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  1. revinn

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    I've seen the recs for characters from Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, but what about Inquisition? Anyone played who'd like to take a stab at what each companion (bonus points for the Inquisitor and advisors!) might smell like??
  2. revinn


    What took me so long to try this?!?! This is a panty dropping scent. Holy shit. I get a perfect blend of lilac, vanilla, red musk, and that sexy, dirty patchouli. It's sweet but musky, earty but refined. Just drop dead, devastatingly gorgeous. I need another 10 bottles. Unf.
  3. revinn


    Oh yes. YES. I ALWAYS play a rogue (or the closest variation to it) in table top games, video games...I adore them in films and novels, and I write about one frequently. I has to have this for that reason. I get lots of sweetened leather, and ROSIN! That note makes me so nostalgic...it reminds me of playing my violin as a child. Just wonderful. The rosin mixes with that sweet leather to create a stealthy skin scent that I find really subtle and sexy. So perfect for a rogue!
  4. revinn


    This is mostly yummy patchouli, with just a touch of dry coconut. The benzoin doesn't seem too apparent at this point. There's a slight rubbery note which I'm not fond of, but it seems to burn off pretty quickly. It's an outdoorsy, non-traditional summer scent. Quite lovely!
  5. revinn


    Oh man. This is sexy. Slightly spicy, slightly sweetened red musk. So much red musk! I'm not usually a fan of spicy scents, but this manages to walk the line between musky, sweet and spicy, and it WORKS. I don't get black spices or ginger, per se, more of a non-descript smokiness. It is completely evocative of the character it's based on. It smells like a gorgeous, untouchable woman, perspiring lightly, with the scent of lingering smoke on her skin. Just beautiful! Makes me feel like a badass, love it!
  6. Tricho is actually coconut and vetiver (Death Adder is a dead ringer for it!!), while R&B is more of a juicy orange and avocado! Kuang Shi reminded me of it when I tried it, actually. ...Can you tell that I work for Lush? Haha
  7. revinn

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    Umm....the Avengers (movieverse), pretty please? Particularly Loki, but I'm curious what everyone thinks the team would wear as well!
  8. I'm ordering a bottle of Halfling in hopes that it will be similar! The reviews suggest that it might be
  9. revinn

    Sara Pezzini

    I'm conflicted on this one. I put it on, and I smell a sweet, dusty smell with a hint of leather. It's lovely, fresh and clean (which I usually don't like!) and subtle. Definitely a skin scent. Then I asked two of my friends to smell it, and they BOTH told me that it smells like a really clean bathroom! "No, it's a good thing! That's a good smell!" Well maybe it is, but I don't want my perfume to evoke a clean bathroom! Sigh. At least I love it, and can enjoy it at home. If only my skin didn't eat most of the leather and amp honey, this may have gone more smoothly.
  10. revinn

    Detestable Putrescence

    This smells like a simpler version of Love's Philosophy to me. It's very sweet and rich, very buttery. I like it a lot, and I think it'll be great in sticky summer weather.
  11. revinn

    Dark Chocolate, Lime and Chocolate Mint

    This is PURE MINT OMG MINT SCREAMING MINT on me. Mint chocolate is one of my favorite smells (although I hate the taste of it), so I was very sad. Hopefully with some aging/settling the chocolate will come out more. I get a hint of lime with the bottle, but not on my skin.
  12. revinn


    Yes, that IS chocolate. What else is there to say? Pure chocolate. My friend (a chocolate hater,) sniffed this and gagged. I sniffed it and siiiighed. It'll be great for layering.
  13. revinn


    Something must be wrong with me.. In the bottle, I smell sinister gingerbread, yes. But on my skin? It smells like aquatic ginger and citrus. Huh? It's one of the most aquatic scents I've tried, but also foody, and citrusy. This is so strange.. I'll retest it tomorrow, as my nose may be broken from smelling so many new oils, but hm..so strange.
  14. revinn

    Death Adder

    This was such an impulse purchase for me, and could have gone so badly..but it didn't! It doesn't smell like Snake Oil. It smells a lot like one of my favorite conventional perfumes, MAC's MV3 (which has vetiver and vanilla as well, imagine that!), but a bit drier and smokier. My friend can smell cocunut, but I'm not picking up any. This is mysterious and SEXY, and I can't believe it works on me!
  15. revinn

    Western Diamondback

    Slightly sweeter, softer Snake Oil with leather. I don't get any sage (I'm not complaining, mind you), but I can definitely pick out some tonka bean. On application, the sandalwood threatens to take over, but it disappears in the dry down. It smells like how Josh Brolin should smell.