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  1. Astarte


    When I first apply Diwali I can smell the ceder most prominently. Diwali does go through several stages, I initially had a gentle skin musk stage where the almond and coconut flourished, then the ceder reappropriated itself taking center stage and then it settled towards more a incensey tone. Its a very intrigueing and a comforting scent.
  2. Astarte

    La Vague

    As a peach lover, I adore trying new peach scents. This feels very similar to Tamamo-no-Mae but a more stripped down version. Don't get me wrong I love Tamamo, but sometimes the musk component can feel overwhelming if I slather a bit too much accidently. La Vague is a refreshing scent, and I find the florals aspect are keeping the scent green, but are tempered by the peach accord. Deliciousness!
  3. Astarte


    A very creamy vanilla, it reminds me most of antique lace (as noted in other reviews), and the drydown feels very clean and peaceful. The sandalwood/vanilla combination is very dreamy, and for some odd reason I'm reminded of Arachne, even though the notes aren't similar at all. Haloes lasts on my skin for a long time, I put it on overnight and I could still smell it in the morning.
  4. Astarte

    The Shivering Boy

    Unfortunately I also get the sweet pine note in this scent too and its fairly overpowering. It does feel as if there is more to the scent beneath but I also feel that strange duality, in that it feel simulteanously cold and warm. Interesting scent but not for me.
  5. Astarte


    I generally find "leaves" type of scents too unfulfilling for me and its rare that I find an earthy scent I love. So I've not tried October or any other leafy type of scent. However the above point is moot since the clear piercing pine note kills any affection for the scent as a whole. :/
  6. Astarte

    Noche Buena

    On testing, there was a very prominent green note keeping the initial burst very green, as the flowers begin to bloom for me it becomes slightly overwhelming. As a blend it flows very nicely but I can't ever see myself wearing a scent like this.
  7. Astarte


    This scent is incredibly decadent, I've never had a good track record with the other foody scents in the BPAL catagloue, but this scent does start off as the most gorgeous maple/honey and cream scent. Over time this deepens to add an incense scent which keeps the scent from being totally one dimensional. Thankfully I cant smell the fig, which is wonderful as fig is one of my most hatest notes. The throw is quite powerful as well, I could smell a waft from my unopened decant, and it seems to last well.
  8. Astarte

    Archangel Winter

    Archangel Winter is one of the best concept scents I've tried lately. It feels like the most ozone, airy and delicate scent I've tried for a long time. Heartbreakingly simple and very effective concept. A total keeper for me.
  9. Astarte


    I normally love citrus scents, and on the whole I find them to be very bright and refreshing. I tried a dabble of Angeronia (I think testing a small amount as possible is key for getting along with patchouli blends for me) and my initial impression was a dark citrus scent. This dark scent, I have to admit, I wasn't thinking that favourably about the scent. Then I read the reviews and someone mentioned that this feels like a more natural Coco Mademoiselle and I have to agree very much. It certainly has grown a lot on me and the patchouli is kept at bay (well enough at bay for a patchouli hater anyway). ^^
  10. Astarte

    Midwinter's Eve

    This review is for the 2007 version Midwinters Eve has been my favourite BPAL scent over the years, and I have one bottle dating back to 2003, but I tend to wear the 2004 version more lately. (with two 2005 bottles as backup) This version doesn't have the green freshness to it like the other versions. I cant place my finger on this, perhaps my bottle just needs more time in storage.
  11. Astarte

    Libra 2007

    Libra did not like my chemistry one iota, which saddens me as I love all of the notes in Libra (apart from fig). On my skin the rose is amped up with the cherry beyond belief. The resulting scent turns somewhat medicinal on my skin. Oh well some things are not meant to be. :/
  12. Astarte


    On me Aeaea never evolves, I dont get any magical berries or electric air or even cypress. I get a aquatic with a lot of aloe. Shame, Thalassa now remains my true ocean scent.
  13. Astarte

    Hunter Moon 2007

    This is a delicious scent, if I had to describe it as a colour I'd choose a soft bronze shimmering softly. Its deliciously sweet and more'ish. On me it smells like a more gentle Snake Oil initially, so I'd guess perhaps Siberian Musk is here in this one. I usually find Snake Oil a bit too much to wear but this is spot on. Absolutely breathtaking.
  14. Astarte


    This is my current number one bpal scent I've fallen in love for this scent and I can't believe I missed when this went live. A delicious melange of peach, ginger and musk on initial application. Tamamo settles softly and loses the initial sharpness into a gentle skin scent with the hint of peaches. This scent could not be any more perfect.
  15. Astarte

    Singing Moon

    I have to admit when I read the description, I wasn't entirely sold until upon reading the will call reviews that I began to realise this scent was needed. When first applied, you can smell the earthliness and almost a dirt scent. Then the scent begins to settle down and I found Singing Moon had a fair bit of sillage, I wondered what the gorgeous almost creamy sweet herbal scent wafting in the air was and then the penny dropped. A wonderfully unique scent and I am so very glad I have this.