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  1. paperdoll


    Initial Sniff: Honey and herbs. Oh dear. Wearing: Yeah, honey doesn't work on me. Whoever likened the herbal base in this to aloe baby wipes was dead-on. Add stinky honey-poo to the mix, and you have the smell of a diaper change. Final Impressions: As a bonus, i'm apparently allergic to something in this - the angry red welt on my arm is very stylish.
  2. paperdoll


    Woah. If you handed me an unlabeled imp of this, I would have sworn it was Milk Moon. Upon wearing, this is not nearly as thick or cloying as Milk Moon. It also has an awful lot of coconut in it (= plastic on my skin). To sum up: Coconut Milk Moon Lite. If that sounds good to you, go forth and order!
  3. paperdoll


    This smells like a posh perfume. (I'm not familiar enough with Chanel No.5 to know if that is an apt comparison or not.) Definately reminiscent of dry, searing winds over a desolate, scorched plain.
  4. paperdoll

    Frumious Bandersnatch

    Initial Sniff: Mmmmm. Juicy plum with a hint of spice. Wearing: Wet, this smells like a candle. Strong spice competing with strong, dark fruits. As it dries, the plum goes away completely, leaving a dry floral spice behind. Final Impressions: I was really excited about this, because Beth's carnation is the most amazin creamy spice EVAH. Plum is almost always a Very Good Thing as well. Unfortunately, this partcular combination doesn't really work for me.
  5. paperdoll

    Lump of Coal

    Initial Sniff: Delicious gooey fudgey brownies. Wearing: Delicious gooey fudgey brownies. Final Impressions: Delicious gooey fudgey brownies.
  6. paperdoll

    Sed Non Satiata

    Initial Sniff: OMFG. Sweet, thick, absolutely sexual. Honey, musk, and orange.... *pant* Wearing: Ummmm... I get peanut butter. With tuberose and geranium. Seriously. It is an odd and foul combination.It is like I dipped my arm in peanut butter and sprayed it with some floral perfume. After an hour or so the nuttiness fades and the honey and myrrh come out to play with the florals, and that is quite nice indeed. Final Impressions: Sorry, but the drydown is not worth the hour I sent smelling like Jif Extra Chunky. At least it was good for a laugh!
  7. paperdoll

    Snow Bunny

    Initial Sniff: Pine, snow, and girlie perfume - exactly as advertised! Wearing: This starts off beautifully... the same exquisite pine and snow that I love in Skadi, but with a sweet playful floral in the backround instead of Skadi's sweet crisp berries. Pretty soon, however, that sweet playful floral grows loud and obnoxious, obliterating the beauty of my snowy pines. I'm also getting a hint of plastic and chemicals. Final Impressions: I just have to give this one another try. It's just too pretty when it's wet to give up on it. edited for stoopid typos.
  8. paperdoll

    Snow White

    2005 smells exactly like 2004. *shudder* Cold, unfeeling, antisocial plastic. With flowers.
  9. paperdoll

    Nuclear Winter

    Initial Sniff: Aquatics with mint. Wearing: The aquatics really beat the mint into submission on my skin. The mint disappears within a half hour and I'm left with an aqautic with hints of florals. Final Impressions: I brought this over to Fyre_in_Winter's place, and when she opened the imp, she immediately said, "This smells like Ice Queen!" I would add that it also wears a bit like Ice Queen on me. And wolfie, I get florals too, so you can come out of your corner now!
  10. paperdoll


    Initial Sniff: Evergreen and those aquatic snow-slush notes. And sap. Wearing: For the first hour, this is very true to the bottle scent on me. Then the sap note starts amping up a bit and then it turns oddly sweet. They drydown is very unbalanced on me. The evergreen and snow are still there, but they've been smothered with a thick coat of sweet sap. Final Impressions: A beautiful scent which I hope will be beautiful in my oil burner!
  11. paperdoll

    Jacob's Ladder

    Initial Sniff: Warm, sweet amber with a hint of florals. Wearing: This starts out true to the bottle scent. As it dries, it warms up and the light floral notes and sweetness become a little more prominant. Then it fades, and I am sad. But then it comes back! And it is glorious. A slightly sweet, lightly spicy, deliciously warm amber that I can still smell 12 hours later. Final Impressions: I was so excited by this description, and it has totally lived up to expectations. A gorgeous, gorgeous blend!!
  12. paperdoll

    The Rat King

    Initial Sniff: Dusty musk. Wearing: This is very interesting. It goes on dusty musk, but quickly dries to a slightly musky, woody, earth scent. There is something almost pine for a moment, then that fades into the earthy background. It is almost completely faded after an hour or so. Final Impressions: This is't at all what I was expecting. If musky earth sounds like a good thing to you, then you must give this a try. I'm going to have to test it again!
  13. paperdoll

    Fire Eater

    Initial Sniff: Very soapy and floral. Not what I expected. Wearing: This starts out magenta - bright flowers in the sun. There is a phase where it smells like something is burning, then it turns into Dollar Store fancy guest soaps. Final Impressions: This so doesn't work on me.
  14. paperdoll


    Initial Sniff: I'm so hungry now. Wearing: Puffy cotton candy, sticky candy apples, greasy funnel cakes, buttery caramel popcorn, big soft pretzels with salt... it is all good things. This is so delicious. It stays true to the bottle scent all day. Final Impressions:
  15. paperdoll

    House of Mirrors

    Initial Sniff: Cool, clean, and slightly citrussy in the bottle. Wearing: This is very cool and crisp. It stays fairly true to the bottle scent throughout its time on my skin. Final Impressions: Where's the amber? I was hoping for something much more complex and interesting than this, but it is nice all the same.