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    I AM ON HIATUS. PLEASE DON'T PM ME, AS I WON'T BE CHECKING THEM.<br /><br /><br />Cats, Big Cats (Yes, there -is- a difference!), BPAL (my new obsession!), reading, Wicked, music, writing poetry, musicals, Witchcraft, cooking, Tarot, chocolate, candles.<br /><br />I'm not into the goth scene, as so many are. I'm married, and have one feline child, I work third-shift and spend as much time as I can with a few friends. I don't go to clubs, or bars, and I support the indie-music scene as much as I can. I aspire to be a published poet, but really don't think I'm good enough.<br /><br />Favorite artists include: Amy Brown, Stephanie Law, Nene Thomas, Dorian Clevenger and Jonathan Earl Bowser.<br /><br />Favorite musicians include: Jewel, Kyler, Vienna Teng, Rachel Sage, Indigo Girls, most of the 80's hair and metal bands.<br /><br />
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  1. TygherRayn


    Pipe tobacco. Cherry pipe tobacco ... though unless I'm imagining it, while fresh on, this gives off a bit of candy-cane as well. This was, of courswe, whatfirst drew me to this LE, and it's something that evokes images of men in silk smoking jackets and dark grey britches and boots sitting in a smoky room with a roaring fire, all discussing over snifters of brandy their latest hunt, and the state of their various affairs, social and otherwise. It's a very masculine scent, to be truthful and while I like it, it's just a little -too- masculine for me to wear. Might try it as a room scent, while the season is still right for it. Otherwise, I think this will end up traded away.
  2. TygherRayn

    All Saints'

    *blinkblink* Okay, I wanted this one because of the floral in it, but sniffing the bottle ... and Jason noticed it too .. this is foody. *blinks and sniffs again* Okay, did my bottles get switched? Ruh-roh? It sure does .. all foody. Like a nutty chocolate .. very similar to Gluttony or Bliss smell to me. It makes me rather panicked, too, because this was not what I envisioned for All saints at all. but I trust Beth's vision, so on it goes! Immediately on, it stays foody for a second, but giving it just a bit of time to breathe the scent totally changes, and it's so extremely strange! Beth is apparently becoming the Goddess of the ever-changing scent. After a minute, this becomes floral indeed, and a beautiful, dark, brooding floral. The despair and the passion of the saints. Walking into a glorious stone cathedral, one of the old ones with ivy climbing all over it, seeking every nook and cranny, and how it smells just after there has been a marriage .. or a funeral. The scent of sweet white flowers .. roses, lilies .. but there's more. Almost a minty smell somewhere in there. Something herbal and green, but still sweet .. and yet very somber, very rich, very ... divine. After about 5 or so minutes it gets woody .. like aged timbers, and a little incensey too. I'm loving this. The deliciousness stays for a long while .. I don't even want to try and pick apart the notes in this, because it's just so simply wonderful. Wood, and flowers, and smoke and the delicious foods one might find at a wedding celebration .. or a wake. A celebration of the glory and the pain of those whom have been elevated for living their lives. A remembrance of the importance of doing just that ... living. This blend is almost too ... *ponders the right word* ... stately for me to wear regularly. It's a powerful scent, and stirs a lot of things in me, but I love it too much not to wear it just the same. It makes me want to sit for hours in the back pew of my mimere's old Catholic church, listening to the organ play, and pondering the mysteries of the universe, of my faith, and of life in all its forms.
  3. TygherRayn


