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Posted 12 June 2004 - 01:54 PM

A nocturnal bounty of fae dew-kissed petals and pale fruits: white grape, white peach, iced pear, musk rose, sweet pea, moonflower and snapdragon.

Pastel fruits drenched in morning dew - the white grape, white peach, and pale yellow pear are gorgeous and delicately sweet. The petals are blended so well that a single note is hard to identify, although the sweet pea seems to be the most prominent, and the dew figures prominently into this scent - it really sparkles in an aquatic, dripping, and slightly breezy way. In the end ... actually, from about the first thirty seconds on ... Titania is one of the most "melded" scents I've tried; the individual notes are almost indistinguishable, and the nature of the scent is complete and otherworldly.

Titania is a hidden garden grove of common fruits and flowers, but so much better than the "everyday" that they seem unreal in their perfection. Glittering with moisture graced to them by a presence you can't quite comprehend, the fruit and petals are at the single instant of being exactly ripe and full-blown, and you're stumbling across a moment of perfection that wasn't meant for we lesser mortals.

Light, intense, and ethereal.

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Posted 15 June 2004 - 06:18 AM

First sniff: Titania is fruity/floral – like someone cut a white melon in half and used it as a vase for a flower arrangement. It’s very juicy and just sweet enough.

Wearing: Delicious – the initial aura is the scent of a perfectly ripe cantaloupe, and if I smell my wet wrists there’s an overlay of soft flower petals. I imagine this is the sort of scent that might linger even in daylight over a ring in the forest where the faeries dance.

#3 blackrayne


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Posted 22 June 2004 - 10:21 PM

The perfect combination of sweet fruits and soft florals... both are very noticable in this scent, but neither is overpowering. It's light and delicious and not too sweet.

I think "innocently seductive" would be the perfect way to describe this beautiful scent.

#4 paperdoll


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Posted 23 June 2004 - 03:43 AM

Initial Sniff: While this is definitely juicy, sweet, and floral, I can't pick out any of the individual notes except peach and sweet pea. Exceptionally well-blended.

Wearing: This is very fruity when wet - the peach and grape are in the front. As it dries down, however, the florals take over. If this scent were a color, it would be pale melon.

Final Impressions: I am not a fan of peach or grape, but this really surprised me - I find it quite wearable. I don't think I'll keep it though - it just isn't me.

#5 Astarte


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Posted 30 June 2004 - 09:02 PM

My first impression is of the a white fruit basket, not ripe but at the peak of their fruitation, glistening with their juices dribbling down. As a colour the scent is definitely white and ethereally flittering around.

Very appealing and a tantalising combination, this has to be my perfect fuity perfume. :P

#6 Northernminx


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Posted 06 July 2004 - 05:13 AM

In the bottle - fruity but floral, if a bit strong. The peach jumps right out.

On the skin - grape and peach are distinguishable, as is the sweet pea toning the fruit down a bit. The floral keeps the fruit from going nuts. A gorgeously blended bouguet dripping with dew wet flowers and juices, sweet and fruity but somehow not too overwhelming. A definite scent worthy of a fairie queen.

Most definitly ordering a big bottle of this one!

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Posted 15 July 2004 - 01:30 AM

I was dubious at first when the fruits in Titania smelled completely artifical which is common with fruity oils and my body chemistry.

Upon dry-down, Titania became the essence of chilled fruit. The pear and peach remained strong with an undertone of grape and iced flowers.

The scent faded quickly and would need reapplication every few hours.

#8 Faerykin


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Posted 15 July 2004 - 08:53 PM

Swiped across wrists and along collarbone.

Initial Wet (8-8:30am): An overwhelmingly sweet, fruity-floral bouquet. It is difficult to discern each individual scent, but the sweat pea is certainly at the top.

Initial Dry (8:30-10:30am): As was expected, this toned down quite a bit. The sweet pea is still the most prominent scent, and I still can’t identify the others beneath it, they blend so well. This is a wonderful arrangement, a definite spring/summer scent – light and airy, just out of reach of the shadow of darkness.

This is the scent of carefree innocence. I imagine a child playing in the park, swinging on the swings, blissfully unaware of the evil and banality of the world – truly a scent of glamour.

