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  1. pkwench

    Monster Bait: Ventriloquist Dummy

    I love this scent. Love, love, lovitylovelove. I missed out on all of the Monster Baits because of money (Tokyo Stomp, I'm still coming for you someday, baby), but have been slowly collecting the ones that most sound fun to me. I caught a whiff and a dab of VD at a miniBpal eat n'sniff and couldn't get it out of my head. I finally caved and swapped for it and I could not be happier to have done so. The same wood is here in VD that's in Tombstone. But this is Tombstone's super awesome bitchready friend (and, mind you, I love Tombstone!). The patchouli and brownsugar just make this blend so dry, so spicy, so gloriously unusual and sexy sweet on me. It's like being tenderly hugged in a warm, cozy wooden box and talked dirty too (in a good way). I just cannot express the depth of love that I have for Ventriloquist Dummy. Suffice to say that it just makes me really damned happy. But, if you don't like woody or patchouli scents? Yeah, steer clear.
  2. pkwench


    I'm in ur reviews, lovin' on the Habu. I wish I could be serious about this, but? Habu gives me such joy-joy feelings that I'm rendered positively silly. I can see the comparisons to Holiday Moon, but it's nowhere near as sugary. It's instead almost pulpy bamboo wrapped up in a sexy layer of musk, snake oil, and happy GOD KNOWS what. It's well nigh fruity upon application, then a bit of Snake Oil powder, then? Just lovely. I'm going to buy a bottle. Oh, yes. Yes, I am.
  3. pkwench


    Bottled sex, bottled joy, bottled bliss. Boomslang delivers if you want any of the above. It seems to be be a lot like Velvet meets Snake Oil, though much thicker and less woody. It may be one to slather though as it seems a bit light now. However, I did apply lightly. If the rest of the Snake Pit is as fabulous as Boomslang, then it may be the most brilliant collection ever. I've already found myself wishing that they were catalog items. The Snake Oil collection or something. That'd be sweet. Anyway - Boomslang is glorious. If you like Snake Oil and you like Velvet's cocoa notes, then you must have this.
  4. pkwench


    Burial initially smells a lot like Undertow's tougher cousin. They share something huge in common with the juniper, but where my beloved Undertow is sweeter and minty-er, Buriel isn't even going to soften up for you. What's strange, though is that the patchouli and the juniper are so busy vying for smell time that I can't smell anything resembling loam. Until, that is, I back away from it and then give it a quick whiff and I can catch just a fleeting trace of good ol' dirt. Burial is a sharp scent, but not necessarily an unpleasant one at all, though it does have a passing pickle juice phase that's a bit unnerving!
  5. pkwench


    Tanin'Iver In the vial it smells a little similar to Red Phoenix. On my skin? It smells almost exactly like Red Phoenix, but it goes a little more to the peppery side than the Big Red side like Red Phoenix did. Which works for me as I love Red Phoenix. When that's gone and I miss it, I think I'll turn to Tanin'Iver.
  6. pkwench


    Akuma in the vial starts out with this giant, rounded "O" of a note that obliterates anything else I might try to smell out of it. On my skin, that note tames down and out comes the ... tang? Yes, there it is a murky, astringent Tang scent with that hint of something huge from the initial sniff. It's all together strange on my skin. It morphs, eventually, to it's final stage of creamsicle meets tang over that lingering spike of neroli with a faint plastic wrap over the whole shebang. Akuma and I were not meant to be.
  7. pkwench


    Shroud In the vial, I'm not really sure what's going on with Shroud. It smells sort of murky, but bright at the same time. There's a note in there that's sharp and dangerous. On, though, it lightens, softens, and brightens to smell very clean and very soft. It's a little perfumey, a little soapy, but not obnoxiously or commercially so. It smells like something you'd want your sheets to smell like as you take a nap. A very long, eternal nap. LOL
  8. pkwench