    OMG! I'm so utterly delighted to have given in and purchased Samhain 2004 .. and I almost regret not getting more of it when I had the chance! This time around it is everything I hoped it would be, not at all sour or rotten like the first incarnation did on my skin, and even more the scent of a crisp october evening than it was before. In the bottle, this has a creamy and yet fruity smell to it, something that evokes the image of sitting at the table while my mother doid my makeup for trick-or-treating, sipping on hot cocoa because it was bound to actually be cold, while mom and dad drank wine. It has the scent of falling leaves, and grass that was cut for the last time of the year, and pumpkins sitting on every doorstep. Putting it on, I hoped beyond hope that this incarnation wouldn't do what the first one did .. and my prayers were answered.!Immediately it becomes a heartier verson of the bottle scent, creamy and rich and incredibly delicious. As it mellows, spreading into my skin like a delicious blanket, it draws out an apple scent that is to-die-for. Crisp Macintosh apples, fresh from the local orchards, biting into one while I hunt for the perfect pumpkin. It's simply dreamy .. everything I hoped this scent would be, and it gives me chills to think about it. It wears all night long, and even after 8-10 hours I still get a dreamy scent from my wrists when I sniff them, though the lovely cloud of scent is gone from around me. After all this time, it's become smokey and soft, a bonfire in an open field around which witches dance and sing and seek the wisdom of their ancestors. *shivers* I have chills again. God, I love this scent.
  4. TygherRayn

    Scent for Halloween?

    Without the Halloween LE's? Possibly Chimera, as it's deliciously spicy. If I get hunter moon before then, I'd go for that. If not, besides Chimera .. probably Scorpio. I do love my scorpio oil, after all.
  5. TygherRayn

    The Chariot

    Apples. Immediately I get apples when I open the bottle. I'm not quite certain if it's macintish or granny smith or what, but it's a very familiar smell. I don't entirely understand why this particular card has that smell associated with it though. Wet it takes on a more dry-wine scent which more typifies the tarot meaning I suppose. It becomes more berrylike that apple-y also, It's very nice ... though I almost think I prefer the apple-y part. It seems to be staying with that delicious wine smell, very light and brisk. I really wish I knew the notes in this one, because it's absolutely delicious smelling. *purrs*
  6. TygherRayn

    Queen of Spades

    My first thought on seeing this was "I have to have it.' After all, traditionally, the Queen of Spades is used as my significator card. Even ignoring that .. amber, and blackberry and plum? There was no way I wasn't getting this one. Sniffing it from the bottle I get a fruity spicey scent, mostly fruity, then the spice seems to kick in as an afterthough. As soon as I put it on this gets an almost cinnamon-y spice to it, but it's more woody than that. Floral, but not really. It's lovely, rich and dark, and exceedingly dangerous smelling. I see a cat-burglar, creeping over a tile roof in the night. I see a madam who rules her bordello with sharp words and a soft hand. I don't know where that spiciness that I'm associating with cinnamon is coming from, but I adore it. It's not quite cinnamon, but it's so close, it's amazing. The amber is there, but is soft and in the background still. I expect the more this wears the stronger that will become. Now I imagine an old forest, the thick trunks of the trees covered by the tendrils of climbing vines, their flowers filling the air with perfume. I really love this. *purrs*
  7. TygherRayn

    Blue Moon 2004

    I never reviewed this? Bad Tygher! I couldn't resist Blue Moon, and not just because it wouldn't come out for a while, since the next Blue Moon isn't for almost 2 years. The moonflower, cucumber and orchid in this called to me. And sniffing the bottle, what seems most prominent to me is the cool, blue-green scent. Like a cucumber, this smells cool, like putting cucumber slices on tired, puffy eyes. Soothing. Green. Delicate and mysterious and powerful. A priestess' oil, certainly. Just put on, this darkens considerably, more of the blue than the green. I imagine a woman of power standing in a field with a ring of fire surrounding her, her arms reaching to the dark night sky just as the moon is overhead. She is crowned with a wreath of night-blooming flowers, and the scent of the woods touches her on a gentle breeze. It's delicate without giving up power. It's soft, but with a slight edge. I can't really pick out any notes, but this is more of an herbal green that an flowery one. This softens as I wear it, but I count this as just a natural change. It's incredibly lovely, and I certainly can feel the power that comes with an oil prepared for the magical time of the Blue Moon. Definitely herbal, like chamomile flowers and aloes and all that other green stuff. Now it can certainly be described as ethereal .. where it was more physical before, it's certainly got a wispy feel to it after it settles down. And still there's that cucumber coolness that I just am loving. Mmm.
  8. TygherRayn