Throughout the Day (10:30am-5pm & Beyond): I am enveloped by the scent of warm, sweet innocence. I close my eyes and can picture myself running barefoot through a field of flowers, preparing a picnic lunch on the edge of the forest, seeing the faeries dancing out of the corner of my eye. Aside from the sweat pea (which is still the most prominent), every other note is melded so exquisitely that I am almost lost in the scent.

I am feeling rather restless today, locked up in my cubicle. I want to be outside in the fresh air, away from banality – I blame that on this scent. It is undeniably in the class of the out-of-doors, hair-tousled-by-the-wind, barefoot-in-the-park variety.

This is indeed a long-lasting scent, as it is still present as I leave for home.

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Posted 16 July 2004 - 02:27 AM

In the bottle: Lovely .. simply lovely. This is fruity and floral .. it's like being in a walled garden filled with blooming flowers of all types, and lush fruit trees, vines .. and a table strewn with petals is covered in trays of those fruits for the visitor to enjoy.

Wet: Oh, its a sweet blush wine, and a bouquet of flowers, and all sorts of deliciousness all blended together.

(I'll add more when I get to work .. no time to finish!)

Wearing: It softens after about an hour .. but it's still surrounding me, an aura of loveliness. It's not overwhelming in the least, and it really does invoke the image of the Faerie Queen, from which my name was derived if you believe some tales. Soft, sweet, but a little bit tricksy, and incredibly sensual.

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#10 Ina Garten Davita

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Posted 19 July 2004 - 05:46 PM

First Impression: I didn't think I'd like this one and I was spot on.

Second Impression: Fruity+my skin= :P It's not a sweet fruity or floral fruity (like Edymion, Delirium and Desire :D) to my nose or on my skin. It's actually quite soapy.

Final Analysis: I thought the dry down of the florals might work out in the end as I do quite like snapdragon and sweet pea but the grape and the peach soap smell is all I'm getting. Off to swap with you.

#11 Mitzy


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Posted 21 July 2004 - 11:21 PM

like the others have said above this is amazingly well blended. I cannot distinguish the individual notes, but together they are incredible. this is the perfect fruit and floral harmony. I cant imagine someone disliking this scent, it draws you in and makes you want to smell it again and again..

#12 tart


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Posted 14 August 2004 - 09:01 PM

Titania reminds me very much of a candle I used to love to burn. If Titania were a color I think it would be the palest lavender. It is a very sweet, round scent with all notes blending together. Pretty, but too sweet for my style. Good for someone who likes florals, but dislikes green notes or spices.

#13 malanna


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Posted 17 August 2004 - 11:52 PM

The first thing I smell is pear. After a while, it's an iced pear with dew-kissed petals on top. Color-wise, I think of this as a bright white-tinged green. This is pretty strong--I swiped my wrist and it completely overpowered The Magician on my other wrist.

#14 hypothermya


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Posted 20 August 2004 - 08:13 PM

Initial Impression

Oh, this is truely lovely smelling! It's cool, like iced fruit with a bit of chilled floral mingling with it. There's the obvious scent of sweet pea and pear and musk rose, and the rest is beautifully blended... Mmmm

Wearing It

Drat. Turned straight to musk rose, without allowing room for anything except this vague chilled sweetness to get past. Just...pure musk rose. It smells nice enough for a musk rose scent, but... Eh. I'm tired of how my skin amplifies rose scents to the exclusion of all else.

Lasting Power

Pretty good. Lasted for at least 5 hours.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but I guess I was hoping that this would be more fruity on my skin. And I adore sweet pea, so I was hoping that some of that would come out as well. Oh well. I'll probably give an imp of this to my sister (along with other imps that have pear ingredients in them) for Christmas... She caught a whiff of it while I was wearing it and said that it smelled really good, so I guess she'll like it even more when there's less rose and more pear/fruit scents.

#15 heartbeast


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Posted 24 August 2004 - 06:59 AM

The best thing I can say about Titania is that it's perfectly blended. No one fruit or flower stands out, it's all one lush, sweet fragrance. Also, on me, there was no morph whatsoever...at least, not in terms of the scent itself, just in the quality of it. Hrmph. Let's see if I can explain that better.

First off, as I was putting it on, I thought "whoof! Sweet sweet! Nice, but not me." Later on, it became more...complex? It was the same scent, only the wet scent was like a regular 2-D photograph and the dry scent was like a 3-D picture of the same image. Anyway, the complex and dry version hung around me in a big cloud, and I thought "this is neat, but still not me". Finally, though, several hours in, it was completely gone from my wrists and inner elbows, but every once in awhile a little whiff would come up from my cleavage, and then, then it was still the same scent, only subtle, pleasing and intriguing. And a little more me.