    Et Lux Fuit

    Long ago, in the days of yore when the wench was a wee wenchlet in the making, I used to be a Girl Scout. (Mother was worried I was anti-social, I think.) The great thing about being a Girl Scout was camp. We'd go away for two weeks to this densely wooded hunk of land with a lake on one end and a road on the other. It was so isolated that it must have been creepy for the girls that didn't like outside. When we'd hike, we'd go far into the woods. The sun was a far away thing, barely peeping through the intertwining branches of trees. And, then, a meadow would open up, or a dried up riverbed would cut through the trees, or the woods would give way to the lake and suddenly, there was the sun and light again. Warm, yellow, and opening up into a bright shining space after the dense cloister of trees. Et Lux Fuit reminds me of that feeling. I remember one time coming out of wood trail on hell's glue-nag into the sort of meadow that you'd see in a western, weeds up to my knees on the horse, buzzing dragonflies, flowers, green things and sun, sun, sun, and more sun. THis is that feeling. Smelling it feels just like that. The scent is bright light over greenery and flowers, with that vanilla musk undertone. I feel like the butterflies must be about to come fluttering by any minute. In short? This is some seriously happy shit.
  9. pkwench

    Bed of Nails

    I don't know how I've managed to have Bed of Nails all this time and not say a thing about it. As I put it on today, I felt inspired to give it a word or two. Of course, it's a year old now, but it doesn't seem to have morphed much at all to my nose. CLEAN. Bed of Nails is clean, clean, knock you on your ass clean. Its metallic crack is the same sort of thing that I get from Lightening (nowhere as sweet, of course) and Cthulhu. It's sharp, ozone-y, with a splintery, dry undertone. When I first put it on, it has that clean, zing of a man's cologne, but then it mingles with my skin and I get ozone, metal, skin, and that dry scent. It's definitely not a girly scent, but it's a great choice for days when you want to smell clean. I also find that it gives me a little sauce for my mood. From my standpoint, it's gender neutral, but I can see how people would find it a more masculine scent according to their tastes.
  10. pkwench


    Ah, lovely Eden, how I adore you. This may sound strange, but it "feels" like a daytime version of Velvet to me - probably the sandalwood, I'm thinking. It's very smooth on me - a lovely wafting of coconut over sandalwood that's sweetened up so nicely with what I guess is a combination of fig and honeyed almond milk. I too get a touch of that green note, but it's faint and just seems to add depth to the whole shebang. My first thought after having this one for a few minutes was "ADD TO THE BOTTLE LIST!"
  11. pkwench

    Lucy's Kiss

    Lucy's Kiss: ROSE! And, well, Rose. No spice for me, but that's not necessarily abbynormal since my skin amps rose.
  12. pkwench


    Orange creamsaver! I don't get any pepper. Just orange and fruit and sweet. My skin seems to eat it up in short order, but it leaves me smelling citrus fresh and lightly sweet. Lovely! I'm betting it's going to have some serious POW! after it ages for a few months too. WUHA.
  13. pkwench

    Torture King

    Sharp, wicked, smokey, and a little secretive. The first thing that I get is clove. Lots and lots of clove in a very smokey room. There's also distinct leather in this - which I find amazing since I never get any leather smell on me generally. The lime and lemon and something warm, almost vanilla-y come out right in time to sweeten up the smokey clove and leather smell that gets suddenly dark - I assume because of the musk and ambergis. It sort of reminds me of Hell's Kitchen from Candles by Cows, but much darker. It's a very pleasing scent on my skin, one that I find myself growing fonder of as the day goes on. It's that spiced smoke and murky thing that I find myself enjoying so much. It's so saucy.
  14. pkwench


    It took me a while to post my short review because I was busy humping my arm. Midway? Ooey, gooey, sweet, SEX. There's lots o'sugar, a little coconut something happening, a touch of vanilla, and more humpable sugar and sweetness. It's NOT as sweet as Sugar Skull, but man oh man is it lovely. I've had numerous compliments on it today.
  15. pkwench

    Embalming Fluid

    I'm frankly shocked that I haven't reviewed Embalming Fluid - oh, the things that slip your mind. Embalming Fluid makes me very happy and calm. It's bright, but not overly sweet. It very much reminds me of a warm spring day spent out at the local botanical gardens - and I'm not sure why as it's not remotely floral. But, it very strongly evokes that memory. I can only conclude that I've worn it out there at some point. It's not a super!lemon scent on me, though it is indeed lemony (if you can see the difference LOL). Mostly, it's a sublime blend of the tea, white musk, aloe and then the lemon. It's very clean and lovely to the nth degree. I've had repeat impage of this over the last year of Bpaling, but it's only been recently that I ordered a bottle. When it came, I sat there for several moments sniffing it and just feeling very content and at peace. It's now become one of my must always have blends.