    When I think of this oil I think red .. cherry/cinnamon red, and spicy. That's not entirely what I get from the bottle though. It's more of a muted color, a burnt browny-red, with something almost sour in it. It's very strange, not at all what I expected. But then, I've found the ones I get all wrong are often incredibly lovely. Wet, this doesn't seem to release the dragon's blood like Red Moon does. What I do smell is rather green, with a hint of rose starting to come out after a moment or three. If the rose goes too strong though, this is going to be somewhat disappointing. It does stay a little rosey, but it doesn't seem to be overwhelmingly so as it dries into my skin. For something named red moon, this goes rather green herbal, in fact, with just a slight overtone of rose. The dragon's blood never really came out to play on me, so I might try layering this with dragon's blood itself .. or one of the 'dragon' blends.
  9. TygherRayn

    Red Moon 2004

    At first sniff, this gives me the impression of a dry, sweet red wine. Now, I bought this partially because of the name and the description .. nevermind the notes in it. But having amber in it, I had to get some. I don't really smell any in it out of the bottle .. but amber's a funny thing. It does seem to have the somewhat sour pithy part of an orange in it though, something just barely bitter. And it's a good smell. Word of warning .. this -will- stain your clothes. I really think I dislike the reducer caps, because this dribbled all down my wrist and had to be wiped off .. with a white shirt. Grr. but at least my shirt will smell good, right? And that smell is decidedly dry and crackly now .. not quite like Scarecrow though. More of a fruity dryness .. or perhaps a smoky fruitiness. It does seem, after a minute or two, to get more sotty/smoky. Not at all a bad thing. It's the dragon's blood I'm smelling I think ... it reminds me a little of dragon's heart. I'm not getting amber in this yet at all .. but I'm not worried. I love this just the same. Mm. It's not an overpowering amber at all, at least not yet, but this scent is warm and lovely on me. Still somewhat smoky, but more like the reddish haze of smoldering embers and the blackish soot and smoke after a fire's been put out. This is a warm, living smoke rather than a cool, dead one. Yum yum yum yum yum!
  10. TygherRayn


    Sniffing the bottle .. one of my two 5ml bottles of which I'm deliriously happy to have .. I get something very sweet. Cherries maybe. Almost like cherry Luden's throat drops, but a bit .. smokier. The first thing that came to mind when I opened and sniffed was smoke, in fact .. maybe like cherry pipe tobacco, rather than cough syrup. This is the still sunny, warm days of late summer, where Mabon and Harvest Moon are the cooler, darker early Autumn nights. Mmmhmm. Cherry pipe tobacco. I smelled enough of it when I was working in a drug store and the tobacco aisle was part of my responsibility. My grandfather also used to smoke a pipe, and this sort-of reminds me of him in that way. It's ver cherry .. but I love the smell of it, still wet on my skin. as it sits and sinks in this gets a luscious milky tone to it, creamier than it started, and warmer. And there's cinnamon in this .. glorious cinnamon, how I love thee! I want more. Of course, I already have much of this particular scent. It settles so deliciously on my skin .. just a warm blanket of harvest fruits and smoke and corn stalks drying and .. just all the imagery of autumn's blessings all in one small bottle. And cinnamon. Spicy, delicious cinnamon filling the air. Gods, I love this scent.
  11. TygherRayn