I guess that Titania is too otherworldly and intense for mortal eyes to look upon, or to keep close company with, but when glimpsed out of the corner of my eye, she's just right. :D

Anyway, I'm beginning to think that my chemistry in the week after my period tends to suck the life out of scents, rendering them flat and soon gone. So maybe I'll give it another chance...then again, I may give this imp to my friend who has played Titania in the past, and who is now playing Queen Elizabeth I with a broad streak of whimsical faerie queen to her character. :P

#16 Murron


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Posted 24 August 2004 - 01:17 PM

First sniff: fruity and floral. I especially smell lemon, allthough that's not in the description!

On skin: the moonflower starts to stand out more. The scent also starts to mellow to my skin. Not to sweet, I think this one would be great for spring.

Definetely a keeper!

#17 diabolique


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Posted 28 August 2004 - 05:30 PM

in the bottle: mmmmhmm. this smells exactly like hypothermya described it: an iced pear. this is absolutely lovely.

on: oops, i think i put too much on in my giddy happiness. it smells so concentrated. hee. my nose kind of burns, actually. maybe i should wash some off.

ten minutes later: wow, i just walked outside and grandpa yelled, "i can smell you from here!" at the end of the porch. i guess i DID put too much on, but i'm sure the wind has something to do with it. i hope. :P

the drydown wasn't much different than how it is in the bottle. overall, i think this is just beautiful. next time i'll try not to put as much on. it smells beautiful when i catch a whiff of it, but i put so much on that it's way too intense. iced pear, indeed.

#18 Ailgwyn



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Posted 03 September 2004 - 02:08 PM

When I smelled Titania in the bottle, I was somewhat disappointed. I could smelled the fruit without a doubt, but there was also the "bite" to it that I associate with commercial perfume...sort of alcohol-ish. It smelled like a semi-dry white wine to me.

Putting it on, it remained the same, very white-wine, and I hate wine-- the smell really does not attract me at all. As it dried, the pear came forth, mixed with the grape and peach (yeah, my skin adores those fruit smells), but it was really far too late in the game for it to be pleasant for me. If I wanted to smell like pear or peach, I'd just use Fae or Endymion, because I like all the stages of those two.

It didn't last terribly long on me, either, compared with the others I've tried-- only a couple of hours, and then I couldn't even catch a whiff. Makes me sad-- I was hoping to really like this one, because I love fruit, and I love florals, and this seemed like a nice combination of both. Oh well-- can't win 'em all.

Verdict: To the swap pile.

#19 pkwench


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Posted 11 September 2004 - 06:19 AM

Vial: It's very difficult for me to discern seperate notes when smelling this in the vial. This is due to 1-a mostly uneducated nose and 2-my brain shutting down every single thought other than "ooooh, niiiiice". It's fruity-almost reminiscent of a very, very cold apple juice, but very lightly fruity. Not overly sweet in the floral range yet at this point either.

Wet: I can smell more of a musky scent now that it's on my hand and there's a bit more sweetness and more of a floral element emerging. But it's not a HI THERE! floral, so much as it is a soft one-tempered by the musk and fruity smells. My brain is still sighing in delight.

After 10: This is beautiful. It's floral without being overtly floral-which is so nice because I've found that I don't really care for the strong variety in that regard. The fruit aspect of it blends in so well and so effortlessly. It's just a delight. There's a faint hint of earth beneath it as well that gives it a pleasing depth-that may be the musk rose, I suppose? I hope it's still nice after a bit longer because I am in LOVE.

After 20: Okay, it's official. I am in LOVE. Next order I place, I am getting a bottle of Titania. It's just so LOVELY. It's the perfect romantic scent. And I love it because it's soft, femine, and floral, but with enough fruit and sweetness to really work on my skin and smell like something really, really special. It's the sort of scent that I would wear at my wedding. And, since that's next summer, it's nice to have found one that would be appropriate!

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Posted 12 September 2004 - 05:50 PM

First Impression: "Bubble gum, bubble gum, in a dish...how many pieces do you wish?" Bubble gum. Just, plain bubble gum, but more of a wet, sort of scent, like a piece of watermelon bubble yum that's only been chewed for a minute or two. Or, better yet, does anyone remember that sticky pink gum that came in a tube just like toothpaste? It was kind of loose and a little gritty, but if you chewed it enough it would finally come together like a regular piece of gum? That's what this reminded me of in the bottle and for the first 15 minutes or so on my skin.

