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  1. rinster

    Abre Camino Spring Batch 2019

    The timing of this release was perfect. My ex and I are trying to sell our house and had several people visit, but response was mostly negative (it's an older house and we've done a ton of work, but it still has quite a bit of "character"). The day I received Abre Camino I used it in a simple candle ritual during a showing scheduled that night. (I did it from my current home, not the one we are trying to sell!) I set my intention to a smooth, mutually beneficial transaction. We had a favorable response, but no bites. I repeated my process over the next several showings and we had our first offer tonight! We still have a way to go before closing, but am very happy with the energy and focus it helped instill. Shipping was insanely fast, btw! Thank you, TAL.
  2. rinster


    Long story short, one of my projects is causing me major heartburn and I had to step in to get several groups communicating again after several weeks of "that's not MY job". The team lead responsible (while not adept at solving the root problem) very adroitly spun it to her manager/my sponsor that I was interfering and it had been under control the whole time. At my next meeting with the sponsor and lead I considered using Lionheart, Crucible of Courage, or Power, but my hand was oddly drawn to Peace. The meeting was surprisingly civil despite her recent not so passive aggressiveness. I didn't get the feeling anything was solved permanently, but there was a feeling of detente or at least a "to be continued later". It was a temporary respite, but I'll take it. Scent wise I thought I detected chamomile and something that reminded me of White Light.
  3. rinster

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2015)

    I'm another one who couldn't wear the previous incarnation. The patchouli was very heavy and almost mentholated. This one is is what I had hoped the last would be: succulent dark fruits nicely grounded with rich musk and vanilla. Amazing.
  4. rinster

    Blood Moon Full Lunar Eclipse

    This isn't bellicose at all, just bella! It's gorgeous smooth fruit and musk and if there's wooden shards, they've been sanded down nicely with no rough edges. I'm not getting the Tolkien inspired battle carnage I envisioned from the description, but that's ok. Reminds me a bit of Penumbra or a cousin to Mme Moriarty.
  5. rinster


    My first thought on sniffing this was "iron distilled patchouli". It also kind or reminds me of the TAL Fortitude, which makes sense because I picture dwarves as extremely grounded and having great endurance. Definitely got the metallic tang, but am also picking up something I interpret as pine for some reason. It's not me, but was elated to get it as a frimp.
  6. rinster

    Lacus Bonitatis

    Right now this is a very soft skin scent, but it is directly out of the mailbox. I have to snoof the back of my hand from way up close. The first thing I identify is the pretty rose geranium from my TAL bottle F2. This lasts for about 20 minutes, then the orange blossom comes forward. I love both notes, so this is happiness. I'm hoping after it settles it develops a little more sillage.
  7. rinster

    Chaos Theory VII: Oriental

    Bottle 2 of 2: This one is a head scratcher! Something brings to mind the color grey, like something I've smelled before that has grey musk or grey amber. It also reminds me a tiny bit of Black Silk, without the initial strong fabric note. I like this one, too!
  8. rinster

    Chaos Theory VII: Oriental

    I received two Orientals today--here's the first I tried: Definitely tobacco right out of the gate! It's very smooth and sweet, so maybe there's some black vanilla, tonka, or labdanum softening and sweetening it up. It's like a gelded version Antikythera Mechanism or Perversion (i.e. rich tobacco but no sharp teak or leather, which tend to go shrill on me.) Definite win!
  9. rinster

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    It's a really fantastic book! It took me completely by surprise! I'm loving it, though pretty sure like most of my favorite characters, that the Gentleman won't be surviving. We'll see, ah well! I do have that book of short stories on my list as well, thank you for reminding me! I also LOVE the Raven King and Childermass! Haha, what do your think would match them? Also, I may or may not be looking into some of the scents you used for the Gentleman- some of them have slipped my notice and sound rather lovely. Huuummm! I picture Childermass with a mousy brown scent, like Brown Jenkin. The Raven King was so ineffable to me, he is harder for me to place. The obvious one that springs to mind is Blacker than the Raven Wings of Midnight, but that's kind of cheating! Riffing on Patina's suggestion of storm clouds, Undertow is the scent that evokes dangerous, stormy water for me.
  10. rinster

    What BPAL would this fictional character wear?

    What a fantastic book! I would love scents based on the Raven King and Childermass. If you haven't checked out The Ladies of Grace Adieu (short stories by Susanna Clarke), I'd recommend that as well. For the gentleman, the scents that popped into my head were: Marquise de Merteuil - Heartless, cruel, aristocratic. Godfather Death - Because he brought Lady Pole back from the dead The Phantom Wooer - He steals Lady Pole away each night for dancing, but no one else knows. Plus, the ingredients reflect his wildness and his mansion's state of decline behind the illusion - dry, decadent, crumbliing decay (stargazer lily, bone dust, tomb mosses, buttonweed, moonflower, and honey myrtle) Danse Macabre - For the nightly revels he forces Lady to attend that are slowly draining her life force away. Roadhouse - My mental image of his hair reminds me of dandelions. Plus, it's rowdy and feral like he is.
  11. I'd second Persephone. If it were a color, it would be a gentle translucent pink. I love Snooty Rose, which has plum, bergamot, and oude. I find it the the most Arabian-style rose scent in the GC and reminds me of Rasasi's Attar al Oude or Swiss Arabian's Noora.
  12. rinster

    If your top 5 scents are... Then try these!

    Lyonesse and Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener come to mind for cuddly vanilla. Nostrum Remedium is creamy with a bit of heat from wasabi. Chimera is sweet with a cinnamon kick
  13. rinster

    Sinus Amoris

    How did the Yacht Rock series slip past my radar?!?! Now I have a term for my husband's [ahem] quaint musical tastes. Love it! I did a full day test with Sinus and love it. It's got a dreamy incense quality that reminds me a little of Panther Moon, but it's less headshop and more elegant bohemienne. It's got a similar spicy kick to Raven Moon, but it's smoother with a schmexy bombshell vibe. My sinuses love Sinus Amoris.
  14. rinster


    This was a frimp and although I probably wouldn't order it on my own, I am glad to try it. The most prominent note for me is the lily, followed by the rose. I think if I could have picked up the the frank and sandalwood, I would have liked this a bit more. This reminds me of Easter or funeral flowers, so this is a pass for me.
  15. rinster


    I've got decants of 2012 and 13 but THIS is my favorite incarnation. It's still swarthy and sexy, but not as bawdy as the grapier vintages.