose; Dirt; Aquatics; Snow; Honey; Oakmoss; Ozone Iffy Notes: Bergamot; Tea Notes I love: Violet, Cocoa, Coconut, any kind of Musk, Apricot, Cranberry, Sugar, White Sandalwood, Vanilla

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  1. Teaker


    This smells exactly like walking into a new age shop- pure incense. It's nice and I like the mental imagery it conjures, but I wouldn't wear this as I don't like to smell like incense.
  2. Teaker


    On my skin this smells like sweet musk and incense. It's very heavy on the amber and it's quite a dry, powdery scent. It's also quite sweet, with the sweet amber mingling with vanilla. This was a blind bottle purchase from the lab, so I'll let it age a bit before re-testing. At the moment I don't see myself reaching for this often, there's just too much amber and it isn't really "me".
  3. Teaker

    Spider Witch

    My little witch, my little lilt of laughter: this scent is for the sorceress you are and the sorceress you will grow to be. 7-year aged patchouli, red musk, and bourbon vanilla with sweet oudh, hazelnut, amber chypre, leather. This is mostly patchouli and oudh. I get kind of a woody hazelnut as well, and definitely musk (smells more like black musk than red, though). Very strong and incensey. Unfortunately the oudh is just too much for me so I won't be keeping this.
  4. Teaker

    Funerary Papyri

    I don't like green scents so I was worried when I saw the reviews for this. It definitely does start off very green and cologney. I wold describe it as unisex. As it dries it softens and morphs into myrrh and vanilla frosting. I wish that this was a more sophisticated vanilla, unfortunately it leans towards a rich buttercream which doesn't go as well with the green undertones. I like the middle stage but unfortunately the drydown on this is quite perfumey, which gives me a bit of a headache. Overall this is very unique, I don't have anything else like it. I enjoy it and even though the beginning and drydown are not favorites I will continue to wear it when I'm looking for something a bit different.
  5. Teaker

    Reapers Gonna Reap

    This is almost a single-note black musk on me. It changes and morphs on my skin, it's very hard to pin down. Overall is soft and clean and comforting. Maybe a hint of sandalwood in the background. I can't detect vanilla bu there is maybe just a hint of sweetness here. I like this a lot and can see myself wearing it a lot this fall.
  6. Teaker

    O The Joy of My Spirit!

    First impressions: Soft and fuzzy. Definitely cocoa, but not overly foodie or chocolatey. Reminds me of Velvet and Black Temple Burlesque Troupe. I wouldn't call it nutty, maybe just a hint in the background. Unfortunately this goes a bit salty and unpleasant on me after a couple of hours. Too bad, I really like the beginning stage.
  7. Teaker

    King Cobra (2016)

    I had trouble picking out the individual notes in this. All I could detect was something sweet and a bit like incense. I'm not really familiar with frankincense but I'm guessing that's the prominent note in here, with a little dribble of vanilla underneath. I actually really, really like this. It's just the right level of sweetness. It's a touch powdery as well. The warm and almost fuzzy quality of the scent reminds me a bit of black musk. It's quite light and has minimal throw, I need to press my nose to my skin to smell it after a few hours. I'd consider getting a bottle of this for days when I want something sweet but very unobtrusive to wear.
  8. Teaker

    Asp Viper (2016)

    This is a bright orangey scent with a smooth, sweet undertone. I can slightly pick up on the myrrh, but unfortunately I get no almond. I don't really get Snake Oil from this, but I definitely get vanilla. If I was blind sniffing this I probably would have guessed vanilla, orange, spices, and myrrh. I do like it but I'm not crazy about it. Maybe it's the citrus mixed with the spices from the Snake Oil, that's just a combination that never seems to sit right with me. And the orange is almost too sweet, verging into orange candy territory (probably due to the vanilla). Overall this smells good but isn't something I'd like to smell on myself all day.
  9. Teaker

    Australian Copperhead (2016)

    Wow, this is great. My favorite of the Snake Pit scents that I've tried. It starts off with a blast of fresh snake oil with a crisp, fruity edge that's just a touch bitter. My first thought was actually apple peel, but I'm assuming that's acai berry with the barest hint of neroli. As it dries I get less snake oil, but a gorgeous creamy dark vanilla. There's a little warmth to this from the cardamom and I think I can pick up the amber. I'm generally not an amber fan but this is very mild and nice. White sandalwood is a note that I can never actually smell, but its in so many of my very favorite blends and this one is no exception. I'm thinking I might get multiple bottles of this. My one concern is that its very mild and doesn't have a lot of throw.
  10. Teaker


    (2016 version) This is lovely fresh Snake Oil in a beautiful cocoa cloud. I was instantly in love, but unfortunately this goes a bit powdery/play-dough after it dries. No bottle for me, but I'm very jealous of people that can wear this.
  11. Teaker


    This does NOT work for me. This is the scent that made me realize that narcissus is possibly my most hated note. It just smells so awful and rank. If you somehow like the scent of narcissus you'll probably love this, but for me its unbearable.
  12. Teaker

    Fleurette’s Purple Snails

    Powdery violet candy. It almost has a marshmallow note. It's definitely not a natural violet flower smell, its much more on the sugary confection side of things. I like it but it'll need some aging to see how it turns out. Edit: I didn't touch this for almost a year and it has aged beautifully! No more artificial grapey-candy smell. It' very soft and almost a touch powdery. I get a real similarity to La Befana, that candy note that is very warm and almost musky. It's almost a toasted sugar smell, if that makes sense? The white sandalwood and violet leaf keep this on the more natural side of things, so it isn't purely sugary. It's almost like a warm skin scent with sugared violet. This will be a great replacement for La Befana (one of my favorite scents). Unfortunately it's quite light and I need to slather it to be able to smell it, and even then it has very low sillage. Still, I'm really enjoying it now and am glad that I blind-bought this last year!
  13. Teaker

    To His Mistress Going to Bed

    Nothing but patchouli in this one. A bright, woody patchouli. Hopefully aging will bring out more nuance, or I'll have to pass this one on.
  14. Teaker

    Oak blends?

    Haloes: Oak, tonka, vanilla, white sandalwood, lily of the valley, white ginger, amber, and apricot. Oak is such a pretty note.
  15. Teaker

    Père Noël

    I like this very much. A lovely deep orange, with sweet licorice candy. Very wearable, sweet but not cloying or overwhelming. Nice for layering with creamy or vanilla scents, too. A winner for me.