30 minutes later: I still get a distinct watermelon-y bubble yum scent, but it's fading just slightly and you can tell that some sort of floral wants to peek through, but again, mostly bubble gum.

45 minutes to 1 hour later: If I concentrate really hard, I can separate a fruity note and a bit of a floral, rather than just getting bubble gum, but it's hard to distinguish notes. There's a distinct "middle of the night" aura just like Moon Rose (just slightly crisp and chilly) coming from what I presume to be the common note of moonflower. The fruity component isn't that middle of the summer, juicy ripe peach dripping down your chin sweet, but it reminds me of those bags of frozen fruit we'd buy from Sam's Club, that has peaches, grapes, and honeydew, and how I could never wait for the fruit to fully thaw, so I'd eat it partially frozen and it was juicy and sweet, but not as juicy and sweet as it would have been had I had more patience.

1.5-2 hours later: This has faded very quickly on me, but it can still be detected. It's not longer bubble gum, but still smells kind of familiar to me. Off the top of my head I'm thinking one of the Colonial at Home candles, but I can't think of which one...perhaps the Chardonnay candle??? I love that candle for bath time, but not on my skin.

Overall: It's sweeter in a more artificial way than I expected. So I'll likely finish out the imp, but don't look for this one on my big bottle list. Think I'll be sticking with La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente for my light, fruity scent.

#21 Dianella


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Posted 17 September 2004 - 11:07 PM

I ordered this oil because (attn silly reason ahead) a good friend of mine was in a Midsummer Night's Dream and I loved the costume of Titania. Hey, we all have our reasons, right? :P

Anyway, I tried it this morning and I didn't know what to expect exactly. In the vial I smelled fruit right away. On my skin it initially smelled like a juicy peach. After a while the scent turned more floral, but the fruit was still very much at the forefront. It's a very light scent, all light fruits and florals. It lasted on me til about lunch. I can smell faint tracs of it on my skin if I bring my wrist to my nose, but other than that it disappeared.

I like this oil but I don't LOVE it. I'll keep the imp and might order more at one point to have it on hand when I feel fruity.

#22 Larila


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Posted 23 September 2004 - 09:42 AM

Titania from the Illyria, notes are white grape,white peach,iced pear,musk rose,sweet pea,moonflower and snapdragon. First sniff the notes I was smelling were grape had a light wine smell to it. Also I was getting the scent of pear, this was in the wet version. Dry down, it was the marriage of grape.peach pear and snapdragon and also a light musk scent and sweet pea. Didn't get the moonflower note. this is a delicious, lightly sweet scent it didn't last very long, I had to reapply, about two hours. This will be going on my list for a bigger bottle.

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#23 ChupaChup


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Posted 23 September 2004 - 08:57 PM

Titiana was a scent I really wanted to like, probably because I like the character so much. It smells gorgeous in the vial and I'm sure I would love it on someone else. But most fruits don't seem to work on my skin and I think there is just too much fruit in this blend for me, what with the grape, peach and pear notes. I love the florals in this, though.

#24 Laurel the Woodfairy

Laurel the Woodfairy

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Posted 30 September 2004 - 07:50 PM

Titania was completely overdetermined for me--neither Fae nor Queen Mab worked on me at all, so I was on pins and needles about this one; I so want a proper Faery oil!

And the verdict is: Pears! Flowers! Soft and feminine with no icky powdery stuff! Clean-bright-magick-goodness! It was even more gorgeous in the vial than on me, but I don't care because--oh, thank Goddess--now I have the oil to wear for my Midsummer Night's Dream theme handfasting! :D

Lalala, so happy. Now I need some Oberon to complement her. :P

#25 summer


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Posted 01 October 2004 - 11:46 PM

This is quite possibly the freshest, most sparkly, feminine fragrance EVER. A light, bright floral with the crispness of fruit, but it's not candy-like at all. Just sweet and bright. I wore pink the day I wore this, and the combination of the color and the scent made me feel clean (sparkling clean, not soap clean) and so PRETTY! Like, flushed cheeks and bright eyes pretty. It made me feel alert and sort of giddy. I absolutely *love* this and will be getting a larger bottle.

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