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  1. Murron


    First sniff: why do I smell lemon? At first I smell a spicy sort of lemon.... A few hours later: the lemony note starts to fade away and more floral notes starts to come forward. Final verdict: unfortunately, this one has faded away . But I must say, it's a very confusing scent!!! Up into the swaptub, you little one!
  2. Murron


    First sniff: I smell something similar to orange, that will probably be the apricot. A few hours later: The apricot starts to fade a way a bit, and some other notes come forward, but I can't pick wich... Final stage: The apricot has left and now I can smell a mix of vanilla and ginger (I think ) I am still a bit undecided about Siren, but I think I will use up the imp....
  3. Another vote here for Rose red, as it is a limited edition. and you will probably be able to swap it away very easily iff you don't like it....
  4. Murron

    Empyreal Mist

    I can't pick out any notes, but this one is very soft and hazy and slightly sweet. It is so soft, that it has dissapeared after a few hours ... Up into the swappile with you!!!
  5. Murron


    First sniff from skin: strong, warm, reddish-floral, I can't pick out any notes yet. After a few hours: still this warm, reddish clouds of scent. Not very autumny, but still a bit spicey. End of the day: wow, I still can smell this one! There's a trace of some light vannilla..... I don't know if this one's up for a big bottle, but I'll defenitely use up the imp....
  6. Murron


    First sniff from skin: it starts like a bitther heavy floral on me. Must be the lilly or the geranium.... Drydown: the bitterness has gone away, the florals come out stronger, I can't recognise any frankencinse... After a few hours: still quite heavy and floral... For me, this one's too heavy and floral. Into the little swaptub, you little one!!!
  7. Murron

    Motivation help needed!

    I second the empyrial mist or Juliet. *also already fixes cup of Chamomile tea to help you to not flip out* You are charming and worthy!!
  8. Murron

    Mata Hari

    First sniff from skin: this really smells like a nice cup of Mocha for me, the coffee is very overpowering. A few hours later: the coffee has mellowed out and the florals have arrived! I can't pick out any note, because it's so nicely blended together... End of the day: I still smell the florals with some mocha behind it, wich makes the scent warmer.... I love this!! Edited to add that this scent makes me crave chocolat for some odd reason!!
  9. Murron

    Rain Scents

    I always wear warm, comfy scents on rainy days. Old Athens (love the honey ) and Spellbound are amongst my favourites for those days, it feels like wrapping a warm blanket around you to counteract the cold....
  10. Murron


    First sniff: slightly floral and winey. On skin: wham! First I really smell the red wine and the myrrh. After a few minutes, the wine and myrrh start to mellow away, leaving a glorious, slightly spicy honey behind. A bit like my beloved "be never too busy to be beautifull" lush showergel. After a few hours: still the lovely warm, honey scent. I can´t stop sniffing myself! Defenitely a keeper and up for a bottle!
  11. Murron

    Black Phoenix

    First sniff: like sweet, green candy. On skin: still quite sweet, even a bit sourry. Smells a bit like sour applecandy balls I used to eat... A few hours later: this one has mellowed out so much that I barely can smell it anymore Up for the swaptub!!
  12. Queen of Sheba smells the same as Snowcake!!
  13. Murron

    Queen of Sheba

    Bottle: almonds so bitter, that it almost hurts to sniff them.... First sniff from skin: this scent immediatley starts to warm and soften up. To me, it smells the same as Lush's snowcake. It also reminds me of making sugary, almond cookies at work. After a few hours: still there! It's all nice and slightly snuggly, with a sexy undertone. Definetely a keeper!!!
  14. Murron

    The Hesperides

    Bottle: apple, apple, abit like a granny smith. On skin: this reminds me of a perfume of Yves Rocher. I can only pick out the apple.... Few good hours later: it's almost gone... As someone already said, I love apples, but have no desire to smell like them. On the swap pile!!
  15. Murron


    First sniff: fruity and floral. I especially smell lemon, allthough that's not in the description! On skin: the moonflower starts to stand out more. The scent also starts to mellow to my skin. Not to sweet, I think this one would be great for spring. Definetely a keeper!