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  1. Northernminx

    Your Best-Bet "Must Try" Enabling Scents

    Hee in a moment of "oh my god i have time to post!" 1. Snake Oil 2. Dana O' Shee 3. Alice 4. Manila 5. Queen Mab 6. Dorian 7. Sin 8. Ophelia 9. Cthulu 10. Silk Road 11. Twenty-One 12. Samhain (because you just have to) A nice mix of floral, fruity, foody and spicey. I think I left off the resin category but as my coffee is still injecting itself into my bloodstream today, I can't think of much else to add.
  2. Northernminx

    The Emperor

    Some musk, maybe some dragon's blood, a strong herbal spicey scent with a touch of citrus. This had a lot of backbone while still being rather cologne like. It was very nice, very strong and very masculine to my nose. Lovely but not me
  3. Northernminx

    Ace of Pentacles

    Oakmoss, Patchouli, and definitly soft and earthy. This gets a little lighter on me than it was in the vile. Not something I'd use for perfume, but pleasant, soothing and very grounding (pardon the pun)
  4. Northernminx


    Somewhat sharp and green in the bottle, there's a definite touch of dry rose in here and some wood as well as lavender. This dries into a soft rush of chamomile and rose and lavender and is extremely potent. Something about the funeral oil florals tends to go very white and heavy on me. Lovely but far too reminiscent of my grandpa's funeral for comfort.
  5. Northernminx


    Sharp, red, resiny and somewhat dry. This is more of a sun-baked, intense heat than a juicy, lush, tropical sun. It's a bit too amber and herb for me and not one of my favorites.
  6. Northernminx


    Whoa...have some caramel and butterscotch in the bottle there. As "warned" this was buttery and rich. The caramel and sweetness really come out at first and there's a great softness in the cream as an under note, but that sugar smell goes plastic on me after a bit. Stupid stupid chemistry this was really good enough to eat for a while. Fortunately it didn't do the same for my friend Erin and she has made off with the bottle.
  7. Northernminx

    Jacob's Ladder

    Soft, somewhat earthy, a nice golden soft amber and a warm touch of vanilla and tonka. It's very warm, slightly sweet, more golden than "hot" and very pretty. This was soothing and relaxing but not really anything that stuck around on my skin. It faded quickly so off it goes.
  8. Northernminx


    Patchouli, maybe some vetiver, and eucalyptus with an undertone of metallic dirt. This was really strong on me and not too pleasant. I felt sort of grungy wearing it. Earthy scents aren't me. off it goes!
  9. Northernminx


    Lavender and lemongrass citrus. Very light and airy and clean - perfect for an air scent. I'm not a huge lavender or citrus fan so this one is going off to swaps but it really is just a nice, cleansing, flowing scent.
  10. Northernminx

    Holiday Moon

    A lot of wet, green tartness which I imagine is a touch of sour and woody bamboo. This dries down into a soft tea scent with an under touch of fruit that's almost plum and a little bit of floral. It's very unusual and likley not something I'd wear very often but it was intriguing (as always) to try.
  11. Northernminx


    I didn't get the vetiver in this that others did, though it was salty, that vague florally aquatic that goes powdery on me. There was an undernote of something sweet and almost coconut but this sort of just powdered out on me. I wasn't really surprised at that point as water scents and I just don't usually mix.
  12. Northernminx


    spicey, some cinnamon, a touch of something herbal and this goes rather ashy on the drydown. It's warm and biting and fitting for it's name sake. I didn't try it ritually. Definitly unique just not one I'd wear - though I imagine for use with elemental work it would be wonderful
  13. Northernminx

    La Fée Verte

    Sharp, a bit citrusy and green in the vial with a touch of herbs. I was hoping for a bit more anise but this is refreshing yet somewhat slinky, drying into a soft white musk with an herbal undertone. Really glad I invested in this one!
  14. Northernminx

    Snow Moon

    I wasn't sure I liked this at first but then about nineteen people stopped me to ask what I was wearing and I finally gave in. That sort of piney/sour fruit slushy snow scent that is reminsicent of Ice Queen/Snow bunny but the dry down is soft sweet florals. This has really grown on me and has become a definite keeper.
  15. Northernminx

    Pink Phoenix

    Sweet with a touch of floral and warm honey and vanilla. I really really loved this one, girly, pink, sweet but still sophisticated enough to not be childish. Definitly my favorite phoenix with my skin chemistry, this is the one I'll be keeping. Which sort of suits me as I'm a bit silly and girly too