    Harvest Moon 2004

    In the bottle, this starts off incredibly foody. Like a sweet bread of some type, but I'm not sure I can pick out any notes to be sure. It's possibly the pumpkin .. creamy and golden at the same time. If this were a food, I'd likely gain about a hundred pounds eating it. Yum! Just putting it on, this stops being a golden corn hue and becomes considerably darker. Fresh baked bread, or pumpkin cheesecake. It's nutty and warm, chocolate brown, but with no chocolate scent. There's an underlying floral note that sorta tickles at my nose that I can't quite get. But this is the smell of a bakery in the autumn, perhaps, with bunches of fresh flowers decorating the windows every morning, mums and sunflowers in golden hues. This stops being foody about 10-15 minutes after applying it, remaining a very dark floral, but not dark in the nocturne/Nyx sort of way. This is just the impending darkness of a chilly autumn evening. When you've had the windows open all day, and the mums outside are scenting the air, and there's cider simmering on the stove. I love this scent. Perhaps not as much as Mabon, but I love this scent.
  12. TygherRayn

    Mabon 2004

    In the bottle, this is 'the mmmmm'. And I vant zhe mmmmm. *winks* Seriously though, I love the smell of this. This is an autumnal gathering where someone has cider in a cauldron bubbling away, and there's a flagon of honeymeade wandering around. I was very excited to try this one, and I'm not at all disappointed. I think I can smell the woodiness in this also, somewhere in with the apple blossom-y floral. When I first put it on a darker fruitiness comes out .. the blackberry perhaps. It's defnitely more berry-like than apple. It definitely darkens the scent, which at first seemed almost too bright and sunny to be an auntumnal blend. Now though, this is forboding of the darkening nights. Much like my mornings are now dark, this has darkened also, warning of winter's approach. Yumyumyumyumyum. This just gets better and better the more I wear it. Dark purples and rich apple reds, like in a cool sunset, come to mind whenever I sniff it. Tempered by only the slightest hint of something green. Love it. Simply love it.
  13. TygherRayn


    In the bottle this is very floral, very sweet, but at the same time it's very dark and moody. I definitely smell rose in this, and like with every other rose scent, I worry a little about that. But it seems to be balanced with something else, something greener, almost like Rose Red but not quite so green. Having just put this on, it's indeed a rather rose-neavy scent at first, but it doesn't get the almost throat-closing cloying feel that most rose blends seem to do on me. There's a green-ness, something maybe herbal, though I don't know what note it could be. I don't get mint from this as I might expect for a coolness, yet it does indeent smell 'chilly' so to speak. As it wears I realize where that green-ness is coming from. Lime! I'm thrilled too, because I love all the lime scents I've tried so far. The rose is still very much there, but it mellows and blends with the cool lime, and perhaps another floral. Havisham seemed to vanish on my skin after a while, though at the moment my nose is a bit touchy. It's probably still there, I just can't smell it. but I'm not worried about it. I don;t mind doing retouches with this one.
  14. TygherRayn


    Eve: In the bottle, has a fruity scent at first sniff that covers a rose/floral note I can't quite picture. It's very sweet and delicate, almost demure. Wet, this becomes considerably more rosey on me, and like most rose scents I'm tempted to just wash it off. But I'm going to give it a go. For a while, this tries to be more fruity, but the rose scent returns. I can't quite get a feel for this one, and that troubles me. There's a nakedness to this scent also .. it reminds me in a way of being naked in a rainstorm (Don't ask me how I know) but not in the way the rain smells, but rather the way a body smells in the rain.
  15. TygherRayn


    Iago: In the bottle, this is kind of a dark-sweetness. I like it, but it's also very odd. Realizing it's a gender: male scent, I don't expect it to do wonderful things on, but I do want to try it to see if I can figure out what is in it that intrigues me so. Wet, I want to say there's something minty, but it doesn't smell like mint, if that makes any sense. It's .. warm. This scent, if it had a color, would be orange. But not like the fruit. There's a .. leafy-greenness to it also .. it's very nice, strong but not overpowering. Wearing, of the four this is the one I like the most. It reminds me of a man's cologne, but not the perfumey ones. This is definitely one I would like to smell on a man .. and luckily, Jason tried it on too! It's gotten sweeter .. like maybe lime is in it or something. I really like this, and can even see myself wearing it. *purrs* Frootloops! Jason's right .. this smells like Froot Loops! And now I'm hungry! And I want MORE!